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OSRS Ranged guide
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OSRS Ranged Guide - All About Ranged skill

Ranged in RuneScape is the ability which is responsible for your long-range shooting capabilities. By leveling your Ranged skill you can wear better armours, weapons, and ammunition which can be used to fight from the distance. Additionally, you increase your Ranged accuracy and Ranged strength. First, one of those improves the rate at which you hit your enemy and the second one increases a maximum hit that you can land. Let's get into OSRS Ranged Guide

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Table of contents

Combat styles


Helpful items

Leveling methods

Low levels

Mid levels

Levels 50+

Levels 61+


Mainstream leveling route

First levels

Levels 25-50

Levels 50-61

Levels 61+

Levels 90+

Alternative leveling methods


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Combat styles

There are currently three different combat styles that you can use with your Ranged skill :

Accurate - Gives you an invisible bonus of +3 to your Ranged skill. While using this style all of the experience that you receive goes to your Ranged ability. This is possibly the best one to quickly level up and improve your skill.

Rapid - Shoots one tick faster than the other 2 styles but does not provide any other bonuses. All of the experience while using it is allocated to the Ranged skill.

Long-range - Increases maximum distance from which you can shoot but fires at the same rate as Accurate style. While using Longrange all of the experience that you receive is divided between Ranged and Defence.


If you are at a certain Defence level because you have trained it with other combat stats your best bet would be to use Accurate style below level 10 and Rapid after that. This will make you hit more often when you are beginning and give faster exp rates when you are advanced. But if you are starting from a scratch and want to get better levels all around you should probably use Longrange to improve your Defence along with Ranged skill so you can wear better equipment.


The best way of training a Ranged skill is Chinning. Make sure that you have enough of the OSRS Gold as the prices of Red Chinchompa can be quite high.

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Increasing the DPS

By leveling up your Ranged skill you increase both your Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Strength. This makes you both miss less shots and increases your damage. The first stat can be increased by leveling up, wearing better equipment, using better weaponry, using potions etc. The second stat is based on the ammunition that you equip and can be additionally boosted by Necklace of Anguish and Avas Device. So if you want to improve your accuracy you need to wear better equipment and weapons and if you want to hit more get better ammunition (apart from leveling up of course).



When training Ranged skill you will be using thrown weapons, crossbows, bows, Salamanders, Chinchompas and other weaponry that allows killing your opponents from the distance. In this guide, I will split it into three categories depending on where you are at your experience currently.


Helpful items

Ava’s Device

The most important item in every archer equipment is his backpack companion called Ava’s Device. This item automatically picks up ammunition from the ground for you. If you are planning on leveling Ranged skill and using costly ammunition this is must have. Ava’s Devices have best bonuses to Ranged skill from all cape slot items, they save you both money and time by automatic pickups and they can additionally attract some random junk to your inventory. You can acquire this item by finishing Animal Magnetism quest which requires completion of Priest in Peril, Ernest the Chicken and Restless Ghost quests. You will also need level 18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 30 Ranged and 35 Woodcutting. There are three different devices that you can get


Avas Attractor - If you are below level 50 in your Ranged skill you will receive this one as a reward from the quest. This piece of equipment automatically picks up 60% of your ammunition. 20% of it breaks (which is standard for all ammunition types) and 20% of it is left on the floor. It provides also +2 bonus to your Ranged accuracy.


Avas Accumulator - After hitting level 50 if you already have Attractor you can go to Ava and upgrade it by giving her 75 steel arrows and 1000 gold. However, if you have completed this quest after hitting 50 Ranged you will get this one straight away without additional payments. This better version will increase pickup rate of your ammunition from 60% to 72%. The upgraded backpack has also +4 Magic Defence and +4 bonus to Ranged Accuracy rating.


Avas Assembler - Last but not least we have an upgrade which requires completion of Dragon Slayer 2 quest. By bringing Vorkaths head along with 75 Mithril Arrows you can upgrade your backpack once again. Although the best version have quite big requirements it is definitely worth to get. You will no longer drop any ammunition on the floor as this one picks up all. 20% of it will still break but it is always a nice improvement. This one is also best in slot item for the Ranged cape slot since it gives +2 Ranged Strength, +8 Ranged Accuracy and +1 to every Defence stat except Magic which is +8.


