OSRS Cooking guide - Most efficient ways of leveling in OldSchool!

OSRS Cooking guide
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OSRS Cooking Guide - About cooking skill

Cooking is one of the easiest skills to train in Oldschool RuneScape. All you need to start leveling is a fire or a cooking range and food that you want to make. In this OSRS Cooking Guide, you will learn everything that is important. As the cooking skill in OSRS is deeply connected to Fishing, most of the times Fishes are the best kind of food that you can make both for experience and profit. Cooking is also a great skill to train on your mobile. In this guide, we will cover all of the cooking methods that are done for money making and those training methods that are done straight for reaching 99 Cooking as quickly as possible. You will learn many tips and tricks of gaining cooking experience and choose those which suit you best.

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What you need

Although to start cooking only raw food and fire is required there is one more item which is extremely important in the long run. Cooking Gloves can be acquired during the Family Crest quest and they have a very useful effect - we burn fewer fish while cooking them. This is a must-have item since it will boost experience rates by a big margin while cooking. Quest does not have high requirements (40 Mining, 40 Smithing, 59 Magic, 40 Crafting, and combat level to defeat lvl 170 Demon from safe spot).


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Best spot to cook food

Although cooking certain types of food at the cooking range can decrease the chance of burning your food it is not always optimal to use it. The best location to start your cooking journey is in the Rogue’s Den. It has the closest bank to the bonfire which is permanent as it never runs out. You can just simply take all of your raw food from the bank and cook it right there. Alternatively, another great place is directly in Hosidius house kitchen which has the closest cooking range to the bank. It is recommended to cook at this place but in order to do so, players need to achieve 100% favour with Hosidius house beforehand.


Burning food

While cooking food you have a chance to burn it - the bigger your Cooking level gets, the chance is lower. Additionally cooking range might decrease your chance of burning food by an additional 5%. To maximize experience gains while leveling player should cook food that he doesn’t burn anymore. This will make the amount of food needed for level lower while also reducing cost of getting experience.


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Leveling methods

Levels 1-20


On the beginning of your journey with almost every skill in RuneScape it is very much worth it to do some quests that reward experience in the skill you are about to train. Since on level 1 you will burn most of the food that you make it is a big time waste. There are two very short quests that can get you over level 10 in cooking - Cook’s Assistant and Gertrude’s Cat. Completion of them can save you a lot of time. If you want to start leveling while making food you can do that too but it will be much slower than doing these quests. Between levels 1-20 we will cook Sardines and you need to make only around 120 of them (without burning) to get to level 20. They are a better alternative to Shrimps. To start off just  fill your inventory with Sardines, click on your fish and then on the fire and cooking will start automatically for every next fish.

Levels 20-30


In this level gap, the best fish to cook will be a Trout. Those can be caught with fly fishing in Barbarian Village near Varrock or near Lumbridge Castle. If you are a new player and you don’t have the money you can go there with an axe and a tinderbox. Near the fishing spot players will drop raw Trout as they are speedleveling Fishing. You can pick it up, light the fire and cook them there. If you have some cash it would be faster to buy them from Grand Exchange and cook Trout at Rogue’s Den or Hosidius House. You will need around 130 Trouts cooked correctly to get level 30.


Levels 30-50


Similarly to Trouts, you can get those easily from the ground at Barbarian Village for free, where they are dropped by other players. Getting to 50 cooking should take around 1000 cooked Salmons and will take few hours.


Levels 50-61


This is the first fish that you will stop burning since at level 59 with Cooking Gauntlets and at Cooking Range you can’t fail to make this one. Also from this point of the skill training guide if you follow next leveling steps you won’t be burning any more food.


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Levels 61-76


Although you need around 9k Lobster cooked to get to the next stage this is quite a cheap method since raw Lobsters are often catched by fishers and cooked ones are selling well. At this point, if you haven’t started cooking at Hosidius house yet you should really start doing that.


Levels 76-82


After 76 you can cook Swordfish. In this level bracket, you will need around 9k Swordfishes cooked before moving to the next step. This is the best (F2P) free to play cooking fish.


Levels 82-89


This is the part of the guide where cooking starts to be profitable. Monkfishes are very good in terms of experience and decent as a moneymaker. You will need around 16k of them cooked to move on. This method is only for p2p (members) and requires completion of Swan Song quest if you want to catch those by yourself.


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Levels 89+


These are considered to be the best money makers after 89 cooking since Sharks are one of the most common foods consumed in OSRS. You can make them all the way to 99 for a good profit but if you want top exp rate stop at 93. Amount of Sharks needed to get to this point is around 11k.


Levels 93+


This is a method for those who want to reach max level faster and don't want longer routes. You will sacrifice your gold made for experience rewards. It is simple - if you want money you can do Sharks, if better exp - do Anglerfish. You will need around 25k of them to finish training cooking and get to 99. It's one of best ways to max your fishing.


Powerleveling between 35-99 levels

There is a special method to level up cooking in the fastest time possible which is making wines. You can level up extremely fast making those since they will give you around 500k exp/hour. This method is quite AFK-able and the only downside to this is that you need to spend somewhere under 15mil to get max Cooking with. You can  be making Jugs of Wine. To make Jug of Wine add grapes to the Jug of Water. This method is very simple but requires a lot of attention and clicking. 


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Cooking Karambwans

After finishing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest with 30+ Cooking level players can cook Karambwan. This is a special type of food that is eaten slower which makes it great for pvp since you can eat both this one and regular food at the same time. At level 90 fishing by using raw Karambwan on fire and clicking 2 on the keyboard at the same time you can cook it without a tick delay. This makes Karambwan fastest cooking ingredient in the game. While extremely click-intensive this method can get you amazing cooking experience rates of around 900k/hour while at the same time those provide over 200k profit. Although you need only 30 Cooking for this keep in mind that it is not worth doing before 90th level since you will have a lot of your ingredients burned. This might be the best but also most click intensive Cooking training that you can do. If you are looking also for other money makers you might want to check how to make raw wild pie and raw summer pies.

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