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osrs hunting guide
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OSRS Hunting - A guide to the Hunter skill

Hunter is a skill in RuneScape which can be leveled by member-only players by catching various creatures around Gielinor. Those creatures award experience and sometimes items (chinchompas for example). On lower hunter levels the player can set only 1 trap. As you level your skill to 20 you will be able to place 2, on 40 - 3, on 60 - 4 and 5 on level 80. There is also a small benefit of hunting in the wilderness as it gives you the ability to place an additional trap. People often train Hunter skill to gain access to catching chinchompas which is amazing money making method while you play OSRS. As skill is quite click-intensive there aren’t many afk friendly methods for it. In our guide you will find a complete list of all the best methods to train as a Hunter.

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osrs hunter leveling guide

Let's take a look at the easiest way to a high level hunter.

Levels 1-9

Varrock Museum

Varrock Musem

On the beginning of your adventure with this skill, you won’t even need any items. Just head to the Varrock museum where you can talk with Orlando Smith and for completing short mini-game he will reward you with 1000 exp in both Hunter and Slayer skills. Just enough to hit level 9.


Levels 9-15

Copper Longtail

Copper Longtail

During that time you will be looking to catch Copper Longtails. You can find them just south of Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Bring with you a couple of bird snares and start by placing one on the ground. You need more than single bird snare because sometimes you might lose it.


Levels 15-33

Ruby Harvest

Ruby Harvest

You will be hunting Ruby Harvest butterflies using butterfly net and butterfly jar. To find them just head a few steps south-east where you will see paw icon on the map. Every time you catch a butterfly you put them in a jar. After that just click on a jar to release your catch. Make sure to bring with you few bird snares to keep on catching Copper Longtails and inventory full of jars as sometimes they might break.


Levels 33-37

Barb Tailed Kebbits

Barb Tailed Kebbits

This method does not require a noose wand. Buy yourself an axe and a knife and head to feldip hunter area (if you have fairy rings unlocked the code is AKS). You will be cutting down trees and making deadfall traps with logs. These traps can be set in specific locations near boulders. Similarly to the last method bring with you few bird snares as you will be also able to catch Crimson Swifts flying around the place.


Levels 37-43

Prickly Kebbits

Prickly Kebbits

This is a similar method to the last one but you can increase your exp rates if you have 32 Fletching. A chisel will be needed to Fletch Kebbit spikes to Kebbit bolts. This will not only improve your exp gain as it is faster than dropping spikes but also might net decent profit. You can also bring with you a butterfly net and butterfly jars and some bird snares.


Levels 43-60

Spotted Kebbits

Spotted Kebbits

To start off you will need to withdraw at least 1000 gold coins. Deposit any gloves, weapons and other items that you can equip on your hands slot since you will need to have your hands free. Head to the Matthias outside Falconer area and rent from him Gyr Falcon for 500 gold. In this area, you can also collect spotted fur that is used to make spotted capes. Bring with you bonecrusher as well, as it will automatically bury bones decreasing your time spend on picking up items.


Levels 60-67

Red Salamanders

Red Salamanders

Although to catch this type of Salamander you need only 59 hunter it is advised to start this method from 60. On this level you will be able to place four traps at a time dramatically increasing your exp gains.


To get to this location you can use Lunar Spellbook spell Ourania Teleport (71 Magic) or Castle Wars teleport. After you arrive near Castle Wars head north until you find lava filled location. You can catch Red Salamanders there by placing traps. Bring with yourself 4 ropes and 4 fishing nets for traps and start hunting.


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Levels 80+

Red Chinchompa

On levels as high as 80 you want to make some profit while training your Hunter. The best option to start with would be Red Chins. They are highly profitable since many players will be using them to increase the speed of training Ranged skill.

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Although you need only 63 hunter to start training there it is highly advised to get at least 80 hunter before coming to this location. This will allow players to use a maximal number of traps improving both exp and gold made per hour. Completing Western Provinces Diary quest might also be required as it unlocks red chinchompa hunting ground where players will face less competition in terms of crowd than in other locations. Also, don’t forget Eagle’s Peak quest since you will need it to set box traps.


Black Chinchompa

Although ginger cousins are very profitable to catch they aren’t best hunting mob that you can farm on. Black Chinchompas are most profitable Hunter creatures that you can farm on both in terms of experience and in gold made. These fluffy squirrels can make you twice as much profit as Red Chins but there is a catch.