Ring of Wealth

If you aren’t rich enough to afford Archer’s ring orits imbued version which both are very expensive your best bet is to wear Ring of Wealth. Although it does not provide any bonuses to your Ranged skill it still comes in handy. By wearing this ring you get option of automatic gold pickups and increased chance of receiving rare drops. This will help you a bit to gather gold before getting your best in slot Archers Ring.

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Leveling methods

There are currently three different leveling methods to get Ranging experience aside from doing quests, using lamps or other activities that cannot be repeated forever.

Regular ranging

You can earn experience in Ranged skill by simply attacking monsters and dealing damage to them. The more you hit the more experience you will gain in your skill. This is the slowest method to level up but it is necessary for new players and those who cannot afford more expensive ways of reaching high levels.


This method revolves around using Dwarf Multicannon along with normal ranging. It is a very fast method to train at low levels since cannon can hit up to 35 without any Ranged level requirements. This gives extremely good experience rates and should be used by everyone who can afford it. You need to complete Dwarf Cannon quest in order to unlock it and pay around 1mil to get every part. Additionally, it requires cannonballs which are quite expensive.


This one is used mainly by high-level players due to enormous costs. Red chinchompas and Black chinchompas are ranged weapon/ammunition used to hit monsters in 3x3 aoe field. By hitting many monsters at the same time for high damage player can receive amazing experience rates. This method usually is used on Ape Atoll after finishing Monkey Madness 2 quest. It also requires high Ranged stats because it is not worth using when your hits are low.


Low levels 1-28 Darts and Knives

From level 1 all the way to level 28 you want to use Darts or Knives to train your Ranged level. Those may look kind of costly at first but you won’t need too many to level up. They have nice accuracy and hits and can be acquired from Grand Exchange. You should be always using Knives above Darts since they are better but if you can’t afford them Darts are ok alternative. At the beginning, you want to start with Iron weaponry and switch to Steel at level 5. From level 20 equip Mithril Knives and stick to those until level 28.


Medium levels 28-50 Dorgeshuun Crossbow

Level 28 unlocks an ability to wield Dorgeshuun Crossbow which is an amazing weapon for this time. It has a good hit, accuracy, and costs almost nothing. Additionally, bone bolts which can be shoot by this piece of equipment are extremely cheap (around 6 coins per bolt). But this is still not all - you can equip Godbook or Shield in your second hand as this is a one-handed crossbow. All of this makes it a perfect weapon to train all the way to level 50.


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Levels 31-50 alternatives - Regular Crossbows

Although Dorgeshuun Cbow is amazing for leveling at this stage you may still want something else. If you can afford to lose some money and want a different weapon you can use regular crossbows. At level 31 Steel Cbow/Bolts at 36 Mithril Cbow/Bolts and after 46 Adamant Cbow/Bolts. Although they have better bonuses than Dorgeshuun they cost much more. Price of Adamant Bolts on Grand Exchange right now is right now over 30 times bigger than the price of Bone Bolts which makes using those a big money waste.


Levels 50+ Magic Shortbow

This is another great weapon after your bone shooting companion. With Magic Shortbow you can use Rune arrows to shred your opponents. It has a special attack which allows you to hit twice with one shot. You can additionally imbue you Magic Shortbow with a special scroll that you can get for very cheap from Grand Exchange. This will greatly improve the accuracy of this weapon as well as lower the cost of special attack from 55% to 50%.


Levels 61+ Rune Crossbow

From level 61 you should start using Rune Crossbow which is able to shoot Bolts up to the Runite tier. It has better overall stats than Magic Shortbow but does not have a special attack. If you have level 55 Slayer you can use Broad Bolts which are a much cheaper alternative to the Runite ammunition. They give a slightly worse bonus to your attacks but they cost around four times less. If you can’t afford Rune Bolts or don’t meet Slayer requirements for Broad Bolts then stick to Magic Shortbow with Rune Arrows. This weapon should be used as your main one until level 75 since better ones are extremely costly to get and to use in general.


Levels 64+ Dragon Crossbow

At level 64 you can wield a better alternative to Rune Crossbow. This is a very costly weapon since its price varies around 4mil. Dragon Crossbow is the first one to shoot Dragon Bolts which are better than their Rune alternative but also cost much more. If you have money to spend this is the next weapon to get and if not just skip this part.


Levels 70+ Armadyl Crossbow

Similarly to Dragon Crossbow, this is a very small boost to your Ranged skill that will cost you a lot. If you have enough money then go for it and get one but if not you might want to skip this part. As mentioned before boost to your skill is minimal and the cost is huge.


