BDO Sorceress Guide, Builds - Grim Reaper Sorceress Guide

BDO Sorceress Guide
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Welcome to our Black Desert Online Sorceress Guide, traveler!

I will tell you what the class is, what skills it uses, how it performs in PvE as well as in PvP scenarios, how to perform at the highest level, and how to utilize every tool that this class provides. We will shortly mention Gear Progression (as most of it was covered in another guide of ours, and it can be applied to every class in Black Desert Online), crystals, possible builds, that are either based upon the idea of evasion/accuracy and more. It's time to start our BDO Sorceress Guide. 

Table of contents:

Why Pick Sorceress?

Pre-Awakening Skills

Rabam Skills

Awakening Skills

Player versus Player

Mass PvP and Group Play


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Why Would You Pick Sorceress Over Other Classes?

Nowadays, the opinions are quite mixed. All you have to know is that most of the positive opinions are from experienced players that know Sorceress Class and what it can do. Sorceress is in a great state currently if a player is skilled, and while she needs some rebalancing she can still hold her ground against most classes, and she provides good amount of AoE damage. Well, good is an understatement. But it’s not as simple as it appears to be, as she really has to work to do things that other classes do easily.


Sorceress has one of the most overpowered defensive skills in her kit. I’m talking of course about Nightmare. Super Armored skill that leaves her almost invulnerable to anything, while dealing way too much damage in a very large area. This is why Sorceress works wonders in closed spaces, so when she casts Nightmare - she can hit as many enemies as possible. Nightmare is a powerful bait tool, Sorc can easily aggro enemies by dishing out a lot of damage with her Scythe, and then when they turn on her *bam*, she goes almost invincible using one skill, still dishing out a good amount of damage. Sorc might be the best class that excels in aggroing enemy team, as she has a getaway card in a form of Nightmare. Distraction and disrupting are the two things a good Sorceress will focus on during Large Scale PvP scenarios. 


She might not be as flashy as other classes, and she will most likely end up with a bad k/d, but the utility she provides is truly invaluable. She is a perfect tool that enables her team to truly shine in battle. If you are allowed to do something more on the battlefield, and there’s a sorc aggroing the entire enemy skirmish team, then you know who you should thank for it. Other guild members will look at your score and they won’t sing any songs about your deeds, but those who see you on the battlefield, how they managed to do everything they wanted to do thanks to your smart tactical plays - those will never forget about you.


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Pre-Awakening Skill Breakdown

In this section I will try to shortly describe every skill that Sorceress possesses, to give you the idea if you will find some use in your skills. Some will be omitted in the beginning, some will be used only in the extreme cases, for some you will find use later in the game when you have enough Skill Points. 


Before I start - Sorceress has a unique mechanic regarding Shards of Darkness. It’s a special resource for Sorceress that generates Shard Fragments each time a Sorceress hits her skill on a target. 10 collected Shard Fragments turn into a Shard of Darkness. You can collect 30 Shard Fragments, which will turn into 3 Shards of Darkness. 


Mastering the Shards of Darkness Management is really important as it not only can regain your Mana, it can give you a meaningful AP buff that will tremendously increase your damage dealt. 

Darkness Released

Status: Down Smash Combo Part


Leveling this skill up doesn’t provide anything but damage and by a very small amount. You won’t be using this skill, but if your other Air Attacks or Down Smashes are on cooldown it can be used as such in a combo to make the ground status longer. But this is the only purpose of this ability. You won’t put points in this.


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Midnight Stinger

Status: Critical Hit Rate Buff + Movement


You will be taking this skill up to Guilty Conscience into Eruption of Guilt. Getting this to Absolute is not really worth it, as you will get more benefits from the Eruption of Guilt part. Absolute: Midnight Stinger will only min/max the damage. 


Thanks to its distance and speed it will be used in movement. Most of the time it will be used as our first skill in the movement chain combo.


Absolute Darkness

Status: Skill Add-on Tool


This skill is negligible as it’s not that useful by itself, but when you get to your addons, you can enhance this skill with +30% Critical Hit Rate for 9 seconds, and it’s a buff that scales with Midnight Stinger, both will net you 70% Critical Hit Rate, which is sweet, since not every Awakening skill has a 100% Crit Rate. And getting that bonus of an additional 100% damage can be the difference between life and death, Use this skill only with the addon. Additional levels of this ability will net you more hits and more accuracy, making it easier for the self-buff to apply. 


