FFXIV Goldsmith Guide - Craft the Most Valuable Jewelry!

FFXIV Goldsmith Guide
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FFXIV Goldsmith Guide

Goldsmith (GSM) is one of the Disciples of Hand (crafting classes) in Final Fantasy XIV. They’re the only class that can create equipment used by all the FF14 characters. While jewelry is not the most important part of any job’s gear, it’s necessary for everyone. Besides, Goldsmiths can also produce staves and scepters for Black Mage, a few Monk weapons, as well as needles for Weaver. Let's get info FFXIV Goldsmith Guide.

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In terms of crafting materials, a lot of stuff used by Goldsmiths can be gathered by Miners. However, a lot of the stuff has to be dropped from monsters what makes getting some materials quite annoying (unless you buy them from other players, of course). To become a Goldsmith, you’re going to need to be at least level 10 at one of your combat classes. Then, you can visit the Goldsmith’s Guild in the City of Ul’dah and complete a quest Way of the Goldsmith. It’s a short and simple task that will reward you with your first GSM crafting tool – this Disciple of Hand uses hammers and grinding wheels.

List of remaining Goldsmith quests


Required Level

Quest Name

Quest Objective



My First Chaser Hammer

Copper Ingot



Gorgets Rising

3x Copper Gorget



Throw Some Rings On It

12x Copper Rings



Objectively Speaking

Fang Earring, Brass Gorget



A Melding of the Minds

Materia-enhanced Staghorn Staff



Or Ever the Silver Cord be Loosed

HQ Silver Ingot



Serendipity Now

HQ Malachite Earrings



Mammets on Fire

HQ Fire Brand



The Horns of the Green

HQ Horn Staff



The Fox in the Hen House

HQ Electrum Circlet (Amber), HQ Electrum Circlet (Spinel) HQ Electrum Circlet (Zircon)




HQ Black Pearl Ring melded with Piety Materia III



Elegance and Artistry

Hardsilver Bangle of Casting



Double Trouble

Hardsilver Ingot



A Masterclass

Aurum Regis Cylinder



Two Hearts Beat as One

Star Sapphire Music Box, Star Ruby Music Box



A Royal Request




Gemworks in Progress

HQ Sample Silver Ring




HQ Precision Spectacles



The Perfect Tribute

HQ Sample Chronometer



Sultana Dreaming

HQ Tribute Orchestrion


Crafting 101

FFXIV crafters have a unique set of statistics that they use during the crafting process. Understanding those attributes is a crucial element of playing any Disciple of Hand. These stats can be increased by the Goldsmith tools as well as the rest of the crafting equipment.

Craftsmanship – increases your chances of successful crafting by giving more power to your most basic actions.

Control – allows you to produce high-quality items more efficiently by increasing the efficiency of your quality-related actions.

Crafting Points (CP) – the resource spent on most crafting actions. A larger CP pool allows you to execute more difficult crafts that require a longer process.

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Crafting Screen

When you enter your Crafting Log and press Synthesize on one of the items, you will enter the crafting screen. It features a few essential values that you're going to have to track when creating items.

Progression Bar – it shows how far are you from completing the item. You can fill it with your most basic actions that scale with Craftsmanship.

Quality Bar – it indicates your chances of getting an HQ item if you finished the process at the given time. The exact percentage value is shown below. Making a high-quality product is easier if you use HQ materials. It gets replaced by collectability when you're using Collectable Synthesis.

Durability – every action that increases progression or quality will reduce durability. It doesn't affect the final product – it's just a way of ensuring that the crafting process can't go on forever. That being said, you'll unlock some actions that can restore the item's durability.

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Goldsmith leveling guide

Rewards for successfully creating an item are the most basic source of experience for all the Disciples of Hand. It works similarly to combat classes killing monsters. That being said, after you get through the early levels, it's not the optimal way of leveling your crafter. Some of the better alternatives include Grand Company turn-ins (mostly on lower levels) and levequests (up to level 50 and sometimes even further). On the higher levels, you'll also get access to some more options.

Levequests will be the more important source of experience for the majority of your leveling process. They are simple, repeatable tasks that require you to turn in specific items. Theoretically, it's best to craft all of them, and we recommend that you do that. However, every Disciple of Hand quest can be completed by bringing an item produced by another player – it also applies to your Goldsmith class quests.