Levels 75+ Toxic Blowpipe

This will be your late game weapon since it is much cheaper than alternatives and still does a great job. The blowpipe is a few times cheaper than Armadyl Crossbow but it requires Zulrah Scales to charge which will cost you extra. It can shoot up to a Dragon Darts and has an amazing special attack which increases damage dealt and heals the user. This should be used as your main weapon until you become extremely rich.


There are also two honorable mentions to special weapons :

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

Is a similar weapon to Dragon Crossbow in terms of stats but it has an amazing 30% bonus to damage while fighting Dragons. It is the greatest weapon to farm on these creatures and because of that costs over 100mil.


Twisted Bow

This is the best end game bossing weapon for Ranged in RuneScape. It requires level 75 to wield. It acts differently than other Ranged weapons which have a set strength in their attacks. Twisted Bow scales its damage and accuracy basing on Magic Level of your opponent. Because of that, it is best for fighting bosses but not so great at normal training. Because it special effect is so desired it costs over 1bil.



Armor/legs/gloves - For your chest piece you should start with Leather Armor. At level 20 Ranged/Defence you can switch it to Studded Leather and after level 30 you can wear Snakeskin Armor. After that from level 40 you can start wearing D’hides. For green which is weakest, you will need Dragon Slayer quest. If you don’t want to do it just wait until level 50 and wear Blue D’hide instead. After that every 10 levels switch to the next ones which are red and black. If you have spare money at 70 Ranged/Defence you can start wearing Armadyl which is the greatest Range gear in the game. Greatest is also the cost since you need to spend almost 100mil to get full set. When it comes to gloves you should always wear best Vambraces you can equip and if you have completed Recipe for Disaster quest you can also get Barrows gloves which are best in the slot.


Cape - Ava’s device is always your best call since it will greatly boost your Ranged stats and pick up some of your arrows, bolts and thrown weapons. You can unlock it with Animal Magnetism quest. Before 50 Ranged you will receive Ava’s Attractor which later can be upgraded at Ava NPC to Ava’s Accumulator. After completing Dragonslayer 2 quest you can also get Ava’s Assembler which is the best Ranged cape slot item in the game.


Helmet - At the beginning, you want to start with Cowl which you can replace at level 10 to Coif. At level 30 use Snakeskin Bandana. From 45 you can wear Archers Helm but it does require some quests before you can do that. Next stop is at level 70 with Karil Coif which is a degradable piece of equipment. You might also aim straight for the Armadyl Helmet which is more expensive but does not require repairing. Also, remember to always wear imbued Slayer Helmet if you are on Slayer task which will be better than any other helmet on this list.


Boots - From level 30 you can wear Snakeskin boots. At 70 switch them to God D’hide boots and if you have enough money get Pegasian boots for the best in slot footwear.


Necklace - Choice in this matter is very simple as there are only three options. Firstly you have Amulet of Glory which is good and cheap all around neck slot item. Secondly, there is Amulet of Fury which is much more expensive but a little bit better alternative. Lastly you can get Necklace of Anguish which is best in the slot but requires 75 levels in Hitpoints and also costs a lot.


Ring - For the ring slot there aren’t many viable options and you should get Archers ring if you can afford one.


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Void Knight equipment

An honorable mention goes to Void Knight equipment which can be acquired from Pest Control minigame. This is an extremely good set that can you can get without spending gold. You need only 42 in all combat stats except Prayer which requires level 22. The set provides very good defensive bonuses comparable to Red Dragonhide set as well as +10% accuracy and damage bonuses which later can be upgraded to +12,5%. It is amazing in PvE while fighting low defence enemies and in PvP because it can’t be dropped or destroyed under level 20 Wilderness.


Leveling route to 99

Levels 1+


Training your Ranged or any other combat skill along with Slayer is never a bad option. By doing this you receive experience in one additional skill than you would normally. Additionally, Slayer unlocks many new monsters, bosses, and locations for your leveling and money making. Speaking of which - Slayer is possible the best skill to make money in the long run since it unlocks most valuable monsters to farm in RuneScape. The best tasks to complete with Dwarf Multicannon help are Suqahs, Kalphites, Dagannoths and Black Demons. Additionally, after you hit 90 in Ranged skill you can start bossing which is an amazing method to make up a bank. By killing bosses you won’t be leveling Ranged as fast as with other methods but you will profit big time.


