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FFXIV warrior guide
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FFXIV Warrior guide

Warrior (WAR) is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In the standard RPG terms, you can call it an off-tank, since warrior brings to the team a lot of tankiness as well as some significant damage output. Check out the rest of this guide's content to find out the most important aspects of playing as a warrior as it will include improtant skills, rotations and some general leveling advice. It should help you if you're thinking about choosing a new job to develop. If you enjoy playing a durable melee fighter who at the same time is packing a serious punch, you're going to love warrior! Let's get into FFXIV Warrior Guide!


Basics of warrior gameplay

FFXIV warrior skills

Secondary skills




DPS combo

Defense/Enmity combo


Warrior’s identity

Similarly to every other job in FFXIV to become a warrior, you first have to choose a correct class and level it up to 30. In this case, it would be the marauder. The Marauder’s Guild is located in Limsa Lominsa, that’s where you will have to go if you want to either become a marauder or upgrade your level 30 marauder into a warrior.


Since the job is in this case just a better version of the preceding class, they use the same item types and share play styles. Marauder fights with greataxes and wear the heavy plate armor. That means that blacksmith and armorer will be your friends (or more likely, will be the Disciples of Hand that you will level up early).

Basics of Warrior gameplay

Before we go into the leveling, we should talk about some things to keep in mind while playing a warrior. Warrior has the highest DPS output of all the tanks, but ultimately he’s still a tank and usually, this will be your main responsibility. The good thing is that warrior doesn't necessarily have to be a tank, their role changes depending on what their team needs. With a proper setup, a warrior can do some really nice melee DPS. The other, sligthly less damage focused tanks are Paladin (PLD) and Dark Knight (DRK).


The way you keep the monsters’ focus on you in FFXIV is by managing enmity. Instead of having a single ability that works as a taunt, the tank jobs in FFXIV have multiple skills that have the effect “increases enmity” in their tooltip.

FFXIV Warrior skills

Two of the most standard enmity skills are Provoke and Ultimatum that you can read as taunt and AoE taunt. An important thing to note about them is that no matter what, they will place you on top of the monster’s enmity list. If you see any of the mobs going for some of the squishier members of your party, make sure to use one of those skills.


Warrior has access to two stances. defiance Defiance is the tank stance, it increases your maximum HP, the healing you receive and the enmity your actions generate, but at the same time, it reduces your damage output. Make sure, you are in the Defiance stance when you’re role-playing as a tank - it will help you make sure that you don't die and keep the monsters on you for incredibly long periods of time. The second one is called deliverance Deliverance and it increases the amount of damage you deal.


The other thing to keep in mind is the Beast Gauge which is a warrior’s job gauge that displays the amount of accumulated wrath. It has a different effect depending on the active stance. Basically, in Defiance it increases the chance to parry incoming attacks, in Deliverance it improves the critical hit ratio. The two stances give warriors a lot of possiblities, making them extremely versatile.


The other important skills are:


Heavy Swing Heavy Swing – the basic damage ability that will be a part of your every combo, you will use it in every fight

tomahawl Tomahawk – the ranged attack that allows you for pulls from a distance

overpower Overpower – AoE attack

infuriate Infuriate – gives 50 Beast Gauge

inner release Inner Release – cleanses negative status effects

fell cleave Fell Cleave – highest potency warrior skill, costs 50 Beast Gauge (only available in Deliverance stance)

inner beast Inner Beast – high potency skill not affected by the Defiance penalty, costs 50 Beast Gauge (only available in Defiance stance)

decimate Decimate – high damage AoE attack, costs 50 Beast Gauge (only available in Deliverance stance)

steel cyclone Steel Cyclone – AoE attack that ignores the Defiance penalty, costs 50 Beast Gauge (only available in Defiance stance)

onslaught Onslaught – your only gap closer

shake it off Shake It Off – a shield for you and nearby party members

berserk Berserk – increases your damage output

unchained Unchained – lets you ignore Defiance damage penalty

vengeance Vengeance – reduces all the damage taken by 30% and hits enemies who dealt physical damage to you

raw intuition Raw Intuition – parries all physical damage taken from the front, all the other damage hits critically

awareness Awareness -  invulnerability to critical hit damage (obvious synergy with Raw Intuition)

thrill of battle Thrill of Battle – increases max HP by 20% and heals for that amount

equilibrium Equilibrium – self heal when Defiance is active

storm's eye Storm's Eye - increases your damage output

storm's path Storm's Path - grants you 20 Beast Gauge

maim Maim - gives you 10 Beast Gauge

upheaval Upheaval - gets more potency the higher HP you have

shirk Shirk – transfers 20% of your enmity to another player. Useful for shared tanking or when you’re going as an off-tank. It can allow you to avoid death and turn the monster focus on another tank.


