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OSRS Slayer guide
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About Slayer

Slayer is a combat based skill which is not a part of your combat level. During Slayer training we are assigned tasks by various masters who wants us to kill monsters. Sometimes there are special requirements that come with a Slayer task, for example, Gargoyles need to be smashed with a hammer in order to kill them. Skill is generally very useful as monsters assigned by Slayer masters are usually more enjoyable to kill and leave better loot after death. These creatures cannot be dealt damage without a certain Slayer level so wouldn’t normally be killable. This is why Slayer is one of the most profitable skills in the game. Let's get into OSRS Slayer guide.

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While training Slayer you will earn combat experience. It is a decent method to train more than one skill at same time because while on tasks you will be using skills like Prayer, various combat styles like attack or hit points and possibly others. You will also be able to make some extra gold as Slayer is great choice in terms of money making. During harder tasks we recommend to flick protect prayers. By doing this you will be able to dodge damage, consume less food while not wasting too much prayer potions. You can simply do that by turning prayer on when monster is about to attack you and off when its not. It might seem difficut at first but it is pretty effective and will  allow you to save a lot of money on the long run. It is also worth to remember if you want to achieve 99 Slayer that strength, range, prayer potions and other consumables can boost you Slayer xp rate and help you level Slayer skill much faster so for sure bring some of those.


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Slayer quests

Slayer masters

Slayer equipment

Slayer unlocks order

Monster variations

Slayer locations

Construction skill

Slayer bosses


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Slayer Quests

Before you begin your Slayer training you should visit the Varrock Museum where on level -1 you can find NPC Orlando Smith. He can give you Natural History Quiz which can be completed within 5 minutes on Varrock Museum area. By answering a couple of simple questions you can get from level 1 to level 9 faster than by simply doing Slayer assignments. Additionally, if you want to boost your Slayer levels later on, there are few more quests that will award you with Slayer experience like Recipe for Disaster, Animal Magnetism, The General’s Shadow, Royal Trouble, Wanted!, The Lair of Tarn Razorlor and Monkey Madness II.

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Slayer Masters

In order to get a Slayer task, you need to speak with Slayer master which will assign it to you. Depending on your level you should always visit the best one you currently can. Some of the tasks that you will be assigned will require special items for you to complete. For example, players who want to fight Banshees will be required to wear Earmuffs while fighting them. Those items can be bought straight from the Slayer masters. You will receive experience for every Slayer monster killed on your task depending on how many hitpoints it had. This easy system works as your way of leveling.

Turael Burthorpe No Requirements
Krystilla Edgeville 1 Task completed
Mazchna Canifis 20 Combat + Priest in Peril
Vannaka Edgeville Dungeon Combat level 40
Chaeldar Zanaris Combat level 70+ Lost City
Nieve Tree Gnome Stronghold 85 Combat
Duradel Shilo Village Combat level 100, 50 Slayer + Shilo Village quest

It is worth noting that Kristilia is a special Slayer Master which assigns much harder tasks for slaying than Turael. She will only give orders to kill monsters in Wilderness which will be dangerous not only because you might meet there Player Killers but also because she assigns tasks without basing them on your Combat Level.

There are many Slayer monsters that you will meet on your tasks Steel Dragons, Mutated Zygomite, Cave Horror, Fire Giants, Skeletal Wyvern, Greater Demons, Iron Dragons, Abyssal Demon, Dark Beast, Kurasks, Elves, Basilisk, Mogre, Bloodvelds, Turoths, Kalphites, Hellhounds and more.

Each Slayer masters has his own pool of tasks that he can choose from. Better masters equals better tasks. If you want to unlock new monsters to hunt you can complete various quests to do so. Additionally, they can be unlocked via Slayer points which usually is not really worth it.

Barbarian Training Waterfiends and Mithril Dragons
Bone Voyage Wyverns at Fossil Island
Cabin Fever Cave and Jungle horror
Death Plateau Spiritual creatures
Death to the Dorgeshuun Molanisks
Desert Treasure Dust devils
Dragon Slayer II Adamant and Rune dragons
Ernest the Chicken Killerwatts
Horror from the Deep Dagannoths
Lunar Diplomacy Suqahs
Monkey Madness II Demonic gorillas
Mourning's End Part II Dark beasts
Olaf's Quest Brine rats
Priest in Peril Slayer tower and all monsters in Morytania
Rum Deal Fever Spiders


There are numerous quests which might be useful for your Slayer training. From list above the best ones to unlock new monsters are: Horror From the Deep, Lunar Diplomacy, Desert Treasure, Priest in Peril, Cabin Fever, Mourning’s End Part 2, Monkey Madness 2 and Bone Voyage. Additionally, there are Fairytale part 2 and Tree Gnome Village quests that should be completed to gain access to Fairy rings and Spirit Trees which will speed up your travel times.


