OSRS Smithing guide - Start Up The Furnace and Make Some Gold!

OSRS Smithing guide
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About OSRS Smithing skill

Smithing is a skill in RuneScape which allows players to process ores (like Adamantite ore, Gold ore and others) into the bars (like Mithil bars, Steel bar, Bronze bar) which can be later on formed into various items (like weapons, armors, and tools). Smithing might be one of the more profitable skills in the game as it grant players ability to create equipment from basic resources. It offers many ways of achieving the maximum level. Hitting 99 in this skill might come very easy with a great amount of money loss or might be slower if not funded. There is also a great recommended money making method that involves Smithing which is a Blast Furnace.  It is a fun content through which players can achieve high rewards if done properly. About all of this and more, you can read in the 1-99 OSRS Smithing guide below.

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The most basic tool that everyone doing smithing needs is a hammer. There are no different variations of this item and you don’t have to equip hammer to use it. You will need a hammer to create various items like pieces of equipment or weapons from your bars.




The closest anvil to the bank that you can find is near west Varrock bank. It is an amazing location since it is also near the Grand Exchange. You will be using Anvils to hammer down bars into something else.




Similarly to the Anvil, we want to use one which is closest to the bank. This makes Edgeville best place to use the furnace. By using various ores at the Furnace you can smelt them into the bars which later can be processed to shape them into items.


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Useful items

Coal bag

coal bag

Among the most important items during smithing, leveling is Coal Bag. You can get this item for Prospector Percy Nugget Shop where you can trade your 100 golden nuggets for this bag. It can hold up to 27 (+9 with max cape) pieces of Coal. This is extremely useful in both Mining and Smithing as carrying more ores will result in better exp/money made and 27 slots is like a second inventory (for Coal only). Coal Bag can later be upgraded by the Skill Cape that you get on 99 level of Smithing


Ice Gloves

ice gloves

These are dropped by the Ice Queen that resides in White Wolf Mountain. Although she is a part of Heroes Quest you do not need to start or complete it to get to her. All you need is level 50 in Mining skill to get through some rocks on the mountain. Ice Gloves are very useful in many situations mostly during quests but it most important role is at Blast Furnace. While wearing Ice Gloves players can pick up hot bars without cooling them beforehand using buckets of water. This greatly improves gold and exp ratios of Blast Furnace. With additional inventory slots, you can carry more bars at the same time and you don’t lose time on using buckets anymore. If you ever lose Ice Gloves they can easily be retrievable by the same way you got them. Ice Queen is an easy enemy to kill and drop chance is always at 100%.

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Skill cape

smithing skill cape

Im writing it on this list as it is a very useful item but you need 99 smithing to get it. Smithing Cape comes with two useful perks. Firstly we have 9 additional slots for a Coal Bag which is a great addition to this already useful item. On the other hand, we have a perk that gives you Goldsmithing Gauntlets while you are wearing cape. This is especially great while making gold bars at Blast Furnace since you can equip Ice Gloves without worrying about losing Goldsmithing perk giving you a nice boost to gold made.


Keep in mind that Smithing skill requires a lot of running. During training you will visit many locations like Port Phasmatys, Ardougne, Lumbridge, Falador, Al Kharid, Wilderness so getting items that can boost this process (eg. Graceful Outfit) might reward you with higher xp per hour.


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Fastest way to 99

Levels 1-29/35 Questing

In general while starting every skill from nothing it is best to do a quest related to this skill for quest experience. With a Knight’s Sword quest that takes just 10 minutes, we can get 12 725 Smithing Experience which will get us from level 1 to 29. All you need to start it is level 10 Mining so requirements are extremely low and doing this quest will be certainly faster than regular training methods. Additionally, if you are already somewhat experienced player and have level 20 in Magic, level 20 in Mining and level 20 in Crafting you can also complete both parts of Elemental Workshop quest. This should take you straight into level 35 without worrying about other Smithing leveling methods. If you want to continue questing later on you can also complete Giant Dwarf quest which later will be necessary for other methods. There are also Recipe for Disaster, Devious Minds, Cabin Fever, Elemental Workshop II, Family Crest, Fremennik Trials which you can complete for fastest experience. Keep in mind that all of this quests are for members so f2p players can't complete them. Sadly neither free to play quest rewards players with Smithing experience.


Levels 29-40 Iron items

In this level bracket, you want to make the best possible iron items from iron bar that you can - like Iron Platebodies. Leveling up to 40 should take around an hour with around 1000 bars input. As mentioned before the best place to do that is at the western Varrock so start crafting your pieces of Armour there.


Levels 40 99 Gold Bars Blast Furnace

The best experience rates that you can net are with smelting gold bars at level 40 at Blast Furnace minigame where you can smelt gold bars which is the reason why so many people are doing this. Using Goldsmithing Gauntlets during this training method is a must since it dramatically improve experience rates and gp per hour. To start of, change world to one of official Blast Furnace worlds. If you are below level 60 make sure to bring some gold coins as you will need to pay Blast Furnace Foreman from time to time. You will also need some stamina potions as you will run out of energy after few minutes. This method gives amazing experience rates especially on lower smithing levels but is very costly. Leveling from 40 to 99 should take around 65mil (after selling bars made).


Levels 74-99 Adamant dart tips

An alternative method to the Blast Furnace which is very expensive is crafting adamant dart tips from adamantite bars. Level 74 is needed to make those with a small profit. This is not the only advantage of using this method as making dart tips is extremely AFK friendly. While doing this method you should be able to get around 60k xp/hour which is decent. If you want to use this route keep in mind that you will need to finish the Tourist Trap quest beforehand which teaches you how to create darts.


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Money making methods

Levels 35 99 Cannonballs

This is one of the oldest and most known methods of making money that involve Smithing skill. To do this one you need to finish Dwarf Cannon Quest and bring with you Steel bars which are required to craft Cannonballs. Doing this method should give you around 10k exp an hour and over 100k gold. Although it is a decent moneymaker for lower levels there are better ones later on so make sure to switch to well paid ones. Slow experience gains also are not worth it.


Levels 54+ Mithril Dart Tips

If you have the Tourist Trap quest completed you can start crafting Mithril Dart Tips from Mithril Bars at level 54. Although this method gives less profit than cannonballs it provides better experience rates. The most important part is that you can semi AFK while creating Mithril Dart Tips so it might be a good thing to do while doing other stuff on the computer.


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Levels 15+ Blast Furnace

Although there was Blast Furnace before in this guide this method involves different types of ores than gold. By using other types of ores player won’t receive a bonus from Goldsmith Gauntlets but it is worth noting that other ores are thanks to that fact much more profitable.


Blast Furnace can be used at level 15 while making Iron Bars the thing to keep in mind is that it requires completion of the Giant Dwarf quest which also requires 12 Crafting, 16 Firemaking, 33 Magic and 14 Thieving.

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