FFXIV Astrologian Guide - Victory Is Written in the Stars!

FFXIV Astrologian Guide
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FFxiv astrologian guide

If you enjoy looking at the stars, predicting the future and playing more of a supportive and utility-based role inside a team, you’re in the right place! Read this FFXIV Astrologian guide to learn the ins and outs of this fascinating job. We're not going to talk much about leveling, since it's not that difficult. We want to focus on optimizing the Astrologian's kit to assist your team in the most difficult endgame content.  


Astrologian, alongside Dark Knight, has been added to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with its first expansion – Haevensward in 2015. It’s primarily a healing class, but it also offers decent damage output, plenty of mobility and the unique mechanic of drawing cards from their deck. The last thing enables you to give powerful buffs to your allies and makes the Astrologians playstyle more interesting and engaging.


Astrologians wear cloth armors and use Star Globes as their weapons that increase the power of their magic. While creating your build, you can use everything that increases healing, health regen, MP recovery, spell casting speed. You should probably prioritize Piety over the other stats. Increased MP pool is a great thing for every spell caster.


Global Cooldown

Before we dive into the Astrologians kit, we have to talk about an important design feature of FFXIV – the Global Cooldown. It means that basically every time you use a skill, all your other skills will also go on cooldown for a short period of time (the base value is 2.5 seconds, but there are some ways to slightly reduce it). Moreover, some of your skills won’t activate the Global Cooldown, we will refer to them as oGCD (off Global Cooldown).



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Drawing cards

The mechanics surrounding Astrologian's deck are really unique and interesting. Every 30 seconds Astrologian can use their oGCD skill called Draw to pick a card from their deck. They can then use this card to buff either themselves or a party member. You get access to Draw and all six cards at level 30. It’s extremely important to know what all the buffs do and what characters can make the best use of them. A card is picked randomly (there’s a bit of RNG you’re going to have put up with, when playing Astrologian) out of six possible options, which are:


The Arrow – reduces weapon skills and spells time and recast time by 10%. You should usually cast it on your DPS. If you struggle to keep up with healing your party, you can use it on yourself.


The Balance – increases the damage output by 10%, use it on your most efficient damage dealers


The Bole – reduces the amount of damage taken by 10%, you will most likely use it on your tank, unless your party has some trouble with keeping the monsters focused on the tank, then use it on whoever needs it the most


The Ewer – restores target MP over time – use either on yourself or on a mage that can run out of MP at times  


The Spear – increases the chance of landing a critical hit, useful on pretty much every damage dealer and healer, but extremely strong on jobs that have powerful crit strikes like Samurai or Ninja


The Spire – restores target TP over time, use on an ally that makes use of Tactical Points, obviously


Additional FFXIV Astrologian deck skills

Out of the ability to draw a random card every 30 seconds and buff a single party member with it, you also have some other options as an Astrologian. All the skills related to using the divining deck are oGCD that use no MP! These abilities are:


Redraw – allows for replacing the card you drew with another randomly chosen one, learned at level 45


Royal Road – this one is interesting and a little bit confusing for new players. If you draw a card that you don’t really need, you can place it back inside the deck and add a special effect onto the next card you’ll use. If you returned Bole or Balance with this action, the next buff will have 150% power, with Arrow or Spear it will last twice as long as it usually does, with Ewer and Spire it will have 50% potency, but it becomes an AoE buff. The last one might prove extremely useful if you manage to buff all your damage dealers with Arrow or Balance. Learned at level 35.


Spread – allows you to save the card that you drew for later, it will occupy this ability’s skill slot until you use it. Learned at level 40.


Time Dilation – makes the buffs you cast on target ally last 15 seconds longer. You can learn it at level 56


Celestial Opposition – AoE stun on the enemies, and 10-second extension of your buffs on all the nearby allies


Minor Arcana – replaces your currently drawn card with either Lady of Crowns or Lord of Crowns. Those cards cannot be affected by Royal Road. Learned at level 66.


Lady of Crowns – powerful single target healing spell


Lord of Crowns – a single target damage nuke


Sleeve Draw – very convenient and powerful Astrologian skill. The way it works is like getting an extra charge of Draw, Royal Road, Spread and Minor Arcana. Using Sleeve Draw grants you an extra card to use, a random Royal Road bonus, another card in your Spread slot and a Minor Arcana card. A lot to keep in mind, but mechanically it’s really easy, since the game performs all of those actions for you, you only have to use the cards properly. You can learn this skill at level 70.



