OSRS Clue Scrolls Rewards - Check which Clues to do

OSRS Clue Scrolls Rewards
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Welcome to MMOAuction's OSRS Clue Scrolls rewards guide. In the article below, we will bring you a closer look at the topic of prizes that you can get from completing Treasure Trails. If you are new to the subject, don't be worried as we will explain everything bit by bit, so even those who have no clue about Clue Scrolls will be introduced. Without further ado, let's get started.


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What are Clue Scrolls?

If you have been playing RuneScape for some time now, you have probably come across this item. Clue Scrolls are the main part of Treasure Trail minigame. For various activities (mainly for killing monsters around Gielinor), players can be rewarded with this piece of paper, which can come in one of six difficulties: beginner, normal, medium, hard, elite, and master. The more difficult Clue Scroll is, the higher requirements for completion might be. It also determines the loot pool available as a reward.


What are Treasure Trails?

As mentioned before, the term Treasure Trails refers to the minigame, which involves a usage of Clue Scrolls that you might receive, for example, as a drop for killing a monster. When you have a Clue Scroll in your inventory, you can begin a minigame at any time by opening it. You will be shown how your clue looks from a close distance and what is written on it. There you might find a puzzle, a map, an anagram, coordinates, or another type of information that will tell you where you need to go. If you manage to solve the riddle and get to the coded destination, you can use your Clue Scroll again to activate the next event. Assuming that you are in the correct spot, you will receive either another clue or a reward. The higher the scroll level, the more elaborate tasks you will have to complete. The number of steps needed to complete a scroll and receive a reward also grow with the difficulty of a scroll.

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Clue Scrolls money making

Many RuneScape players often use Treasure Trails as a moneymaker since rewards that come from this activity can be extremely expensive. For example, some of the items that can be dropped by Master Clue Scroll Casket can be sold even for 1 billion gold, and the average value that you can get from completing one Master Clue Scroll should be around 1 million gold coins. Even easier clues have decent ratios of reward value to the time spent on completing them. Because of that, Clue Scrolls can be categorized as a decent money making method in OSRS.


Reward Casket

At the end of every Treasure Trail, a player will dig from the ground the Reward Casket. It comes at one of six rarities, which correspond to the difficulty of the completed trail. The box that you can get can either be beginner, easy, medium, hard, elite, or master. Inside of the first one, you can expect from one to three rewards, inside of the second one - from two to four. The third one gives three to five. Both hard and elite caskets have between four and six rewards, and the master casket can have between five and seven. Each of the prizes is rolled individually from the loot table so you can receive the same item a couple of times in one casket. When you are done with all of the steps, you will receive a casket with a reward that is chosen randomly from a pool that is assigned to your scroll difficulty.


Clue Scroll requirements

Below we will list the highest level requirement, which might be needed to complete a Treasure Trail. Keep in mind that you might get only tasks that do not require any skill levels, so in unique cases, these requirements are not necessary. However, if you want to farm Clue Scrolls for gold or other rewards, you will have to meet those requirements eventually.


Beginner - 20 Cooking, 25 Fishing, 15 Mining, 15 Smithing, 18 Crafting


Easy - 20 Attack, 20 Defence, 20 Ranged


Medium - 30 Attack, 15 Strength, 40 Defence, 50 Ranged, 40 Magic, 35 Agility, 45 Farming


Hard - 60 Prayer, 50 Ranged, 40 Magic, 40 Attack, 20 Strength, 40 Defence, 68 Fishing, 56 Agility


Elite - 70 Attack, 70 Magic, 50 Strength, 65 Defence, 70 Ranged, 60 Prayer, 76 Fishing, 59 Runecrafting, 65 Mining, 66 Herblore, 60 Firemaking, 60 Woodcutting, 68 Hunter, 72 Thieving, 63 Crafting, 64 Smithing, 70 Fletching, 65 Slayer, 47 Farming, 60 Agility, either 99 Attack or 99 Strength


Master - 75 Attack, 70 Strength, either 99 Strength or 99 Attack, 70 Defence, 80 Agility, 72 Cooking, 87 Crafting, 85 Farming, 90 Firemaking, 87 Fishing, 81 Fletching, 87 Herblore, 85 Magic, 85 Mining, 70 Ranged, 77 Runecrafting, 88 Smithing, 85 Slayer, 85 Thieving, 90 Woodcutting


In addition to all skill requirements, tasks from medium difficulty and above can have quest requirements. Completing quests is not always necessary, as simply starting them can often give a player access to locations that you have to access.

Average rewards

If you are planning to make gold on completing Treasure Trails, then you should check how much gold can you make on each one of them. Below you can find a list of average values of reward caskets from every difficulty.