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Dwarf multicannon

Although Slayer skill is best to be trained with melee combat style there is one Ranged related item that can be extremely useful during tasks. Dwarf Multicannon used on Slayer tasks greatly speeds up process of completing it. By using a cannon you kill monsters much faster and therefore gain experience in better ratio. It might be very expensive thing to use but is definitely worth it. If you want to get your cannon you will need to complete Dwarf Cannon Quest beforehand and buy some cannonballs to fill it.


Task blocking

If the task you are assigned seems too hard, you don’t want to do or its just a waste of your time in your opinion you can block it to never receive it again. To block your 1st task you need 50 Quest points and 100 Slayer points and every additional block will multiply this number so you need 100 Quest points for 2 blocks, 150 for 3, 200 for 4 and so on. There are only 5 available block slots but you can get 6th by completing Lumbridge and Draynor diaries.


Task extending

The most profitable in terms of experience and money tasks can be extended for Slayer points. If you really liked your assignment and want to do it more often visit Slayer master and extend your task.


Superior monsters

After paying 150 Slayer points players can unlock Bigger and Badder perk. This gives a small chance to meet Superior monsters while on Slayer task. These creatures have more hp, deal more damage but give way more Slayer experience upon killing. Additionally, they have a low chance to drop very valuable items which are worth millions.


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Slayer perks

Points which players can through completing tasks can be spent on various perks such as Bigger and Badder mentioned before. The only combat perk that should be bought is Gargoyle Smasher since it makes smashing Gargoyles automatic. This activity done mechanically takes quite a lot of time and since Gargoyles are a common task this perk is extremely useful.


Slayer equipment

Expeditious Bracelets

Gives you 25% chance that your Slayer kill will count as two. This can greatly shorten Slayer tasks and should be used on ones that you don’t like doing or are just not suited for you. This bonus does not influence the experience that you gain by killing a monster so you won’t get double experience when it occurs.


Bracelets of Slaughter

Unlike Expeditious counterpart, these bracelets give you 25% chance that the creature you have killed won’t count towards slayer task. Thanks to this item you can make tasks that you like last longer. Even though your kill might not count towards total number of slain creatures you will still receive Slayer experience for killing it.


Black Mask

This is a head slot item that can be bought of Grand Exchange or dropped from Cave Horrors after completing Cabin Fever quest. It provides a very useful bonus of +16,67% to both Melee Accuracy and Melee Strength while you are on your Slayer assignments. This item is the main reason why Slayer is a good method to level combat skills. By equipping this mask you are able to kill monsters faster and receive more experience in your Slayer and combat skills. Additionally, you can imbue your Black Masks through Nightmare Zone mini quest to give it even more bonuses +15% to Magic Accuracy and Strength and +15% to Ranged Accuracy and Strength.


Slayer helmet

The most iconic Slayer piece of equipment can be created at level 54 Crafting. It combines the effect of Black Mask with various Slayer items such as Earmuffs or Nosepeg. You need to learn from your Slayer master recipe how to make these if you want to get one. This costs 400 Slayer points and is the most important thing to unlock.


Slayer ring

These can be unlocked by your Slayer master similarly to last mentioned item. They are extremely useful because of teleports that they provide. Many of these portals let you get in no time to most popular Slayer task locations.


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Slayer unlocks order

Below is the recommended list in what order you should unlock various items and pers from Slayer masters. Those will require Slayer points which you get for completing tasks.


Slayer Helmet

Slayer Rings

Bigger and badder perk

Blocking worst tasks

Extending tasks that you like

Herb sack and other items


The most important is always a Slayer helm which gives you Black Mask bonuses as well as Slayer related item bonuses. Second is always a Slayer Ring which makes traveling to tasks much easier. Bigger and Badder perk speeds up the leveling process and gives you a chance to receive very valuable drops. After these three you can switch order a little bit although it is recommended to block tasks that you don’t like to do first. If you are in need of special item acquired from Slayer like Herb Sack you can go for this before blocking tasks as blocks usually take hundreds of points. This is just a recommended order to maximize your Slayer experience - you can always switch it to your liking.


