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OSRS Prayer guide
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OSRS Prayer Guide - All About Prayer

Welcome in our OSRS Prayer Guide. Prayer is a skill in RuneScape which gives players access to various auras that can be used for combat purposes. You can activate few prayers at once but as every single one of them drains your prayer points you will quickly run out of them by using numerous prayers at the same time. As this is combat skill rising your prayer level might result in raising your combat level as well. Prayer is usually used while fighting bosses and other players since recharging prayer points requires drinking expensive potions or praying at altars. At higher Prayer levels you can unlock powerful buffs like Protect from Magic / Melee / Ranged that can grant you protection from attacks.

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As Prayer skill is different than others it can’t be trained by gathering or creating various things. To level up Prayer players need to bury bones of dead creatures, sacrifice them at special Altar or Ectofuntus or to level up by killing reanimated monsters which can be summoned by Arceuus spellbook.


Prayer is probably the most important skill to level up when it comes to combat. Make sure that you have enough OSRS Gold to get it to 99.

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Useful items


This is a reward from hard Morytania diary which will simply bury bones for you upon killing creatures. It gives 50% of the experience which would player get for burying a bone but can be upgraded by finishing elite Morytania tasks to give 100%. Bonecrusher uses charges which can be refilled with Ectotokens at the rate of 1 token per 5 charges. One charge is consumed on every bone burial. This is a useful thing to have while leveling your combat as it can boost your prayer level nicely.


Soul Bearer

To get Soul Bearer player need to complete Bear your Soul miniquest which is quite simple. With this item in your inventory, you can send your ensouled heads from inventory to the bank at the cost of one charge. To refill charges you need to sacrifice one soul and one blood rune per charge to the Bearer.


Which bones and enslaved heads to choose

Prayer is a very costly skill to train and because of that, it is very important to check bone/head prices before buying large quantities of them. Getting bones by yourself is usually not efficient and should be avoided. It is almost always better to make money using a profitable method and buying bones from other players. There are many bone types used for Prayer training like Dagannoth Bones, Superior Dragon Bones, Ourg Bones and others.


In both bones and souls - the better item that you use - the more expensive it gets and also more experience it gives. Some of the items will have better experience per gold spent ratio than others and some will award huge chunks of experience at a very fast time but will also cost a lot. It is very important to consider how much you can afford to spend and what level of prayer you want to achieve. There are many calculators on the web where you can find out what bones will be most efficient for you. Calculate on them amount of bones needed. If you don’t have time or just don’t want to look it up - usually Dragon bones and Wyvern bones provide most efficient gold to exp ratio therefore they are a good deal. When it comes to ensouled heads Kalphite heads are currently very good choice since it would take around 50mil to take you from level 1 to 99. If you have 93 Magic you may consider using Dragon heads since experience rates are extremely good and it cost around 90mil to get to 99 (which for prayer is actually quite cheap). Other options like Ensouled Bloodveld Head aren't as worth it.


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Ways to level up a prayer

Before moving on with this OSRS prayer guide it is worth noting that prayer is an extremely expensive skill to train. Reaching high prayer levels require a lot of gold to be invested but at the same time it is one of the easiest skills to train if you are wealthy. To conserve money and level up as far as you can try to always use the most efficient methods.


Burying bones

This is always a big mistake of new players and those who don’t know other methods to level up prayer. We do not recommend to do this. Burying bones is always a bad idea - even when you are level 1 f2p player it would be still more profitable to bank regular bones or big bones (which are best free to play bones) and use them on any altar than to bury them. Read guide further to see methods that are worth of your time and remember - never bury bones by yourself.


Sacrificing bones at Gilded Altar

Straight from the worst possible Prayer leveling method we are coming to possibly fastest one. Most of the players who want to level up their prayer use Gilded Altars located in Player Owned Houses (POH) to do so. Don’t worry - you don’t need 75 Construction to start using one although if you have you can get one in your own house. This method is extremely good because trips between getting bones and sacrificing them are very quick and don’t require almost anything. Additionally, you get three and a half times normal experience which would you get while burying your bones. If you want to start using Gilded Altars just follow these steps :


  • Bring all of the bones you want to sacrifice as a noted items

  • Get some gold and free rest of the inventory slots (leave only bones and gold)

  • Travel to the Rimmington (easy way of getting there requires Amulet of Glory to tp to Draynor Village)

  • Change World to 330 which is official server location for Player Housing.