Of course, you’re going to want to put points in Strength and Vitality, since they improve both your damage and your tanking capability. We recommend investing in Strength heavily since it increases your chance to parry incoming attacks and makes your burst more powerful.


As we already said, the warrior has the highest damage output out of all the tank jobs. The optimal way of using it is to know when to switch stances. The most general advice is to use Defiance for gathering enmity and most of the time you’re tanking. You should only switch to Deliverance for short periods of time, often called burst windows. That’s when you make use of the damage amplification and combo your high potency skills.


As you know, Deliverance increases the critical hit chance. In Final Fantasy XIV getting high critical hit rating not only makes your critical hits more frequent but also more powerful. This is why warriors have a strong synergy with this statistic. It’s especially important when you want to realize the full potential of your character, meaning not only being a good tank and keeping the monsters’ attention on yourself, but also optimizing your damage. The correct switching between stances is difficult to master, but by doign it you make sure that you use all the tools available to this job. 


The other stats worth looking at are Determination and Skill Speed since they make your rotation stronger and easier to execute. Investing in the second one decreases cast time and cooldown of your skills what makes playing warrior a lot easier.


Leveling a marauder and later warrior is pretty similar to any other combat class/job. There are a few viable options for gaining experience and probably the best and most fun option is to combine all of them. There’s one marauder/warrior specific thing. If you’re farming solo and not role-playing as a tank, use Deliverance at all times, it makes you kill monsters quicker. At the same Defiance is important even for low level tanking, since it increases the enmity. You want to rush to the level 70 as fast as possible, because that's when the real fun begins. Always remember to update your gear every couple of levels, to stay competitive in the more difficult locations - a better weapon or a new set of armor can deffinitely make a difference.

Hunting Log

At low levels, you’re going to want to complete your Hunting Log. It tasks you with killing certain types of monsters and grants rewards for it. Every 10 levels you unlock new rank in the Hunting Log. Finishing all the tasks in a rank rewards you with a significant amount of experience.


Full Active Time Events are another good source of exp. It’s worth to do them, especially in the low levels, when you don’t have many other great options. The lowest level FATE hotspot is in Western Thanalan near Horizon.


It’s definitely a good idea to start clearing dungeons as soon as you can. Always aim for the highest one available to you. It’s always a good idea to go inside the Palace of the Dead, because of its unique features and good rewards.  While doing dungeons, you can increase your gains by accepting the Squadron Command Missions.

Challenge Log

After you hit level 15, you should go to I’tolwann in Limsa Lominsa and accept the quest called Rising to the Challenge (firstly you’re going to have to complete Call of the Sea). When you do that, you will unlock the Challenge Log. It will provide you with a list of challenges of different kinds (dungeons, FATEs, guild quests and more). Completing them will grant you some bonus rewards consisting of Gil and experience points.


Another great source of additional rewards. The roulettes give you random daily tasks appropriate for your level. We recommend doing at least the Leveling Roulette, but if you want to do some other ones, it’s even better.

The other things to look at in the later levels are The Hunt and Beast Tribes Quests.


Now let's jump into some more advanced things. Final Fantasy XIV puts a great emphasis on combos. It’s extremely important to use your skills in the right sequence because it grants them some meaningful extra effects. This is definitely one of the most difficult (but also really cool) parts of mastering different FFXIV jobs.


Warrior has a lot of combos that can be efficient in different situations. We’re not going to talk about them all, but instead, we will explain some of the basic ones and why they work. With that knowledge, you should be able to tweak your rotations toward your own preference. It might seem hard at first, but with practice you should get good at it really quickly.