They are located between 32 and 36 level of wilderness which is a common location for player killers. If you want to catch chins in this spot it would be highly recommended to bring with you good armor and food. If you are being attacked running back to level 30 Wilderness might be an option but you need to be careful about Teleblock spell. Since location of Chinchompas is in this dangerous lands you are able to place one additional trap. Just as with Red Chins - Don’t forget that Eagle’s Peak quest must be completed to set box traps.


OSRS Items

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OSRS Hunting Guide - Afk friendly training

From 5th level in Hunter skill players have access to bird house traps. This method is different than others since it can be done only once every 20 to 50 minutes depending on the type of birdhouse that you are willing to use. Each run will only take around 2 minutes.


Building bird houses requires level 8 smithing to process steel bars to clockworks at crafting table 2 in player-owned house. Although they might be bought on the GE they aren’t sold too often. Hop Seeds that are another required item can be easily bought for few gold coins each. After finished run collected birdhouses will bring feathers and nests with them. Since bird nests are one of the easier ways of obtaining clue scrolls they can sold on GE for a good profit.


To use this method players need to have completed Bone Voyage quest which requires 100 kudos with Varrock museum among few things.


Additional Hunter training methods

As we find above methods to be best / most profitable there might need to change locations from time to time to not get burned out with boredom.


Levels 1-15

Polar Kebbits

Buy noose wand from any hunter store or get one from Grand Exchange. Find snowy place north east of Rellekka. In this location, you will find burrows belonging to Polar Kebbits. To start hunting search the burrow and follow the tracks to find the next Kebbit hiding area. After you find a snow drift you will be able to attack it with noose wand and snare Kebbit.


Levels 1-11

Crimson Swifts

Purchase bird snare either on Grand Exchange or from hunter shop located in Yanille and go to beach lying east of Feldip Hunter Area. You can find Crimson Swifts there. Place a trap and start catching them for experience, you will need around 40 to get to 11th level.


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Levels 11-19

Cerulean Twitches

In the most northern part of Rellekka you can find these creatures. The fastest and easy way of getting there involves Fairy Ring teleportation with DKS code. Using bird snares you can catch them until you hit level 19.


Levels 19-33

Tropical Wagtails

Using same traps as last time you can catch Wagtails in the bottom left corner of the Feldip Hunter area. The quickest way of getting there also involves teleporting with fairy ring (AKS code).


Levels 60+

Maniacal Monkeys

After completing Monkey Madness second part hunters will get access to these creatures in Kruk’s Dungeon. Since bananas are required to lure Monkeys it would be best to bring nature, earth and water runes allowing players to cast Bones To Bananas spell. This way you will never have to worry about running out of bananas while hunting in this spot. To set traps you must climb on Stunted Demonic Gorillas and after your bananas are gone you will need to leave are to cast Bones To Bananas spell again. During your grind, you will have a chance to obtain Monkey Tail which can be sold on Grand Exchange for around 500k.


Levels 80+


If you are over 80 Hunter level and you have at least 31 in Herblore skill you can start harvesting herbs from these creatures. During the grind, you will receive not only experience in both skills but also herbs that can later be sold or used. If you want to improve both it might be wise to use magical secateurs. There is also a small chance of receiving Herblore related pet called Herbi during your hunt in this location. To find boars you need to finish Bone Voyage quest and head to Fossil Island.


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Catching implings

Implings are creatures that can be found at random places around the world and in Puro-Puro which is homeworld for them. The player can catch them similarly to catching butterflies - all you need is net and impling jar. It is possible to capture them even without those items but a player that want to attempt this needs to be 10 levels higher than in regular method.


To start training on implings players need to get to Puro-Puro since there are no reliable impling spawns outside of it. To teleport to this land player must have 17 levels in Hunter and find one of implings dancing in the wheat field. There is a chance that one of them might make a circle in crops which is a portal to their homeland. There is also a permanent portal in crops at Zanaris but it requires completion of Lost City quest to access. Although there are more imps in Puro-Puro they give less experience than those found around Gielinor.

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Things that can improve your hunter experience

If you are planning to rise up your hunter level as quickly as possible there are a few items and quests that can help you speed up this process. Leveling in Runescape doesn't have to be that hard!


It is important to finish A Fairy Tale Part II quest since it gives players access to the fairy ring transportation system. This will improve traveling quality since most of the hunting locations are close to those rings.


You might also want to acquire Weight-reducing clothing since there will be a lot of running involved in leveling Hunter. This type of gear will reduce player’s weight which will effect in longer lasting stamina.


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