Levequests are a great source of experience, especially since they provide significantly increased rewards when you turn in high-quality objectives. The only problem is the allowance system. Every 12 hours, each FFXIV character gets three leve allowances (they can stack up to 100). You can then spend them on accepting levequests. Since it's a limited resource, you want to use them efficiently (choose the best quests and make sure that you're always turning in HQ items).

Before we begin – remember to upgrade your crafting gear from time to time. If you're struggling with class quests or leves in a specific tier, it might be because of insufficient gear. Getting better equipment can often push you over the edge. You'll get some of it as rewards from your class quests.  

Level 1-15

As we said, leve allowances are quite valuable, so we're not going to waste them on these low levels. Instead, you should focus on Grand Company turn-ins and maybe even some good old grinding (crafting multiple items for the sheer experience value). If you decide to go through the early levels by grinding, make sure to use an engineering manual – they're not that expensive, and it can accelerate you quite a bit.

At all times, you have to keep up with your class quests. A lot of them can be completed before you're even allowed to accept them. You can craft the objective beforehand and turn it in just after getting the quest.

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At level 1, you're going to have to bring a Copper Ingot – it's made of 1 Wind Shard and 3 Copper Ores. Level 5 class quest requires 3 Copper Gorgets. Each one consists of 1 Fire Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 2 Copper Ingots, and 1 Leather. For the next Goldsmith quest, you'll have to turn in 12 Copper Rings. Recipe for one is 1 Wind Shard and 1 Copper Ingot. At level 15, you're going to need two items. Fang Earrings consists of 1 Wind Shard, 1 Fire Shard, 1 Bat Fang, 1 Brass Ingot and 1 Hard Leather. Meanwhile, Brass Gorget is made of 1 Wind Shard, 1 Fire Shard, 2 Brass Ingots, and 1 Hard Leather.

Level 15-20

We hope that you have a healthy supply of leve allowances because we're going to start spending a lot of them. At this point, grinding is entirely out of the question, and the GC turn-ins become more and more underwhelming.

Your next class quest requires bringing a Materia-enhanced Staghorn Staff. It might be a good opportunity to start with completing another quest called Waking the Spirit. It allows you to meld materia on items without needing to visit any NPCs. Then, you have to get the Staghorn Staff – it consists of 1 Fire Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 1 Marbled Eye, and 2 Antelope Horns. Finally, all that's left is melding any materia on it and completing the quest.

As for levequests in this tier, we recommend Forever 21K and Bad Guys Eat Brass. The first one requires a Brass Ring that's made of 1 Fire Shard, 1 Winds Shard, 1 Brass Ingot, and 1 Ragstone Whetstone. The second one's objective is Brass Ring of Crafting that also consists of 1 Fire Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 1 Brass Ingot, and 1 Ragstone Whetstone.

Level 20-25

At level 25, you're going to get the first-class quest that requires an HQ item. It's an excellent time to start paying closer attention to the Control stat on your crafting gear. It can also help with producing high-quality stuff for levequests. This time, you're going to need an HQ Silver Ingot that's made of 2 Wind Shards and 3 Silver Ores.

Leves in this tier are a bit disappointing, but they're still better than grinding. There are at least two worthwhile options. Music to Their Ears requires Brass Ear Cuffs that are made of 2 Wind Shards, 1 Fire Shard, 2 Brass Ingots, and 1 Ragstone Whetstone. Meanwhile, Dog Tags Are for Dogs is a triple turn-in that asks for Brass Rings, items that you already crafted in the previous level tier.

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Level 25-30

HQ Malachite Earrings are the objective of your next class quest – Serendipity Now. Their recipe is 3 Fire Shard, 3 Wind Shard, 2 Malachite, and 1 Silver Ingot.  

There are at least two noteworthy leves in this tier. All Booked Up is a triple turn-in that asks for Silver Magnifiers – each pair builds out of 2 Fire Shards, 2 Wind Shard, 1 Silver Spectacles, 1 Silver Ingot, and 1 Clear Glass Lens. Love in the Time of Umbra is a tremendous single leve that requires a Silver Ring that consists of 2 Fire Shards, 2 Wind Shards, 1 Silver Ingot, and 1 Mudstone Whetstone.

