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OSRS Pure Guide
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OSRS Guide to Pure Characters

Welcome to MMOAuctions OSRS Pure guide to characters. You will find the most useful information on this particular type of player builds below. We are going to answer questions like what are the pures, why players create them, and how to achieve correct stats as the pure in Old School RuneScape.


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Who are the 'Pures' in OSRS?

The term "Pure" is used by Old School RuneScape players to determine the special type of accounts made only to achieve a certain level in some of the stats while avoiding training other skills. For example, a player who wants to reach 99 Attack without training Defense skill can be called an Attack Pure, and those who achieve 99 Magic with no additional level in Strength are Magic Pures. 

It is only an example as Pures might have very different stats. For example, Void Mage Pure will train only Magic and Hit Points while not leveling Defence stats. So to put it as simple as possible, Pures are accounts that avoid leveling specific skills to achieve as low Combat Level as possible while remaining as dangerous as possible with high-level stats in other skills.

Why players create Pure characters?

Just as mentioned above, players who wish to remain in low Combat Level range while having high damage dealing stats are Pures. They dedicate their time avoiding getting experience in some of the skills while maximizing others. They do that because those players want to be as dangerous in Player vs. Player as possible while looking like a low-level character. 

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These characters often disguise themselves as low-level newbies who look clueless while hiding their real equipment in inventory. They trick other players into attacking them and activating the Skull. When they get hit, the real fight begins. Pures change their equipment quickly and take revenge on those who wanted to kill them in the first place. With low Combat Level, they might look like an easy target, but it is calculated based on skills like Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Prayer, Strength, Ranged, and Magic, so by keeping some of these stats low, you can achieve max hits with little to none disadvantages.

How to achieve correct stats?

Creating Pure character can be quite troublesome as you need to avoid getting levels in certain skills at all costs. It includes always checking which combat style you are using. For example, by using Accurate combat style, you receive experience in Attack and Hitpoints. The aggressive style adds points in Strength and Hitpoints and Defensive in Defence and Hitpoints. The controlled style puts points in all of the above at the same time. As you can see, choosing the wrong combat style once can result in leveling undesired skill and, therefore, in ruining the Pure aspect of the account.

Another danger to the pureness of account lies within quest rewards. Players who wish to become pures will have to pay extra attention to what they get at the end of NPC missions. Quests tend to give high experience rewards in some of the skills, so they are quite effective for leveling purposes, but they also might be a doom for a Pure player. Those who have chosen to level only certain attributes will have to always pay attention to what rewards they might receive at the end of a mission.


Most common Pure types in RuneScape

  • One Defence Pure

One Defence accounts are probably the most common of all Pure characters. They are designed to be killing machines in Player vs. Player combat. As Defence skill is not as important in PvP as it is in PvE, players usually skip leveling it, leaving it on the first level. By doing so, they will achieve a very low Combat Level while maintaining high damage output. Those who want to challenge them usually will not expect very high hits from the low-level victim. 

Although creating One Defence Pure is very time consuming and sometimes might be frustrating, it always pays off in PvP. Most players who go this route use their Pures only for player killing purposes and not for regular gameplay since playing with one Defence, and Low Prayer levels almost exclude their ability to do high-level PvM content.


  • Defence Pure

Don't get confused with this one - it is the exact opposite of One Defence Pure. It is also an account that has a low Combat Stat, but in this case, the owner decides to maximize Defence Skill at the cost of other attributes. Defense pures were very popular back in the day as they used Dragonfire Shield's special attack along with venom damage stacks that come from Serpentine Helm to deal damage. Users were very safe as they had high Defence and Hitpoint levels. As this method is no longer viable, the Defence Pures are not as popular as they were.


  • Maulers

Maulers, also known as Obsidian Pure, do utilize Tzhaar-ket-om weapon to defeat their opponents. Because the only requirement to wield this item is 60 Strength, they usually use accounts with both Attack and Defence levels of 1. By going this route, they manage to achieve even lower Combat Level than One Defence Pure.


  • G Maulers

Similarly to the group above, G Maulers design their stats to be just enough to equip a weapon of their choice. This weapon is a Granite Maul, which requires 50 Attack and 50 Strength to wield. G Maulers are usually at even lower Combat Level than One Defence Pure, and sometimes they might be even more deadly since Granite Maul special attack deals instant damage. Players who wield this weapon will usually wait with it until their enemy health drops low enough to finish them with one hit.

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  • 13 Defence Pure

It is a particular type of Pure which wasn't created by simply leveling skills but was a product of finishing Nature Spirit quest. Players who have 13 Defence are usually aiming to complete Recipe for Disaster quest to acquire Adamant Gloves, which provide high Attack and Defence bonuses. On top of that, 13 points in Defence do let them wear Black equipment and Slayer Helmet raising their defensive capabilities even further. It enables them not only to be more dangerous in PvP but also to be more effective in PvE combat, allowing to main these account and train non-combat related skills. It is also worth noting that 13 Defence Pure will often sacrifice few levels in Attack to have a lower Combat level.