DPS combo

The basic damage combo requires entering the Deliverance stance and goes like that:

Heavy Swing – a good opening attack

Infuriate – grants 50 Beast Gauge

Maim – shreds your target’s slashing resistance, what will make you hit them harder

Storm’s Eye – increases your own damage output

Storm’s Path – increases Beast Gauge and heals you

Fell Cleave – high damage skill

Inner Release – we don’t really care about the cleansing effect, but it allows to ignore Beast Gauge skills without the cost

Fell Cleave – again high damage output

Upheaval – high potency when you are full HP

Now you want to spam as many Fell Cleaves as possible until Inner Release runs out. If you want you can weave some Beast Gauge abilities in between them. During Inner Release downtime, you’re going to want to again apply your damage buffs and then cycle through other skills. It should look like this:

Heavy Swing


Storm’s Eye

Heavy Swing


Storm’s Path

Make sure you’re keeping the Storm’s Eye damage buff up as much as possible. After your Inner Release is up again, get back to the previous combo and spam Fell Cleave and other Beast Gauge abilities again.


Keep in mind that it’s single target DPS combo, if you’re trying to kill multiple monsters you should use more AoE skills, replacing the Fell Cleave with Decimate is the most important change. For AoE DPS you should also try to utilize Overpower.

Defense/Enmity combo

You can also call it a warrior 101 tanking guide. This is where the things get a little more complicated. As we already mentioned, the most efficient way to play warrior, even as the main tank, includes doing as much damage as possible. The most important part is to stay alive and keep the enemies’ attention on yourself. At the same time, the secondary goal is optimizing your damage output.


The way it usually looks is: enter Defiance, use your high enmity skills, switch to deliverance, use your burst combo, then back to defiance and so on. In details, it looks like this:


Defiance – extra tankiness is of curse nice, but we’re mostly concerned with the enmity generation

Tomahawk – ranged high enmity skill (this one is optional, if you can safely approach your target it’s not necessary)

Heavy Swing – the proper combo opener

Skull Sunder – high enmity attack that grants 10 Beast Gauge and gets extra potency in a combo

Butcher’s Block – the same as the above, just slightly stronger

Heavy Swing

Maim – shredding resistances is always useful

Storm’s Eye – the damage bonus is important, because of what we do next

Deliverance – time to deal some damage

Inner Release – again we want to spam the Beast Gauge skills without the cost

Now, we again spam Fell Cleave as much as possible, while also weaving in other Beast Gauge abilities. After Inner Release runs out it’s a good idea to get some more enmity again.

Defiance – again, more durability and greater enmity generation

Heavy Swing

Skull Sunder

Butcher's Block


From here it’s just repeating the previous combo. When the cooldowns are up and your enmity is high enough you can go back into Deliverance and perform the Inner Release damage combo again.


You can clearly see the reason why Skill Speed is so noteworthy on a warrior. You main damage window is the 10 seconds while Inner Release is active. If you manage to squeeze in an extra Fell Cleave during that time, the damage amplification is pretty significant.


Furthermore, there are some longer defensive cooldowns that are really situational and they can’t really be included in a basic combo. The skills such as Thrill of Battle, Unchained, Holmgang, Vengeance, Raw Intuition and Shake It Off require some practice. At the same time, if you learn the basic combos, you will be able to focus on finding the right time to use those situational skills.


Another thing about tanking in FFXIV is dodging the bosses’ AoE. You are durable, but there’s no reason to facetank the unnecessary damage. The final boss of a difficult dungeon will surely deal extreme amounts of it. Learning to execute the combos while also dancing around trying not to get hit by the AoE might be difficult at first and takes some time to master.


These are the most important things about leveling up and playing warrior correctly, both as the main tank and the off-tank. Perfecting all the combos and ability usage will take some time, but this guide should help with developing your warrior and understanding your role in a team. Now get straight to the frontline in the middle of the action and show everybody what you’re made of!

Final Fantasy XIV

Developed and published by Square Enix, FFXIV: ARR is the second MMORPG in Final Fantasy franchise that got released in 2013. The game had two major expansion packs: Heavensward and Stormblood, with the third one – Shadowbringers, coming out in July 2019. Besides that, it gets continous updates with new content and balance changes. FFXIV is well known for its loyal and friendly players community.


Players can choose from six playable races and 16 jobs, being: Blue Mage, Red Mage, Samurai, Machinist, Astrologian, Dark Knight, Ninja, Scholar, Summoner, Black Mage, White Mage, Bard, Dragoon, Monk, Paladin and finally Warrior. You can find yourself a tank, DPS, a healer and plenty of hybrid classes. They can travel through the realm of Eorzea, finish a fascinating storyline and take part in numerous endgame activities.


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