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OSRS agility guide
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OSRS Agility Guide - What is Agility in RuneScape?

Agility skill in OSRS is members only ability which cannot be trained by f2p (free to play) players. It is responsible for the amount of time taken to recharge run energy. Higher Agility levels will also unlock various shortcuts in lands of Gielinor. As running is extremely useful, recharging drained energy will be very important through the game. It is one of the most underrated and hated skills in the game which should be trained as early as possible. The biggest reason people don’t like Agility is dull training. To level up in this skill you need to do special courses which are very click-intensive and require maximum focus from player to be done efficiently. Those courses award experience every time a user crosses obstacle. There is also a small chance to fail obstacle when trying to overcome it which also makes things slower. Additionally, to all of that there are no quick and efficient ways of reaching 99 Agility faster than others (unlike, for example, smithing where you can spend gold and get more exp from faster methods). Every player needs to go through the same hard process while training Agility - but the reward and sense of achievement after completing it is truly great. Find out fastest ways to achieve level 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 99 or the true max with our OSRS Agility guide.

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Graceful Outfit

Most of your Agility training will take place on the roofs of various houses. Those areas are called Rooftop Agility Courses. During runs, you will sometimes notice yellow plates on the floor. Those are called Marks of Grace. While getting through the Rooftop Courses you will find them once every few minutes. They should be picked up every time you see one since 260 Marks of Grace is required to buy Graceful Outfit which is one of the most important sets in RuneScape. This equipment is not valuable for its defensive or offensive purpose, but because it reduces weight. The set consists of 6 pieces : hood, gloves, cape, armor, legs and boots. While wearing full Grace players have -25kg reduction in weight and extra 30% bonus to run energy recovery. This makes it great to use while skilling pretty much everything outside of combat and works wonders in combination with super energy potions and stamina potions.


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Spending Marks of Grace

After acquiring every piece of Graceful equipment which is the main reason to collect Marks of Grace, those yellow tokens can be spent on Amylase Crystals packs which later can be sold on Auction House for the price of around 8k coins each. This makes Agility a decent skill to earn money while training. You can also spend marks of grace on recoloring your outfit pieces at the Great City of Kourend but it will require reaching 100% favor at one of the houses. There are seven different color variations available: purple, two shades of blue, white, green, yellow and red. There is also additionally regular one to those who want to go back to the old color. The NPC which can color your armor pieces is called Osten and he is located in Shayzien house of Great Kourend.


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Questing for Agility experience

If you want to start doing Agility your best bet would be starting through quests. Those award way better experience per time spent ratio than regular training methods. Completing Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap and The Grand Tree quests will get Agility beginner from level 1 to 32 in a very short amount of time.


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OSRS Agility Guide - Route to 99

Levels 1-10

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

This course is located at Tree Gnome Stronghold and is very straightforward and low effort. Make sure to go through every obstacle in order which will reward you in a better experience. Getting to level 5 should take 10 minutes and 10 levels should take roghly 30 minutes. This course requires completion of little task as to enter Tree Gnome Stronghold. You need to help NPC near gate which will take only few seconds. This is the best Agility arena for low level.


Levels 10-30

Draynor Village Agility Course

When you gain level 10 you can head to Draynor Village. Although it is a first course where you can risk harming yourself by failing obstacle, food won’t be necessary as you can recharge your hit points faster than hurting yourself. To start just go to Draynor Village and find Agility icon on the minimap - get there by making a jump onto the rooftop. Alternatively, there is Al Kharid course at level 20+ which allow to get slightly increased xp,  but as it is not worth travelling so far we recommend to continue training in Draynor until level 30.


Levels 30-40

Varrock Agility Course

During Varrock Agility Course training you won’t need food either. Bring with you some stamina potions if you want to always run while doing this course because you will be running out of energy from time to time. Similarly to the method before you need to find an Agility icon on the minimap and start by clicking on the wall when you get there.


Levels 40+

Canifis Agility Course

As you hit level 40 you gain ability to start Canifis Agility Course. This one is quite special as it is the smallest Agility Course that takes a couple of seconds to complete. Most of the players stay in this area until they have full Graceful Outfit since it is best location to farm it. Although it is a great course to run though you might want to move to the next one if you care more about the experience than Marks of Grace.


