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OSRS Magic guide
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OldSchool RuneScape being one of the oldest MMO games out there is still among the most popular titles in the community. Thanks to the simplicity and pure, enjoyable play style it earned huge credit among players, despite ugly graphics and seemingly poor construction.

In OSRS Magic is one of the most useful ability alongside with Defence, Strength, and Ranged. It can save your life by teleporting out of sticky situation or secure a kill. It’s needed to complete certain quests or for gold making e. g. at lvl 33 when you need to use Telekinetic Grab to gain Wine of Zamorak. It will not only boost your Combat level but also unlock an incantation or two. If it doesn’t bother you to wear robes instead of armor, follow these tips and you will train Magic level up until lvl 99 and place yourself among the mightiest wizards. Let's get into OSRS Magic Guide.


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You level up your magic proficiency bu using magic or completing quests (for example Witch's Potion, which gives 325 magic XP). But in order to train magic effectively and efficiently in RuneScape, you will need some wizards stuff. Or staff.

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Elemental staves

During your mage training in RuneScape you can use elemental staff which will greatly reduce the cost of runes that you will use. For example, Staff of Earth can be an infinite Earth Runes source. Same for Air, Fire and Water, as they share the same idea for each type of rune.

Some staves can combine those effects. For example Smoke Battlestaff works for both Fire and Air runes.



The magic in RuneScape comes from Spellbooks which are not an equipable items but somewhat a list of magic spells. Spellbooks can be acquired by doing certain quest and later switched at altars - as you can have only one of them active at a time.


Regular Spellbook

The book that you start with bring a variety of useful spells both combat related and not. Although you get it from the start it is most used through the game containing 70 spells. In this one, you can find Combat, Utility, and Teleportation spell.


Ancient Magicks

This spellbook consists mainly of offensive spells which use blood magic and Teleportation Spell. Often used for popular high-level training methods. 


Lunar Spellbook

Revolves mainly around utility spells that can help you level up. There are also a few offensive ones.


Arceuus Spellbook

This is a peculiar book as this one does not contain any combat spells. It comes within your range upon reaching 60% favor with Arceuus house. You have 22 different spells which are used to reanimate ensouled heads used to train Prayer levels.

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Have you ever wondered why are people fighting rats around the castle in Lumbridge as if it was an arena?


A hint: it’s not a pest control crew or construction workers. And not bugged NPC. Most likely you ran into a splasher.


The general idea behind it is that if you lower your magic bonus Strength enough your magic attack have a chance to deal no damage and disappear without even hitting 0. This gives you a chance to constantly attack your target without slaying it, giving you experience per cast.


Splash technique is used by many RuneScape players to level up Magic while going afk, as doing it is almost as exciting as cutting a Yew Log. You do not need to pay much attention to the screen since rats around Lumbridge castle won’t deal any damage. All you need to do is to click something on the screen or move a camera every 20 minutes, so that the game doesn’t log you out. 


How to start splash training? You need to edit your gear setup and remove all magic bonuses, including your Magic Strength so that you have negative magic stat. To do so you need to have one of two sets of the equipment shown below. You want to gear full plate set with a kite shield and Green dragonhide vambraces (-10 Magic) or Cursed Goblin Staff.

OSRS splashign setup

Leveling up your Ranged to level 40 and equipping vambraces gives player a chance to equip one of the elemental staves. This saves a lot of runes but if you don’t want to level up Ranged and you can afford spending more money - Cursed Goblin Staff will be enough.

The table below shows the range of exp needed to level up.


Cost to 99

Xp/Hr ratio

Fire Strike



Fire Bolt



Fire Blast



Fire Wave



Fire Surge




Remember that using this way is usually very slow and lots of time is required. For example, leveling all the way to 99 with just Fire Strike could take roughly a thousand hours (almost 42 days!). There is a reason why there aren’t many YouTube videos about splash magic skilling. This is exactly why this method is recommended only to low-level players and those who can afk a lot.


Training by Enchanting Bolts

At level 4 of Magic, players in RuneScape gain the ability to Enchant Bolts. This is a great method of leveling Magic that generates small loses or even profits sometimes. It can be used as an alternative to High Alchemy which is much more click-intensive than enchanting. It's possible to earn up to even 300k exp every hour at higher level by clicking ability instead of doing this automatically.


Simple route to 99

Ok, maybe I lied a little bit. There is no simple way of reaching magic 99 in RuneScape, as time and patience is required. But we will tell you how to become skilled wizard faster in more efficient way, than by just learning and exploring.

Leveling Magic in RuneScape can be done in many ways. Below you will find an easy route to take which will lead you to max level. If you have some money (around 30k at least) you can start your magic training by splashing at Lumbridge rats. However if you don’t, you either got to make some gold, or follow instructions below. With those guides Magic will be your sign of recognition.

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Level 1-7

Killing mobs at Lumbridge

Right as you started, you want to buy some Mind Runes and Air Staff. This will let you use one of Strike Spells - Wind Strike. Go fight Goblins east of the castle or Cows at northeast farm.


Level 7-27

Enchanting Rings of Recoil

Buy some Cosmic runes, Staff of Water for water runes and Sapphire Rings. By casting Enchant Ring you can make Rings of Recoil which is a good selling item that can make you a little bit of profit to buy new Runes. You will need a little bit over 500 casts to get level 27 and start another method.


Level 27-43

Enchanting Rings of Duelling

From level 27 you can use Level 2 Enchant spell. We will use this on Emerald Rings to create Rings of Duelling. Buying Cosmic Runes and Staff of Air might be necessary. Use this incantation over 1,000 times to get level 43. This should take you less than an hour.


