OSRS Fishing guide - level up as an Angler in OldSchool RuneScape!

OSRS Fishing guide
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OSRS Fishing Guide - About Fishing skill

Fishing is a gathering skill in RuneScape which allows players to catch various types of seafood with different methods. During the gameplay, players can catch fish with nets, rods, harpoons, cages, bare hands, and other methods. This skill is one of the most liked by the RuneScape community since it is the easiest and can be done while semi afk. It is also worth noting that Fishing is always profitable.

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Let's get OSRS Fishing Guide little bit detailed. There are various methods of leveling Fishing skill. Some of them are focused on getting to level 99 Fishing as fast as possible while others put emphasis on money making aspect. In this guide, you will find out about all of them which will allow you to choose one that you like the most.


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Tips for fishing leveling

-While training Fishing you can also level up your Agility. During Barbarian Fishing you gain experience in both of these skills which makes it an amazing leveling method.

-Equipping Dragon Harpoon during catching sharks or swordfish can boost up your catch rate by an additional 20%

-Upgrading Dragon to Infernal Harpoon with smoldering stone will additionally give you 33% chance to cook a fish upon catching

-If your goal is only 99 and not max exp it is not worth getting Angler Outfit as it takes too long time for the reward being that small


Fishing on f2p (free to play) 

If you don’t have RuneScape membership you can level your Fishing skill in these spots.

Levels 1-20

Shrimps and Anchovies in Lumbridge with small fishing net.


Levels 20-99

Trout and Salmon with Fly Fishing Rod and feathers. Recommended location is Barbarian Village.


Levels 40-99

From level 40 you start catching Lobsters with Lobster Pot at Musa Point (Karamja).


Levels 35-99

Tuna and Swordfish with Harpoon at Musa Point port. This is the best f2p spot for fishing training.

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Best way to reach 99 on p2p (members only)

Levels 1-24 Sea Slug Quest

Although this quest requires 30 Firemaking it is still faster to train this skill than to level fishing from nothing. If you complete the Sea Slug quest it will get you quick from 1 to 24 Fishing in just a few minutes (or around an hour if you are starting from 1st Firemaking level). That being said it is the fastest method in the beginning.


Levels 24-58 Fly fishing

After you are finished with Sea Slug you can go fly fishing in Barbarian Village or Lumbridge. This method requires Fly Fishing Rod and feathers. Alternatively, to this method, you can catch normal fishes in Lumbridge near the castle. Same as before you are going to be dropping all catched fish.


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Levels 58-99 Barbarian Fishing

On these levels you want to catch your first member only fish. It is recommended to head to Otto’s Grotto where you can catch Leaping fish (eg. Leaping Sturgeon, Leapin Salmon, Leaping Trout). You can get there by using games necklace, teleporting to Barbarian Assault minigame and running south west from there. This is the most efficient and best method to max your fishing level in the shortest amount of time possible. This is the best spot in general as it provides best experience per hour for your Fishing xp. ratio To start Barbarian training you need to talk to Otto and click search  option under his bed where you can find necessary tools - Heavy Fishing Rod also called Barbarian Rod. You will also need to bring some feathers and fishing bait as one of those is needed. Apart from leveling Fishing you will also earn some Strength and Agility xp. Keep in mind that it is a spot where you drop the fish from your inventory. There is no place for banking nearby.


Making money on fishing

Fishing is a gathering skill and because of that players will gain items during training which will allow them to make gold off it. This skill can be very profitable especially when combined with cooking which will additionally boost gold made.



At 62 level of Fishing, player can catch one of the favorite consumables in RuneScape. Monkfish can be caught with a small fishing net in Piscatoris fishing colony. The best way to get there involves usage of Fairy Rings (code AKQ). As this fish is used by many during cooking training and as a food for fights it is selling easily  on Grand Exchange and is very profitable. It is also great in terms of experience per hour at higher levels. There is only one downside - completion of Swan Song quest is required to fish there.



You can find those in a fishing guild, Jatizso, and Catherby. To catch Raw Shark all you need is a harpoon. Although they are slower to catch and aren't as profitable as monkfish they can be a nice alternative to those who are bored by previous locations.



These fish can be really nice in terms of money made but where they lack is an experience made on a catch. They aren’t as easy to get and they don’t provide good enough rewards to be worth leveling on. You can find them in Piscarilius House Fishing Spot if you have 100% favor. You will need a small fishing rod and sandworms to start fishing.



Catching those can be nice in both money making and leveling. If you want steady method that will provide you with both Minnows are for you. You can catch those from 82 level of Fishing with a small fishing net. The only downside is that you are required to wear full Angler Outfit to catch those.


Dark Crabs

Similarly to Minnows - Dark Crabs are pretty good money maker with a decent profit in terms of experience. There is also a downside - these fish can be only caught in the Wilderness which involves a risk factor. If you want method similar to Minnows but without Angler outfit - this method may be just for you.



At level 65 after completing the only requirement Tai Bwo Wannai trio quest players can catch Karambwan. If what you desire is best money making method while sacrificing experience made - this one is for you. You can make there even more money than on Monkfish since this place is better for that. Karambwan provide amazing gold ratio during training but also are very bad in terms of leveling. To catch them you need Karambwan vessel and Raw Karambwanji bait. The best way of getting to their location is with Fairy Ring teleportation code CKR. After getting there just run North-East until you find the spot.


Quests that you can complete to gain additional Fishing experience

Sea Slug

Level 1


Fremennik Trials

Level 1


Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

Level 5


Fishing Contest

Level 10


Rum Deal

Level 50


Hero Quest

Level 53


Swan Song

Level 62


It is worth noting that since all quests give similar experience in Fishing it might be best to finish them as early as possible to see the difference. On lower levels, one quest can get us through several levels while on higher it won’t even give one.


Fishing guild

This is a members only area located east of Ardougne. To enter players need to have 68 Fishing level (which can be boosted from 63). This is one of the most popular fishing locations as all of the fishing spots are close to the bank. While inside fishing guild players will receive +7 levels to the fishing which will allow them to catch fish at faster rates but will not allow catching fish above their base level.


In the fishing guild, we can find various items that can help during training. There are free spawns with rods, nets, cages, and harpoons as well as a cooking range for those who want to make their food. In the guild, you will also find a fishing store with bait and feathers supply. You can sell your cooked and uncooked fish to Roachey running Fishing Guild shop. Due to the distance between the bank and fishing spots this place is excellent for those who want to train on Sharks, Lobsters, Tunas and Swordfish.


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In the northern platform, players can also find an NPC Kylie Minnow. If you are wearing full Angler outfit, have at least 82 fishing and completed Fishing Contest quest she can transport you to Minnow catching platform. In this area, you can catch Minnow from one of the four spots which later can be exchanged for Raw Sharks in 40:1 ratio.

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3 tick fishing method

If you want to maximize your experience gains during Fishing you can use this method. Manipulating ticks within the game by stopping certain animations and resuming them at the right time can make your skill and earn xp faster. This will allow you to gain additional fish while training which will make your leveling process faster. To start 3 tick Fishing you need few items: clean herb, swamp tar, and a pestle. By starting pestle animation and then stopping it with clicking on a fish spot you can catch fish more often. This is a completely safe method allowed by Jagex so you don’t have to fear about getting banned. As these tricks are not an easy thing to do or to explain you should find video guides on how to do this. If you are above 70 fishing you should really consider using this power move for better Fishing experience.


We hope that our 1 99 Osrs Fishing guide will help you achieve 99. If it did make sure to leave a comment below. As we value your feedback you can freely speak up your mind :)


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