OSRS Achievement Diary Rewards - Best prizes for simple tasks

OSRS Achievement Diary Rewards
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Welcome to our OldSchool RuneScape Achievement Diary Rewards guide, where you can read about this topic and find out which Diaries are most important to complete. If you want to know what are the benefits of completing achievements and how you should progress through them, then you are in the right place.

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Achievement diary overview

In OldSchool RuneScape, just like in other MMO titles, you can find achievements. They provide trophies that come in various forms like an item, title, or a notification that you can get by completing various activities that are notable. For example, for defeating a boss who was conquered only by a small number of players, you might get one.

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In addition to that, in OSRS, there is a unique Achievement Diary, which is a book that collects all of your significant achievements in one place. Furthermore, they are also split into specific areas where you can obtain them. For example, completing challenges around Varrock will result in filling Varrock Diary. 

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For finishing Diaries, players are rewarded with exclusive sets and items only available from those activities. Currently, there are twelve diaries available for OSRS players, which are Ardougne, Desert, Falador, Fremennik, Kandarian, Karamja, Kourend & Kebos, Lumbridge & Draynor, Morytania, Varrock, Western Provinces, and the Wilderness Diary.

Achievement diaries are split into four categories based on the difficulty - easy, medium, hard, elite. The first ones are usually very easy and often don't take much time or effort. They also do not require skills above level 40. Medium tasks are most of the times similarly easy, even though they may require some skills to be level 65. Hard ones, as the name states, are more demanding and require specific skills to be around level 75. Elite tasks are for real endgame players because they might ask for level 90 in some of the skills. Even though completing elite tasks usually takes some time and might require certain levels in various skills, they also reward players with the best treasures. By completing every Achievement Diaries, players gain access to Cyan trim for Quest Point Cape and can buy unique Achievement Diary Cape.

Achievement Diary Cape

The Cape is obtained with Achievement Diary Hood from Twiggy O'Korn located in Draynor Village, south of the bank. He sells it for 99k GP exclusively to players who have all Diaries completed. It is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult items to obtain in the game since it requires not only very high skill levels but also the completion of various tasks that often involve elaborate quests. Achievement Diary Cape becomes trimmed after completion of all quests, which makes the trimmed version even harder to obtain. Much like Quest Point Cape, this item loses its trimming when a new quest comes out. It is only trimmed when all of the quests available in the game are completed. Thus, every new mission has to be completed, as well.

Both trimmed and untrimmed versions of this cape have +9 bonus to all defensive stats and +4 bonus to Prayer skill, which makes it best in slot untrimmed cape for Prayer. Achievement Diary Cape also has ten daily teleport charges to any Achievement Diary Master, which makes it a fantastic transportation item.

Diaries f2p (for free to play players)

Although some of the achievements do take place in Draynor Village, Varrock, Lumbridge, and other free to play locations, Achievement Diaries are not available for non-members players. Therefore even doing correct actions will not give the respective rewards to the f2p player. Even though there have been many rumors about making some new Diaries exclusively for free players, there is no proof from Jagex.


Achievement Diary rewards list

Those who manage to finish challenges from one of the difficulties in one of the areas will be rewarded with various items and benefits. Completing one of the Diaries might result in unlocking new areas, additional teleports, special cloaks, or even experience lamps, which can be used to improve the skills of player choosing. You can find the most notable of the rewards available in this activity below.


  • Ardougne Diary

Main reward: Ardougne Cloak 4 - On the last level, which is rewarded for Elite Ardougne Diary - Ardougne Cloak gives players unlimited teleports to Ardougne farm patch. On top of that, the player wearing this cape will receive:

  •  50% more fish from Fishing Trawler, 
  • 25% more Marks of Grace from Ardougne Agility Course, 
  • 10% more successful pickpockets around Gielinor (even with no cape equipped), 
  • unlimited teleports to Ardougne Monastery and many other less notable rewards.


  • Desert Diary

Main reward: Desert Amulet 4 - It is an amulet that does not provide any direct bonuses, which would boost the player's stats. Instead, Desert Amulet 4 provides unlimited Nardah teleports, which can be quite useful, putting amulet users very close to Elidinis Statuette. The shrine completely heals player, cures poisons, recovers stats, and even fills run energy. Additionally, Desert Amulet provides bonuses such as access to shortcut at Kalphite Lair, additional Pharaoh Sceptre bonuses, and protection from the desert heat. It is also worth noting that Desert Diaries are one of the hardest to complete.


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  • Falador Diary

Main reward: Falador Shield 4 - Acts like an Adamant Shield but does look different and has +5 Prayer. The main advantages of possessing this item are: 

  • +10% experience from Falador Farm activity, 
  • higher chance to receive clue scrolls from guards, 
  • access to bank chest in Crafting Guild (which is fastest bank teleport in the game while possessing Crafting Cape), 
  • tree patch in Falador will never get diseased, 
  • full Prayer recharge twice a day, 
  • many new shortcuts and more.