Levels 47+

Wilderness Agility Course

This is the best area to train your Agility skill below level 60 if you are aiming to get maximum experience per hour. There is one downside - you won’t receive any Marks of Grace since it isn’t Rooftop course. As it is located in the Wilderness it is important to not bring anything valuable (including Grace Outfit pieces) - only food, stamina potions and Summer Pies - you might be killed by pkers who are waiting for perfect chance to earn some easy money on you. Summer pie is required to boost Agility level from 47 to 52 since this is the level which allows using this course.


Levels 50-60

Falador Agility Course

In the city of Falador player gets an alternate method to both Canifis and Wilderness. On the first of those areas should train those who want to acquire Marks of Grace in the shortest time span. On second those who want to level as fast as possible. In Falador Agility Course should stay those who want a balance between marks and experience.


Levels 55+

Werewolf Agility Course

Similarly to Wilderness course, we need Summer Pies to boost agility to 60 which is required to enter this one. This course offers the best experience past level 60 at the cost of Marks of Grace since those won’t spawn there.

Levels 60+

Seers Village Agility Course

If you have completed hard tasks in Kandarin Diary you should choose this course as it is a great method for your Agility training past 60. Completion of this mission lets players setting Camelot Teleports to portal them near the bank. This greatly shortens the route and will save you hours of time making it really worth doing.


Levels 70-80

Pollnivneach Rooftop Agility Course

This one is not much better overal than Seer’s Village (especially if you want that additional Magic exp) but it is best exp per lap course in the game.  If you are doing stops every lap or you are just bored of Seer’s Village this one might be just for you.


Levels 80+

Brimhaven Agility Arena

While having Karamja Gloves 4 players receive 10% additional experience from this Agility course. This makes Brimhaven Agility Arena best training method past level 80. After level 99 it is not possible to fail obstacles on this Arena which makes training even more profitable. While doing this course you will be getting special tickets that can be later exchanged for additional Agility experience. To maximize the amount of exp that you gonna get, you want to turn in those tickets in quantity of 1000. You also want to do it on the highest Agility level possible since exp ratio will scale as you level up. It is optimal to turn in tickets after level 90 to maximize possible exp incomes.


Levels 90+

Ardougne Agility Course

Although Brimhaven is the best area to train Agility past 80 level there is an additional option to those who want Marks of Grace. Elite tasks in Ardougne diary reward players with 25% bonus to Mark of Grace drops in Ardougne course. If you want to farm them for gold or just do something else than Brimhaven - this is one of the options.


Other Agility Courses

Levels 80+

Rellekka Agility Course

If you are above 80 Agility and you don’t have/don’t want to get Karamja gloves 4 you can go to the Rellekka and start training there. This course can’t compete with Brimhaven Arena but is still decent in terms of xp rates.


Levels 85-90

Dorgeshuun Agility Course

Although this one won’t give you much better exp rate than Rellekka course - these levels of training Agility are really boring so every kind of variety comes in handy. Great course to do if you are bored of both Rellekka and Brimhaven and you aren’t past 90 yet.


Additional way of training Agility

If you have above 58 in Fishing skill and above 15 in Agility there is one more way to train which is Barbarian Fishing. Catching leaping fishes like Trouts, Salmons and Sturgeons reward players with experience in both Fishing and Agility which can be a great alternative to the regular methods. If you are aiming to level up with this activity to 99 Fishing you will also get 74 Agility in the process. Keep in mind that 15 Agility unlocks only Leaping Trouts. For Salmons you need 30 and 45 for Sturgeons.


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To start Barbarian Fishing head to Otto’s Grotto with 15 Agility, 15 Strength and 58 Fishing levels. Talk to Otto and after short conversation search under his bed where you can find Heavy Fishing Rod. Make sure to have enough feathers or bait in your inventory and you can start Fishing. While catching Leaping Trouts, Salmons and Sturgeons you will get a portion of experience in Strength and Agility in addition to regular Fishing exp. It is advised to start this training method as soon as possible since it is great for lower Agility levels and not as good for those near 99. Additionally if fishing is your second skill to max after Agility you would waste a lot of experience in Agility for nothing. Since Agility training is usually dull doing Barbarian Fishing is a great activity to consider.


Training two skills at once

Between obstacles there is a small window when players can do various things like High Alchemy or Fletching. This makes Agility training way more click intensive but can give additional profit in both gold and experience. It is a great way of training but can lower Agility experience rates if done wrong.


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In the end we think that Agility is a great skill to have. Higher levels of Agility with Graceful set equipped can make us never run out of energy. This will not only be extremely useful to run around towns but to train skills too. As running is what we all do everytime we can in RuneScape, Agility skill is definitely worth being trained.


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