  • Rune Pure

Rune Pures are accounts with 40 Defence, which is the requirement to equip items from runite tier. They can also wear Dragonhide Body and Fight Torso to boost their defensive capabilities. 40 Defence is also the requirement for the Lunar Diplomacy quest, which gives players access to Vengeance - one of the most useful PvP spells in the game. The f2p community usually favors this build since Rune Armor is the best one they can equip anyway. Members, on the other hand, are more likely to go for either Void or Berserker builds.

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  • Berserker Pure

Usually referred to as a Zerker or just a Zerk. It is a variation of Rune Pure which utilizes 45 Defence to give players access to either Berserker Helm or Fighter Hat. As they provide much better bonuses than Rune Helm, this additional 5 levels in Defence are preferable. Most of the Zerkers will also complete Recipe for Disaster for Barrows Gloves, which are the best in slot gloves in the game.


  • Void Pure

It is the type of account that takes advantage of Void Knight Armour bonuses to achieve high hits while maintaining a low Combat Level. Void Pures are usually rangers since Rune Crossbow is already painful and combined with Void Knight equipment can be even deadlier. Void Pures are also safer to PvP with than regular accounts since they risk very little during fights. Void Knight equipment is untradeable and, therefore, cannot be lost on low Wilderness levels. Players who choose this path, usually focus on getting high Ranged levels while maintaining low melee stats. Defence level is often the same as Zerkers, so it stays around level 45. Because of this, the usual Combat Level of Voider should be around 70 and 100.


  • Mage Pure

It is a particular type of One Defence Pure which focuses on raising Magic levels. Without a doubt, one of the strongest and most lethal Pure in the game. Magic users can cast various spells, so the target won't know what hit him before it happens. There is a wide variety of spells to take down targets from Ancient Magics, Flames of Zamorak, and Toxic Staff of the Dead. Also, those accounts usually have very low Combat Levels (around 40 to 60), which makes them even more dangerous.


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  • Mage Tank

It might look like a bizarre idea, and many people believe that it is. People who have chosen to go this path often maximize both Defence and Magic stats. They sacrifice low Combat Levels to reach higher Defence, which allows them to wear better magical armour. It is usually done due to the high risk that comes from playing a Mage Pure. This build requires wearing top tier sets, which might cause a considerable gold loss in the case of defeat. 


  • Range Pure

Another One Defence Pure who specializes in Ranged combat style. Players who had chosen to be a ranger often also level Attack and Strength skills so they will be able to equip items like Dragon Dagger or Granite Maul. Although those items do not fit into a ranged weaponry, they are chosen for a reason. The goal of this build is to do high amounts of constant damage while surprising your enemy with a special attack of either Dagger or Maul when he's at low health. It is a trendy build used by many players due to high attack and surprise element.


  • Range Tank

Simply a character with high Ranged and Defence levels. Getting additional points in Defence lets those players use Barrows equipment. They usually also aim for at least 94 Magic to cast Vengeance during a fight. To compensate for high levels in Ranged, Defence, and Magic, they typically suppress their Attack, Strength, and Prayer skills.


  • Dragon Pure

It is a member's version of Rune Pure. As dragon tier items require 60 Defence and 60 Attack, those stats are necessary for Dragon Pure. The usual speed in this composition is Dragon Scimitar and a Dragon Dagger (p++) for an additional surprise element that comes from its special attack. Those who want to add even more spice to this build can also go for Dragon Claws special attack.


  • Barrows Pure

Last but not least, we have a Barrows account on this list. Just as the name says, it makes use of the Barrows equipment, which requires 70 Defence. Another stat which is usually leveled is Prayer, capped at 70 for the Piety prayer. Attack and Strength levels also have to be raised so the player will be able to wear items such as Dharok's greataxe. As these accounts usually max almost everything except for Defence and Prayer, they aren't as restrictive as other pures. Many players who choose this path for their account are maining them. It means that they also make use of PvE content and other attributes than combat skills.

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Creating unique pure

Those entries above are just examples of typical pures that are most commonly used by Old School RuneScape players. Although they perform great in terms of player versus player, there are also other ways of building characters that can be even more effective. If you want to make your own pure, you can decide which stats are important to you and which are not. 

Make sure not to pass certain checkpoints. For example, if you want to make a Pure that specializes in Ranged, make sure to maximize this stat while keeping your melee statistics low. If you want to sneak special attack of a Granite Maul in it, go for 50 in Attack and Strength but nothing more than that. You will also need at least 43 Prayer for defensive prayers like Protect From Melee. The more tools and special attacks that you get, the more your Combat Level will rise, so always pay attention to how much levels you go for.

