OSRS Quest Guide - Why it is worth it to do quests?

OSRS Quest Guide
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Welcome to MMOAuctions’ guide to Old School RuneScape quests where you will learn about missions assigned from NPCs around Gielinor. If you ever wondered which one of them are free and which members only. Which may be or may be not worth doing, or what are the benefits of completing certain ones then you are in the right place. Below, we will guide you through quests topic and you will quickly find out that even if there are so many of them - they can all be easily completed. To not make things any more complicated let's start our guide.

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What are the quests and what is the goal of completing them?

Quests as previously mentioned are missions assigned by non player characters (NPC) in the game which usually involve going to certain places, doing various tasks and sometimes defeating a story antagonists. In RuneScape, quests aren't linear which means that every single mission if different than the other. Because of that they are not a tedious task like in other games but an interesting adventures which solved alone give a sense of achievement. Quests in Old School RuneScape are often “gates” which block the players from accessing certain areas, NPCs or even items. Completing those might unlock an amazing hunting ground with your favourite mobs, ability to wear higher tier armors or even teach you how to use certain spells.

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Starting locations of quests are marked by a blue star on the minimap. Additionally, players can check basic hints on quest locations and on how to complete them in the Quest Journal which is implemented into interface. Finishing a quest, aside from special rewards mentioned before usually grants player some quest points, experience in certain skills and sometimes items. Currently, there are around 150 quests in Old School RuneScape but only 20 of them are available for free to play adventurers.

Quest Journal

By opening Quest Journal, in the game you will gain access to the list of missions both available and those that were previously completed. It is an easy way of tracking which of them you still have to complete. By choosing one of them, a window will open with clues of how to complete a next step that might lead you to finish your task.

By scrolling through Journal, you will notice that there are few difficulties of quests : Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, Master and Grandmaster. Quests like Cook's Assistant, Rune Mysteries, Ernest the Chicken, Dwarf Cannon, Vampire Slayer, Restless Ghost or Recruitment Drive are marked as Novice because they don't have almost any requirements for completion. Adventurers, who want to finish them don't need to level up many skills and usually aren't challenged by difficult tasks. On the other side quests from higher difficulty like Enlightened Journey (Intermediate), Lost City (Experienced), Dream Mentor (Master) or Recipe for Disaster (Grandmaster) will require from players certain levels in some of the skills as well as a few special items and high enough combat level to deal with threats.

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Types of quests

Regular quests - Those are just normal quests which tell a short story and are unrelated to other quests.

Quest series - They are very common in RuneScape as many quests relate to each other. They are chained by the same story line with the same characters and usually completion of one is a requirement to begin another. There are also situations when one quest is connected to many others at the same time which all end their stories at the end of the final quest. Majority of those quests revolve around one big area or a continents where finishing the quest opens the gates to the bigger area.

Subquests - are a small part of bigger quest. They might reward player with additional quest points and rewards. Subquests are usually much shorter and have no additional requirements besides those involved in the main quest.

Miniquest - Very short stories that can be used by Jagex to connect stories from another quests or just as a quick standalone missions.

Skill requirements

Most of the requirements ask from players character to reach a certain level in some of the skills before he can start his journey with the mission. Although reaching these milestones is necessary, it can also be bypassed by using certain items that boost statistics like summer pie which gives +5 bonus to Agility. Below you can find what levels are required to train in each of the skills to complete all of the quests.

  • Attack 40 / Hitpoints 50 / Strength 50

  • Mining 72 / Smithing 70 / Crafting 70

  • Agility 68 / Fishing 62 / Herblore 57

  • Defence 65 / Ranged 60 / Prayer 50

  • Thieving 60 / Cooking 70 / Firemaking 66

  • Magic 75 / Fletching 50 / Woodcutting 71

  • Runecrafting 50 / Slayer 69 / Farming 49

  • Construction 50 / Hunter 60 / Quest Points 200


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Essential quests to complete in OSRS

  • Dragon Slayer - Although there are no notable rewards for this quest it is the hardest mission for free to play players and an iconic one for RuneScape. Without a doubt this mission should be completed as soon as possible.

  • Dwarf Cannon - Cannons / Making Cannonballs: Extremely useful in almost all of the fights. Cannon fires special ammunition which can damage opponent without a player involvement. This basically means that you have a companion which helps in your battles against enemies - all you have to do is to place it on the ground. Additionally crafting cannonballs can be a nice early game gold maker.

  • Ghost Ahoy - Ectophial: Useful item to get out of tough situations since it instantly teleports user to Ectofuntus. Additionally, can be used to make prayer training in this place faster.Medium length of quest.

