FFXIV Armorer Guide - Get Your Tanks All the Defense They Need!

FFXIV Armorer Guide
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FFXIV Armorer Guide 

Armorer (sometimes called Armorsmith) is one of the Disciples of Hand – it’s a special name for crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV. First and foremost, Armorers can produce plate armors. It means that they’re able to provide a large portion of equipment for each tank in the game. Furthermore, they can also create heavy shields and bucklers as well as some gear for specific crafting classes – frying pans for Culinarians and alembics for Alchemists.

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At the same time, the gathering class called Miner can provide a lot of materials that Armorers can later use. Besides the elemental shards and crystals, they mostly use metals in their crafting recipes. Their tools are hammers and pliers – both of these item categories can be made by Blacksmith. As you can see – the jobs and classes in Final Fantasy XIV are interconnected – it’s especially prevalent in the case of crafters and gatherers. It enforces some level of player interaction when trying to get all the necessary equipment. That being said, if you’re ready to put in the time, you can level all the classes and jobs on a single character – there are no limitations. Let's get into this updated for Shadowbringers guide!

Armorer Class Quests

To become an Armorer, you’re going to have to visit the Armorer’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa. Then, you have to take the simple quest Way of the Armorer. As the reward, you’ll get your first Armorer tool – Weathered Doming Hammer. From this moment, you can play as this crafting class whenever you equip an adequate tool.

The remaining Armorer’s class quests are:


Required Level

Quest Name

Quest Objective



My First Doming Hammer

Bronze Ingot



From Thigh to Neck

3x Bronze Hoplon



The Base Fundamentals

12x Bronze Plate



One’s Own Worst Critic

Decorated Bronze Barbut, Bronze Buckler



An Armorer’s Pride

Materia-enhanced Iron Hoplon



Showing Your Steel

HQ Steel Ingot



May the Best Armorer Win

HQ Steel Chainmail



Pans of Steel

HQ Steel Frypan



Best of Three

HQ Mythril Cuirass



For the Good of the Guild

HQ Mythril-plated Caligae, HQ Reinforced Mythril Elmo, HQ Mythril Sollerets 



Rivalry and Respect

HQ Cobalt Haubergeon melded with Heaven’s Eye Materia III




Titanium Mask of Striking



Fancy Lancer

HQ Titanium Cuirass of Maiming



The Reforging of Blanstyr

HQ Titanium Hoplon



The Pride of Vymeli

HQ Admantite Lorica of Fending



Original Blanstyr




Eastern Apprentice

HQ Paladin Mail



Forging with Scales

HQ Titanium Kote



Head-to-Head Contest

HQ Tournament Somen



A Confluence of Style

HQ Lominsan Hara-ate


You should be able to craft most of the objectives, before even getting the quest. A lower level Armorer can create plenty of these items. If you manage to do that, you can simply go to the quest giver, take the task and instantly turn it in.

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All the crafting quests in Final Fantasy XIV only require you to bring the required item. You don't have to produce these objects – you just have to turn them in. If you're struggling with completing a class quest, you can always resort to buying the needed item or asking a more experienced crafter to help you with that. However, we recommend doing most of the crafts yourself – executing the process provides some additional experience.

Basics of FFXIV Crafting

All the Disciples of Hand in FFXIV work somewhat similarly, so if you're an experienced crafter that's interested in Armorer-specific stuff, feel free to skip this part. If you're new to crafting in Final Fantasy XIV, there are a few concepts that you need to understand.

Crafting Stats and Resources

These are the three things that you can focus on when choosing your crafting gear:

Craftsmanship – increases the crafting progression that you can get with your actions. The most basic stat if you want to create items successfully. You should focus on it in the early levels.

Control – it's responsible for skills that increase the quality of your crafts. This stat is essential for producing HQ items.

Crafting Points (CP) – the main resource that can be spent on crafting actions. Some of the most demanding high-level crafts will require a ton of activities to pull off. That's where a big CP pool becomes useful.

Crafting Screen

You can enter the crafting screen by choosing one of the items in your Crafting Log and pressing Synthesize. It is how you begin the process. This new window will include a few important indicators.

Progression Bar – filling it results in completing the crafting process.

Quality Bar – the higher the value it has, the bigger is your chance to craft an HQ item. Using high-quality materials automatically fills a portion of this bar. Below the Quality Bar, you can see a percentage value of getting an HQ item if you finished the process at the given moment. This stat is replaced by collectability when you're trying to synthesize collectible items.

Durability – most crafting actions reduce the item's Durability. The total depletion of this bar results in failing the crafting attempt. Finishing the process with low Durability doesn't have any impact on the synthesized item.

