FFXIV Blacksmith Guide - Craft Weapons and Tools in Eorzea

FFXIV Blacksmith Guide
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FFXIV Blacksmith Guide

Blacksmithing is one of the Disciples of Hand, which is the name for crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s especially useful if you’re often playing as a Disciple of War because blacksmithing will help you craft numerous handy weapons. Blacksmiths create fist weapons, daggers, swords, and two-handed axes. Learn more about creating weapons and tools in this FFXIV Blacksmith guide!


There’s a lot of horizontal character progression in Final Fantasy XIV. You can even become a master of every profession because there are no limitations in that regard. In the beginning, you have to choose a combat class, but there are also many peaceful occupations to master. Furthermore, the crafting and gathering classes can bring you some serious Gil.

The combat classes that can make great use of the blacksmiths' work are pugilist, gladiator, and marauder and to a lesser extent thief and lancer. They can later specialize in a warrior, paladin, monk, dragoon, and ninja. If you’re planning to explore the secrets of any of those classes and jobs, blacksmithing might turn out really useful for you. Samurai katana, dark knight’s greatsword, and machinist’s firearm also are weapons crafted by blacksmiths. They can also craft various knives, hammers, saws, pliers, awls, and files, used by numerous other crafting classes.


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ffxiv blacksmith leveling guide

In order to become a blacksmith, similarly to every other non-combat class in FFXIV, you have to get to level 10 with any combat class first. After you do that, you can go straight to the Blacksmith’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa.


The key to leveling any non-combat class in FFXIV are leves, sometimes referred to as levequests. They are repeatable quests that give you really nice rewards for completing them, especially experience-wise. They are limited by allowances. Every 12 hours you get three Leavequests allowances. Don’t worry if there are days, in which you can’t complete any leves, the allowances won’t disappear, they can stack till 100.


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Levels 1-15

The 1-15 blacksmithing leves are located in Limsa Lominsa and La Noscea. All the materials needed to complete those quests can be bought from the Blacksmith’s Guild NPC. The most efficient to do them is to choose a good route and buy all the necessary items, to do multiple leves at once.


For instance, Mending Fences, Axe Me Anything and The Unkindest Cut are all level 1 levequests that are completed in Red Rooster Stead. That means that you can get all the necessary items, in this case being 5 Bronze Rivets, a Bronze War Axe and a Bronze Saw. You can get them all at the same time and complete these quests to get rewards.


Another good idea for early levels is checking the Grand Company submissions. They too are really simple and work similar to levequests, the experience rewards are also comparable. When you see a star next to an item in the Grand Company Submission you should prioritize getting it. The star stands for double exp rewards. You don’t even have to craft those items to get the crafting experience. No matter how you got the item in question, just turn it in and you get the rewards.

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Level 15

At level 15 the leves switch from bronze items to the iron ones. At this point, we recommend doing the levequests called Riveting Run and Tools of the Trade, since they will grant the biggest experience rewards. To complete them you’re going to have to obtain Iron Rivets and an Iron Doming Hammer.


Level 20

After hitting level 20 you unlock new, more lucrative Levequests. We recommend focusing on The Devil’s Workshop and Claw Daddy because they can be done three times each. For those quests, you’re going to need Brass Viking Swords and Iron Claw Hammers. Ingredients for a single Brass Viking Sword are 1 Fire Shard, 1 Earth Shard, 1 Brass Ingot, 1 Aldgoat Leather and 1 Viking Sword. To create an Iron Claw Hammer you will need 1 Fire Shard, 1 Earth Shard, 1 Jellyfish Humours, 1 Iron Ingot and 1 Elm Lumber.


Level 25

At level 25 there are more Levequests that can be repeated three times. That’s Some Fin Grinding will require you to craft Initiate’s Mortars and to complete Cleaving the Glim you will need Iron Round Knives. The ingredients for Initiate’s Mortar are 2 Fire Shards, 2 Earth Shards, 2 Iron Ingots, and 1 Yew Lumber. Creating an Iron Round Knife requires 2 Fire Shards, 2 Earth Shards, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Yew Lumber, and 1 Mudstone Whetstone.


Level 30

We follow the same principle of repeatable leaves after getting level 30. This is the time we’re starting to use steel. This time we recommend doing Don’t Fear the Reaper and Can You Spare a Dollabra. For the first one, you have to craft Steel Scythes, for each one of them you will need 4 Fire Shards, 3 Earth Shards. 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Siltstone Whetsone, and 1 Oak Lumber. The second one requires Steel Dolabras that consist of 4 Fire Shards, 3 Earth Shards, 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Steel Plate, 1 Undyed Velveteen and 1 Walnut Lumber.


