OSRS Crafting guide - Fastest ways of leveling in OldSchool!

OSRS Crafting Guide
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OSRS Crafting Guide - About Crafting skill

osrs crafting guide

OSRS Crafting is one of those skills in RuneScape that can either be profitable making you nice money during training or a big money waster which will make your bank empty. As with other artisan professions you will have to choose if you want to achieve higher levels as fast as possible or if you want to steadily gain experience with cheapest routes. Whether you choose first option or the second one you will find out in this 1 99 Crafting guide what are the best ways of doing them.

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There are currently over 25 quests in Old School RuneScape that reward players with crafting experience. Since amount of experience gained upon finishing quest does not scale with level they should be completed as soon as possible. On lower levels amount of exp gained will be much easier visible since it can grant even few levels. The best example would be Goblin Diplomacy quest which can take less than a minute and rewards Crafting xp, Sheep Shearer, Misthalin Mystery quest as well as Fremennik Trails which is great for more advanced players.

Training crafting can be divided into few categories depending on what type of item you want to process.


Crafting is a very fast skill to train but only when you can afford Uncut Gems.

Make sure you have enough OSRS Gold for your way to 99 Crafting.

Leather items 1+ Levels

Leather items

Crafting these items at low levels can be good for quick experience although you have to keep in mind that this is  going to be a costly method for novice players that does require some funds.

Leather gloves

Level 1

Leather boots

Level 7

Leather cowl

Level 9

Leather vambraces

Level 11

Leather body

Level 14

Leather chaps

Level 18

Leather coif

Level 38

Hard leather bodies

Level 28


Gold bracelets 7+ Levels

Gold bracelets

After Level 7 players can start buying gold bar to create gold bracelet. Best locations for furnace would be Edgeville near bank (you can teleport there by using Amulet of Glory) and Varrock. Since it is a profitable method it can be done up to 99 levels. After finishing bracelets they should be sold to the general store or high alchemized for both money and magic experience.


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Uncut gems 20+ Levels

Uncut gems

This is the most common and also the most expensive way of training crafting for both f2p and p2p. Since it gives best experience rates up to level 77 and can be done semi-afk without moving - gem prices are very high. To cut gemstones all you need is chisel and uncut version of the gem you want to get.


Level 20


Level 27


Level 34


Level 43


Level 55

It is also worth mentioning that highest level gems while giving more experience will also cost more. If you want to get levels without spending too much but still using this method use Uncut Sapphires. We recommend Rubies, Diamonds and Dragonstones only if you want to earn best experience ratios and reach high levels faster, while spending a lot of coins. Whether you choose cheaper or more expensive stones keep in mind that this method requires ton of gold.


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Molten Glass 1+ Levels

Molten Glass

Blowing Molten Glass using Glassblowing pipe can be a nice alternative method for members to level up from level 1 up to 99. It rewards decent experience rates each hour while not being too costly. This is an amazing method for those who want easy exp income without spending too much on costs. It is also a semi-afk method like cutting gems which is a great addition.

Beer glass

Level 1

Empty Candle Lamp

Level 4

Empty Oil Lamp

Level 12


Level 33

Empty Fishbowl

Level 42

Unpowered Orb

Level 46

Lantern Lens

Level 49

Empty Light Orb

Level 87


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Battlestaves 54+ Levels


Crafting those provides better experience rates than Molten Glass while also being similarly cheap at price. After level 54 it might be one of the best methods in terms of efficiency. Unlike cutting gems higher level staves will provide better gold/exp ratio than lower level ones.

Water Battlestaff

Level 54

Earth Battlestaff

Level 58

Fire Battlestaff

Level 62

Air Battlestaff

Level 66


Dragonhides 63+ Levels


One of the most iconic ways of training crafting is crafting dragon hide bodies. This method provides best experience rates after level 77 when the player unlocks the ability to craft Red D’hide Body. In levels before that, it is possible to make green and blue d’hides but they aren’t worth doing more than Battlestaves. If you want to train using this method keep in mind that while giving more experience it will also cost significantly more. Remember that Needle and Thread are needed in order to craft in leathers.

Green d’hide body

Level 63

Blue d’hide body

Level 71

Red d’hide body

Level 77

Black d’hide body

Level 84


Recommended leveling route

Levels 1-54

Cutting Gems

Cutting Gems

To start off crafting players should gather some gold beforehand. At the 1st level the best way to start Crafting is with uncut Opals. These gemstones are free to play money making crafting method at higher levels. Since we are just beginning our journey with Crafting skill on the way to 20 Level we will crush some of the Gems while chiseling them. In the end, we won’t be able to make money off it as such low levels but loss margins won’t be high either. Because of that uncut opals are the best way of achieving level 20.


Past level 20 we unlock the option to start cutting Sapphires. These rocks provide an amazing experience and getting to level 27 with them will take only around 100 stones. Since they are very expensive they should not be used past this level.


Our last stop at the gemstone journey is with Uncut Emeralds. These are significantly cheaper than their blue counterparts while providing more experience. Because of that training between 27 and 54 levels should be done with cutting Uncut Emeralds.


If you don’t have money to buy either Sapphires or Emeralds achieving level 54 can be done with Uncut Opals which won’t make you lose money and even might help you make a small profit. Keep in mind that using Opals will be few times slower than using other gemstones.


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Levels 54-66

Water and Earth Battlestaves

Water and Earth Battlestaves

After hitting level 54 player unlocks ability to craft Battlestaves. From 54 to 58 Water Battlestaves should be made which generates amazing experience at moderate cost. After 58 players can make Earth Battlestaves or Green d’hide bodies - depending on which of these methods is cheaper during training. Both methods provide good experience and can get to level 66 when last type of Battlestaff can be created. Elemental Staves are created by simply adding orbs created with crafting and imbued with Magic onto regular staff.


Levels 66+

Air Battlestaves

Air Battlestaves

This is the best kind of battlestaff that can be crafted in RuneScape since it provides amazing experience while being extremely cheap compared to other methods. As it is such a great way of training players can level with it to 99.


Levels 71+

Dragonhide Bodies

Dragonhide Bodies

From level 71 players can craft green Dragonhide Bodies from green dragonhide leather. These provide greatest amounts of crafting experience but because of that they are also most expensive from all of the methods. If you are willing to spend a lot of money on materials to achieve level 99 as fast as possible you should make blue d hide bodies from 71 to 77, red from 77 to 84 and black d hide bodies between 84 99.


Crafting guild

Upon achieving level 40 players can finally visit Crafting Guild south-west of Falador. Wearing either brown or golden apron is required to enter. If player is at maximum level and wears Crafting Cape it is no longer necessary.


There are numerous useful things in this area that players can utilize to train crafting. Inside the building there are pottery wheels and pottery oven. Many items like chisels, hammers, moulds, pots and other can be found scattered around the house. There is also access to special mine where players can find gold, silver and clay rocks. Outside of the building there are cows which leathers can be tanned by NPC inside the guild.  The most important part of the house is bank which is the closest bank to access from teleport location (when teleporting with Crafting Cape).

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We hope that you have liked our 1-99 Osrs Crafting guide. If you did make sure to leave a comment below. 

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