  • Fremennik Diary

Main reward: Fremennik Sea Boots 4 - This pair of shoes provide the same bonuses as Adamant Boots, but in addition, they improve both Ranged and Magic attack by +1. Although these stats aren't impressive, this piece of equipment offers more than that:

  • Access to two additional Lunar Spells (Tan Leather and Recharge Dragonstone), 
  • unlimited teleports to Rellekka, 
  • many new shortcuts, 
  • ability to teleport to Jatizso or Neitiznot with Enchanted Lyre and more. 

On top of that, you will no longer need Seal of passage to enter Lunar Island.


  • Kandarin Diary

Main reward: Kandarin Headgear 4 - Although it provides the same stats as Mithril Med Helm, it offers various bonuses similarly to other Elite Diary rewards. Those bonuses include:

  • 33% faster spinning at Seers Village Spinning Wheel, which can prove useful for those who want to make some extra gold coins there. 
  • 15% more marks of grace from Seers' Village Agility Course that can be used to make farming for Graceful Outfit a bit less painful. 
  • An option to move Camelot teleport from the castle directly to the bank entrance. 
  • 10% more rewards from Barbarian Assault and many other benefits.

By completing every Achievement on each of the difficulties in Achievement Diary players gain access to unique Achievement Diary Cape, which they can buy from Twiggy O'Korn in Draynor Village for 99,000 Coins. In addition to that, they will also be rewarded with a unique hood matching the cape. Because finishing this challenge requires almost 99 levels in many skills - it is one of the hardest items to get in OSRS. The cape provides a +9 bonus to each combat stat and ten teleport charges (rechargeable every day) to every Achievement Diary master. Owners also can cast a special emote which celebrates their fantastic work.


  • Kourend & Kebos

Main reward: Rada's Blessing 4 - It might be a surprise, that this small scroll is that useful. Rada's Blessing is best in slot ammunition item for prayer bonus surpassing even god blessings. On top of that, this item can give you unlimited teleports to Kourned Woodland, two times better drop rate for Xeric Talisman, unlimited teleports to Mount Karuul, and many others.


  • Karamja

Main reward: Karamja Gloves 4 - A pair of these gloves can be extremely useful or even mandatory for players who wish to get their Agility to 99 in Brimhaven Agility Arena. They provide +10% experience in this zone, which is excellent news for players training Agility skills as it is one of the slowest to train. It is not the only bonus granted for gloves wearers in this zone. Pressure pads take one less tick for completion, which means even faster route runs. It is not all of the bonuses that come with this item.

Karamja Gloves 4 also offer discounts in Mor Ul Rek, shortcut over Shilo Village river, access to underground Shilo Village mine, and unlimited teleports to this place (by operating gloves). Also, players who would like to farm Fight Caves will have their lives easier as Tokkul from Fight Caves will come at a double rate with Karamja Gloves 4. What's more, they can expect one free resurrection in this place. Farming will be easier in Brimhaven dungeon as Red Dragons will drop noted Dragonhides, and Metal Dragons will drop noted bars. There are more bonuses like experience lamps, which we didn't mention, but they are not as crucial as those.


OSRS Items

  • Lumbridge & Draynor

Main reward: Explorer's Ring 4. This Diary is quite unusual since it combines achievements from two areas into one reward pool. Those who complete this challenge on all difficulties can expect to get Explorer's Ring 4. Although the stat that it gives might be barely noticeable (only +1 Prayer), the additional bonuses are much better.

The most important addition that comes with this item is 100% Run Energy replenishments every day. It might seem like nothing special, but believe us - after using this ring once you won't be able to play without it. There is also another bonus for traveling purposes - Explorer's Ring users can use the Fairy Ring teleportation network without any additional items. It means that you won't have to run to the bank for your Lunar/Dramen staff anymore.

As for the smaller benefits, ring users will receive:

  • 30 free Low-Level Alchemy and High-Level Alchemy spell casts per day, 
  • access to Draynor wall shortcut and to one that connects Lumbridge swamp to desert, 
  • unlimited teleports to Falador Cabbage patch, 
  • increased Tears of Guthix minigame experience, 
  • 6th block on a Slayer assignment and more.


  • Morytania

Main reward: Morytania Legs 4. Yet another piece of armor in this list, which stats resemble those of adamantine equivalent. Similarly to other items, it is not an item worn for stats but for bonuses that come from wearing.

The most notable benefit is probably the teleportation aspect. Morytania Legs 4 gives users unlimited teleports to Slime Pit beneath Ectofuntus every day and unlimited teleports to Burgh De Rott. The first one is used during Prayer training at Ectofuntus, and the second one makes the route to Barrows much shorter. When it comes to Barrows, this item also improves rune drop rates inside this minigame by 50%.

Players, who want to farm Mort Myre Fungi, will be pleased to hear that this leg piece doubles their spawn rate when casting Bloom. A 50% chance to avoid being attacked by Ghasts in the swamp area will also make this process more enjoyable.

There is also more: 

  • Morytania Legs 4 act as a Ghost Speak Amulet, 
  • burning Shade Remains give an additional 50% exp in both Prayer and Firemaking
  • 10% more experience from Slayer tower assignments, 
  • shortcut to the estuary on Mos Le' Harmless, 
  • 100% exp from Bonecrusher bone burying, 
  • access to the Harmony Island herb patch and more. 

