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OSRS Bosses
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Welcome to our OSRS Bosses guide where you can read all about bosses available in the Old School Runescape, their drops, tactics and everything else that you need to know. In the article below you will find information about how to get to the most dangerous creatures that reside Gielinor as well as strategies which will help you defeat them and acquire their treasures. If that is what you desire fasten your seat belt and hop onto our guide below.

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What are bosses in RuneScape?

By the term “boss” we describe most powerful creatures in Gielinor. They are often unique in their looks and behavior, and usually they are standing on adventurers way to finish major objective or to acquire great treasure. They are usually much harder to deal with than regular enemies due to increased amount of health, more sophisticated skill and spell patterns, special mechanics, and higher defense values. 

Even though all of the above is true, many adventurers seek to defeat those creatures for the glory of this achievement and for most precious loot. It is also worth mentioning that many quests have bosses as their main antagonists which have to be defeated in order to finish them so if you are about to finish a long quest to prepare for the fight.

Boss categories - What types of bosses are there

All of the bosses can be split into smaller categories depending on their purpose. Firstly, there are PvM bosses which are special monsters scattered around Gielinor. They come in various forms and they very much differ in strength - from pretty easy to quite tough, although, for late game players they should not be a big threat. 


Raid bosses are different story, though. They pose a much bigger threat since they are designed to fight many players at the same time. Currently there are only two of them - Great Olm and Verzik Vitur which you can fight in the end of Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood raid respectively.


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If you have ever wandered around Wilderness then you most likely met one of the Wilderness bosses. Those enemies are scattered in the Wilderness area waiting for unexpecting adventurers to attack them. All of those have a chance to drop a Dragon Pickaxe so it might be a good idea to fight against one if you ever meet him. Although, they are not easy it is worth noting that most of them aren't extremely dangerous to experienced players.

Next category belongs to Sporadic Bosses which as the name suggest don't always reside in one place waiting for players who wish to challenge them. Instead, Sporadic Bosses require a special item which may be acquired by various activities in order to summon them. They come in various strengths so it's hard to measure their difficulties.

Skilling Bosses are much different than the previous ones. They are fought not for the loot and not for the fighting experience but rather for experience in other fields. Skills like Firemaking, Woodcutting, Herblore, Fletching, and Farming can be used to fight against Wintertodt which is the boss in the minigame of the same name. Also, in Prifddinas players can fight Zalcano by using Mining, Runecrafting, and Smithing.


Slayer Bosses are probably the most common on this list. They come as the bigger and stronger versions of monsters that are assigned by slayer masters. If player unlocks “Like a Boss” ability at his Slayer Master then he can begin hunting for these special creatures.  They often drop very valuable items but they also have pretty high requirements in order to be fought with. Aside from Slayer ability mentioned before adventurers also have to possess high enough Slayer skill level and quite high stats for such a fight.


Another type of huge antagonists goes to Minigame Bosses which are assigned in various minigames. Among the most notable ones there are Barrows Brothers which are often fought for their Barrows pieces of gear and Tz-Tok Jad or Tz-Kal-Zuk which can both be found in Inferno minigame. Depending on the goal of the minigame they are used in various purposes and can drop a loot or not.


Last but not least there are Quest Bosses which are met during various adventures assigned by NPC's. This is without a doubt the largest group in this juxtaposition that consists of many different creatures - from humanoid through animal-like to regular monsters. They vary in strength from bosses that can be fought in the early game to the most deadly endgame threats.  They all are extremely different but in general, most of them don't possess any loot and are there only as quest antagonists.


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Most notable adversaries - best bosses to kill

Giant Mole

In tunnels beneath Falador Park, adventurers can meet and fight this giant animal. In order to reach him, players have to dig up the entrance and light a lantern or use another light source. If challenger entering tunnel has Falador Shield 3 or 4 equipped he will be directed by a red arrow towards where the boss is at the time. Those, who haven't managed to complete hard Falador Diary will have to find the boss on their own. This boss doesn't have any special attack so it is kind of straghtforward.


