OSRS Herblore guide - Fastest ways of leveling in OldSchool!

OSRS Herblore guide
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About OSRS Herblore skill

In RuneScape, Herblore skill is responsible for creating potions and cleaning various herbs. As it is members skill (p2p) it is not available to free to play (f2p) players. Potions are usually created by adding various ingredients which can be looted or bought from Grand Exchange,  to the vial containing water. It is a processing skill which means that there are two ways of training herblore - slower but profitable and faster but expensive. In this 1-99 OSRS Herblore guide, you will find the best ways to train and most efficient methods to level up.

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There are a few Quests that you can complete while leveling your Herblore to boost your experience without a need to do potions and cleaning herbs. There is also one quest that you have to complete in order to start leveling Herblore. Those quests are Druidic Ritual (required), Jungle Potion, Recruitment Drive and the Digsite. Completing all four should get you straight to level 19 which is a great way of leveling early on. Keep in mind that the last 2 quests have additional requirements so you need to check if you can complete them beforehand.


Amulet of Chemistry

Before moving to leveling guide one item worth mentioning is Amulet of Chemistry. While wearing this amulet if you make potions you have a 5% chance to make a 4-dose one. This will not change experience rates of your leveling but is worth considering since it can save you a lot of money in the long run.


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Route to 99

Levels 1-3 Jungle Potion

As mentioned before. If you want to level up Herblore you need to complete this quest. It will take you straight from level 1 to level 3.


Levels 3-5 Attack Potions

To start off you need to make 6 Attack potions. Just simply buy 6 Guam Potions and 6 Eye of Newt and add Eyes to the vials to create potions.


Levels 5-12 Anti Poisons

Only 32 potions are needed. Mix up Marrentill Potions with Ground Unicorn Horns dusts to level up.


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Levels 12-26 Strength Potions

By adding Limpwurt Roots to the Tarromin Potions you can make Strength Potions. You will need to make 144 of them to get to the next part. It is worth noting that these potions might come out expensive as Limpwurt Roots are kind of costly. If you don’t have enough money to do this method stick to Anti Poisons to 26 level.


Levels 26-38 Energy Potions

You can make those by adding Chocolate Dust to Harralander Potion. 332 potions need to be finished to get level 38.


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Levels 38+ Prayer Potions

At level 38 you unlock the ability to make Prayer Potions. Those can be made by adding Snape Grass to the Ranarr Potion. Many players who want to conserve money use this method to reach level 99 but if you want to achieve maximum experience without looking at the cost, you should make only 356 potions which will get you to 45 level.


Levels 45-48 Super Attack Potions

Between these levels you will need to make 216 Super Attacks by adding Eye of Newt to Irit Potions.


Levels 48-52 Super Anti-Poison

Mixing Ground Unicorn Horn dust to the Irit potions will result in Super Anti-Poison. You will need 203 of those to reach 52.


Levels 52-55 Super Energy Potions

Add Mort Myre Fungus to the Avantoe potion to receive Super Energy Potion. Craft 366 to get from level 52 to 55.


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Levels 55-63 Super Strength Potions

Kwuarm Potion mixed with Limpwurt Root gives Super Strength Potions so you need to make 1616 of them to level up to 63. This method might come costly so if you like to level up a bit cheaper stick to Super Energy to level 63.


Levels 63+ Super Restore Potions

At level 63 you can add Red Spider Eggs to the Snapdragon Potions to create Super Restores. This is another very efficient method of reaching 99 so if you want to conserve your money you can do these potions until max. If you are looking to maximize experience gains you will have to move to more expensive methods. 2102 potions will be necessary to get to level 69.


Levels 69-72 Antifire Potions

Mix Dragon Scale Dust with Lantadyme Potions to get Antifires. Make 1468 of them to get to 72 for the next step.


Levels 72-81 Ranging Potions

7961 Ranking Potions is what you need to make in this level bracket. To do so add Wine of Zamorak to Dwarf Weed Potions.


Levels 81+ Saradomin Brews

Finally reaching last point of our Herblore guide you will be making Saradomin Brews by mixing crushed nests into Toadflax Potions. You will need 60232 completed potions to reach 99.


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Cleaning herbs

If you want to make money while training your Herblore skill you might want to start cleaning herbs. Although this doesn’t give too much experience per hour it is a nice way to make some profit while standing in one place. Before you begin cleaning check out market prices for various herbs as different herbs may be profitable to clean at different times. By choosing the best one to clean you should be able to make around 400k gold per hour. Herblore experience that comes from it isn’t as great as while making potions but is always a nice addition to your level.


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Making unfinished potions

By adding various leaves to the Vial of Water you can make unfinished potions. Those are not drinkable and require one more item to be added to finish them. Players who want to powerlevel Herblore will buy them to speed up leveling process. Usually they are more profitable than cleaning herbs but Herblore experience that they award is close to none. As with cleaning herbs - with this method you want to check ingredients prices before making them to see which one is most profitable.


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