OSRS Thieving guide - Most efficient ways of leveling in OldSchool!

OSRS Thieving guide
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OSRS Thieving Guide - About Thieving skill

Interested in OSRS Thieving Guide? Let's get into it! Thieving is a members-only skill (locked for f2p) that allows players to pickpocket NPCs, steal from stalls, open locked doors and chests and disarm traps. During Pickpocketing you will be receiving various loot like coins, seeds, pieces of equipment and more. This makes Thieving skill profitable since youd don't waste any of your money while trading and you always profit. That's exactly why this is one of the most liked skills in the game. In this guide you will find tips on how to reach top levels of Thieving in no time at all.

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Thieving equipment

Ardougne Cloak

One of the most important items during your training is an Ardy Cloak that you get from completing Ardougne Diaries. The second level of this item which you get for completing medium tasks increases your chances of stealing around town by 10%. Upgrading it to level 3 or 4 will result in extending the area of this effect to every place in RuneScape. It is also worth mentioning that you don’t need to have this cape equipped to use its bonus.


Gloves of Silence

Another item is intended for those who want to pickpocket. It increases the success ratio of stealing from NPC’s by an additional 5%.Gloves of Silence have 62 charges that deplete every time your pickpocket is unsuccessful. To wear those gloves Hunter level of 52 is required. Although they might seem very useful in fact they are not. Gloves bonus does not stack with Ardougne cloak which makes them way worse alternative.


Dodgy Necklace

This is almost a necessity when it comes to pickpocketing. While wearing Dodgy Necklace player receives 25% chance to not be stunned and to not take any damage upon failing pickpocket. This greatly improves experience gains and gold made - especially for low level players who fail more often. This item has 10 charges that deplete on each of the fails. As it is very cheap and can be bought from Grand Exchange it should be worn at all times during pickpocketing.

 Rogue Equipment

While wearing Rogue Equipment pieces players have a chance to receive double loot while pickpocketing. If the player wears full set double pickpockets will exchange regular ones at all times. All 6 parts of the set can be acquired upon looting safe at the end of Rogue’s Den minigame - each of them at 12,5% chance.


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Best leveling route

Levels 1-14 Fight Arena Quest

At the beginning of your adventure with Thieving skill, it is fastest to finish easy quests like Fight Arena. This quest has no requirements and will award the player with both Thieving and Attack experience. During this quest player will have to fight against level 44, 63 and 137 monsters. Although it might seem like a high requirement - they all can be safe-spotted so it is possible to finish this quest on low levels. This quick trick to complete lets you skip early levels which require a lot of work so you doesn't have to worry about leveling from nothing.


Levels 1-5 Men and Women NPC

This part of this OSRS Thieving guide is for those who don’t feel confident enough to finish Fight Arena. All around RuneScape players can find Man Women NPC’s walking around. One of spots where you can see those is Lumbridge Castle. Thieve from them until 5 level. It is very fast, will take only few minutes and these is no other choice at this level.


Levels 5-20 Cake stalls

At the Ardougne market players can find stalls with baked goods. From these tables, we can steal cakes that can get us very fast from level 5 to level 20. These cakes are also amazing for Ironman characters since they heal 12 health points each so if you are Ironman make sure to bring some to your bank. Sometimes you will be attacked by the guard and have to run away or kill him before you continue.

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Levels 20-25 Silk stalls

Similarly to the method before we will be stealing from silk stall in Ardougne. This time our focus will be on silk sellers who are in the same area as bakers. It is worth noting that this method can be a simple profit since it is possible to sell silks to the silk merchant in Al’Kharid.


Levels 25-45 Hosidius fruit stalls

To start this method you need 15% favor in Hosidius house. Although it might seem like a waste of time doing this just to get inside but it is not. This method is twice as fast and better than any other available activity during training on these levels. Before you begin just make sure to trap two guarding dogs inside the house so they won’t interrupt you and repeat this process every time you start over in this spot. It is worth mentioning that after you hit level 30 you will unlock Feud quest which is needed later to unlock blackjacking. This quest also rewards players with over 15k Thieving experience so it is definitely a must do.


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Levels 45+ Blackjacking

Unlike previous methods we won't be just stealing. If you have finished Feud quest, after you gain 45 you can start to Blackjack. This method requires from you to knock out an NPC and pickpocketing him twice before he wakes up. After you reach level 45 you should focus on bearded bandits up to 55 when you should steal from non-bearded ones who wield scimitars. When you get to 65 Menaphite Thugs will be your next target and you stick to them up to a 91. You can find all of those in Pollniveach but since they are under the roof you won’t be needing any waterskins. Additionally, if you are running out of health points you can sell food at the NPC nearby.This method is profitable as a money maker and as leveling route which makes it best until 91.


Levels 91+ Pyramid Plunder

Although this activity requires a level lower than 91 it isn’t the best method before that gap. At level 91 players unlock last room in Pyramid Plunder which makes this method more profitable than blackjacking giving you also a better experience per hour ratio. To do this method you need Icthlarin’s Little Helper quest started which will unlock Sophanem location. Contact! quest is also a nice addition to this method as it unlocks the closest bank. From the golden chests inside the pyramids, you can get Pharaoh Scepter which makes this method a good gold maker. You should do this method between 91 99. If you have trouble figuring it out we recommend to watch Youtube video content guides on it.


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Additional thieving methods

Levels 55+ Ardougne Knights

If you are looking for a special method that does not require as much attention as those before Ardy Knights might be just for you. Although they don’t provide as good exp rates as blackjacking they are still decent in terms of experience and profit. Since there is one spot where the knight can be blocked from moving, this method should be done on world 378 which is an unofficial Ardougne Knight Thieving world.


Levels 71+ Pyramid Plunder

As this mummy states we are going to the Pyramyds. Although this method is not as good at 71 as at 91 it can still be done with decent results. It is not the best method at those levels but it is definitely more entertaining than Blackjacking which makes it a good alternative for those who are bored.


Levels 84+ Rogue Chests

At level 84 players have a chance to use one of the best Thieving gold makers which is stealing from rogue chests at Rogue Castle. This method can get you up to 600k an hour which is a pretty good amount, while also being different and less dull than other methods. Note that you might get caught by player killers so take into consideration what gear you want to risk.

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Levels 38+ Master Farmer

Although it is possible to pickpocket Master Farmers at level as low as 38 you should really wait with it until levels 80+ since this is when this method becomes very profitable. On highest thieving levels you will easily make over 1 million cash per hour making this method extremely profitable one in Thieving money making. You can find this guy wandering around Draynor Village so you can just teleport there using Amulet of Glory. Since thieving on those is great and very popular you will likely notice a group of players making an attempt to pick pocket this one fellow. If you find them disturbing you just switch worlds and log into different one and if not just join them in stealing.


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