Black Wave

Status: Mostly Useless


Doesn’t provide you with anything but damage, that is still underwhelming even when you reach the absolute version. The only upside to this skill is that it doesn’t use stamina so you can kind of spam it when you are waiting for your stamina to regenerate if you somehow end up at that point. 

Sinister Shadow

Status: Mostly Useless


Sinister Shadow is kind of weak. It has a Critical Hit Rate buff when you use it while moving to the sides, that is pretty high, but unfortunately, it does not stack with other Critical Hit buffs that you have in your kit. Leveling this up will increase the distance and damage. Not really worth it.


Rushing Crow

Status: Too Weak Currently


Back when this skill had Super Armor - there had been situations in which it would’ve been truly amazing and useful. Now it’s too risky, and the -15 Magic DP Debuff for 10 seconds is not worth it most of the time. I would recommend to avoid it in its current state.


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Bloody Calamity

Status: Bloody Long Cast Time + Cancel


The cast time of this is bloody long. It’s a down attack with bloody good damage, and it can be used in a combo when the enemy is on the ground for a longer period of time, but it will be mainly used as a self-heal in PvE, as it will net you +92 HP for each clean hit. 


This bloody long cast time can be canceled if you use Night Crow with an Amulet, or Night Crow with a scythe before you cast Bloody Calamity.


Sinister Omen

Status: Awakened iFrame Cooldown Cancel


This is a tool that you will only use as an extra mechanic, that will let you bypass the awakened iFrame Cooldown. 


Shards of Darkness

Status: Resource Management and AP Buff


There are 2 parts of this skill and all are connected to collecting shards. Shards can be used to regain mana and increase AP for 20 seconds. The amount of AP gained depends not only on the number of Shards consumed but on the level of Shards of Darkness as well. You will need to master this ability, so you know when and why should you use it. If you don’t know why you are using it, when you are using it, then you are wasting lot of potential. 


Dark Trade

Status: Trade HP for Shards


There are three stages to this skill. Each Skill Level will transfer 10% of your maximum HP for 10/20/30 Shard Fragments respectively for each. Of course it’s risky, as sacrificing about 300-420 HP might be the difference between life and death in PvP, but it also can mean that you will be able to regain twice the amount of Mana from your Shards of Darkness, which can also make a difference if you need that extra 30 AP or extra mana.


Claws of Darkness + Dark Flame

Status: Early PvE Grinding Tool + Movement


Claws of Darkness is not really useful in PvP, you will spam this a lot in pre-Awakening grinding up to level 56. The extension to this ability - Dark Flame can become actually more useful in PvP. It has a lot of damage, a Forward Guard, and 100% Critical Hit Rate. Also, Dark Flame is an Air Attack, so you can get lots of damage if you get a chance to float your enemy before you use Dark Flame, but you will rarely get a chance to do that, and it will be mainly used as a Forward Guard tool.


I lied. It will be also used as one of the main Movement Tools, that will be 


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Signs of Agony

Status: Quick Stun Jab


It’s an unprotected long-range skill that can be used to fish for random stuns. It can really surprise your enemy, especially at higher ability rank, as the casting animation gets faster. It’s a great tool if your enemy does not know how Sorceress works, it can be used in 1v1 from a distance as a surprise tool, it can be used in Small and Large Scale PvP scenarios to setup some engages for you and your teammates.


Night Crow + Crow Food

Status: Invincible Dash/Teleport


One of our huge iFrames. Will be useful for dodging powerful attacks as it makes Sorceress Invincible. No damage or CC has any right to hit her when she’s using this ability. Unfortunately, after getting a certain must-have Flow skill with our Awakening at level 56, this skill is basically replaced by it, allowing Sorceress to use her Night Crow Invincible Teleport with scythe equipped.


Crow Food lets Sorceress use Night Crow when she has no stamina at the cost of 1 Shard of Darkness. You should absolutely avoid situations when you are forced to sacrifice your Shard of Darkness, but if you end up using it, make sure that it actually saves you from great damage or Crowd Control abilities.


Storming Crow

Status: Super Armor Night Crow Extension


Storming Crow lets you fire off a fully protected Super Armored move during your Night Crow Teleport, that puts a decent -30% Movement Speed debuff for your opponent for 10 seconds. It also bounds at the highest rank of his skill. It will be used to extend Invincible status into Super Armor to surprise enemies.