Level 30-35

For the level 35 class quest, you're going to have to bring an HQ Fire Brand. The materials required to craft it are 4 Wind Shards, 3 Fire Shards, 1 Silver Nugget, 1 Aldgoat Horn, and 1 Eye of Fire.

The best single levequest in this tier is called It's Only Love. It requires a Silver Choker that can be crafted out of 3 Fire Shards, 3 Wind Shards, 2 Silver Ingots, and 1 Aldgoat Leather. As for triple turn-ins, we recommend Get the Green Stuff that has Malachite Earrings as the objective – you already crafted them for one of the class quests.

level 35-40

The level 40 class quest requires HQ Horn Staff. This weapon consists of 5 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, 2 Wolf Fangs, 1 Aldgoat Horn, and 1 Eye of Fire.

The tripe levequests are pretty bad here, so we're left with the singles. For Wear Your Patriotic Pin, you'll have to produce a Peridot Choker. It's made of 4 Wind Shards, 4 fire Shards, 2 Mythril Ingots, and 1 Peridot. Lode It Up is an equally good option as its objective is Mythril Ring. You can craft it with 4 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, 1 Mythril Ingot, and 1 Siltstone Whetstone.

level 40-45

For the next Goldsmith quest, you're going to need three variants of the high-quality Electrum Circlet. They have almost identical recipes. Each of them includes 6 Wind Shards, 5 Fire Shards, and 3 Electrum Ingots. The only difference is the used gemstone: Amber, Spinel, and Zircon.

We recommend the If You've Got It, Flaunt It as the best triple turn-in. Its objective is Peridot Earrings. They consist of 5 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, 1 Mythril Ingot, and 2 Peridots. The best single is called When We Were Blings and asks for Mythril Ear Cuffs. Their recipe is 5 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, 2 Mythril Ingots, and 1 Basilisk Whetstone.

level 45-50

It is the last tier when your experience gains are reliant so heavily on levequests. The best ones here actually are two singles. Silver Ring is the objective of Sweet Charity. The item is made of 6 Wind Shards, 5 Fire Shards, 1 Electrum Ingot and 1 Amber. The other viable option is the leve called Sew Not Doing This. To complete it, you'll have to bring an Electrum Needle – it can be crafted with 6 Wind Shards, 5 Fire Shards, 1 Electrum Ingot and 1 Basilisk Whetstone.

The next class quest used to be the final one some time ago. Its objective is an HQ Black Pearl Ring imbued with Piety Materia III. The ring can be crafted with 6 Wind Shards, 6 Fire Shards, 1 Electrum Ingot and 1 Black Pearl. For completing this task, you're going to receive Urcaguary – a helpful tool for Goldsmith.

Level 50-60

After you got to level 50 and completed the class quest, it's time to look at the additional leveling options. As we mentioned, at this point, you're going to get some more sources of experience, other than just levequests. We're talking about beast tribe dailies and custom deliveries. You could stick with levequests if you wanted to, but these two possibilities are efficient, and we recommend making use of them.

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Moogle Beast Tribe Quests

Moogle dailies are simple, repeatable quests. They're worth doing, especially if you don't want to spend too much Gil on leveling your crafters. They give great rewards without considerable investment.

That being said, you don't get access to these dailies just for hitting level 50. Unfortunately, unlocking them can be quite frustrating. The process consists of a long chain of 20 side quests that starts with A Pebble for Your Thoughts and ends with Tricks and Stones. However, it's worth it to take your time and unlock them. You only have to do it once for all the Disciples of Hand that you're going to level on this character. We recommend going through this quest chain as soon as possible.

Rowena's House of Splendors

Rowena's House of Splendors is the first system of collectible turn-ins that you can use. You can start using it at level 50, after completing a quest called Inscrutable Tastes. All the custom deliveries in the game require collectible items. It means that you have to use the action called Collectible Synthesis when making them.

It's a mechanic that will be useful for progressing the crafting classes all the way to the cap at level 80. These turn-ins provide a lot of experience, as well as other valuable rewards, including Crafting Scrips. You can trade them later for all kinds of useful items at Scrip Exchange vendors.