  • Fairytale Part 1 and 2 - Access to Fairy Ring teleportation system: Necessary when getting to certain places around Gielinor and also very convenient for transportation purposes.

  • Druidic Ritual - Herblore - Has to be completed in order to start training this skill

  • Rune Mysteries - Runecrafting - Has to be completed in order to start training this skill. Can be started in Varrock.

  • Plague City - Ardougne Teleport - Unlocking teleports always makes life more convenient. Although this one is not necessary (you can get tardy quickly by using Skills Necklace and teleporting to Fishing Guild) it is handy.

  • Animal Magnetism - Ava's Device - Must-have for all ranged users. Gives players a chance to not waste ammunition while shooting.

  • Shilo Village - Access to the village which holds gem rocks (great for mining leveling and money making) and NPC Duradel which is late game Slayer master.

  • Gnome quest series - Spirit tree transportation system - Gives players access to quick  teleports to various places like Grand Exchange.

  • Troll Stronghold - God Wars dungeon - Very important dungeon with bosses that can grant you a nice profit.

  • Desert Treasure - Located south of Lumbridge in Al Kharid. Unlocks Ancient Spellbook which gives access to blood, ice, shadow and smoke spells which are very useful in many situations but most importantly allow player to start bursting which is one of the quickest ways of reaching 99 Magic.

  • Lunar Diplomacy - Lunar Spellbook - Some useful spells for all types of situations from PvP through normal daily tasks to questing.

  • Dream Mentor - Additional spells for Lunar Spellbook - not necessary but quite useful

  • Kings Ransom - Chivalry and Piety prayers which combine bonuses to three statistics: Defence, Strength and Attack.

  • Monkey Madness 1 and 2 - Access to bursting caves which is the best place to reach level 99 in Magic and Ranged. By using Chinchompas or Ice Barrage players training there are able to damage multiple monsters at the same time which rewards highest amounts of exp in the game.

  • My Arm's Big Adventure - Additional disease free herb patch - very useful for herblore or money making.

  • Recipe for Disaster - Access to Barrows Gloves / Dwarven Rock Cake and Spicy Stews - Barrows Gloves are best in slot for both melee and ranged players. Dwarven Rock Cake is very useful in situations where you want to be as low hp as possible - for example in Nightmare Zone. Spicy Stew improves various stats by +5 while decreasing others by 5 levels for a short duration.

  • Slug Menace - Proselyte set which gives best prayer bonus in the game - can be useful on Slayer tasks.

  • Fremennik Isles - Helm of Neitiznot - Very good helmet with good defensive stats. As this piece of gear is very easily obtainable and does not degrade it is one of the most used helmets in the game.


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Quest Point Cape

By completing all of the quests available in the game players are rewarded with Quest Point Cape (also referred to as QPC). As the piece of armor, the cape has +9 bonus to all defensive styles. The trimmed version also has +4 Prayer bonus. This item has an ability to teleport wearer directly to the Legends Guild gates which is very convenient for those who want to use Fairy Ring transportation system. 

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Additionally players who manage to obtain this cape while playing can buy dreams at a lower price in the Nightmare Zone and perform a special emote celebrating users great achievement. Even though it is one of the hardest capes to obtain in the Old School RuneScape, the trimmed version of it is even harder to acquire.

To trim a Quest Cape player have to complete all of the Achievement Diaries which makes it extremely time consuming task. It is also worth mentioning that when new quest comes into the game players who want to use the cape have to complete it (even if they acquired cape beforehand). This piece of equipment will hide and can be retrieved from NPC Wise Old Man in Draynor Village.


If you have enjoyed this Old School RuneScape content then you might want to check out our other articles created by our community which you can easily find at MMOAuctions blog page. More detailed guides about the game can be found at Old School RuneScape Wiki. Those of you who have questions and concerns are welcome to write on our live chat where are waiting 24/7 to help you with your troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What members quests should i do first in OSRS?

You should aim to complete Fairytale Part 1 and 2 to gain access to Fairy Ring teleportation system. Animal Magnetism for Ava's Device, Gnome quests for Spirit Tree teleports and quests that can reward you with spells, prayers and town teleports.

  • What Quest gives the most quest points in OSRS?

Without a doubt, Recipe for Disaster - the longest and hardest quest in RuneScape. It awards 10 quest points for those who manage to complete it. Additionally Merlin's Crystal rewards 6 points and is much easier to complete.

  • How many quests are in Old School RuneScape?

Over 140 quests are available.

  • What are quest points for in RuneScape?

They are required to start certain minigames (like Tears of Guthix) and certain quests (Dragon Slayer II requires 200 quest points).

  • Are treasure trails count as quests?

Treasure trails do count as a minigame not as a quest since they can be repeated.

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