This big mole hasn't got many notable drops aside from pet and rare drop table. He is often hunted for Mole Claw and Mole Skins which have 100% drop chance. Although, they aren't expensive, the boss is rather easy and can be used as a minor gold farm.


Kalphite Queen

The leader of the Kalphite race is a notable adversary which can be found in Kalphite lair. This boss is often fought because it has a chance to drop Dragon Chainbody upon dying which is worth around 1mil on the Grand Exchange. Players who wish to challenge this giant bug might want to take with them emergency teleports like Ectophial since Kalphite Queen can hit extremely hard. From other drops she also leaves some seeds, herbs, ores and potions. Just like most bosses, she also has a chance to drop pet which is her smaller look-a-like version.


King Black Dragon

By many players referred to as KBD - King Black Dragon is a three headed beast that resides north-west part of the Wilderness. Fastest way to get there includes usage of Burning Amulet which allows players to teleport to Lava Maze. This creature has a 276 combat level which is among the highest in the whole game. Just like every other dragon, he uses fire breath so it’s crucial to take Anti-Dragon Shield or Antifire potions to the fight. Among the most interesting drops there are Dragon Pickaxe and Draconic Visage which can be sold for over 5 mil on the Grand Exchange.


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Corporeal Beast

Dragon-like creature with body made of rock. One of the highest rate level monsters in the game with a Combat level of 785 his spot can be reached easily by Games Necklace teleport. As the boss possesses extremely high health pool of 2000 and additional 50% bonus to defence for everything except halberds and spears he is extremely hard to kill as a solo player. Because of that players often team up against this enemy. The boss drops many valuable items including Sigils which are necessary for creating Spirit Shields. Those items are dropped only by Corporeal Beast and because of that they are extremely pricey with values often reaching over 100mil. On top of that boss can leave some of the dragon tier items, Holy Elixir, a lot of seeds and elite clue scrolls.



The main antagonist of the Dragon Slayer II quest is a powerful Blue Dragon which after being defeated for the first time in quest series becomes available as a regular boss. The beast has Combat Level of 732 and is the only adversary in the game that drops Skeletal Visage and Dragonbone Necklace. It is also worth noting that the quest version of this monster is significantly weaker than the original version and the monster is much harder than this met during first Dragon Slayer quest. He drops many great treasures including dragon tier items, various dragonhides, bolt tips, seeds and other rare drops. The most common drop is previously mentioned Skeletal Visage that's worth over 30mil and weaker version called Draconic Visage which yields around 5mil.



It is the level 725 green snake-like boss which can be fought only by using Magic or Ranged attack styles. It is also a solo-only boss, so players won't be able to team up against him. In order to reach its location, partial completion of Regicide quest is necessary, although we recommend to finish it for easier access. Zulrah as only monster in the game drops Zulrah Scales which among few other items are used to recharge Toxic Blowpipes. This boss also has a chance to give elite clue scrolls, brimstone keys, rune items, herbs, seeds and dragon tier items.


Dagannoth Kings

Dagannoth Kings are a group of three monsters which are counted as one boss. They can on the Waterbirth Island 6th level of dungeon. Each of them has a Combat level of 303 and represents one of the combat styles respectively: Ranged, Melee and Mage. Also, each of them has a chance to drop unique ring: Berserkers, Seers or an Archers ring. As getting there can be extremely tricky and is the hardest part of your fight against the boss, you should go with someone who already knows the way or check out Youtube route guides beforehand. All of the bosses have a chance to drop a Dragon Axe.


Commander Zilyana

This angel-like creature is in fact the leader of Saradomin forces who fight in God-Wars Dungeon. Her Combat level is 596 and therefore she is mid game bosses available for all players who can access this instance and kill 40 Saradomin creatures which opens door to her cave. This boss is often target of killing for God Sword pieces and Armadyl Crossbow which can be extremely expensive. As fight against Commander Zilyana can easily be repeated she is easily farmable especially from range. 



