OSRS Runecrafting guide - Most efficient ways of leveling in OldSchool!

OSRS Runecrafting guide
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OSRS Runecrafting Guide - All About Runecrafting skill

I am glad to see you reading our OSRS Runecrafting Guide. Runecrafting is a f2p (free to play) skill in RuneScape which allows players to craft various runes which later can be used to cast spells. It is among one of the more disliked skills by the community since is revolves mostly around running from Runecrafting altars to the bank and vice versa. In order to create runes, players need to mine or buy essence stones which later can be blessed at special elemental altars to mark them with its power.  As this is a creation skill that lets you do something from almost nothing you will be able to earn quite a lot of coins on your Runecrafting runs at higher levels. In this 1 99 OSRS Runecrafting guide, you will find everything you need to know about Runecrafting as well as best possible ways of achieving level 99.

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Useful items

Rune essence/Pure essence

These rocks are necessary to craft runes from them. They can be mined after you complete the Rune Mysteries quest or bought at the Grand Exchange. Rune Essence or Pure Essence taken to certain altars while having corresponding Talisman or Tiara of this element in inventory can change them into Runes. 


Graceful outfit

This is essential for all of the RuneCrafters since this skill revolves mainly around running from place to place and Graceful equipment boosts your energy by quite a lot making you more lightweight. If you are aiming to reach higher RuneCrafting levels more efficiently this weight reducing set will grant you better gold and experience rates since you will be able to run longer and recharge energy faster when you wear it. The set consists of six pieces : hood, gloves, boots, cape, legs and armor. In our runecrafting guide, you will find methods that require 73 Agility (Blood Runes at 77+ RC) so you might have to train that first. By the time you get to 73 Agility you should already have full Graceful.


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Stamina potions

Another nice thing that can help your efficiency is to drink dose of stamina potions. By doing this you gain great buff to stamina that lasts around two minutes. As said before RuneCrafting is mainly running so having those at all times will help a lot. The c of potions is not that expensive and extra energy from your inventories is definitely worth it. As Runecrafting is mostly trained by running, your stamina wearing rate will be high. You should always be buying stamina potions before training RC.


Runecrafting Pouches

These are used to store runes and act as additional inventory slots o you can carry more. These pouches can be acquired by killing Abyssal Monsters. To get there you need to finish very simple mini quest ‘Enter the Abyss’. Drops are very often and NPC which teleports to Abyss is very close to Edgeville so you don’t really have to worry about PK’s. Just don’t bring anything too valuable. There are four kinds of pouches : Small rune Pouch unlocked at level 1 carries 3 Essences, Medium Pouch from level 25 Runecrafting carries 6, Large Pouch carries 9 at level 50 and Giant Pouch carries 12 at level 75 Runecrafting.


Talismans and Tiaras

In order to craft runes at various altars, you will need special items connected to them. For example, at the Air Altar you need Air Talisman  or Air Tiara for crafting Air Runes and on Fire Altar - Fire Talisman or Fire Tiara.


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Best way to reach 99

Levels 1-9 or 1-23


At the beginning of your RuneCrafting leveling journey, you need to complete Rune Mysteries quest which is required in order to start crafting runes. Although this quest does not reward RC experience you can finish Enter The Abyss miniquest which will take you from level 1 to 9. This way you skip painful early process of doing air, water and mind runes. Additionally, if you have 46 Magic, 5 Construction and The Grand Tree completed you can do The Eyes of Glouphrie quest which will take you all the way to level 23 (if Enter the Abyss is completed as well). If you don't want to do quests you are going to craft Air Runes.


Levels 9-14

Earth Runes

If you haven’t completed The Eyes of Glouphrie quest at level 9 you will be crafting Earth Runes which are fastest at this level. Earth Altar can be found north-east of Varrock, just before the Lumberyard. To get to level 14 you will need to make around 8 trips. If you want to make those faster you can use Varrock teleports and Lumberyard teleports although it will cost you a little bit more.


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Levels 14-23

Fire Runes

After you reach level 14, you want to take your rune/pure essences and run to the Fire Altar which is located just north of the Duel Arena. Because of that, you want to buy Ring of Duelling which gives you quick teleport to the Duel Arena. After you run from this place to the Altar and make your runes you can teleport to Castle Wars with the same ring. In the lobby room, you will find a chest where you can bank what you made and take clean essences for your next trip. Craft Fire Runes for around 20 trips and you will hit level 23.


Levels 23+

Lava Runes

At level 23 you unlock the ability to train Runecrafting with combination runes. Those can be made at the same altar as Fire runes so just above Duel Arena (teleport with Rings of Duelling). To craft, those plays need Earth Talisman, Fire Tiara, Earth Runes, Pure Essences, and Binding Necklace. In addition to making trips more efficient players can use Magic Imbue spell (82 Magic + Lunar Diplomacy) which will allow crafting Lava runes without a talisman. It is also worth noting that the two biggest Rune Pouches should be taken as the time it takes to empty them is not worth it for lesser ones.


To start crafting those use Ring of Duelling and teleport to Castle Wars. Go to the chest nearby and withdraw Pure Essence. Fill up both of your Rune pouches and open bank again to withdraw more Pure Essences to fill free slots in the inventory. Teleport to the Duel Arena and run north to the altar. If you can - cast your magic to imbue spell. Use earth rune on the altar to craft Lava runes. Empty your pouches. Use Earth rune on the altar again. Teleport back to the Duel arena. You can repeat this process for as long as you like - this method is viable between 23 99 since it gives very good experience in RC at all levels.