Levels 1-25 

Creatures around Lumbridge

At the beginning you really want to fight anything that comes your way. The great place to start off would be at Frogs south of Lumbridge castle, Goblins on the east or Cow farm a little bit to the north-east. If you are new to the game and need cash for your first Ranged gear you can pick up cow hides and bank them to sell at Grand Exchange for a little bit of profit.


Levels 25-50

Sand Crabs near Hosidius House

These can be accessed by travelling to Zeah. You can do so by talking to Veos in Port Sarim. After that just run south through the beach until you find Sand Crabs. Leveling on them is very easy because of their terrible defence stats and high health pool. Just remember to bring best possible armour for your level and inventory full of food because they might hit from time to time.


Levels 50-61

Ammonite Crabs at Fossil Island

After completing Bone Voyage quest you can move to Fossil Island to fight Ammonite Crabs. Those are better than their Sand cousins because they have additional 40hp. Thanks to that you can afk little bit longer while fighting them than on previous creatures. If you don’t have requirements for Bone Voyage or just don’t want to do it you can slay Sand, Rock or Moss Crabs for as long as you want to. They will give decent experience ratios at all levels.


Levels 61+

Cannoning Dagannoths

If you have completed Horror of the Deep quest you have also unlocked Dagannoth cave. You can place a cannon there and start killing Dagannoths with Rune Crossbow and Broad Bolts. Bring with you Prayer Potions, Ranging Potions, best equipment that you can wear and runes for Bones to Peaches spell. As those monsters are both ranged and melee you need to switch your prayers accordingly. They might hurt a little but you can always recover your health with fruits that you have made. This is a great but expensive method and if you cannot afford it just go back to killing crabs.


Levels 90+

Chinning Maniacal Monkeys

To access this area at Ape Atoll you need to partially or fully complete Monkey Madness 2 quest. By using Red or Black chins you will be able to hit many monkeys at same time. This gives amazing experience ratios and is possibly the best Ranged training method but it also costs a lot. Chins are very expensive so you might want to use Red ones over Blacks. You will need additionally Prayer potions to protect you from melee but cost of those won’t be high since monkeys also drop Prayer potions.


Other leveling methods

Levels 1-70

Cannoning at Ice Trolls

One of the best places to use Dwarf Multicannon if you want to save some money is at Fremennik Isles where you can farm on Ice Trolls. These are unlocked after finishing Fremennik Trials quest and are great way to train for those who cannot afford to constantly waste money on cannonballs. While gathering loot from your enemies you can make up gold that you have spent on the trip since they drop valuable alch items.


For your trip you will need runes to cast High Alchemy spell (or inventory space to pick up valuable drops if you can’t High Alch), runes to cast Telekinetic Grab spel, some food for safety and Ranged equipment. Set up your cannon south of Coal rocks and west of Mining skill icon on the map. By doing so you will be able to safespot while attacking Trolls. If you have level 80 in Prayer skill you can also use combination of Dragonbone Necklace with Bonecrusher to maintain enough prayer points to sustain using protection prayers.

Ice Trolls should be killed at Slayer tasks since they can be nice way to level up Slayer skill along with Ranged. This will additionally increase drop rates of valuable items.


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Levels 90+


After getting to level 90 you have good enough stats to fight most of the bosses. This can be treated as a way to level up since you will be gaining experience while fighting them. It will never be as good as other farms stated before in this guide because bosses usually have higher defensive stats than normal monsters but you should be able to get decent experience anyways. The biggest advantage of leveling on boss runs is its money making aspect. You will get tons of gold and loot from your kills so it is an amazing way of training. Below are few examples of bosses that you can challenge with your Ranging skill.



After getting to around 70 in your Ranged skill you should be able to solo Jad at TzHaar Fight Cave. This is a minigame where you basically have to fight against waves of monsters. In the end you will face Jad which can be killed to unlock a Fire Cape. It is recommended to watch guides before starting this challenge since it takes a very long time (around one hour) and you will lose all of the progress upon dying.



Another great boss to kill with Ranged is King Black Dragon. If you are in group with other players this fight should be easy doable after hitting level 61. Just remember to bring best possible ammunition to deal maximum amount of damage possible.



At 85+ range you can go to the God Wars Dungeon to fight Armadyl boss. This one drops valuable Armadyl set pieces along with other items. Boss doesn’t have any hard mechanics and is very straightforward to fight.

Other great bosses to challenge are Zulrah, Vorkath which can be fought around 90 Ranged.


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