Another one of God-Wars Dungeon bosses is a birdlike creature called Kree'arra which is the leader of Armadyl forces. This one has a Combat level of 580 and specializes in ranged attacks. To reach her room players have to defeat 40 enemies from Armadyl forces and jump through the gap with Mithril Grapple. Kree'arra drops on death Armadyl items as well as Godsword shards. Because many players tend to use Ranged through the game her drop table is most expensive among God-Wars bosses. Getting Armadyl pieces of gear requires enormous amounts of money and since fight is not that difficult people often hunt Kree'arra rather than other bosses.


General Graardor

This big creature is the only living representative of the Ourg race and also a leader of Bandos forces in God-Wars. To reach this guy players have to go through a wall that you can only destroy with a hammer. This action requires 70 Strength. On top of that adventurers who want to face off against him have to kill at least 40 members of his army. Luckily enough, Goblins are all over the dungeon and can easily be defeated to complete this task. As General Graardor is the only boss in the game to drop Bandos pieces of gear he can be easily farmed for loot. 


K'ril Tsutsaroth

Yet another leader of forces in the God-Wars dungeon is none other than K'ril who is the general of Zamorak army. He is typically fought during Slayer tasks because he is classified as a greater demon. People usually tend to go for another bosses heads when farming in God-Wars dungeon because he's drop table is not as impressive as this of Kree'arra or others. From notable ones we can mention Zamorakian Staff, Staff of the Dead and Zamorak Hilt. It is also worth mentioning that because of his Demonic classification he can be fought with a Slayer helmet bonus.

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Is much stronger and bigger version of Cave Kraken which can be found in Kraken Cove. This monster requires level 87 in Slayer skill with as well as the Slayer assignment for Cave Krakens. Because this boss poses almost no threat to high level players and is quite easy both to access and to farm, people often use it to get rich. Among most notable drops you can find Kraken tentacle and Trident of the Seas which both can be sold for a few hundred gold coins.



Is a level 318 boss which is a larger and tougher version of a normal hellhound. Slayer level of 91 is required to fight this beast which resides deep inside the Taverley Dungeon. The boss is known for the drop of magical crystals: eternal, pegasian and primordial which are used to upgrade boots from all three combat styles into best-in-slot items. On top of that Cerberus also drops Smoldering Stone which is used to upgrade Dragon tools to Infernal tools (Axe, Pickaxe and so on). Because drops from this boss are so expensive and because it is easily accessible it is a great place to farm for adventurers over 91 Slayer.


Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

“Thermy” is a Slayer boss which is a bigger and tougher version of Smoke Devil that resides among his smaller brothers in Smoke Devil Dungeon. He can only be attacked during a Smoke Devil task and therefore requires level 93 in the Slayer skill. It is only monster which drops Smoke Battlestaff which is the most expensive among battlestaves. Additionally it has a small chance to leave pet Smoke Devil.


Abyssal Sire

Yet another bigger version of a regular monster is the Abyssal Sire which is the boss of Abyssal Demons. Players who have passed level 85 of the Slayer can challenge this one on a Slayer task which is solo-only. The easiest route to get there involves usage of Fairy Ring code D.I.P. Inside Abyssal Nexus there are four rooms where Sire can be fought with allowing multiple players to combat this enemy at the same time. The boss is well known for dropping abyssal items including Abyssal Whip and Abyssal Dagger which both are sold for few millions in Grand Exchange.

Grotesque Guardians

Similarly to Dagannoth Kings - Grotesque Guardians are a pair of enemies called Dusk and Dawn which are counted as a singular boss. Those adversaries can be found on top of Slayer Tower in Morytania. To access their room, players need to acquire a key beforehand. This item can be farmed only during Gargoyle which also allows for the fight with the boss himself. After the fight guardians might leave granite items among which granite gloves and granite hammer are most valuable. On top of that there is also a 1/1000 chance of Black Tourmaline Core drop which can be sold for a few millions.


Barrows Brothers

One of the most famous minigames in OSRS features fight against six Barrows Brothers which while not being too dangerous for an experienced player can pose a lethal threat to new adventurers. Among them you can meet Ahrim the Blighted (level 98 Mage), Dharok the Wretched (level 115 Warrior), Guthan the Infested (level 115 Warrior), Karil the Tainted (level 98 Archer), Torag the Corrupted (level 115 Warrior) and Verac the Defiled (level 115 Warrior). 