As an Astrologian you’re going to get access to two sects that can add bonus effects on some of your skills. Those stances will only empower Aspected Benefic, Aspected Helios and Collective Unconscious. If you happen to have two Astrologians in one party, it’s important to make sure that they use other sects, because multiple effects of the same stance don’t stack with each other.


Diurnal Sect – adds healing over time effect to those spells, makes this part of the playstyle similar to White Mage.


Nocturnal Sect – provides extra shields for targets of those spells, works kind of like Scholar. That’s also the reason you should never use this sect when you have a Scholar in your party, because shields don’t stack in FFXIV.


Healing spells

Being primarily a healing job, Astrologians have access to multiple heals that differ in cast and recast time, potency, mana cost and in some other ways. Your most important pure healing skills are:


Benefic – basic GCD single target heal, relatively low healing potency and MP cost


Benefic II – stronger GCD single target heal with higher MP cost


Aspected Benefic – high-cost GCD single target heal, that grants powerful bonus effects based on your stance, instant cast.


Helios – basic AoE heal, only worth using when multiple allies are taking damage.


Aspected Helios – AoE healing spell that can provide your whole party with powerful stance bonuses. Instant cast, high MP cost.


Essential Dignity – oGCD healing abilities, potency is equal to Benefic, but you get instant cast for 0 MP, 40 seconds recast time. It gets significantly higher potency when your target has lower HP, reaching 250% of its base potency when your target is at 1 HP. The safe option is saving it for the emergencies, since its instant cast, but if you’re more experience and you want to get as efficient as possible, you can use it on recast time to save MP and your Global Cooldowns.


Ascend – not really a pure healing spell, but allows you to resurrect an ally when the healing wasn’t enough. Huge MP cost and 8 seconds of cast time should be a motivation to keep your party members alive.


Collective Unconscious – a channeled ability that can be kept active up to 18 seconds. Depending on selected stance it either provides an AoE HP regeneration field or damage reduction. The Astrologian can’t perform other actions until they finish or cancel Collective Unconscious. Well timed damage reduction can make your party survive even an extreme burst.


Damage spells

We talked about cards and healing spells, which are two of the most important aspects of playing an Astrologian. If you want to play this job to its full extent and optimize your dungeon runs, you should also know some things about the damage capabilities. It’s definitely not necessary, you can be a valuable addition to a party focusing only on buffing and healing, but if your teammates aren’t getting DPSed that hard and you have plenty of MP, you can use some of it on the monsters to kill them faster.


Remember that it should never be your primary focus, it’s only a matter of timesaving and playing as efficiently as possible. You’re going to need some experience playing this job to always know when you can afford to help with the DPSing and when you should stick with healing and buffing only. The Astrologian damage spells are:


Malefic – single target nuke (then advances into Malefic II and III)


Combust – single target damage over time spell (later turns into Combust II and III)


Gravity – AoE nuke with high MP cost


Other important skills

We described the three main categories of Astrologian spells, now let’s take a look at some other important ones that don’t really fit anywhere.


Lucid Dreaming – oGCD self-buff that reduces your enmity generation by 50%. Really useful since healers are often the ones who steal the monsters’ attention from tanks. It also increases your MP recovery what arguably is even more important.


Synastry – a unique buff you can cast on an ally, while it's active every time you heal yourself or another party member with a single target heal, the ally under the effect of Synastry will also receive a heal, but with only 40% potency.


Lightspeed – reduces MP cost and potency of your spells by 25% and their cast time by 2.5 seconds, making almost all of your skills instant casts. The skill is very situational, but when used well, it can be extremely useful.


Earthly Star – you summon an Earthly Star that can later be detonated what causes both AoE damage to the enemies and AoE heal for your allies who are in range. It’s an oGCD and it’s probably the easiest damage spell to use since you don’t have to sacrifice healing to do so.


How to play FFXIV Astrologian

There’s a lot of things to look at if you want to play Astrologian as efficiently as possible since we already talked about the skill set you’re going to have at your disposal, now let’s discuss which ones of those abilities you should use at what times.


Which sect should I pick?

The first important thing to do is choosing the right sect. In most of the situations, it will be the Diurnal Sect. Looking at your MP efficiency, you will find out that the HP regeneration bonuses are far more cost efficient than the shields. Moreover, extending the positive effects with Time Dilation and Celestial Opposition will also prolong the duration of those recovery effects, making them even more efficient!


Shields can increase your target's HP pool and they can be really useful in certain situations, but in most cases, you’re going to want to use the Diurnal Sect. Shielding is a viable option if you have a White Mage (WHM) or Scholar (SCH) in your party and you’re going as a secondary healer.  Another good thing to do in dungeons and during raid boss fights, is shielding your tank before he pulls the monsters and then using the time window to swap to recovery before the fight. Just remember that you can’t switch sects while you’re in combat.