  • Go nearby to NPC Phials in general store - He will unnote bones for you at a price of 5 each

  • Go near House portal - people will be there announcing various Player Owned Houses

  • Select one of the names told by people and click on the portal

  • Use go to friends house option and type selected name

  • Find Gilded Altar and sacrifice your bones on it. Make sure that both burners are burning lit

  • When you are finished go back to the portal, un note items and repeat the process. If you ever run out of energy you can find most of the times rejuvenation pools in POH where you can restore your points


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This method gives the best possible experience per bone while leveling your Prayer skill. You need to complete Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril and Ghost Ahoy quests to start using it. Ectofuntus is a temple in north Port Phasmatys that can be worshipped by sacrificing bones. While you do that you get 4 times normal experience which would you get for burying your bones. It is extremely cost effective thing to do if you want to save as much money as you can while leveling your prayer but is not always best since it is time-consuming. As it gives only little bit more exp than Gilded Altar and takes that long to do, it should only be done with most expensive bones. Here is what you need to do to worship Ectofuntus.


  • You will need a lot of buckets, Ectophial, Ghost Speak amulet, 14 pots, bones

  • Take as many buckets from Port Phasmatys bank as you can

  • Go to the Ectofuntus bottom level (you can teleport using Ectophile) via trapdoor and all the way to the slime pool which is on the lowest floor

  • Fill up your buckets with slime

  • Return to the bank chest and do this trip as many times as you need (you want to have 1 bucket of slime for each bone you want to sacrifice).

  • Take 14 bones of your choice and 14 pots and teleport back to Ectofuntus via Ectophile

  • Go to the 1st level of the tower where you can find Bonegrinder

  • Use your bones on bonegrinder to get pots of bonemeal

  • Grind all of your bones and return to bank

  • When you are finished grinding all of the bones and collecting all of the slime buckets you can start earning experience

  • Take 14 Buckets of Slime and 14 Pots of Bonemeal and teleport to Ectofuntus

  • Worship Ectofuntus to receive prayer xp

  • For every worship, you will receive 5 Ectotokens given by disciple NPC


There is an additional method of getting slime which may be faster in the end. You can go to charting Crewmember at Port Phasmatys which sells 10 buckets of slime. Buy all of them and change the world to restock. Buy again until you have a full inventory and then run to the bank to store them. Additionally, instead of running to the bank in both slime collecting and bonegrinding you can use Ring of Duelling which will teleport you to Castle Wars where you can find chest close by. Teleporting between this place and Ectofuntus will speed up this process by quite a lot.


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Wilderness Altar

This is a very similar way of training prayer to a Gilded Altar. When training on Chaos Altar you will be receiving 3,5 times more experience than while burying the bones. It is the same bonus to a Gilded Altar one and experience rates in both cases are quite similar. There is one additional advantage and one additional disadvantage of training at Wilderness Altar. The profit of using this method comes with a special bonus. There is a 50% chance to save the bone upon the sacrifice which still gives experience while also giving your bone back. This makes sacrificing bones at Gilded Altar extremely cost-effective but it also comes with great risk. Altar lies on level 38 Wilderness where players can be easily killed by other players. Similarly to Gilded altar, there is NPC who can unnote bones for you for a little bit of gold. If you want to train using these method follow these steps :


  • Gear up and take as many noted bones as you want. Remember that its high Wilderness and you are very likely to become PK target so don’t get too many bones and too valuable equipment.

  • Go to the Chaos Temple located west of Lava Maze

  • Talk to NPC outside of the hut to unnote bones

  • Sacrifice bones at the Altar

  • Go back to NPC to unnote more

  • Repeat the process


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Ensouled heads

The last method on our list is quite new. The player who has over 60% favor in Arceuus House can train prayer using Arceuus magic on ensouled heads. If you want to train using this method you should be a high combat level. At least 60 in every stat is advised to start of but the better level you are - the faster you will gain Prayer exp. Additionally, you will need Slayer level corresponding to the monster you are about to kill.


When hunting around Gielinor players can find ensouled monster heads. Those can be brought to Dark Altar where they can be revived using Arceuus magic. Animated monsters can be slain for prayer experience. Overall this method is cheaper than sacrificing bones at Altars but slower at the same time. It does give a pretty decent experience so if you want to save money while training your prayer it is definitely one of the better methods besides Ectofuntus. It is also worth noting that ensouled heads can be stored in rune pouch resulting in additional inventory spaces. If you want to use this method follow these steps :


1.Gear up for combat as you will be fighting reanimated monsters. Buy or take from the bank ensouled heads, dramen or lunar staff, food and any potions that you may need as well as runes which you will use to reanimate souls.

2. If you have Rejuvenation Pool and Fairy Ring at your house take house teleport tablets and if not take Amulet of Glory.

3. Teleport to Dark Altar using Fairy Ring (code CIS) from Edgeville or any other place.

4. When you are near the Altar reanimate heads and kill monsters that you have spawned.

5. Use house tablet to heal if you have Rejuvenation Pool and if not use Amulet of glory to access the bank in Edgeville

6. Repeat the process

Additionally there are many quests worth completing for Prayer experience like Holy Grail quest, Priest in Peril, Ghosts Ahoy, Recruitment Drive, Spirits of the Elid and more. They are worth checking out as they provide nice amount of xp per hour making them good alternative.

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