Those who aren't afraid to face this challenge can dig up graves (don't worry no need to bring a shovel as there is one at that location) that Morytania Swamps hide. There you will find ancient graves which are now home to those who seek revenge. Similarly to Kraken - Barrows Brothers are usually fought for their drops. The loot that you can acquire from the minigame can be worth quite a low and challenge is not that difficult as mentioned before. Because of that many players who seek easy gold farm that relies on combat are coming to the graves haunting ghosts themselves.


Great Olm

The final boss of Chambers of Xeric minigame. A large white dragon-like creature which is one of the toughest bosses in RuneScape which has 800 hitpoints. To reach this beast, players have to go through numerous difficulties and win a fight against many monsters. The drops that they can receive from the raid are extremely expensive and can reach up to hundreds of millions. Among these we can find Twisted Bow which costs over one billion gold coins. To reach for such an amazing treasure players will have to team up in a party of up to 100 adventurers. Then they will fight against monsters, complete various puzzles, utilize resources found on their way and try to reach the final boss.


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Verzik Vitur

Currently the strongest boss in the Old School Runescape which in basic form looks like an obese woman. Don't get deceived by this form as her damage can easily one shoot you. In fact, Verzik is a Vampyre which is able to morph into a spider. She is a final boss in Theatre of Blood with a Combat level of 1040. To fight against her, players will have to win 5 others battles on the arena against bosses with Combat level of 800+. Although this instance is counted as one of raids similarly to Chambers of Xeric - only 5 people can challenge bosses in the arena at the time. When it comes to rewards players can receive their best in slot weapons, justicar set, large numbers of herbs and a chance for a pet. Content recommended only for maxed combat players.


Tz-Tok Jad

Although Jad is not a common boss which you can meet in a random cave that drops random loot it is definitely one of the most recognizable ones in the Old School RuneScape community. This is the final boss of TzHaar Fight Cave minigame and one of the bosses that you can meet during Inferno minigame. Jad for a very long time was one of the strongest bosses in OSRS. He has the ability to one shot even strongest players if they don’t have correct prayer active at the time. This is why before fights against him it is important to learn his moves. As the reward for defeating the whole fight cave and Jad himself players can earn Tokkul and legendary Fire Cape. Those who want to challenge Jad, have to prepare to spend around an hour fighting monsters in the minigame - make sure to ration your resources well during that time.



As the Jad himself wasn't dangerous enough, Jagex created even more challenging version of fight cave called Inferno. There players can meet Tz-Kal Zuk, who has Combat Level of 1400. This boss can be assigned as a Slayer task after the first completion of the Inferno. If he's killed during a task, he rewards player with over 100k experience in the Slayer skill. Additionally those who manage to defeat this monstrosity will be awarded with Infernal Cape which is the best melee cape in the game. Because the cape is untradeable, there is no reason to play against this boss more than once outside of Slayer task.

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This is the end of this OSRS guide about bosses. We have put above most notable bosses present through Old School RuneScape like Giant Mole, Dagannoth Kings, Cerberus and others. If you want to read more about bosses head to the wiki page where you can find every piece of information and for those of you who want to know more about the game itself, you are welcome to read our articles and guides on the MMOAuctions blog page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How many bosses are in OSRS?

Over 50 bosses excluding quest ones. With them easily over 100.


  • Are Dagannoth Kings good money?

Yes. Dagannoth Kings farm is an amazing money maker which can land you around 2 mil every hour if done correctly.


  • What is a Demi Boss?

Term Demi Boss refers to monsters which doesn't fit into boss category because they are too weak but doesn't fit the typical monster category because they are harder to kill than regular mobs.


  • Is Kraken worth doing in OSRS?

Yes. It's a great money maker which doesn't require end game stats.

What is the strongest boss in OSRS?

Currently it is Verzuk Virtul



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