Casket type

Rewards amount

Average reward value

Average GP per casket



~5k GP




~20k GP




~37k GP




~30k GP




~56k GP




~139k GP




As you can see, the harder Treasure Trail is, the better reward you might receive. The only downside to this is that you will have to complete more steps before getting a reward when completing higher tier scrolls, as opposed to the easier ones. It is also worth noting that medium clues average better gold rewards ratio than hard ones mostly because from medium difficulty, you can receive Ranger boots, which are valued at over 30 million GP. With this single exception, you should always complete the hardest clue that you can - just make sure that you meet every skill and quest requirement - there is nothing more frustrating than getting a clue that you cannot complete just before a casket reward. 


If you are not planning to farm for a long time on Clue Scrolls, but you are somewhat willing to finish one or two to have some fun, then easy scrolls might make the best call for you. They do not have high requirements, and they might give you some decent rewards.


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How to begin Treasure Trail farming

If you have decided that you want to start making gold on hunting treasures, then you will have to prepare yourself for this task. To begin, make sure that you meet all of the requirements necessary for the completion of a clue that you have chosen to finish. You will need to fulfill both quest requirements and skill requirements. Don't buy every item required for each of the clues because you might not use all of them. Instead, get them when they are necessary and store them in the bank for future use. 


Also, make sure that you buy items that can help you in traveling long distances - Energy Potions and Stamina Potions are crucial if you want to be efficient. A set of runes or town portals in Player Owned House (POH) will make your life much more comfortable, so always have them in your inventory.


Now that you are ready to do Treasure Trails, you will have to get as many Clue Scrolls as you can. You will find some of the ideas on where you can obtain them below.


Beginner Clue Scrolls - You can get them almost from all low-level creatures in RuneScape. The easiest ones to kill would be Man and Woman. You can also kill Goblins or Cows at Lumbridge. As you can see, those enemies are not challenging at all, so you can get scrolls without much effort. The drop rates are somewhere around 1%. Thus you can expect one scroll every 100 kills.


Easy Clue Scrolls - The easiest way to obtain them is through pickpocketing H.A.M. Members. The drop rate of scrolls should be somewhere around 2%, which means that for every 50 pickpockets, you should get a scroll. It also shows that Easy Clue Scrolls might be even easier to acquire than beginner ones. While pickpocketing H.A.M. Members, you might get knocked out and kicked out of their hideout, so make sure to wear H.A.M. set (which you can get from pickpocketing or buy it from Grand Exchange). This set will decrease the chance of getting kicked out from your farming spot while pickpocketing. If you don't have a high enough Thieving level or you don't want to do this method, then you can also buy the Imbued Ring of Wealth, head to the Edgeville Dungeon, and kill Thugs. They are level 10 monsters, so killing them shouldn't be a hard task even for a new players. With the ring, you will have 1/64 chance to get a scroll drop after every kill.


Medium Clue Scrolls - Although they are named medium, they are much more challenging to obtain than beginner and easy scrolls. The best way to farm Medium Clues is through combat with Ice Warriors. They can be found in large numbers deep into the north-west Wilderness. They can be easily killed with Dwarf Multicannon and ranged attacks. Just keep in mind that going to the Wilderness comes with a danger of Player vs. Player combat, so don't carry anything too valuable


Hard Clue Scrolls - Probably the easiest way to obtain them is by hunting Hellhounds. They can be found in Taverley dungeon. However, the ones near Wilderness lever will be our target. The reason behind this is that players who kill creatures in the Wilderness can benefit from the Imbued Ring of Wealth effect, which increases their drop rate significantly.


Elite Clue Scrolls - Things get even more complicated when it comes to Clue Scrolls of this tier. One of the most efficient methods to farm them is Barrows. The minigame is profitable on its own, so if you want to farm Clue Scrolls there, you can make some extra profit before even starting Treasure Trail. You will get around a 3% chance to receive a scroll upon defeating all six of Barrows brothers.

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Master Clue Scrolls - Although Master Clues are the most difficult to complete, they are not as difficult to obtain. There are currently two ways to get them in Old School RuneScape. The first method involves completing easier Clues. You can receive Master Clues from Reward Casket. On Easy Difficulty, it is 1/50 chance, on Medium 1/30, on Hard 1/15 and Elite 1/5. So the only Clue Scroll which doesn't have the Master Clue Scroll as the reward is for beginners. Another way of obtaining them involves a deal that you can make with NPC Watson at Hosidius House. He will trade you his Master Clue Scroll for four other scrolls - Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. It is an excellent way of dumping scrolls that you cannot complete. If you are stuck on one of the puzzles, you can give it away to Watson and farm for a new one to start over.


There is also a chance that you might receive a Clue Scroll drop from skilling. A chance to receive one rises with the quality of the material you are working with. For example, when you are woodcutting, you will get Clue Scrolls more often from Yew trees than regular ones, and when Mining, you will receive more clues from Runite rock than from Iron. During skilling, you have a 28.5% chance to get Beginner or Easy Clue Scroll, 21.4% chance for a Medium one, 14.2% for a Hard, and 7.1% chance to get Elite.


