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OSRS Minigames
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Old school runescape minigames

Welcome to our OSRS Minigames guide where you can learn about those small activities implemented in Old School RuneScape. Below we will list each and every one of them and give you a short overview of what they are and what can you achieve by completing said minigames. Without anymore fuss lets jump straight into the guide.


Table of content:

Minigames general overview

Minigames Walkthrough

Fight related minigames

Skill related minigames

Other minigames

Minigames for f2p players



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Minigames general overview

Many Old School RuneScape players are not familiar with the concept of minigames created by Jagex. They were created a very long time ago to give adventurers of Gielinor short activities which they can complete for various rewards. 

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Minigames revolve around concept of being short and not too time consuming. Most of them also has implemented puzzles and require completion of a certain objective. Rewards usually come in form of experience lamps and small items. If you come across red star on the map which looks like quest icon with different color - this is a sign that Minigame is available in that location. The main difference between Minigame and a Quest is that first one can be completed as many times as player wants.

Minigames Walkthrough

If you want to participate in a minigame you have to head to its location and usually talk to NPC or activate an item which is connected to it. There is also Group Finder implemented in the game which can be found in the quest interface. By selecting a desired minigame from the dropdown menu you can access minigame chat where other players are looking for party members. If you manage to find whoever you need, you can also use this tool to teleport yourself to minigame location.

Fight related minigames

  • TzHaar Fight Cave (Safe)

Probably one of the most recognized minigames in all of the RuneScape. Have you ever seen players with those animated capes, which looked almost like lava is falling from their shoulders onto the ground? This is the Fire Cape which is awarded for those who manage to survive in this minigame. Rules are quite simple. You go inside a cave located in Mor Ul Rek which is also known as TzHaar City and all you need to do is to survive increasingly harder waves of enemies. This might seem easy at first glance but what you need to know is that there are 63 waves of monsters and during the last fight you have to challenge level-702 TzTok-Jad.


  • TzHaar Fight Pit (Safe)

This is basically a PvP king of the hill. Everyone jumps into one arena where they fight against each other to receive Tokkul reward and the achievement of Fight Pit champion (required for hard Karamja diary). Although this mini game is PvP oriented it is also completely safe. Losers who die in the Pit will not lose their gear and will not be penalized in any other way.


  • Bounty Hunter (Risky)

If you have every been to Wilderness you probably noticed that after crossing the border you receive a target to kill. This is exactly how Bounty Hunter works. Each player in the Wilderness gets assigned a target that they have to eliminate. For successful eliminations you are rewarded with emblems which can be quite pricy. Additionally you receive a loot which your target drops. Keep in mind that it is very dangerous minigame and you can lose everything you have equipped.

  • Barrows (Risky)

Without a doubt most recognized one on the list. Barrows is a minigame located near Morytania swamps where player comes across graveyard which contains labyrinth. Inside those tunnels you can find Barrows Brothers who were buried there a long time ago. By defeating ghosts of said brothers players can receive generous rewards in form of Barrows gear, gold coins, runes and other valuable items. This mini game is known to be one of the best money makers as it does not require high skills and rewards with a great amount of prizes. If you want to know more about Barrows make sure to check out our OSRS Barrows Guide.


  • Nightmare Zone (Safe)

This minigame also called NMZ is where you can fight all previous quest bosses which you have defeated during your journey in the lands of Gielinor. The more quests you have completed the more bosses you can fight in this place. To start off head to Dominic Onion near tower located north-east of Yanille. This is also the best place to train your melee combat so make sure to check out our Nightmare Zone guide where we explain details of this activity. As a reward from Nightmare Zone you can choose various items, herbs and upgrades for already possessed gear.


  • Pest Control (Safe)

This is a team minigame which means that you will have to cooperate with others to succeed. Inside Void Knights’ Outpost you can jump into one of three boats which stand for three difficulties: easy, medium and hard. After certain number or players gather on the boat they are teleported to the island swarmed by pest. Participants have to slay said pets and close all four portals that allow them to spawn. In the same time they have to protect Void Knight who stands in the middle of the isle. If NPC survives and all portals are closed players will be rewarded with special tokens used to purchase very useful Void Knight sets and weapons.


  • Barbarian Assault (Safe)

At Barbarian Outpost you can challenge yourself in a team of five players.  You will have to defeat waves of enemies including Penance Queen to receive a reward in form of Honour Points.


