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Bloodstone Monsters guide

In the world of Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse, you can find hundreds of creatures with fantasy-themed looks. It might seem difficult to understand at first which ones are dangerous for low levels and which can be safely farmed on. To have a grasp on that topic, we have written a guide on creatures that you can fight. You will also find in our article the best spots for early leveling that will help you get experience faster than ever. Without a further introduction, here is what we have prepared for you.

Creature Types

With a wide variety of monsters that you can challenge, it is essential to know what you are up against. It is often easy to determine the strength of your opponent based on its size. Harder monsters often not only appear as more dangerous ones but also as bigger size creatures. This might be confusing at times as the biggest of them are most often bosses, but from time to time, you might find bosses in the size of players or even smaller ones. It is always important to play defensively when you see a new enemy if you don’t know how it will act. Use your Magic Shield and other defensive abilities, which will ensure your survival and try to move to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Stand close to the enemy only when you are familiar with the pattern of its skills to make sure that you are safe at all times.

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Leveling Spots for new players


Recommended level




By looking at the map you can notice a small brown area connected to Donncaster on the east and a little green one inside it - there you can find an entrance to Beetle Cave.



Leave the Donncaster by the east entrance and travel in the same direction until you get to the small island. Keep going east until you reach the sea.

Spiders I


Leave the Donncaster by the east entrance and head north. When you reach the bridge go through it and follow the green path to the west. Enter the cave there.

Spiders II


Go to the same place as with Spiders I and try to reach the deepest parts of the tunnel.

Skeletons I


Head over to Village of Ely and leave by the north entrance. Nearby you will find graveyard where the Skeletons are. Watch out for Zombies on -2 and Kuromancers on -3.

Skeletons II


After finishing Chain Mail Material, The Journey Begins! and The Missing Son you can go to the Donncaster dungeon in the south-west part of the down - just under the castle.



Same way as with Spiders I but instead of going with a western bridge you want to pass through eastern one. Goblins are in the eastern part of the cave.

Centipedes I


Same way as with Beetles but after going inside of the cave you want to reach the eastern part of the cave where lies entrance to Centipede cave.

Centipedes II


Same way as with Amanites. On the south-east part of the island, you will find the entrance to Centipede cave.

Glowing Ants 


The easiest way to reach Ants is through the northern Donncaster entrance. After you leave the city go to the left until you reach the cave. Make sure to bring mache - you will need to cut some grass on the way.



They reside in the small building north of Donncaster. To get there you can use the same way as with ants buy instead of cutting grass take the path to the north.



You can find Ahizos spawn in the dungeon north of Solatine Village. Keep your distance during the fight.

Bloodstone Accounts


Creatures like Goblin King, Wah-Kon-Tah, or Lich King do stand out from the crowd with their enormous size and extraordinary looks. Those creatures are bosses. They can be found hidden in the deepest parts of the Bloodstone world. As bosses are unique creatures that usually take a few hours to respawn, you are highly unlikely to meet one without camping on its spawn point. Bosses do also stand out in other fields: enormous health pool, severe damage, extraordinary burst potential, and this what attracts brave adventurers to them - unique loot. If you want to acquire the best items available in the game, there is no better way than through bossing. Said creatures tend to leave the most valuable items for adventurers who can take them down. This task usually takes multiple team members, and coordination as fights against bosses are much harder than any other encounter.


We hope that you have learned from our guide on how to start your adventure with killing hostile creatures around the world of Bloodstone. Those of you who seek additional knowledge on the subjects of this game are welcome to see what we have prepared at our blog page - there we have texts, articles, and guides from many games - including this one. Our users also can participate in exchanges made at the marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade in-game goods completely free of charge. Accounts, currency, and everything else that you might desire are within your reach, so make sure to check that out.

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