Level 35

The Levequests we recommend at this stage are Spice Cadet and Seemed Like the Thing to Get, the rule remains the same, you can o them three times, so they’re the most efficient. The first one requires Heavy Steel Mortars, ingredients for one are 4 Fire Shards, 3 Earth Shards, 1 Steel Mortar, and 1 Walnut Lumber. The objective of the second one is crafting Wrapped Steel Culinary Knives. Each of them consists of 4 Fire Shards, 3 Earth Shards, 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Siltstone Whetstone and 1 Oak Lumber.


Level 40

Level 40 is a threshold to another material – Mythril. Besides that, everything stays the same. We’re still going for the highest level available triple turn-ins. This time they are File That Under Whatever and Streamlining Operations. You’re going to have to craft Mythril Files from 5 Fire Shards, 4 Earth Shards, 2 Mythril Ingots, and 1 Boar Leather as well as Mythril Claw Hammers, consisting of 5 Fire Shards, 4 Earth Shards, 1 Mythril Ingot, 1 Oak Lumber and 1 Linseed Oil.


Level 45

This is when we switch to cobalt. The most lucrative, repeatable quests at this level are: You Stay on That Side and I Maul Right. The first one requires Cobalt Pliers, that can be crafted from 5 Fire Shards, 5 Earth Shards, 1 Cobalt Ingot, 1 Cobalt Rivet and 1 Shark Oil. The objective of the latter is Cobalt Sledgehammers. Ingredients for one are 5 Fire Shards, 5 Earth Shards, 1 Cobalt Ingot, 1 Rosewood Lumber, and 1 Horn Glue.


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Level 50

At level 50 you unlock the Waiting in the Winglet class quest. Make sure you complete it, to get a really nice weapon – High-Quality Cobalt Winglet melded with Savage Might Materia 3. It’s a really nice option for a Paladin.


Level 50 used to be the highest you could get in FFXIV. It changed with the introduction of expansion packs. First Heavensward increased the cap to 60, then Stromblood added 10 more and now it’s 70. At least till the release of Shadowbringers, which will expand it to 80.


Increasing the level cap is important because along with it, some new quests and leves were incorporated into the game. The biggest thing to vane in mind with the post level 50 levequests is that now you unlock new ones every other level, instead of every five levels, like it is in 1-50.


Leveling crafting post 50 is a little different. You actually have multiple viable options and we will shortly introduce every one of them.



The first quest you want to do after Waiting in the Winglet is called Inscrutable Tastes. It’s necessary to unlock the Scrips. It’s a token system for gatherers and crafters. You will find it very useful later. This will allow you to turn in collectibles and receive rewards, later including the Scrips. They can be traded for numerous items that are super valuable for different crafters, including the blacksmith. By using the skill Collectable Synthesis you can easily get collectibles and reap the rewards.



After you’re done with that, it’s time to go back to Levequests, at least for some time. The recommended ones are Bearing the Brunts and Foreign Exchange. They will require you to craft Myhtrite Nuggets that consist of 3 Fire Crystals, 5 Mythrite Sands and 1 Mythril Ore and Mythrite Patas for which you need 3 Fire Crystals, 2 Earth Crystals, 2 Mythrite Nuggets, 2 Cobalt Ingots, and 2 Mythrite Rivets.


The recommended levequests at level 52 are Cautionary Cutlery which is repeatable that requires Mythrite Culinary Knives and Freight and Barrel in which you craft Mythrite Stilettos. The culinary knife consists of 4 Fire Crystals, 3 Earth Crystals, 2 Mythrite Ingots, holy Cedar Lumber, and 1 Basilisk Whetstone. To create the stilettos you’re going to need 4 Fire Crystals, 3 Earth Crystals, 3 Mythrite Ingots, 1 Cobalt Ingot, 1 Wyvern Leather and 1 Void Glue.


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Moogle Daily Quests    

At this point in the game, a little change of strategy might be a good idea. Beast Tribe can offer the easiest way to level up crafting at that point. It is by doing Moogle Daily Quests. Moogles’ quests themselves are really easy and give efficient experience gains. The real problem is unlocking them in the first place.


To do it, you have to complete a long chain of side quests. The level requirement for starting it is 54. Go to the Churning Mists, talk to Mogleo and begin the first quest chain. It consists of four missions: A Pebble for Your Thoughts, Spineless Wadjets, Far from Home, A Nutty Initiation.