  • Temple Trekking or Burgh de Rott Ramble (Risky)

In this minigame you are assigned a pack of potential Myreque recruits from Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott. Things aren't as simple because you have also to protect them from aggressive monsters and guide them through dangerous Morytania. At the end, you can receive some minor rewards like herbs or seeds and you also can receive tome of experience.

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  • Champions Challenge (Risky)

Inside this minigame you will get a chance to fight against 10 different races. After defeating them you will be challenged by their leaders. Winners will be rewarded with Champion lamps and a cape.


  • Chambers of Xeric (Safe)

Challengers are put inside a randomised dungeon where they face against various creatures. Upon completing the maze and defeating Great Olm they are rewarded with prizes equal to their individual score. Accumulated points are used to roll for endgame weapons and items.


  • Mage Arena (Risky)

By taking a fight against Kolodion you might win the rights to learn God Spells. If you manage to defeat this NPC he won't be present there anymore but the Arena itself can be used again. Besides learning God Spells you can also acquire God Capes and God Staves.


  • Theatre of Blood (Risky)

Players assemble a team which will challenge most dangerous RuneScape bosses arranged in a certain order. If they manage to survive they will be rewarded with great treasures in form of unique weapons and armours.


  • Inferno (Safe)

Improved version of TzHaar Fight Cave where you face off against even more challenging waves of enemies and even harder bosses. By defeating TzKal-Zuk you get the right to wear Infernal Cape and you also receive Jal-nib-rek pet.

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Skill related minigames

  • Blast Furnace (Safe)

Simply, a group of players have to work together to keep Blast Furnace running which lets you smelt ores with only half of the coal normally required. This can be an amazing money maker which is very easy to learn but requires quite a lot of clicking and few items to be efficient.


  • Pyramid Plunder (Risky)

Yet another skill minigame revolves around Thieving. Just as the title says this time we head inside the pyramid where we are to plunder various treasures.  There is more inside said Pyramids than traps. Monsters living inside will to everything to keep you away from their treasures.


  • Brimhaven Agility Arena (Risky)

This might be surprising to see Agility Arena at this list but it is a minigame. In Brimhaven you can enter this course where for completing obstacles you can gain special tickets. Although this place is available from level 1 you need much higher Agility to be efficient with obstacles and don't die from them. Said tickets can be used to buy additional experience, Graceful set recolour and various herbs. It is worth noting that Brimhaven Agility Course can be one of the best ways to train Agility but does require Graceful Outfit, high Agility level and it is extremely click intensive.


  • Fishing Trawler (Safe)

Just as the name says it is a Fishing related activity. Players work together to prevent boat from sinking while trying to catch as many fish as possible. As a reward they will receive whatever they catch.


  • Gnome Ball (Risky)

A minigame which resembles football by a small margin where one or many players take on a team effort to score a goal against the team of gnomes. As the gnomes tend to play dirty, its worth to bring some food to the game. During a minigame you can receive some Ranged and Agility experience.


  • Gnome Restaurant (Safe)

In this one you simply have to bring desired food to NPC within a time limit. You will gain unique food rewards for your effort.


  • Impeteous Impulses (Safe)

Revolves around catching Implings in a jar. As a reward you receive Hunter exp and some junk items.


  • Mage Training Arena (Safe)

A mini game containing four other smaller games that revolve around Magic skill and the usage of spells. By winning in Mage Training Arena you can receive “Pizzaz Points” exchangeable for various rewards which include Bones to Peaches spell, runes and set of Infinity Robes.


  • Rogues Den (Safe)

Inside Thieves guild, players can face off against a course which will put their Agility and Thieving skills to the test. Those who succeed completing a maze will be rewarded with great amounts of experience in said skills as well as Rogue Armour pieces.


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    Ranging Guild (Safe)

In the encampment north of Seer's Village, you can find a guild dedicated for Ranged users. Inside this place you can find two minigames which revolve around using Ranged skill. You will either face off against Tower Archers or Shooting Range. In the second discipline you can earn Archery Tickets which are exchangeable for skill related rewards.


  • Sorceress's Garden (Safe)

Yet another Thieving related minigame is about stealing Sq'irk fruits and various herbs from garden guarded by elementals. This one is all about sneaking and therefore rewards players with Thieving experience.