Most frequently suppressed stats

As a Combat Pure, you always have to decide at the start which skills are more critical to your character than the others. Suppressing some of the skills, significantly lowers the Combat Level of character which results in easier targets to kill. You don't want to make your melee training too quickly as it will affect your ability to strike high numbers, and therefore, it will give your enemy much more time to recover health via food. 

It is why Defence, Hitpoints, and Prayer skills are usually the ones that are lower level. It is hard to estimate which of the skills are the least important, so it's up to player preferences which ones to keep low and which to max. When deciding, don't forget that the lower your level is, the easier enemies you can fight, and therefore, the more successful you will be.

When it comes to the most suppressed stat, it is usually Defence, which is not necessary for PVP. The higher the target's Defence level, the lesser is your chance to land an attack on him successfully. However, it does not decrease the amount of damage that you can deal. This skill is also responsible for your ability to wear equipment. You won't be able to wear a good helmet or armour without meeting the Defence level requirement. It is the most crucial part since better equipment can decrease the amount of damage that you take.

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So why is Defence less important than the skills responsible for damage dealing? It is because, besides Defence skill, you also have Hit Points attribute, which determines the amount of health that you have. If your health points are high, you might survive a lot even with the first level in Defence skill. With a decent level in your primary combat stat (either Attack, Magic, or Ranged), you will be able to finish your opponent before he finishes you.

Another stat that is often lowered is Prayer. Getting it to the 99 level is not as important as other skills since you get the most useful prayers at level 43 - Protect From Melee, Protect From Ranged and Protect From Magic. These Prayers decrease the amount of damage received in Player vs. Player by 40%, which means that they are almost crucial for everyone who wants to engage in this form of combat. Those who want to achieve higher damage output should also unlock Chivalry, Piety, Rigour, and Augury prayers that do require 60, 70, 74, and 77 levels, respectively.


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Level 3 Pure

Of course, besides combat pure, there are also accounts that become pure just for fun. It is not easy to be one since you will have to avoid getting experience in specific skills while leveling others. Usually, it means a much more tough time leveling. You are not getting access to every zone, you can't complete each of the quests, and not all of the events and special activities are there for you. But we must admit that there is something in leveling an account that is restricted this much.

Adventurers who have chosen this way of playing will often stay at level 3, leveling only non-combat skills. By farming experience that belongs only to crafting skills, they can achieve a total level of over 1500 while still being level 3. These individual accounts are called Skill Pure. Most of the time, they are there just for the feeling of accomplishment that they get from avoiding other skills than their desired ones, but some of them do that because they want to be in rankings on the official website. Whether they are doing it for one reason or the other - without a doubt, it is an excellent achievement to max account like this.

You might ask us about the benefits that come from playing like this. As we mentioned before, the main reason people do this is a sense of achievement. The other reason is glory and boasting purposes. Those who manage to get a skill cape while still being on the 3rd level can show it off at Grand Exchange and other popular spots on Gielinor. Back in the days, it was a big thing since not too many adventurers managed to do it, but these days, you can see accounts like this way more often, and because of that, it doesn't feel like anything that special anymore.

As our guide is closing to an end you also need to hear about other important things. During your pking journey you should always be equipped to fight. Keep in bank required gear like boots and other set items which can help you in a quick recovery after death. If you are ranger keep in mind not to equip hide helmets - coif alone will be sufficient. Same goes to offensive ammunition. Although it is a personal preference cheap arrows like Iron or Mithril will save you a lot of money on a long run as their price is very low. You don't need anything advanced besides a good weapon and a lot of food like Crabs and Monkfishes. Also keep you protection prayers on during the fight if you prayer level allows it. Don't underestimate free-to-play gamers as they can be real monsters who fight for their rights. P2P will always have advantage but it is not impossible to lose. If you want to level account through questing methods, completing Waterfall quest gives by far the best bonus exp which will take your skills very quick to high levels. At all times think deep about you plan and every option of it. You are only a person and you can make mistakes but it is pretty easy to win in PvP when you are prepared.


It is the end of our Old School RuneScape Pure Guide. If you want to know more about how to play Old School RuneScape or if you need additional posts, guides and articles, you can find their source on our blog page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What does NH mean in OSRS?

It means "no honor" in terms of PVP - using any means necessary to achieve victory.

  • What is a 1 def pure?

It is an account that has only 1 level in defence skill while having higher stats in other attributes.

  • What is a pure in OSRS?

It is an account type that tries to achieve lower Combat Level by focusing only on specific skills while not leveling others.


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