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Crow Flare

Status: Important for Rabam Skill


Crow Flare is not a strong move by itself. It’s a Counter and an Air Attack, and it will work as a Cancel after you manage to get Ultimate: Crow Flare. You won’t be taking this skill early, but it will be necessary to get it to Crow Flare III + Ultimate: Crow Flare to get our Rabam - Engulfing Shadow. 


Beak Kick

Status: Evasion Debuff Extension to Crow Flare


This skill will only be useful in scenarios when you absolutely need to apply an Evasion Debuff to the enemy. It’s a -9% Evasion Debuff for 10 seconds, which becomes really useful in high-level grinding areas like Hystria for example. Won’t be used in PvP, even though it has an Air Smash. Since it’s unprotected - there’s no reason to risk using it in PvP.


Mark of the Shadow

Status: Good Looking Movement Speed Debuff with Meh Damage


A great-looking beam of dark energy. It will be used early as a tool for pulling mobs in PvE if you are too lazy to move towards them yourself. Getting this to Absolute: Mark of the Shadow will cost a lot of Skill Points (one hundred twenty one to be exact), and it’s mandatory if you want to use it in PvP, as it can hit up to 10 targets and apply -30% Movement Speed Debuff for 5 seconds. 

Shadow Eruption

Status: Catching Players Off Guard 


It’s a decent early PvE tool with some good damage against mobs. It’s unprotected and will be used in the same manner as previously mentioned Signs of Agony, to catch people off guard with a decent Float. Also, The Absolute gets lots of damage after you commit with the Skill Points, but it won’t really be used in good combos.


Abyssal Flame

Status: Looks Good, Doesn’t Work


I would really love for this skill to be useful. Unfortunately - it’s not. The only upside to this skill is that it can create 2 Shard of Darkness. Nevertheless, it’s too risky to use it as it has no protection, and the damage is actually really low, despite how powerful it looks. You will most likely end up locking this, and never touching it, as it’s a part of a Rabam that we won’t use, and 


Dream of Doom

Status: Great Nuke of Dark Damage


It’s also a very decent long ranged Crowd Control, as it will apply Knockdown. The only downside to this ability would be the recovery animation, as it’s quite long. However - it can be canceled with Ultimate: Midnight Stinger, Rushing Crow, or Ultimate: Night Crow. Knock someone down, jump forward, get on your enemy and finish your combo. Keep in mind that this ability is not protected unless used as a Black Spirit Rage ability. Otherwise, it’s unsafe.


Sorceress Rabams 

Shadow Ignition

Status: Float + Air Attack + Air Smash


It’s a pretty decent skill. However, while it has some good Crowd Control, and grants you +15 Magic DP, it’s not protected, and it will rarely Crit. 


Crow Nightmare

Status: Powerful Down Attack with a Debuff


A very good follow-up if you manage to knock your enemy down. It will buff you and debuff your enemy. It doesn’t have a lot of damage on its own, but it has 100% Critical Hit Rate, it will heal you with a little bit over 90 HP per every good hit, and it will launch you forward. This will be one of the best abilities for self-heal during grinding and it should not be overlooked. You will most likely take it as your level 56 rabam ability.

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Rabam: Engulfing Shadow

Status: Powerful Super Armor Ability


Engulfing Shadow will require you to get Crow Flare III and Midnight Stinger II. It’s an amazing ability with Super Armor capabilities that will deal massive damage. You will take this as your 57 level Rabam in every scenario. It completely outclasses another 57 Rabam.


Abyssal Blow

Status: Forward Guard with Long Animation


Decent amount of damage, 100% Critical Hit Rate, a Forward Guard and it works as a Down Attack. It would’ve been good, but it’s way worse than Engulfing Shadow.


Sorceress Awakening Skill Guide

Cartian’s Protection

Status: Attack > Forward Guard Transition


This ability is a main defensive stance of a Sorceress. It has a starting animation that acts as an attack that will Float enemies in PvE. After the initial animation, it will lock you in place enabling the Forward Guard state. Stepping in any direction will end the effect. If you use this ability with Black Spirit Rage, the entire animation will grant you Super Armor, meaning that it’s a decent way of gaining that much-needed protection from Crowd Control. Forward Guard, especially in that state, is very risky. Good players will move from the side and apply CC to you. Be careful with that ability, and learn when you can and should use it for maximum efficiency. 