Condition – it influences the efficiency of your quality-increasing actions – when the status is Good or Excellent, they become extra efficient. It changes after every crafting action. It's another thing to keep in mind when going for HQ products.

We're not going to dive deep into specific abilities. The most basic ones increase progression or quality while decreasing Durability and/or costing CP. There are also specific actions that can restore some of your CP or the item's Durability. The whole process is rather straightforward.

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FFXIV Armorer Leveling Guide

The general leveling pattern is very similar for all the Disciples of Hand. At the very beginning, they can all use the Grand Company Turn-ins feature to get some easy experience for crafting simple items. Later on, you should focus on completing levequests. These repeatable tasks provide great rewards for not that much effort – the prizes are even higher if you bring HQ items.

The only drawback is the limitation in the form of leve allowances. Each FFXIV character gets 3 of them every 12 hours and can stack up to 100. They are required to get the levequests. These tasks can also be completed by turning-in items that you didn't make. However, buying all the objectives is definitely not efficient in terms of Gil.

After level 50, you will get some additional sources of crafting experience. Besides leves, there will be daily beast tribe quests as well as custom delivery features that can provide great rewards for collectible objects.

As you get higher and higher level, you're going to need better crafting tools and gear. You're going to get some of it as rewards for completing class quests, but as you get over level 50, it might not be enough. If at any point, you notice that you're starting to struggle with successfully crafting the desired items, you should consider upgrading your crafting equipment.

Early Levels

You have a few options for getting through the first Armorer levels. You can check the list of items that the Grand Company currently requires and craft some of them. There always are some low-level products there. You can already start doing levequests too, but we believe that it might be better to hold onto your leve allowances for later levels.

Finally, you can spend some Gil and get yourself a Company-issue Engineering Manual that increases your experience gains. Still, it only affects the exp that you get from crafting items – it doesn't boost the quest rewards. After buying this manual, get plenty of materials and start producing items until you hit level 15.

Meanwhile, you'll have to complete the level 1, 5, 10, and 15 class quests. Bronze Ingot is made of 1 Ice Shard, 2 Copper Ores, and 1 Tin Ore. Crafting a Bronze Hoplons requires 1 Ice Shard, 1 Earth Shard, 2 Bronze Plates, and 1 Maple Lumber – you're going to have to make 3 of these items. The level 10 quest asks for 12 sheets of Bronze Plate. Each of them consists of 1 Ice Shard and 2 Bronze Ingots. For the next class quest, you're going to need two separate items. Decorated Bronze Barbut is made of 1 Ice Shard, 1 Earth Shard, 1 Bronze Barbut, 1 Copper Ingot, and 1 Brass Ingot. Meanwhile, for the Bronze Buckler, you'll need 1 Ice Shard, 1 Earth Shard, 1 Bronze Plate, 1 Bronze Ingot, and 1 Iron Rivets.

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Level 15-20

The level 20 class quest requires a Materia-enhanced Iron Hoplon. First of all, you should complete the quest called Waking the Spirit given by F'hobhas at The Bonfire. It allows you to meld materia by yourself, without having to use an NPC Materia Melder. Then, you just craft the Iron Hoplon out of 1 Ice Shard, 1 Earth Shard, 2 Iron Plates, and 1 Elm Lumber. After that, you just need any materia (just don't use an expensive one) and meld it onto this shield.

As far as leveling goes, this is the time to jump into levequests. The two best options in this tier are: Still Crazy After All These Years and Kiss the Pan Good Bye. The former requires Initiate's Alembic that's made of 1 Earth Shard, 1 Ice Shard, 1 Iron Plate, and 1 Bronze Rivets. For the latter, you're going to synthesize Initiate's Skillet out of 1 Earth Shard, 1 Ice Shard, 1 Iron Plate, and 1 Elm Lumber.

Level 20-25

The level 25 Armorer quest requires an HQ Steel Ingot. It's crafted from 2 Ice Shards 1 Bomb Ash and 1 Iron Ore. From this point on, most of your class quests will call for high-quality products. It might be a good idea to start getting some Control stat in your gear. Especially since the levequests are much more efficient when you keep bringing HQ objectives. Remember about using high-quality materials if you need increased chances.

Speaking of leves, the best ones for this tier is called 246 Kinds of Cheese, and it asks you to provide an Iron Frypan. This item is made of 2 Ice Shards, 1 Earth Shard, 1 Iron Plate, and 1 Yew Lumber. You can, of course, consider other ones if you happen to have the necessary components – this rule applies to every tier. From this moment, some leves will ask for objects that have precursor items in their recipes. In general, we're going to try avoiding them. Doing them requires either more crafting or buying the precursors through the Market Board. Neither of these options is efficient.

