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osrs construction guide
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OSRS Construction Guide - About Construction skill

OSRS Construction Guide

Construction is a members-only skill (not for f2p) which allows players to create their own houses and to make furniture for them. Similarly to Crafting, Construction training consumes a lot of resources in the leveling process which makes it expensive skill to train. It is also a skill often trained on mobile since it does require clicking often on same spot of the screen. If you are new to this skill and you are wondering on how to begin this guide will help you through it. You can find best ways to train in this 1-99 OSRS Construction guide.

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Construction skill training revolves mainly around building various items from wood in POH (Player Owned House) just to remove them to repeat the process. After constructing an element player is rewarded with experience points depending on what he made. Buildings can only be created in special places inside the house highlighted by a white shadow. As the price of materials required is quite high - Construction is one of the most expensive skills in the game. You should always pick materials based on how much you want to spend while training this skill.


Construction is one of the most useful skills in OSRS but also the most expensive. Training all the way to 99 can cost you hundreds of millions. Get OSRS Gold at MMOAuctions and make sure that you have enough to max it out!

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Why you should level Construction skill

Leveling your Construction skill might be one of the most useful activities in RuneScape. Unlocking higher levels come with a lot of perks that can save you money and time. Most important ones are :


Level 40+

Lecterns - These are extremely useful for gold making. Lecterns allow you to put various spells like Teleport to Varrock or Bones To Peaches on tablets. Those can be later used or sold for gold. Since casting various spells requires runes having a tablet that uses only one inventory slots might be very handy.


Level 47

Mounted Glory - This is basically everlasting Amulet of Glory glued to the wall of your house. Every higher level OSRS player knows how important it is to have Amulet of Glory charges and how much it costs to buy those amulets over and over again. If you are money making then start from not wasting money and getting one of those.


Level 50

Portal Chamber - This one is very handy as you can put in your house teleports from various spellbooks (regular, Lunar and Ancient) and have them all in one place. Since you are going to have so many useful portals at your house all you need to carry with you will be House Teleport Tablet.


Level 55

Armour Stand - Unlike its name suggests Armour Stands aren’t used only as a decoration. This is a place where you can repair your Barrows equipment so it is a necessity to have one if you are using Barrows sets.


Level 65+

Restoration Pools - These are extremely useful since they can recharge you running points, drained stats and even recover your health - although for that you will need 90 Construction.


Level 75

Gilded Altar - You can have best prayer training method right at your own house. After you build Gilded Altar and light 2 candles on the edges of it every bone sacrificed there will reward you with 350% of normal prayer experience. This is extremely useful for prayer training. Although you can access these altars in other player houses it is always more convenient to have it at your own.

Level 75+

Superior Garden - Another very useful thing in terms of transportation to have in your house. At level 75 Construction with 83 Farming players can put Spirit Tree in house. Additionally at 85 Construction Fairy Ring can be built. If you want to have both at the same spot 95 Construction and 83 Farming will be necessary.


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Level 80

Cape Hanger - Although this item might seem useless in fact it can be quite useful. Putting skill capes that offer teleportation (like Crafting one) on Cape Hanger will give you additional teleports in your house within the reach of a single right click.


Level 90+

Occult Altar - Occult Altar lets players change spellbooks with one click. You can choose from every magic type that you have unlocked. This is very handy as changing it with a regular method takes some time. Alternatively, you can build small altars at level 80 which will let you change into only one magic type.

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Level 91

Ornate Jewellery Box - Another teleportation tool that contains items such as Duel Ring, Games Necklace, Combat Bracelet, Skills Necklace, Amulet of Glory and Ring of Wealth and all of the teleports provided by them. This is a big money saver but it requires very high Construction level to be built.


Level 80

Mounted Coins - Apart from being quite hilarious this one is almost completely useless. If you are willing to spend 100mil gold you can have it showcased in your POH. There is only one downside to owning this item - you have to lose 100mil gold in order to build it.


Creating first house

To start training Construction you will need to own a house. To purchase a house visit Estate Agent NPC in one of the major cities. For a small fee of 1000 gold he will sell you rights to house in Rimmington. After getting higher levels of Construction for a small payment you can move this house to other places. There are currently seven locations where players can put their house : Rimmington, Taverley, Pollnivneach, Great Kourend, Rellekka, Brimhaven and Yanille. Last location is unlocked at level 50 Crafting and costs 25k gold while others are cheaper.


After moving to your first own place you will notice that there is only a one small room and a garden. To extend amount of space in your house you can add more rooms and other areas. To do so go into house options in options menu and turn on build mode. Now you can create new objects and rooms in your house.

Hiring a servant

Butlers are NPCs found in servants guild located in east Ardougne that can be hired to help player train Construction skill as well as with other things in POH. You can hire one of five different servants desired, based on your current construction level. Rick requires 20 in Construction, Maid 25, Cook 30, Butler 40 and Demon Butler 50. You are also required to have two bedrooms in order to buy a servant. Those helpers can do various things for you like bringing supplies from your bank, unnoting items, taking logs to the sawmill or following you around the house. Using Butler services costs money but will increase xp gains. You can also use a help of your friends to bring you what you need but make sure to pay them for their assistance.


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THE Fastest route to 99

Level 1 to 33


Items : Saw, Hammer, Around 500 steel nails recommended, minimum 166 planks, ~480 oak planks

When you are finished with getting your first house you can move in and start working on furniture. To start of take planks and nails and start making Crude Wooden Chairs. After you have done 14 of them start making 46 regular ones. When that’s done as well you can make 73 Oak Chairs and 102 Oak Armchairs. This will get you to level 33 in under an hour but for all resources you will need to spend around 200k gold. There aren't many quests with low requirements that can get you started with Construction but you can finish Tower of Life after level 10 Construction for some easy 1k exp.


Levels 33-52

Oak Larders

Items : 1800 planks

In this level gap Oak Larders are in general most efficient ones. Around 1800 planks are a for this step which will cost you somewhere under 1mil. Although it might sound like a lot there are no better methods of leveling at this stage. You will need kitchen in your POH to build this object.


Level 52 99

Mahogany Tables

Items : 92,200 Mahogany planks

These are one of the fastest when it comes down to reaching 99. Creating Mahogany Tables require 20 hours of work while costing around 200mil as one table is made from 6 mahogany planks. If you are not willing to spend that much on getting Construction to 99 you can find below other ways of getting to max but keep in mind that they wont be faster than this one.

Levels 66-99

Teak Benches

Items : 140 k Teak planks

This is an alternative option of reaching 99 Construction that we can recommend. You can level up creating Teak Benches which is a very click intensive method since almost at the same time you can create one bench and destroy other. Doing this method is almost two times cheaper than Mahogany Tables whilst speed of leveling is not much lower. If you are not against methods that require you to  be constantly clicking - this one might add some variaty to your training.


Cheaper method

If you don’t want to spend over 200mil getting to max Construction we have a good news for you. It is possible to achieve 99 in this skill while spending less than 100mil. Although it is still great amount there are no better alternatives to this right now. If you want to go with this route start of just as in guide above but stop at level 47. From this point you can make Mythical Cape Racks. This method is not only much cheaper than previous ones but is also decent in terms of experience gained. Training from 47 to 99 should take around 50 hours. While you add Mythical Cape to your rack on the wall you gain experience and upon destroying it your cape goes back to inventory. Buying around 106k Teak planks will be needed to max with this method. There is only one requirement if you want to use it - you need to complete Dragon Slayer II quest.

Those of you who have liked content of this OSRS Construction guide can help us improve by adding a comment below. We value all feedback that we get.

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