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OSRS skills guide
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If you are looking for a guide that will help you raise all of your skills to 99 in the shortest amount of time possible you are in the right place. In this article, you will find links to guides for every skill training from combat-related, through gathering professions to support skills like  prayer. With our OSRS skills guide, you can achieve max cap in a skill that you desire within days. Find the best training methods to achieve most experience per hour as well as good money makers that give skill experience as well.

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Free to play (f2p) skills :

Mining skill guide

Seemingly one of the easiest RuneScape skills to train as it only requires pickaxe. Nothing more wrong than that since leveling this one can be very tedious and time-consuming. Whether you want to farm in the fastest way possible or to make gold off mining skill you are in the right place.

OSRS Mining skill guide >>>


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Smithing skill guide

This guide will help you improve your experience in a skill related to processing hard metals and crafting various weapons. Raising your smithing level will let you make best possible weapons, armors, sets, and accessories. Becoming a master of hammer and anvil can be profitable in the end but will take some money on early levels.

OSRS Smithing skill guide >>>


Fishing skill guide

One of the most liked and popular RuneScape skills by many as it is possible to AFK from time to time during the leveling process. As there are various types of fish and fishing equipment you might want to know more before going to the lake.

OSRS Fishing skill guide >>>


Cooking skill guide

Collecting various ingredients can be profitable too since you can use cooking skill to combine them in various soups, dishes or delicious cakes. Mastering skill of making food can result not only in increasing your gold made but also in getting resources for your fights cheaper as you will be able to prepare consumables by yourself.

OSRS Cooking skill guide >>>


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Crafting skill guide

Another very costly skill to train. There are various items that you can make with crafting and most useful among them will be probably ranged armors. There are some money making methods and some very costly experience gain activities involving crafting. In this guide, you will find all of them.

OSRS Crafting skill guide >>>


Firemaking skill guide

Have you ever wondered why those people around Grand Exchange and pretty much every other location are starting fires everywhere? Yes, they are pyromaniacs but that’s not the main reason. There are various bonuses that come with high firemaking levels. You can learn how to train it and what you get from that from the guide below.

OSRS Firemaking skill guide >>>


Woodcutting skill guide

Another one of the most favorable skills among RuneScape players. Everybody likes Woodcutting thanks to the AFK factor of it. Making gold while doing an easy activity that does not require a lot of attention? That’s woodcutting. Working on cutting trees has low requirements, gives you a chance to make gold and lets you to socialize with community. Find out the best places to get gold and exp from the link below.

OSRS Woodcutting skill guide >>>


Runecrafting skill guide

One of the best money making skills in the game is not a gathering profession. Training this one is not as self-explanatory as others. If you want to find the best possible routes to make top runes per hour and gain most of the time you put in Runecrafting choose guide below.

OSRS Runecrafting skill guide >>>


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Members (p2p) skills :

Agility skill guide

Probably the least fast or even slow skill to train. Agility training is hated by the majority of player base as it requires a lot of clicking and full attention from the player. It is also one of the most useful skills as it increases character stamina which results in longer running distances. It is very important to find the best routes and use the most efficient methods while leveling up this skill and you can find all of this in the guide below.

OSRS Agility skill guide >>>


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Herblore skill guide

A very useful skill to train as it can be both profitable and useful at the same time. You will not only make gold while training herblore but also gain access to crafting best potions from basic ingredients which will result in cheaper prices for your brews. Since herblore can be trained without moving from GE finding the best items to combine might increase your profit by a big margin. Check out below what will improve your herblore training and maximize your experience and profit ratios.

OSRS Herblore skill guide >>>


Thieving skill guide

Although this one is as click intensive as Agility it can be fun at the same time. Thieving skill is different than others and puts as in a bad guy position as we steal goods from others. As stealing is definitely a profitable profession in real life so it is in RuneScape. Finding out the best routes to make most while training this skill will certainly be useful. Find out how best players in the game make money on thieving.

OSRS Thieving skill guide >>>


Fletching skill guide

Making various bows, arrows, crossbows, and processing wood, in general, can be done with a simple knife. You need that little to start making gold from fletching profession. As this is very AFKable skill you can make a lot of gold while being on the mobile version of RS. All you need is our guide where you can read about the best money makers and leveling routes involving this skill.


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Slayer skill guide

Slayer is probably the favorite money maker for high-end characters as it involves activities that are not boring while still generating extremely big profits. It revolves mainly around hunting certain types of monsters which are chosen by Slayer master NPCs. As it is one of the hardest skills to pick up for new players our guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Slayer. You will find there best exp routes as well as money making methods involving Slayer skill.

OSRS Slayer skill guide >>>


Farming skill guide

Farming dares to be different. This one requires daily activity to be leveled and since it isn’t similar to others you might need a guide on what to do and where to gain farming experience at best rates. This skill consists mostly of running from one farming patch to another - raking, digging, planting and doing other stuff directly related to mother nature. You will be earning experience for every plant that you have taken care of while harvesting it. It is a hard skill to pick up at first but it rewards players with good daily money making method (farming herbs). If you want to know how to maximize your income related to the farming skill check out our Farming guide.

OSRS Farming skill guide >>>


Construction skill guide

Another click intensive profession which requires from player time, knowledge and resources. It is very underestimated skill by many players who don’t level it up, but it comes with various bonuses worth looking at like private altars, teleports and others. Having your own private house in the lands of Gielinor is extremely useful but it comes with a cost as Construction is the most expensive skill to level up.

OSRS Construction skill guide >>>


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Hunter skill guide

Last but not least we have a Hunter skill - another one unique in its own way. It revolves mainly around catching various creatures with traps and different methods. As chinchompas caught on higher Hunter levels are one of the best money makers in the game this skill is definitely worth being trained.

OSRS Hunter skill guide >>>


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Combat-related skills

Ranged skill guide

Aside from melee combat style there is also ranged in osrs. Gathering levels in this profession will allow you to fight your opponents from safe distances. If you want to learn what monsters you should train on, which locations are the best and what types of equipment is best to use you can find it all here.

OSRS Ranged skill guide >>>


Magic skill guide

Arguably one of the most useful skills in the game. Reaching higher levels of magic will unlock powerful spells to aid you in the battle against monsters and other players. Aside from that, you will be able to use magic for your own benefit with high alchemy, various teleport spells and other useful abilities. If you want to know how to reach max in the quickest possible way or just how to train without wasting too many resources you can read our guide.

OSRS Magic skill guide >>>


Combat skills guide

Leveling your combat is one of the most important things to do in RuneScape as your combat represents the level of your character. If you want to achieve higher ranks in this section you might want to raise Attack, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Strength, Hitpoints and Prayer skills. Getting better at those skills will make your character stronger. You will be able to equip better item like weapons and armors. Additionally, you will be able to cast better spells and prayers giving you an advantage in every fight to come. Learn everything about attack style. Best ways of how to achieve the highest Combat level in the shortest amount of time you can view in the guide below.


Prayer skill guide

This is probably one of the more costly skills in the game. Alot of money will be needed to max this one. Not only that. Prayer is one of the most useful skills in the game as you will use it during both PvE and PvP activities. Passive protection prayers are a very efficient way of reducing incoming damage giving you an advantage in tough fights. Raising prayer levels is a required for every higher level player as most of late-game content can’t be done without it. As it is expensive to train in our guide you will find the best ways to achieve maximum experience while not wasting your entire bankroll on it.

OSRS Prayer skill guide >>>


In the comment section below tell us what you liked most about our OSRS skill guide. As we value your feedback we want you to let us know what can be improved. We want to perfect our guides making them as best as possible and that’s why we need your help :)


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