How to heal effectively?

It’s a tip from a more general healing guide than something really specific to FFXIV Astrologian guide, but make sure not to overheal. By doing that you just flush your MP and cooldowns down the toilet. Heal when it’s necessary and if you have a lot of MP and time to cast some spells, just help with DPSing. Spamming unnecessary heals will also generate enmity and make your tank’s job harder. At the same remember not to nuke monsters, when your teammates are dying, but it’s more of an obvious one. Of course you should not auto attack the monsters, if you have extra time and MP, make sure to use damage spells. 


A similar principle applies to AoE heals. Don’t spam Helios if you’re only healing a single person with it. This is the easiest way to run out of MP. The only AoE you want to use every time it’s available is Earthly Star since it’s both healing and damage for no cost. Gravity is also a decent AoE damage spell, but it has a cast time and significant MP cost, which makes it trickier to use. Some of the AoE heals might be difficult to use optimally, if your team has both melee and ranged DPS.


Which cards are the best?

There are some things to keep in mind about the correct card usage too. In general, you should always prioritize the damage buffs, you want your party to kill the monsters as quickly as possible and increasing their damage is one of the best ways to ensure that. You want to use Draw and Sleeve Draw as often as possible, sitting on those abilities is simply wasting a lot of Astrologians potential, you should always use as many cards as possible to empower your team.


The Balance is considered to be the most powerful damage buff. When you draw that card you should always make sure to use it on a damage dealer. The Spear and The Arrow are also decent damage buffs. The Bole can be used on tanks, but really often you will redraw it. In small parties, you can use it to get the 150% potency buff with Royal Road.


Then there are The Ewer and The Spire. The MP recovery provided by the first one can sometimes be useful, but in most cases, if you’re a part of 8-man party, you’re going to sacrifice those cards for the AoE Royal Road bonus that you’ll use to empower one of the damage buffs. Casting them on multiple damage dealers will significantly accelerate your party’s clear speed.


If you’re in a 4-man party, applying the AoE buff you can get from Royal Road will almost never be a good decision. The buff has 50% potency and in this situation, the positives of using it on multiple teammates don’t really outweigh the negatives. The extended duration or higher potency on a single target is much better in those situations.


If you managed to cast The Balance on all your DPS teammates, make sure to extend its duration with Celestial Opposition, you’re not really going to use this skill for the AoE stun, but for optimizing your buffs. Some FFXIV jobs have really great synergies with certain Astrologians buffs. This is why you should always cast The Arrow on Samurai, Black Mage or Monk. The Spear will compliment Bard’s damage output incredibly well.


Another thing to look at when deciding who to give the single target buffs is a general strength and ability to play the game properly. The player with better gear and knowledge of how to best utilize their character’s skill set will use the buffs better than a bad player, no matter what the synergy is.


FF14 Astrologian

That’s going to do it for a beginner’s FFXIV Astrologian guide. As you can see there’s plenty to do while playing this job in a party. In general healing classes in Final Fantasy XIV are quite engaging and Astrologian might just be the most complex of them all. 


You not only have to learn how to heal and shield efficiently but also correctly manage your deck properly and that’s not easy to do in battle. Another thing to keep in mind is the placement of your AoE spells and squeezing some damage in between the heals. Perfecting all those aspects of Astrologians play style is definitely takes some practice, but the class is very powerful and satisfying to play.


a realm reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a MMORPG developed and published by Swuare Enix. It created a wonderful communtiy of players, who appreciate the complex world building and storytelling. There's also a lot to do for people who enjoy a challengre in their gaming experience. The endgame dungeons and raids are really demanding, in terms of mechanic and rotation knowledge, but also the cooperation skills.


Players can choose from multiple combat classes that can later be advanced into jobs. The classes are: Marauder, Gladiator, Lancer, Pugilist, Rogue, Archer, Thaumaturge, Arcanist and Conjurer. Meanwhile the available jobs are: Warrior, Paladin, Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Bard, Black Mage, Summoner, Scholar, White Mage, Dark Knight, Astrologian, Machinist, Samurai and Red Mage, with Gunbreaker and Dancer arriving soon!


After the Heavensward expansion that introduced this job, there was another one called Stormblood. It once again raised the level cap and brought some new interesting jobs into the game. The next expansion - Shadowbringers is going to be live really soon! 


Make sure to visit our blog for more guides, news and other content for all the hot MMO titles! 

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