The next chain is given by Mogloo and consists of 6 quests. They’re called Protecting the Pom, Save the Pomguard, An Urgent Message, An Uneasy Feeling, A Moogle’s Intuition and Trouble at Zenith.


Later you have to go to The Pillars in Ishgard and talk to the Unflinching Temple Knight. He will get you started with the last quest line. It consists of: Into the Mists, Bitter Is the Night, Cleaning House (56), Finders Keepers, These Things Take Time, An Unwelcome Surprise, A Meter Too Far, Thar Be Dragons and Laying the First Brick.


As you can see, that’s a lot of questing to get to the desired Moogle’s dailies, but we believe that it’s actually worth it. At the same time is at least some kind of change from spamming repeatable Levequests, but if you think that doing 19 side quests is too much, we understand. As we said already, there are multiple reasonable options to level crafting post level 50.


If you survived all the effort surrounding the unlocking of the Moogle’s Daily Quests, it’s time to get started with them. They all take place in The Churning Mists. To get the first one, you need to talk to Seething Stonemason. Everyone after that is given by Master Mogzin. As we already established, those dailies are really simple. They don’t require you to go and kill anything and they don’t burden you with any extra costs.


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Level 54-60 Levequests

If you choose to remain with Levequests, you probably already have a hang on them. Nothing new about them, keep picking the ones that are cheapest and easiest to do, while also offering good rewards. At level 54 you’re going to start crafting with titanium, so make sure you’re ready for that.


At level 56 you will unlock a very important leves, both The Clamor of Hammers and Spirituality Inspector require a Titanium Lump Hammer. You definitely should craft it, but don’t turn it in instantly. It’s one of the best items for BSM of your level, so keep the first one for your own use. At the same, a Titanium Lump Hammer is necessary for the blacksmith’s class quest called Blade that Was Broken, which you also should prioritize over the leves, so keep that in mind.


In general, the best ways of leveling from level 50 to 60 are a mix of Levequests, Moogle Daily Quest, Scrip turn-ins and Grand Company turn-ins. The exact proportions are a matter of personal preference. It's important to know though that both of the new experience sources are simply better in efficiency than leves.  


Level 60-70

The Stormblood expansion increased the level cap to 70 and at the same time introduced some new ways of getting experience, to make reaching that cap more accessible.


Namazu Beast Tribe Quests

The situation is basically identical to Moogles quests. They’re really simple and basically free dailies that give worthwhile rewards, especially from the experience standpoint. Again, the problem is getting access to them, because it requires completing some side quests.


All the questing happens at The Azim Steppe. The first chain, consisting of four quests, begins with going to Fukudo and accepting Courage the Cowardly Lupin. To begin the second chain you have to go to Ochimi and take Perchance to Hanami, then complete five remaining quests of the chain and go to Kurobana for the final quest, that’ll let you unlock the Namazu Dailies.


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Rhalgr’s Reach Custom Deliveries

They’re also a part of the scrips system. To unlock them you have to complete the main quest Return of the Bull and then the None Forgotten, None Forsaken side quest. After that, you just talk to M’Naago and see what items she needs. This way you can get high experience gains without putting much effort into it. Of course, the custom deliveries are time-gated, but we still recommend you do them since they’re simply so efficient, making the leveling process really fast.


There are some other important notes around that point in the game. At level 62 you unlock Careful Synthesis III so make sure you remember about that. At level 63 you get access to Client is King – the new class quest. It rewards you with Quality Assurance, so do it as soon as possible. After that, level 63 is also the moment when you should upgrade your gear.


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In general 60-70 is pretty similar to 50-60. You just place Moogle with Namazu dailies, go for the higher level Levequests, and turn-in custom deliveries in a different place. FFXIV can get a little bit grindy, especially when you’re powerleveling a class.


That’ll do it for the FFXIV blacksmith guide. The whole process is mostly based on Levequests, different kinds of deliveries and after level 50 the Beast Tribe Daily Quests, when you unlock them. If you focus and doing those and remember to upgrade your gear when necessary, you’re good to go.


Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an MMORPG developed and published by Square Enix. Players fell in love with the game's beautiful world and the ability to horizontally progress and collect plenty of different items. This guide is devoted to the blacksmith, who is one of the eight Disciples of Hand. The remaining ones are alchemist, armorer, carpenter, culinarian, goldsmith, leatherworker, and weaver.


If you're interested in other guides, make sure to check our blog and various texts posted on our site. We post content related to many top multiplayer online games, so make sure to visit from time to time!

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