Shadow Leap

Status: Self-Buff iFramed Dash


Sorceress will dash forward disappearing from the battlefield for a short moment. During that dash animation - she will become completely invulnerable to any damage and Crowd Control. When she pops out - she will get +10% Movement Speed for 10 seconds, and +15% to All Evasion Rate for 5 seconds. It has a 5-second Cooldown, which is not long. However, in PvP, especially in 1v1 Duels - each second is important so learn when the usage will give you the best value. Dodge Crowd Control, Damage, Powerful AoE, your choice, it depends on the enemy’s class. 


Grim Reaper

Status: E Buff


Almost every class has an E buff. It’s a powerful enhancement that lasts for 30 seconds and gives you a bunch of useful buffs that complement the playstyle of your class. Sorceress will consume 30 Fragments of Darkness to gain powerful statistics. Basic Attacks will gain 100% Critical Hit Rate. All Resistances will be increased by 30%. Resistances of enemies will be ignored thanks to “Ignores All Resistance” at 35%. And Evasion Rate will be increased by 15%. Every buff will last for 30 seconds. Not only that, the animation is pretty long and it grants you Super Armor for the entire cast animation. With this, you will disrupt even harder while remaining even more untouchable than you already are. A truly amazing addition to a good Sorceress.


Dead Hunt

Status: Grinding Heal 


Dead Hunt is somewhat complicated. It’s a good skill in PvE that you will use to heal yourself. It will also apply some Crowd Control. You will not be using every hit of this skill as it’s pretty long, and it can be canceled into other attacks after just two quick hits. In PvP - it’s too risky to use it outside of Combo that already applied some kind of hard CC. In that case, you will use only two initial attacks as well, as the remaining animations of attacks, three and four are way too slow. However, attacks three and four will Knockdown on good hits when off-cooldown, so it’s a valuable skill to use after a Stun or a Bound. Outside of that - it’s way too risky to use in combat just like that. It needs a proper setup. 


Grim Reaper’s Judgement

Status: Powerful Super Armored Charge Attack


The name of this ability fits it perfectly. You will truly feel like a Grim Reaper with this skill. You charge this powerful hit that will obliterate huge packs of enemies, and you gain a Super Armor for the entire charging animation, that will enable you to eat up any incoming Crowd Control. When you let go of the command - heads will fly high in the sky. This ability hits like a truck. It has absolutely insane multipliers. It will Critically Strike every single time thanks to 100% Critical Hit Rate. It also has a 20% Accuracy Rate. Thanks to its Down Attack you can try to use this as a combo finisher. However, this skill also possesses Knockdown CC on good hits. If you know the class that you are playing against you can reliably Trade SA with this ability, wait for a second longer and apply a powerful Knockdown to start off your combo. 


Cartian’s Nightmare

Status: Crow Flood


With this skill, you will lock yourself in place gaining Super Armor for the entire duration of this ability. It’s a great ability that will push mobs away from you while dealing huge amounts of damage. 


This ability will work wonders in Group PvP. In duels - not so much as you can get grabbed out of your Super Armor. Damage is not the only reason why this ability is so good during NodeWars or Sieges. You see - as mentioned way above - Sorceress is amazing at baiting and redirecting attention to herself. This ability is one of the reasons why. This will make you the center of attention. This will open some windows to your allies so they can do their job a little bit more freely.



Status: PvE Mobility and PvP Debuff/Crowd Control


Violation is your main mobility skill during grinding. You will use that when you are getting in and out of enemy groups to quickly switch in between them to lower your grinding downtime. It will deal some good damage as well. Not only with the initial hits, like it, also provides a handy Damage over Time Bleeding Effect that will inflict 180 damage total over 9 seconds. While it’s unsafe it has a decent chance of applying Floating and Knockdown if your enemy misses the timing on their Super Armor casts. You will use only the first hit during PvP in most cases, cutting the rest of this ability away just because it would’ve taken too long. And since this ability is highly unsafe due to the lack of any Forward Guard, Super Armor or iFrames - it’s not worth it to recklessly use it.


This ability can be sped-up, canceled, or extended with an additional amount of hits. You will speed this ability up if you use 


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Turn-back Slash

Status: Surprise Attack + Cancel


This ability will be used after swapping to Awakening from the Amulet. What you want to do is do a normal C swap, and time the command from Turn-back Slash correctly for a surprise opening that has a chance of Bounding your enemy. Damage is not so high, but it’s a good cancel.


Blade of Darkness

Status: Aggro


Used as an aggro tool. Nothing else. Gather more mobs around you and decimate them with other abilities.