The other way to obtain Clue Scrolls (and probably the fastest) is to buy Implings, which were previously caught in a jar. Opening said impling containers can result in a Clue Scroll reward. So if you want to get a quick access to Treasure Trail of your choice, you can go with this route. The downside is that this method is quite costly. You will need to spend quite a lot if you want to get decent difficulty scrolls from the jars.


Most notable Clue Scroll rewards

Reward Casket (beginner)

Although clues from this tier have the lowest requirements, there are still a few drops, which can be quite valuable. First of all, you have a chance to roll a reward from a unique drop table at the rate of 1/24 for every drop that you get. So if you receive three drops, it leaves you with 1/8 chance of getting a unique. Of course, if you are fortunate, you can get even three of them within one casket. The value of items in this table yields mostly from 10k to 100k, but there are some exceptions like Rune Scimitar Ornament Kit (Zamorak), which can be sold for up to 500k gold on Grand Exchange. Besides unique drops, there is nothing worth mentioning in these caskets.


Reward Casket (easy)

At this tier, players can expect to receive from 2 to 4 items. The unique drop table in this scenario contains many more items, so the loot value can also vary. You can find there items that are worth only a few thousand gold, but there are also some very special drops. The first and the most expensive one is the Cape of Skulls. Although this item owns the same base stats as Obsidian Cloak, it also has a very distinct look, which is desired by many players. It is why this cape costs over 20 million gold. There are also other capes with gold values of over 1 million, gold trimmed monk robes with a value of few millions, and many set pieces that can cost a few hundreds of thousands of gold.

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Reward Casket (medium)

Medium Clues are probably most common among the RuneScape community as they have great rewards and not that high requirements. Among many items that you can find inside them, the most notable drop that deserves recognition is the pair of Ranger Boots. This item is priced at over 30 million gold on Grand Exchange. Although medium clues don't have that many high priced rewards as easy scrolls, they have a better chance at Ranger Boots than Easy Casket has on Cape of Skulls.

On top of that, you will receive more rewards for opening Medium Casket than you would for an Easy one (so you can expect things like shield h3, shield h2, or helm h3). Besides Ranger Boots on a unique drop list, you can also find Spiked Manacles that cost over 1 million. The rest of the rewards aren't as valuable as these two items.


Reward Casket (hard)

Although it has quite a similar unique drop table in terms of value to Medium Casket - from hard difficulty, you also have a chance at roll from the mega-rare table. You can receive a variety of extremely expensive items such as 3rd Age Equipment and Gilded Parts with the value of tens or even hundreds of millions (like 3rd Age Platebody). Also, items from a unique drop table are valuable since there are four that cost over 1 million gold. On top of that, you get more rolls at rewards with a Hard Clue than with a Medium One, so in general, those scrolls should give better drops.


Reward Casket (elite)

Just like with the previous box, you have a chance to roll for unique and mega-rare items with a value of tens of even hundreds of millions. The difference between this casket and the previous one is that you have better chances of receiving Gilded drops and a little bit smaller chance for Third Age items. There are also less regular drops with low overall value and more of those with 1-10 million value like Fury Ornament Kit, Saradomin Ornament Kit, Ranger Chaps, Ranger Gloves, Sagacious Spectacles, Fremennik Kilt, Black Tuxedo Jacket, White Tuxedo Jacket or Dark Trousers.


Reward Casket (master)

Last but not least, we have the best possible Reward Casket that you can receive from a Clue Scroll. In this one, even from the regular drop table, players can get a variety of very expensive items. Since one casket of this tier have around 1 million in rewards value, you should see there items from above 100k gold range very often. The amount of cheap equipment is less wide, and because of this, in general, you can make a high profit from Master Caskets. Players may also receive unique and mega-rare drops just as in previous cases.


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It is the end of MMOAcutions guide to Clue Scroll Rewards. We are hoping that you have found every piece of information that you were looking for. In case that you want to read about other topics or seek more guides about Old School RuneScape, you can read additional articles on our blog page. If you want to learn about selected topics like pvp, untradeable items, Lumbridge Bob, recent update or anything else head over to our article and see videos inside for additional information. 


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Whether you are playing the mobile  version of the game or pc one you can always rely on wiki to check every Clue Scroll reward. All items including regular hide, red, green and blue dragonhide pieces like legs, mask, body armour, robe, platelegs and plateskirt, god pages, bronze kiteshield, ancient heraldic pieces and more. Literally everything that you can get from a casket is there so make sure to check out what content wiki has prepared for you as those guys have done amazing job to gather all data in one place.We also have left in our bucket list video for every quest in OSRS but you will have to wait for future edit to view that content. We'll make sure to finish this special content for you later in the year.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Clue Do Scrolls give you?

A clue of where another clue can be hidden, which eventually will lead you to Reward Casket.

  • How many steps are there in Hard Clue Scrolls?

Between 4 and 6.

  • What monsters drop Easy Clue Scrolls?

Various creatures with low Combat Level like H.A.M Members, Rock Crabs, Man, and Woman.

  • Are Treasure Trails members only?

They are not however, only a Beginner scrolls can be completed by f2p adventurers.


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