Without a doubt, Morytania Legs offer more variety in the form of bonuses than any other Achievement Diary rewards, but not all of them might prove to be useful.


  • Varrock

Main reward: Varrock Armour 4. Unlike Morytania Diary reward, this one does not come with lots of benefits. Varrock's Armour 4 main perk is the ability to switch Varrock Teleport location from the city center to Grand Exchange. Also, access to Cook's Guild bank might be quite useful for those who want to maximize the Cooking level quickly. On top of that, it:

  • Acts as a Prospector Jacket, 
  • Gives a 10% chance to smelt two bars at once in Edgeville Furnace, 
  • Gives an ability to buy 120 battle staves from NPC Zaff, 
  • Grants 10% chance to mine 2 of any ore at the same time.

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  • Western Provinces

Main reward: Western Banner 4. This strange-looking weapon has a similar combat stats to those of an Adamant Spear. It offers:

  • unlimited teleports to Piscatoris Fishing Colony (especially useful during Fishing training), 
  • free resurrection at Zulrah (but only one each day), 
  • ability to upgrade Void Knight Top and Void Knight Bottom to have +3 Prayer bonus, 
  • increased Slayer Points received from Nieve and Steve Slayer tasks.

There are also many smaller benefits. Crystal Saw holds twice as many charges (which is 56 after the upgrade). 2 chompy birds will always appear on Chompy Bird Hunting. You'll have 1/500 chance to receive Chompy Chick pet from Chompy Bird Hunting. 150 free Ogre Arrows from Rantz every day and more. Users of Western Banner 4 also gain access to the locked room under the temple of Ape Atoll and Hunter Masters Red Chinchompa Hunting Ground.


  • Wilderness

Main reward: Wilderness Sword 4. Without a doubt, the most dangerous Achievement Diary to complete since it is located mostly on a PvP zones. Benefits of completing this Diary and possessing this item are unlimited teleports to Fountain of Rune, shortcuts to Lava Dragon Isle, and Deep Wilderness Dungeon. Moneymakers will do this Diary mostly for benefits of noted Dragon Bones drops since completing Elite Wilderness tasks makes all of the Dragons in Wildy drop noted bones only.

When wielded, Wilderness Sword 4 will

  • always cut webs, 
  • allow faster log cutting from Ents, 
  • give 50% more Lava Shards from Lava Scales, 
  • allow having up to 5 ecumenical keys at a time, 
  • allow teleporting freely to chosen destinations with Ancient Obelisks. 

There is also the benefit of free entry to Resource Area, 50 random free runes from NPC Lundail (once per day), and Increased Dark Crab catch rates.

Achievement Diary rewards and skilling

The most crucial aspect of Achievement Diary rewards is skilling. Many players often complete various tasks to receive items, which might help them decrease the time needed to gain certain levels in specific skills. Players who wish to make their Agility training easier can farm for Ardougne Cloak from Ardougne Diary and Karamja Gloves from Karamja Diary. Fishing lovers might also want to farm for Ardy Cloak, Western Banner, and Rada's Blessing. Farming Skill and Herblore can be boosted by Ardougne Cloak, Falador Shield, Morytania Legs, and Kandarin Headgear. Morytania Legs can also be handy for those who want to max Prayer level as quick as possible. Depending on your Slayer master, you might want to get Rada's Blessing, Explorer's Ring, Morytania Legs, or Western Banner to boost your gains from this form of activity.

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As you can see, most Achievement Diary rewards are focused on increasing gains from various skills - it is why many players do them as soon as possible. By doing Achievement Diaries early in the game, you will save some time in the long run since various shortcuts, teleports, and exp boosts will easily make up for the time spent on finishing diaries. If you are willing to do them during the early stages of the game, you might come across some problems with more serious difficulties. If that is true for you, make sure to complete easier stages and come back to the harder ones when your skills are high enough. Quests can be especially helpful in that matter since they might grant you experience in the skills that you need to raise.

The best Achievement Diary reward

Depending on what you need and what you want to achieve, different rewards might be the best for your character growth. Although this is correct, there is one especially desired by most adventurers in OSRS, which is Explorer's Ring from Lumbridge Draynor Diaries. This item provides additional run energy refillings. Gielinor is a large continent, and there are many places to visit. Running energy is the most important resource in your toolkit. Getting to desired locations faster, means faster quests, better experience ratios, quicker farming, shorter Treasure Trails, and more enjoyable time in the game overall. On top of that, Lumbridge and Draynor diaries are known for their low requirements to complete, but they do require Recipe for Disaster quest and 88 levels in the Smithing skill

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Where is the achievement diary in OSRS?

- You can find your diaries in the quest menu marked by the green star icon.

  • Does Varrock Armour work in motherlode mine?

- Varrock armour does not work in the motherlode mine.

  • How to get Karamja Gloves?

- You can acquire them by completing tasks from Achievement Diary in the Karamja region.

  • Does Varrock Armour work only in Varrock?

- Varrock Armour is only a name for an item, and therefore, it works also in other places.

  • How do you get a Digsite Pendant?

- You receive it at the end of the Digsite quest.



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