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osrs woodcutting guide
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About OSRS Woodcutting skill

Woodcutting is a gathering skill that revolves around cutting down trees and collecting various wood types. There are various routes that player can take to achieve maximum level in this section - some of them will be more rewarding in experience and some of them will put profit above leveling. In this guide, you will find all of the methods currently used to gain experience in Woodcutting as well as making money on it. Most of the methods are designed for pay to play players since on f2p there aren’t many good tree types to cut (beside Yews). Let's get into OSRS Woodcutting Guide.

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Woodcutting guild

Woodcutting guild is a place in RuneScape which was meant to be a training hub for players who want to chop down trees. It can be accessed from level 60 if 75% favour is acquired with Hosidius House. While inside players get additional 7 levels to their Woodcutting skill which means faster chopping and additional trees to cut down. There are many types of trees inside including: regular, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic, and Redwood. There is also a bank which is very close to tree location making banking extremely easy.



To start Woodcutting you don’t need much equipment. It is recommended to use best axe that you can wield. Basic bronze axe can be acquired from general store or axe shops. It is worth noting that axes does not only require WC level but also certain level in Attack. To maximize xp per hour gain during training player can wield Dragon axe (60 Woodcutting, 60 Attack) which grants an additional 3 levels to cutting trees skill when wielded. There is also a Lumberjack Outfit rewarded from Temple Trekking minigame which gives additional 2,5% exp for cutting logs. Axe does not need to be in your hand slot - it might be just in your inventory.


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OSRS Woodcutting Guide - leveling (fastest way)


Levels 1-15

Regular trees

You can find those pretty much everywhere around RuneScape : Lumbridge near Castle, Catherby, Falador, Seers Village, Barbarian Village, Rimmington, Fremennik Isles and even Wilderness . Normal trees, evergreens, burned trees all count as regular ones. Buy iron axe, find spot with a lot of trees that are close to bank and start chopping them down. When you are finished just deposit everything and start again. If you want additional experience in other skills you can fletch arrow shafts for a small profit with a knife or gain firemaking experience using the tinderbox on logs. Leveling to 15 should take around 5 minutes of your time.


Levels 15-30

Oak trees

At this level, players should have at least steel axe equipped which later can be changed to mithril. The best location to cut those trees would be south of Seer’s Village bank and east of eastmost Varrock bank.

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Levels 30-35

Willow trees

From 31 level you will be able to equip adamant axe. Find willow tree spot and start chopping them down. Since they are very common chopping target for free to play players, logs are very cheap and should not be banked. If you are training firemaking burn them down and if not just drop them on the ground. The most common location to train at those would be west of Draynor bank (near the water).


Levels 35-75 or 35-99

Teak trees

These are the most chopped trees around RuneScape and because they are so popular worth close to nothing. You can find Teaks at Tai Bwo Wannai area (talk to NPC before the gate - he will ask for Trading Sticks as a payment to enter) and start chopping them on level 35. All logs after being cut down should be dropped on the ground or burned. If you want to maximize experience gained you should wield Infernal axe (61 Woodcutting and 85 Firemaking) which will burn some of the logs during training instantly. There is also a special clicking method that would boost experience gain but players should learn this from others or from videos since it is not easy to perform. Some players stay at this location even until 99 Woodcutting level.

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Levels 75-99


These mushroom looking trees can be accessed via completion of Bone Voyage quest on Fossil Island. They provide nice Woodcutting experience but are way less AFK-able and more click intensive than other methods and are little bit worse than Teak trees. Because of that they should only be done when player is bored of doing other methods. They also provide great experience per log ratio.


Money making on woodcutting in osrs

Below you can find a table which shows on what levels you should train at different tree types and on what levels these are profitable as a money making method.





Normal logs



Achey logs



Oak logs



Willow logs



Teak logs



Maple logs



Hollow logs



Mahogany logs



Arctic pine logs



Yew logs



Magic logs



Redwood logs



Since woodcutting is very common semi-afk skill to train many people will list their logs on Grand Exchange making is less profitable. As there is great amount of other skills to choose from and many other money makers we advise to use fastest Woodcutting exp route stated before in this guide. If you still want to make an additional profit while lowering your experience per hour ratio you can use methods from the table.


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Best tree locations

Regular trees - since these grow pretty much everywhere they are always close to banks

Oak trees - south of Seer’s Village and west of Draynor bank

Willows trees - south of Draynor and north-west of Seer’s Village

Teak trees - Tai Bwo Wannai (requires Jungle Potion quest)

Maple trees - Woodcutting Guild and north of Seer’s Village

Mahogany trees - Mos L’harmless (only one tree)

Yew trees - Woodcutting Guild and south of flax plantation near Sear’s Village also behind Varrock palace.

Magic trees - Woodcutting Guild and west of Tree Gnome Stronghold bank

Redwood trees - Woodcutting guild exclusive

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