Status: Invincible Cloak


Nightmare will allow you to disappear completely and become invincible for the entire duration of this ability. You get 4 seconds of being invulnerable, undetectable, and untargetable for enemies. This means that even Area of Effect skills will not affect you. And when you decide to end this effect, or it expires by itself you will damage your enemies. The amount of damage itself isn’t special, as it deals with similar damage to Blade of Darkness. However, when enemies don’t expect you, it’s possible to come up behind them and open up the combo with a Stiffness CC, or even Knockdown on good Flowing Water hits.


Flow: Requiem

Status: Major Critical Hit Rate Buff


A Flow to previously described Nightmare. This one will grant you 100% Critical Hit Rate for 5 seconds after you deal damage to enemies with your Nightmare ability. And since engaging with Nightmare will apply Stiffness in some scenarios - you can dish out a devastating combo with abilities that don’t have 100% Critical Hit Rate in them. It’s truly invaluable and you should abuse that part of Sorceress’ kit


Vile Plan

Status: Forward Guard Tool


Low damage, useful for Stiffness and Floating on mobs, which won’t have an effect against other players. It’s an Air Attack and an Air Smash but it will rarely be used for that. However, it has a Forward Guard to protect you from the front. 


Soul Harvest

Status: Ability Cancel + Knockback


A surprise tool that will allow you to cancel other abilities, firing off a kick that will Knock enemies Back. It will also grant you a +24% Critical Hit Rate for 10 seconds, so it will be mainly used for buffing yourself when you can’t afford to buff yourself with Flow: Requiem. And since it has a 3-second cooldown - if you can afford that without risking your life (as this ability is not protected) you can keep yourself with that bonus Critical Hit Rate for eternity to boost your damage.


Flow: Rushing Crow

Status: Mobility That Works in Scythe Mode


That’s about it as the status says. Same damage and same cooldown, just like Rushing Crow, but you will be able to use it in a Scythe Form. Keep in mind that when you level this up, you will not be able to use Rushing Crow with your Main-hand Weapon - Amulet.


Flow: Night Crow

Status: Night Crow Usable during Awakening Form


Night Crow is an amazing ability on its own thanks to the Invincibility Frames. With this ability - you can use it with a Scythe in your hands Same as with Flow: Rushing Crow, you will not be able to use Night Crow in Pre-Awakening Form, but that’s perfectly fine, as you will not run around with an Amulet as your weapon after Awakening.


Flow: Cry of Darkness

Status: Unreliable Float Combo Follow-up


This skill is a flow to the Blade of Darkness. It actually makes this skill worth your while. If it wasn’t for one thing. This ability is bugged and Developers do not know how to fix it. Sometimes it will deal with some good amount of damage in a combo and sometimes said combo will come to an end and you will drop it. Which actually makes it NOT worth your while. Wait for the fix - then you can use it.


Flow: Revived Nightmare

Status: Cartian’s Nightmare Extender


Extends the duration of our Crow Flood. More damage, more Super Armor, but what comes with it - more time spent in a state that is vulnerable to grabs. If you need that extra damage when you see enemies at low HP - it’s a good idea to actually use this flow. Outside of that - just stick to base Cartian’s Nightmare.


Sorceress PvP Guide

You should learn how to move as Sorceress, and to move her effectively, as you will have to put in some work to do that properly. Moving with just running, sprinting or just moving to the sides with rolling - even average players will punish it easily, as running has no protection whatsoever. To move around - you should use skills that allow you to move while minimizing any risk, through forwarding guards, invincibility, frames, and super armor statuses. 


Do not overdo your combos. I know how great it is to be flashy while dealing huge amounts of damage, but those days will come too. In the beginning, I would advise you to keep it simple. Don’t go for hard combos with frame-perfect cancels (that will be dependant on your FPS counts, as FPS drops can ruin everything), learn a few staple combos that will CC your enemy and finish them. 


There are a few things that you should know about this class. The sorceress has to work really hard, much harder than other classes. She really has to put herself out there going all-in. At the same time, she can’t play that aggressively due to mana costs, and sometimes it’s just better to play passively. Which basically means reacting to things that come your way, trading Super Armor, waiting for an opening with your Knockdown tools.


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It doesn’t matter which playstyle you pick, active or reactive, aggressive or passive - almost everything will have its basis on the movement. I can’t stress this enough. Movement and rotating through your iFrames, forward guards, and super armor move waiting for an opening for a hard Crowd Control ability.