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The whole feature works similarly to Grand Company turn-ins. You have to check what items are in demand at the given time, craft them, and turn them in for the rewards. Just remember to make collectibles. Unfortunately, all the custom deliveries in the game are limited in a fashion somewhat similar to leve allowances. That being said, you should use these turn-ins for reasonable amounts of experience and the additional rewards. However, they are a bit more difficult and expensive than Moogle dailies.

50-60 Class Quests

At the same time, you still have to complete class quests to keep progressing as Goldsmith. From now on, you're going to get them a bit more often. At level 53, you'll have to craft a Hardsilver Bangle of Casting. Its recipe is 4 Fire Crystals, 4 Wind Crystals, 2 Hardsilver Nuggets, 2 Star Sapphires, 2 Star Rubies, 1 Grade 1 Intelligence Dissolvent.

The level 55 class quest requires a Hardsilver Ingot. It's relatively simple to produce, and it consists of 5 Wind Crystals, 4 Hardsilver Ores, and 1 Hardsilver Nugget. Next up, at level 58, you're going to have to craft an Aurum Regis Cylinder. It's made of 5 Fire Crystals, 5 Wind Crystals, 1 Aurum Regis Nugget, and 1 Cloud Mica Whetstone. Finally, for the level 60 quest, you'll need two similar items – Star Sapphire Music Box and Star Ruby Music Box. They have almost identical, quite complicated recipes. Both of them contain 2 Wind Clusters, 1 Fire Cluster, 4 Aurum Regis Nuggets, 1 Aurum Regis Cylinder, 1 Hardsilver Ingot, and 2x Fieldcraft Demimateria II. There's only one difference between them. The first item requires a Star Sapphire. The second one needs a Star Ruby.

Level 60-70

In terms of getting experience, the next ten levels are similar to the previous tier. There's a new set of dailies – Namazu Beast Tribe quests, as well as more custom delivery options for even more experience, Gil and Crafting Scrips. Once again, the Namazu dailies are also unlocked with a chain of quests. Luckily, this one is a bit shorter. It consists of 12 quests, starting with Courage the Cowardly Lupin and finishing with Something Fishy This way Comes. Similarly to Moogle's, the Namazu dailies are very simple and don't require that much investment.

The custom deliveries in this tier are a bit more complex. At level 60, you can complete a quest called None Forgotten, None Forsaken to unlock M'naago custom deliveries in Rhalrgr's Reach. Later, at level 62, you can unlock Kurenai's custom deliveries, for slightly better rewards. Finally, at level 66, you're going to get the opportunity to unlock Adkiragh's turn-ins for even more lucrative offers.

Level 60-70 Class Quests

The crafting class quests in this tier are simple. You only need the Wind Crystals and Fire Crystals, all the remaining necessary materials are provided by the quest givers, so don't worry about recipes. The following items that you'll have to produce are Sample Silver Ring, Precision Spectacles, Sample Chronometer, and Tribute Orchestrion.    

Level 70-80

The Shadowbringers update increased the level cap by 10, but it didn't add new class quests for crafters and gatherers. Instead, they introduced two new experience sources: Crystarium Deliveries that are shared between multiple classes. You can also complete a quest Beehive Yourself to get access to Kai-Shirr's Custom Deliveries in Eulmore.

There's no single best way of leveling in this tier. We recommend using everything available to you. You can still do some of the beast tribe dailies, even though there are no new ones specifically for these levels. At the same time, you should turn in all the custom deliveries that you have available. It might cost some Gil, but this way will get you to 80 relatively quickly.

FF14 Goldsmith

At this point, you should be a level 80 Goldsmith. You can finally make some significant amounts of Gil from this class. You probably should craft the optimal jewelry for your most played jobs first. You can, of course, make some other gear and vanity items too.

Final Fantasy XIV is a Japanese MMORPG developed and published by Square Enix. The game has achieved massive success, and it already received three major expansions: Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. It managed to spawn a vast and friendly community of players.  

Feel free to search through our blog, and you'll find plenty of more updated FF14 guides. We also post tons of content related to all the top MMORPGs and other popular online games.

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