Levels 23+

Ourania Altar (ZMI Altar)

Zamorak Magical Institute Altar can be used by players from all levels to train their RuneCrafting skill making a profit in both experience and gold. Experience rates will vary as they scale with level making this method decent at all times. While training at Ourania Altar players can craft various runes (chosen at random) which later can be sold. To maximize profit from this method medium Ardougne diary should be completed. This gives a bonus of additional runes crafted (which will not grand XP but increase gold made). Although there are no real requirements to craft there, players with 71 Magic will have a huge advantage as they can use ZMI teleport from Lunar Spellbook teleporting them right at the entrance. At the altar you can find banking NPC which will ask for payment in 20 runes of your choice. There are two paths to the altar - one long and safe and second - short  but with monsters. If you want to use this method it is highly recommended to do this on world 327 since there are many people doing it there. Those people will shield you from attacks of the monsters making this trip way easier.


Levels 77-90

Blood Runes

After all this time spent at lower level methods finally you can start doing one which is not that click intensive and gives good profit in both gold and experience. Zeah RuneCrafting is one of the best ways of achieving max in this skill. To start you will need to get 100% Favor in Arceuus House. In addition level 73 Agility is almost necessary since it will make all of your trips way faster. Take a chisel and run to the Essence Mine located north-east of the Arceuus House. Mine essence blocks until you have a full inventory and run to the Dark Altar where you can turn your blocks into Dark Essence Blocks. Go back to the mine and chisel all of your blocks into the fragments while you run there. When you have full inventory head back to Dark Altar and bless stones that you have again. Now you can head to the Blood Altar to make your runes. After that chisel rest of the blocks from your inventory and make more of the Blood Runes. Repeat this process for as long as you want to.


Levels 90-99

Soul Runes

This is exactly the same this as with Blood Runes and the only different part is that you bless your runes at the Soul Altar to the east instead of blood to the west and that you need Runecrafting level of 90. These runes aren’t as profitable as Blood Runes but give much more experience making them best xp farm in bracket of level 91 99.


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Additional RuneCrafting methods

Levels 27+ (59+ recommended)

Cosmic Runes

From level 27 players can start crafting Cosmic Runes. This is a very good money making method for players who want to focus on getting gold while making some RuneCrafting experience at the same time. Although it can give you decent gold from beginning it will start to shine after level 59 when you can get double Cosmic Runes during crafting. As mentioned before experience rates are quite low with 10-20k per hour but gold that you can get from those runes makes it all worth it. You should be able to make around 2500 runes per hour at 59 RuneCrafting which should be yield around 450k gold.


Cosmic Altar is located in Zanaris unlocked via Lost City quest completion . There is Agility shortcut at levels 44 and 66 which can make your trips much easier but if you don’t have levels in that you can use Fairy Rings to get around this place in a decent time.


Levels 40+

Astral Runes

This is a very similar method to crafting Cosmic Runes. If you completed Lunar Diplomacy quest you can start crafting Astral Runes at Altar south-east of the village on Lunar Isle. Begin by taking Runecrafting pouches, Earth staff, Law runes and essences. While running to Altar watch out for 111 Combat level Suqahs which can hit you pretty hard if you don’t pray for melee. After you are done making runes use Moonclan teleport and get to the bank to store what you made. This method will give you around 800k gold and 30k exp an hour after level 82 when you can craft double Astral Runes. 


Levels 44+

Nature Runes

Another profitable method of making runes is done through Abyss. If you have completed on level 1 Enter The Abyss miniquest you can now make use of it and craft Nature Runes and if not you will have to do that to use this method. Begin by equipping amulet of glory, taking your Rune pouches and essences. Go to the wilderness just north of Edgeville where you can find Mage of Zamorak by talking to this Dark Mage you can teleport to Abyss.  Inside you will be starting skulled so if you die you will lose everything. Use one of many tunnels to get from the outer ring to the inner ring. You will need to do something to unblock obstacles like mining rocks (which requires mining level), or cutting woods which block the way so take with you a cheap pickaxe or an axe. After you are done with that go into the Nature Altar portal and make runes at the altar. Use Amulets of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville bank and repeat the process. Keep in mind that most of this process is done at Wilderness so you might be attacked by other players. It is worth risking your Graceful Outfit since it can be easily retrieved but doesn’t take anything more valuable with you. Although crafting Nature runes requires only 44 Runecrafting it is most profitable from 91 when you can create double Nature Runes. At this level, you can expect around 20k exp and 800k gold every hour.


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Levels 54+

Law and Death Runes

Later on you can choose Law or Death Altar craft those at the Abyss. These Runes can be crafted similarly to Nature ones although usually they aren’t as profitable.

Levels 95+

Wrath Runes

You will need to complete Dragon Slayer 2 to access Myths Guild allowing you to make Wrath Runes. You can also get Mythical cape which is not required but will let you teleport yourself very close to the Altar. If you have crafting cape you can also take it with you for easy bank access and if not just take Games Necklace and teleport to Castle Wars when you need to bank. Keep in mind that you might get attacked by Dragons along the way so Anti-Dragon shield is a must. Although Wrath runes won’t give you double drop at any level they are still much more profitable than other RuneCrafting methods. You can make around 1,5~2mil gold an hour while also getting around 30k experience. This is definitely one of the best skilling goldmakers in the game so if you are in need of profit this one is for you.

We hope that you have found our 1 99 OSRS Runecrafting guide useful. If you did leave a comment below.

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