Level 19-55

Splashing with Curse 

After you cast Curse spell on enemy, it has a timer which has to run out before using it on the same opponent. This timer can be bypassed by splashing since it won’t put any effect on the target. Just remember you need negative Magic stat. Monk of Zamorak in Varrock Palace is commonly used as a punching bag by RuneScape enthusiasts. You can bring the poor inmate to an arena and curse him a little bit.


Level 43 55 Superheat 

In RuneScape you can use Superheat on ores to make bars of them, e.g. casting it on Gold Ore will result in making Gold Bars. Although if you don’t want to spend too much money I recommend doing this on Iron Ores.


Level 45 - 55

Camelot Teleport

You need a Staff of Air and around 1,895 law runes. When acquired, you repeatedly cast Camelot Teleport, which should result in receiving 55,5 experience per cast and total 80,000 experience per hour. Each law rune costs 180 - 200 GP, so it's not cheap and you may want to read some gold making guide so that your law rune stream won't drain.

Works the same for other teleports locations - Falador Teleport and Lumbridge Teleport.

You may want to use also at Varrock Teleport, as it's landing spot locations can be switched to Grand Exchange. Given you're farming it may be a source of free magic xp as you go.

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Level 55+

High Alching

By using High Alch player is able to destroy the gear in RuneScape and load his bank account by creating gold coins from it. It’s popular while leveling other stats like Agility, Farming or Hunter. To maximize income and avoid eventual losses while training check online calculators that show which items are worth alch crafting. Remember that you can cast High Level Alchemy on noted items which will save you inventory space and trouble of visiting a bank.


Level 55+


This way revolves around using two spells in close intervals. Teleport to the desired location in RuneScape world (most people use Camelot since its close to High Alch icon). Select High Alch as soon as you start spawning and as soon as you appear select item to alch. After this select teleport again.


By doing this in quick succession you are able to cast High Alch without casting animation which saves you precious seconds. Through crafting you will be able to alch items which may return you some cost of the runes you used while giving over 120,000 experience per hour. As it is one of the cheaper methods to train past level 55 some RuneScape players do it even until level 99. 


Level 70+

Ice Burst spell

This is very fast but also an expensive way of training Magic in RuneScape, which involves slaying huge quantities of monsters at the same time using AOE spells. To cast Ice Burst you need to unlock A. Magicks and start Monkey Madness part II second chapter. The best location to use it is Ape Atoll where you can find hordes of Maniacal Monkeys. Those are the best not only because there is a great flock of them but also because they drop Prayer Potions which will greatly reduce training cost. Remember that while you are doing this you need to have protection from melee prayer up at all times, because ‘Apes together strong’.


Levels 78+

Tan Leather

Those who unlocked Lunar Spellbook and completed Fremennik hard Diaries can use Tan Leather spell. This way is a better alternative to Tele-alching since it can make you some profit while giving similar ~120k exp every hour. It is also much less click-intensive. It is recommended while doing this method to stay at Grand Exchange to have easy access to a source of hides. Your inventory should consist of 25 hides, stock of Nature Rune, and Astral Rune. The last slot should be filled with any item to avoid GP loss since using Tan Leather results in 5 Leathers Tanned. 


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Level 80+


After hitting level 80 players can use Stun to increase their experience during alching. To do so Mud Staff and Tome of Fire are needed which will greatly reduce cost in runes. After casting High Alchemy player need to select Stun spell and attack any enemy. This will stop alchemy animation and give you experience from both spells. By doing this method players leveling should get around 180k exp per hour while generating small loses.


Level 80+

String Jewellery 

By using Lunar Spellbook players can cast String Jewellery. Using this spell will turn each Jewel in the inventory into powerful amulet of magic. This method should be used only with Mud Battlestaff to reduce cost in runes.


Level 82+

Magic Imbue

From level 82 players in RuneScape can cast Magic Imbue spell using Lunar Spellbook. This spell does not interrupt any actions so players can use it while training other skills like Woodcutting. It can be only cast once every 13 seconds but is a nice addition of experience while you train other methods. If you have Steam Battlestaff, only one free inventory space for Astral Runes is required.


Level 86+

Making Planks

For those who completed both Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor quests level 86 unlocks Plank Make spell. Casting this ability while having logs and coins in your inventory can turn logs into planks one by one. By using this method players can make good amount of experience and GP at once. It is important to check which planks are most profitable before starting the leveling process.


Levels 94+

Ice Barrage

Similarly to Ice Bursting players can cast Ice Barrage on Ape Atoll to massively slaughter monkeys for Magic experience. The advantage of using this late game combat ability is better exp ratio but it is important to remember to bring much more GP to level using Ice Barrage. It is possible to profit using this method along with Slayer on Greater Nechryaels, Dust Devils and Smoke Devils tasks.


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No matter what method you decide to choose to get to 99 Magic in RuneScape, whether it’s going to be Superheat spamming, crafting runes, obliterating hordes of Apes, or punishing the wretched Monk of Zamorak, it will take lots of time. But as soon as you get there, you will be powerful, proud of yourself and you’ll say: ‘Worth it. Thank God I’ve read this guide at MMO Auctions’.


There’s not much more left to say, other than that we have many other OSRS Guides, be sure to take them into consideration when wandering around the Gielinor. Whether you’re killing Blue Dragons or just cooking, you may find something useful for yourself. We gather information from forum posts and sources outside of official games forums. So basically you can remain in the robe sipping coffee in front of your PC and charge at flocks of dark, evil monsters - we got you covered.


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