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OSRS Barrows guide
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Barrows is an Oldschool RuneScape combat-based minigame for mid level and high level players that takes place at the eastern part of Burgh de Rott. The main goal of this activity is to defeat six Barrows Brothers: Verac, Dharok, Torag, Guthan, Karil, and Ahrim. Each of the brothers is buried within his own labyrinth that can be accessed by digging in mounds with a spade. As the Barrows Brothers are strong adversaries it is important to bring food and special potions for the fight. Many people will be using this mini game as the money making method since each brother can drop valuable items including Barrows set pieces and weapons corresponding to each of the brothers. Let's get into OSRS Barrows guide.


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Story behind Barrows Brothers

The original brothers were six warriors who fought for Saradomin and assisted him during his God Wars campaign to conquer southern Forinthry. During early days when they were only mere farmers but they were gifted skills and powerful equipment by Mahjarrat Sliske. After a long campaign, while being close to victory Sliske took away what he gave previously and brothers became farmers again. This made them vulnerable and in the end, was the main reason why they died in a battlefield. After their deaths, they were buried in Morytania swamps where they serve Sliske guarding powerful   for the return of Zaros.



Quests that need to be completed are Priest in Peril and Nature Spirit. There are also other quests that are not required but completing them will improve overall experience while farming Barrows. These quests are :


Fairy Tale I and II

Access to Fairy Ring teleportation

In Search of the Myreque

Access to Burgh de Rott bank

Rum Deal

Holy wrench

Morytania Hard Diary

Unlimited teleports to Burgh de Rott and additional 50% rune drops

As for the skills player attempting to clear tunnels should be around 70 combat level with at least 43 prayer for protection. Additionally, levels in magic and agility can prove useful.



Here is what you should bring with you on the barrows run :

-Melee and ranged gear of your choice (as strong as possible)

-Prayer potions (around 4-6)


-Spade (or free inventory space to pick one up near barrows entrance)

-Ring of dueling so you can teleport to clan wars and enter white portal which will recharge your stats

Getting there

Red: Regular route

Yellow: Fairy rings route

Purple: Burgh De Rott teleport route

Blue: Myreque shortcut from Canifis city


There are many ways of getting to the Barrows zone. You can teleport to one of the fairy rings with code BKR or BIP if you are above 50 Agility. The easiest way would be running south from Canifis and using shortcut unlocked during ‘In Aid of the Myreque’ quest. If you haven’t unlocked this path you will have to open Mort Myre Swamp gate, run south while being close to the river at all times, change direction to the east after arriving near Abandoned Mine, passing through Mort’ton and running east. The best way would be through Burgh de Rott teleportation which requires Mort’ton teleports or Morytania legs 3,4.


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Barrows zone

Above the Brother Crypts, you will find six mounds that lead to boss rooms. There is not much happening on this location aside from ghosts appearing from time to time on the player screen. During that time prayer points are drained so prayer replenishing potions are necessary.


After entering through the excavated hole we arrive at crypts. In the crypt room, you will find the sarcophagus and staircase which leads to the surface. After opening the sarcophagus, you will either be attacked by one of Barrows Brothers or you will find a passage to the tunnels. If your goal is killing each brother turn back and find others upon finding tunnels.



Tunnels are connected to 9 rooms which create a square shape. Each of them is connected to two others except the middle one which is connected to four. Rooms at corners of this square are connected between each other with the additional tunnel. As some of the doors (at random) connecting rooms cannot be opened it is not as easy to get to the central room where rewards lie. Furthermore, there are additional enemies waiting for you in the tunnel area. In four of nine rooms, you will find skeletons, worms, rats and spiders. Upon opening doors, you might be attacked by these creatures as well as by one of the brothers that you haven’t fought yet.

Getting to the chest room might be tricky to task and it is suggested to learn navigation beforehand . As mentioned before some of the doors won’t open and monsters will attack you but additionally to all of that you will have to solve puzzle upon clicking on a door that leads to chest room. The task is quite simple and does require a bit of focus since failing at it will make rooms shift and rearrange into the new pattern forcing a player to go through labyrinth one more time.


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Opening the chest

After making your way to the central room you will face one of the Barrows Brothers. It is possible that the room will be empty (with loot chests but without boss) if you already killed him somewhere else in the tunnels. During the fight, players need to remember to use magic against melee users since their anti-magic defense is very low. Fighting melee bosses can be done from safe spots as they sometimes show in the room.

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If you are running low on food you can cast bones to peaches spell to generate food from low-level monsters and if you have Saradomin GodSword or Guthan set you can also heal on them while using it. You can open a reward box without killing brother but with each kill, you increase your chance of receiving barrows equipment which is the main goal of this minigame. After looting it, underground tunnels will start to collapse. You have to leave this area as it will start dealing damage to you with falling rocks. If you haven’t killed all of the bosses they will be attacking you on your way to the surface. As tunnels shift after finishing minigame it is wise to bring teleportation items. If you leave barrows cemetery the minigame will reset allowing players to start over.


Possible drops

When opening reward chest player can receive items for finishing minigame. There is a very low chance of around 0,25% for receiving barrows item per roll. This chance can be increased to a maximum of 1% for all brothers killed. The number of rolls starts at 1 and can be increased to 6 by killing all bosses. So each roll player has, has a chance to obtain barrows part - the biggest is 6% total for the first one, huge 5% for second, 4% for third and so on. If a player rolls two barrows items in one chest he won’t receive the same item twice. As killcount is important always clear all bosses.


There is also small drop of supplies that player can get including:

Dragon med. helm

Keys half

Bolt rack

Blood rune

Death rune

Chaos rune

Mind rune


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Maximizing the profit

While doing barrows runs player will have to run through and teleport from this location many times. This makes items that reduce weight and increase running time an amazing addition to inventory. While doing this minigame you want to focus on killing bosses as fast as possible and teleporting away as soon as you collect rewards from the treasure chest.

It is also worth noting that finishing hard Morytania Diary will increase rune drops by 50%. If you manage to play at top speed you can earn even over 1mil each hour.


Barrows sets

There are six barrows sets that can be assembled from rewards. Each of them consists of 4 pieces: weapon, helmet, chest piece, leg piece.






25% chance on hit to lower enemy Strength by 5 levels



25% chance on hit to lower enemy Agility level by 20%



The lower player hit points are the more damage he deals



Attacks have 25% chance to heal player for the amount dealt



Successful attacks have 25% chance to drain 20% of run energy



Attacks have 25% chance to ignore enemy defence and prayer

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Order in which you want to kill brothers


As each brother is different and we want to maximize profit made we will need a route to follow. The best order to kill brothers is as follows :

1. Dharok

2. Guthan

3. Karil

4. Thorag

5. Verac (After kill switch to ranged gear)

6. Ahrim


This way minimizes amount of gear switches needed to be most effective in boss fights.



Barrows Brothers is a great minigame to do on medium to higher account levels. Whether you want to farm gold or run through a fun activity with a great story - Barrows will be a great thing to do. We hope that this guide has helped you going through Barrows and you will now be able to max your minigame profits.

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