  • Shades of Mort'ton (Risky)

A multi-skill minigame which is about building a temple and defending it from monstrosities. During this challenge you can gain experience in Crafting, Firemaking, Combat and Prayer skills. Additionally there are chests available for unlocking that can hold items up to a Rune tier.


  • Tai-Bwo Wannai Cleanup (Risky)

On the exotic Karamja continent there is Tai-Bwo Wannai village that needs some cleaning. By helping villagers in this tedious task players can receive Trading Sticks which are used as a trading currency inside the village. Keep in mind that sometimes you will be attacked by poisonous monsters and other enemies residing around this place.


  • The Gauntlet (Risky)

Player enters a dungeon without any items and tools and has to survive against level 674 Crystalline Hunllef boss, using items that he finds on his way. By completing a maze most brave of the adventurers might be rewarded with inactive version of Blade of Saeldor - the strongest one handed melee weapon in the game.


  • Tithe Farm (Safe)

Just as the title states you will be Farming in this one. It is located in Hosidius house where you can plant special seeds and tend them until the time of harvest. As it is one of the best ways to train Farming you might meet there many people.


  • Trouble Brewing (Safe)

Two teams challenge against each other to produce bottles of Rum. Players can receive experience in various skills by completing activities needed for the Rum production. In addition to that there is NPC selling cosmetic items for points earned during the game.


  • Volcanic Mine (Risky)

Underneath a Fossil Island you can find a Volcano which holds many valuable ores. Players who posses over 50 Mining level and meet other requirements can challenge themselves to mine said ores within a time limits. It is a great moneymaker and an amazing way to level up Mining skill.


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Other minigames

  • Treasure Trails (Risky)

Have you ever received Clue Scroll as a drop from monster or activity? If you did, then you should be familiar with how to begin Treasure Trails. Enemies in the lands of Gielinor have a small chance to drop said Clue Scrolls which lead to some location that might contain a treasure. To complicate things a little those pieces of paper have complicated puzzles which might be in form of a map, drawing, rhyme or something else. As the name says, this is only a Clue of where your prize can be. After solving it, you might find another one and in about 5 solves you will receive treasure.


  • Burthorpe Games Room (Safe)

Simply, just a board games room where players can play various Jagex variations of the well known titles like Connect Four or Draughts.


  • Rat Pits (Safe)

Players can train their regular cats to become Wily Cats who specialize in fighting against Mice in the special arenas.


  • Rogue Trader (Safe)

By bargaining with Ali Morrisane who is greedy and cunning Pollnivnian merchant looking for new business opportunities you can make a little profit in form of runes, clothes and blackjacks.


  • Tears of Guthix (Safe)

Collecting tears of the ancient God called Guthix can improve your lowest skill level. This activity can be only completed once a week.

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Minigames for F2P players

  • Duel Arena (Safe)

Just as the name states Duel Arena lets players to fight against each other. This place also has available special rules which can be set to spice things up (like staking gold coins). It is available for both members and free-to-play adventurers.


  • Clan Wars (Safe)

Allows players from two opposing Friend Chats to fight against each other. There are no rewards for this activity... maybe besides glory.


  • Last Man Standing (Either Safe or Dangerous depending on the mode)

In the Castle Wars area players can speak to NPC Lisa which can sign them up for LMS. This activity is basically a battleground minigame implemented in RuneScape. Rules are pretty much the same as in other battleground games - players are teleported to the island where they look for a gear and fight to eliminate each other. Game ends when only one surviving player is on the island. There is a reward of 1.5mil for the first place and 500k coins for second in competitive mode.


  • Castle Wars (Safe)

Similarly to Clan Wars it is a team competition. Castle Wars is simply a Capture The Flag mode implemented as a minigame for RuneScape. Two teams aim to reach enemy base and take away a flag protected by other players. As a reward winning team gets tickets used to purchase various cosmetics.


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If you want to check out other RuneScape guides for both retail version and OldSchool make sure to head to out blog and forums page - there you can find many interesting articles and other content which can help you on your adventures across Gielinor.

As we value the opinion of our community make sure to leave a comment below and tell us what do you like and what you think needs an improvement on our website. For those of you who seek help - you can contact us on a 24/7 live chat.

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