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Dota 2 Items

DOTA 2 items are in-game equipment that provides your hero with bonuses such as attributes and special abilities. They are obtainable from several shops located on the game map. Lower tier DOTA 2 items can be combined into higher tier items with proper recipe. Heroes have six item slots in their inventory, three in backpack and six more in stash. DOTA Items can be picked up and delivered to their owned with a courier. You can't use items owned by other heroes with some exceptions. Most DOTA items can be sold back to vendors for 100% of value within 10 seconds after transaction. After 10 seconds it can be sold for 50% of value. Enemy dropped items and your items can be destroyed. The shop at the enemy base can also be used to buy items, sell items and access the stash. Looking for buy DOTA 2 items? Check MMOAuctions!