Dota 2 Boosting

Power Leveling in Dota 2

Check the best Dota 2 Boosting offers. Classified as MOBA, Dota 2 is a game sequel to Dota or Defense of the Ancients, which was a user-created map for Warcraft 3. Now Dota 2 Boosting is available on MMOAuctions! Dota 2 gameplay puts 10 players in 2 teams on one map. Each team starts in the opposite corner of the map. Each player controls one hero for the length of the match. Map is divided into 3 lanes, with connected rivers and forests, leading to the enemy's base. Each lane is protected with 6 towers, 3 for each team, that will attack enemies under approach. There are also buildings called "Barracks" that spawn creeps - for every enemy barracks destroyed your minions are granted with slight bonuses. Looking for DOTA 2 Boosting? Tired of farming for new heroes? Check MMOAuctions, best place to put or search for an offer connected with DOTA 2 Boost!