Level 25-30

The next class quest has you provide an HQ Steel Chainmail. Its recipe consists of 3 Ice Shards, 2 Earth Shards, 3 Steel Rings, and 1 Undyed Velveteen. As for levequests, there is a clear frontrunner. Ingot We Trust requires crafting a Steel Ingot out of 2 Ice Shards 1 Bomb Ash and 1 Iron Ore. Furthermore, you can craft some more of these ingots even without quests. It's an easy recipe that brings some experience and a useful crafting component.

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Level 30-35

Your level 35 Armorsmith Quest has an HQ Steel Frypan as its objective. It consists of 4 Earth Shards, 4 Ice Shards, 1 Steel Plate, and 1 Oak Lumber. There are two levequests that provide nice rewards without forcing you to craft or buy precursors. They are Skillet Scandal and Aurochs Star. The first one requires a White Skillet that's made of 4 Ice Shards, 3 Earth Shards, 1 Steel Plate, and 1 Walnut Lumber. For the second one, you'll have to bring a Bull Hoplon – it can be crafted with 3 Earth Shards, 3 Ice Shards, 2 Steel Ingots, 1 Steel Plate, and 1 Walnut Lumber.

Level 35-40

The next class quest asks you to provide an HQ Mythril Cuirass. It marks the upcoming transition of your crafting materials – Mythril replaces steel as the base for our products. The recipe for this item is 5 Ice Shards, 4 Earth Shards, 2 Mythril Plates, 1 Mythril Rings, and 1 Electrum Ingot.

As far as levequests go, there are a few decent options. Hollow Hallmarks require a Mythril Ingot, and Skillet to the Stars has Steel Frypan as its objective. You should have already crafted it for the level 35 class quest, so it should be a safe bet.

Level 40-45

To complete the next Armorer quest, you're going to need three high-quality items. Mythril-plated Caligae is made of 5 Earth Shards, 5 Ice Shards, 1 Peiste Leather, 1 Mythril Plate, 1 Mythril Rivets, Bronze Ingot and 1 Hippogryph Sinew. The second item is Mythril Sollerets, and they consist of 5 Earth Shards, 5 Ice Shards, 2 Mythril Rings, 1 Mythril Plate, 1 Aldgoat Leather, and 1 Hippogryph Sinew. Lastly, the materials for Reinforced Mythril Elmo are 5 Earth Shard, 5 Ice Shard, 1 Mythril Elmo, 1 Mythril Rivets, and 1 Peiste Leather.

Levequests in this tier is somewhat underwhelming, but they're still better than spam-crafting random items. The recommended ones are Metal Fatigue and Liquid Persuasion. The first one's objective is Mythril Vambraces, and you can make them with 5 Ice Shards, 4 Earth Shards, 1 Mythril Plate, 1 Peiste Leather, and 1 Boar Leather. The second one requires Mythril Chain Coif that consists of 5 Earth Shards, 5 Ice Shards, 2 Mythril Rings, 1 Mythril Plate, and 1 Aldgoat Leather.

Level 45-50

This time, we will focus on leveling before getting into the level 50 class quest. It's time for another swap in terms of the main material. Leves called Dealing with the Tough Stuff and Cobalt Afterthought require Cobalt Ingot (5 Ice Shard, 2 Cobalt Ore, 1 Iron Ore) and Cobalt Plate (5 Ice Shard, 2 Cobalt Ingot) respectively.

At level 50, you can take the quest Rivalry and Respect. To complete it, you're going to need to craft an HQ Cobalt Haubergeon out of 6 Earth Shards, 6 Ice Shards, 3 Cobalt Rings, 1 Undyed Felt, 1 Mythril Plate, and 1 Boar Leather. Then you have to meld this armor with Heaven's Eye Materia III. The reward for this quest is a very good Armorer's hammer. A few years ago, it would have been the level cap. Currently, there's still a long way to go.

Level 50-60

There are a few things that you should do after hitting level 50 and completing the class quest. While levequests are still decent, there simply are some more efficient options for leveling your crafters post 50.

Moogle Daily Quests

First of all, unlocking the Moogle Daily Quests is really valuable. They provide an easy, low cost and low effort source of crafting experience. They have a significant downside, though, and it's the long and mundane quest chain that you have to finish in order to access them.

It consists of 20, mostly short, quests that start with the one called A Pebble for Your Thoughts and finish with Tricks and Stones. The unlocking process might be a bit helpful, but it's definitely worth it. Furthermore, you only have to do it once per character, so anytime you'll level another Disciple of Hand, you're going to have the Moogle dailies available to you.

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Crafting Scrips

The scrip turn-ins are another fundamental mechanic for endgame crafting (they will stay viable to the level cap). Once again, you'll have to unlock this through questing. Luckily, it only requires completing a single one – Inscrutable Tastes. It gives you access to Rowena's House of Splendor.

