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Dota 2 - a mod that became a game

The first installment of the popular Dota was originally called “Defense of the Ancients” and started as a modification for the Warcraft III game. It quickly gathered a lot of attention from users as this minigame was combining multiple elements of original Warcraft into a completely new genre of the gameplay that was called MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). After the success that another MOBA game - League of Legends achieved within few years after its release Valve Entertainment (producers of Steam platform and game like Counter-Strike or Half-Life) decided to create their own MOBA game. Recreation of the popular Warcraft III modification on a standalone engine was their plan for success - that’s how Dota 2 came to existence. Valve’s plan was to take players away from the extremely popular League of Legends by teasing them with more complicated gameplay and additional customization options for in-game characters. Now years after the release of both titles we know that the succeeded only partially. League of Legends remained more popular MOBA game but Dota 2 managed to steal a portion of their players. If you look for challenging gameplay, lots of mechanics, higher difficulty, and a bigger learning curve then Dota 2 might be more appealing to you than the League.