And Sorceress has a lot of tools that will complete her set of decisive movements. She has abilities that will make her disappear in a puff of violet smoke, that sometimes will even obscure vision. Can this be countered by graphic settings, with turning of other player’s effects? Not at all, it even makes it worse, for Sorceress will disappear from the screen just like that without any indicators, to then show up right behind you. 


Movement is the key, as with it you will not only be able to fit every play style. You will be also able to switch between playstyles. Switching to aggressive gameplay after a few traded hits by playing passive can really throw off your opponent.


Her Skill Kit has been designed for that. To let her deal insane amounts of damage while remaining mobile. The multitude of her offensive skills is based on repositioning. For usually Sorceress will attack, and dash away, or dash during the attack as it’s a part of a majority of her powerful abilities.


Powerful abilities superior mobility and iFrames in Sorceress’s kit are balanced with unprotected skills. Mistakes will hurt, and they will hurt badly. Sorceress is quite hard to learn and it’s extremely difficult to master her kit. Her Skill Ceiling is really high, and getting to that point of mastery - it’s a steep road. But when you do master her - she will be a true powerhouse on the battlefield, not only capable of distracting enemies to open windows of opportunity for her allies, but to deal devastating amounts of damage to every foe around her.

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Sorceress Mass PvP Guide

When it comes to Node Wars and Sieges - Sorceress is much different. 1v1 guide can be condensed into a few general guidelines. Do this, don’t do that, and with experience switch between playstyles to fit the class that you are playing against. In Group PvP scenarios - there are variables that can’t be possibly described.


There are many things that you will take into consideration during Node Wars. Which guild is stronger, which foe is the most powerful, what’s their frontline, what’s their backline, where are the casters, and who should you attack. That’s only the meta information, and it’s not everything. What about combos, approaches, which skills to use and why to use them? How to protect yourself and how to draw attention? Who to focus if you get jumped on by a Valkyrie and a Mystic? 


And of course, you need to have proper amounts of AP to do anything. It’s less important in duels, as you can slowly chip away the HP of your enemies, but when it comes to GvG, there are no second chances. If you are a good Sorceress you can do some mess with about 257 AP, but it’s ideal to start being serious about Node Wars and Sieges with 261 AP.


You will mostly rely on your fast abilities that can be chained into iFrames. Utilize your Rabams, Shadow Eruption, Dream of Doom, and Calamity or Grim Reaper’s Judgement at 50% BSR, and Turn-Back Slash cancel if the situation fits it. 


You won’t be able to show off, cuz it will be simply too risky. Anything else beyond the skills mentioned above can be described as overdoing or pushing it too hard. You simply will not get away with using other unsafe skills during your rotation. Unless you are hitting a Boss or somebody's horse during their idle animation.


Use your Shadow Eruption, cancel it with iFrame into Engulfing Shadow. This little combo will allow you to not only stay arguably safe but also to fish for Crowd Control. Engulfing protects you from CC after Shadow Eruption, and if you get your CC off - you can expand your combo to finish your enemy off.


Dream of Doom is a decent ability to fish for Knockdowns. Great Ball of Dark Energy coming out of nowhere can surprise some enemies, allowing you and your allies to go in and do some mess. 


While Sorceress can be used for Skirmishing around the objective, it’s really not the best role for her. Each Sorceress should focus on providing utility for her team. Fishing for Crowd Control with quick follow-ups is really all that you have to do to be useful for the team. You will not be able to do extended combos against experienced players, even at higher AP counts, so be prepared to ditch your aggressive playstyle, to become an absolute team player.

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It doesn’t mean that you have to play passively. Of course, you can switch to your more menacing gameplay and just iFrame across the battlefield to assassinate high-priority targets, but you really have to work for it. And to do that effectively - you have to reach some sort of mastery with Sorceress, as you will not rely on the power of your character, but on the mind-games of hours upon hours of experience. In short - you will have to outplay your opponent.

This is the end of our Black Desert Online Sorceress Guide. We will keep this updated if some changes to Sorceress and her mechanics will come in the future. Leave some comments and send this guide to your fellow Sorceresses. Feel free to join a class-specific Discord server. Right there you can find the best current build, guides, youtube videos and more content regarding this class are posted almost daily. From each video and every link, you will learn something different. Community is really welcoming, different players will teach you about magic crystal builds, defense, alchemy recipes best suited for a Sorceress, item builds,  how to do certain quests, or how to play against other classes, those with shields like Warrior and Valkyrie, or special unconventional classes like Tamer.


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