Every day, there's a new list of collectible items that Rowena needs. You can turn them in to get hefty amounts of Gil, experience, and Crafting Scrips. The scrips can be later exchanged for some other valuable prizes. Just remember, this requires collectible items, so you're going to use the ability called Collectable Synthesis. Once again, if you have trouble with specific recipes, it might indicate that you should upgrade some of your gear.

These two new features are incredibly worthwhile, and you should prioritize them in your journey to higher levels. Of course, there are also levequests for this tier. You have to visit the Foundation in the city of Ishgard. You can do them if you want, but we recommend the collectibles and beast tribe dailies.

Level 50-60 class quests

For the level 53 quest, you have to turn in a Titanium Mask of Striking. It can be crafted with 4 Ice Crystals, 3 Earth Crystals, 2 Titanium Nugget, 1 Rose Gold Nugget, and 1 Dhalmel Leather. At level 55, you're going to need HQ Titanium Cuirass of Maiming – it's made of 4 Ice Crystals, 4 Earth Crystals, 3 Titanium Nuggets, 1 Titanium Rivets, 1 Rose Gold Nugget, and 1 Dhalmel Leather. Three levels later, you're going to have to bring an HQ Titanium Hoplon. Its recipe is 5 Ice Crystals, 4 Earth Crystals, 3 Titanium Ingots, 1 Titanium Rivets, and 1 Hallowed Chestnut Lumber. Finally, level 60 quest requires an HQ Adamantite Lorica of Fending. To craft it, you're going to need 2 Ice Clusters, 1 Earth Cluster, 3 Adamantite Nuggets, 1 Adamantite Rivets, 1 Amphiptere Leather, and 2x Grade 1 Vitality Dissolvent. 


Level 60-70

This tier is very similar to the previous one. We're still going to place the most emphasis on daily quests and scrip turn-ins – they're just based in different locations. Level 60 allows you quest for Namazu Beast Tribe. Unfortunately, the valuable dailies are once again locked behind a quest chain. This one is slightly shorter and begins with Courage the Cowardly Lupin.

The collectible turn-ins are a bit more advanced here. First, you have to complete a quest None Forgotten, None Forsaken – it will grant you access to M'Naago Custom Deliveries that are available from level 60. Then, you'll be able to complete Kurenai's questline that starts with The Palace of Lost Souls. His deliveries are slightly more lucrative, and they're available from level 62. After that, you can access Adkiragh's Custom Deliveries by completing a quest called Between a Rock and the Hard Place and getting a level 66 crafter.

At the same time, there still are levequests, if you wanted to do them instead. That being said, we once more recommend the beast tribe daily quests and collectible turn-ins.

Level 60-70 class quests

After level 60, the class quests become extremely simple. You only need the elemental crystals - the rest is handed to you by the quest NPCs in the form of packages. Crafting these items is just the matter of a simple stat-check. The products are HQ Paladin Mail at 63, HQ Titanium Kote at 65, HQ Tournament Somen at 68, and finally – Lominsan Hara-ate at level 70.

Level 70-80

While Shadowbringers increased the level cap of crafters and gatherers to 80, it didn't add the traditional class quests for those levels. However, the developers put a new feature called Crystarium Deliveries into the game. They are pretty much a new type of custom deliveries, but they combine multiple classes in one. Armorer shares these quests with Blacksmith and Goldsmith in the Facet of Forging. Sadly, you can't repeat them infinitely. Unlocking the Crystarium Deliveries requires completing two quests: The Crystalline Mean and Iola, Forgemaster.

Furthermore, there are no new Beast Tribe Dailies. You can still do Namazu, but their rewards become less significant gradually. You have to keep using the previously unlocked custom deliveries and maybe take a look at some of the levequests. If these options don't seem worth the time, you can always come back to grinding (crafting multiple high levels items in short windows of time), just make sure to use an engineering manual for bonus experience. Sadly, we can't point to a single best way of getting through the last ten levels. Just unlock the Crystarium Deliveries and use all the leveling tools that you have available.

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FF14 Armorer Guide - Summary

At this point, you should be a maxed-out Armorer. Now you can focus solely on endgame crafting and finally make some nice amounts of Gil with this class. Of course, you can also create the plate armors, shields, and other equipment for your own character. You can craft any Armorer items that you want!

If you're interested in other FFXIV jobs or classes, make sure to check out some of the guides posted on our website! There's also plenty of content about all the most popular online games – MMORPGs and more! 

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a great high fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Square Enix. The game created a friendly and passionate community of players. Besides the riveting story and traditional genre activities like dungeons and raids, players have a ton of non-combat things to do. There are a complex crafting and gathering system, as well as a lot of cosmetics to unlock. 

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