Monster variations

When you are on specific Slayer tasks you might kill other monsters that will still count towards your assignment. This effect applies only to a few exceptions which are :

Trolls can be replaced by Ice Trolls

Black Demons = Demonic Gorillas

Black Dragons = King Black Dragon or Brutal Black Dragon

Blue Dragons = Vorkath

Dagganoths = Dag Kings

Great Demons = K’ril

Zygomites = Ancient Zygomites

Lizards = Sulphur Lizards


Slayer locations

There are many different places where you can hunt for monsters that your Slayer master have assigned to you. Apart from regular locations scattered around the Gielinor there are also special Slayer related dungeons where you can find many task monsters at once. Those places are often located close to the Slayer masters and teleport destinations.


Slayer Tower - This is a very good place to level up on a low level of Slayer as most of these monsters are assigned by Mazchna NPC in Canifis. Some of the enemies in this tower also don’t require any slayer tasks and can be killed right away for Slayer experience. It is worth noting that in this zone players will not be able to use Dwarf Multicannon.


Fremennik Slayer Dungeon - Has some monsters which cannot be found anywhere else. As moving through this dungeon might be little bit annoying high Agility level is recommended for various shortcuts.


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Stronghold Slayer Cave - There are numerous medium and high-level monsters assigned by masters on 70+ Combat level. It is very close to the bank.


Catacombs of Kourend - Has some of the best and most profitable tasks. It is also a multi-combat zone where you can use AoE spells to farm very quickly tasks like Dust Devils or Nechryaels. Monsters in this cave are higher level than in Stronghold Cave. Cannon can’t be used while inside.


Chasm of Fire - Contains many Demon types which can be cannoned for quick task completion.


Kalphite Cave - A great place to farm Kalphite tasks.


Construction skill

One of the best ways to improve your Slayer experience rates is to invest in Construction skill. By getting to high Construction levels you will gain access to many helpful constructions that you can use to your advantage during Slayer assignments.


At level 50 you unlock the ability to build Portal Chambers which can be used to instantly travel to certain locations. This greatly reduces cost in runes and speeds up the traveling process.


From 90 Construction you can make Ornate Rejuvenation Pool which is used to regenerate player stats. As there are few monsters that drain skill levels this is a very handy thing to have.


At 95 you can get Spirit Tree inside the Fairy Ring which combines teleports from both of them. This is amazing for very quick access to both. You will be able to travel around Gielinor faster than ever thanks to that.


In addition to that setting up your POH in a certain location will give you instant teleport to this place with house teleport tablets. For example, setting your POH spot to Brimhaven will give you fast travel to Brimhaven Dungeon.


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Slayer bosses

By unlocking higher tier Slayer masters you will gain access to Boss tasks. During boss tasks, you don’t need to fill any given kill counts but to defeat one big boss creature. These tasks are very often profitable and desired by players who want to make money on Slayer.



This terror of the sea boss can be fought only on Slayer tasks. It is a very common target for the money makers since it drops valuable items like Trident of the Sea and Kraken Tentacle. Those who feel very lucky can also try to get a cute pet that has a chance to drop from this guy. The beast is located in Kraken Cove and it can be assigned as a task by Chaeldar, Nieve, Steve, and Duradel. If you want to challenge this boss to keep in mind that you will need 50 Magic to start the fight.



The bloodthirsty dog can be found in Cerberus Lair. It is a boss version of a monster called Hellhound and can only be fought on Slayer assignments. He drops some valuable items such as Primordia, Pegasian and Eternal crystals and Smouldering Stone. Similarly to Kraken he has a small chance to drop a pet. This is another great target to make a good amount of money while on a Slayer assignment.


Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

is a boss version of a Smoke Devil which can be fought in Smoke Devil Dungeon. Although he doesn’t drop too many valuable items it is the only monster in the game to drop Smoke Battlestaff which is quite an expensive item.


Abyssal Sire

is a boss counterpart to Abyssal Demons it requires level 85 Slayer to kill and is located in Abyssal Nexus. Similarly to other bosses, it has a great drop table and a chance to leave a pet upon killing.


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