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Buy a strong Bloodstone account at MMOAuctions! You can get an already developed account with a strong character (or characters), a healthy supply of gold, and some exceptional, worthwhile items. You don’t have to start from scratch – skip some of the least exciting parts thanks to a bought account.

Bloodstone Accounts

Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse is a great retro MMORPG that accomplishes what it wanted to exactly. At the same time, the game is not revolutionary by any means. Everyone who lived and breathed in Tibia will know what to do. Early game is mostly useful to get the hang of the systems and mechanics – it might be necessary for people that are new to MMORPGs. The ideas implemented in Bloodstone are not groundbreaking – a genre veteran like yourself won’t have any problems understanding them.

That’s why buying a developed account might a good idea! We don’t know anyone who believes that killing rats on the island of Rookgaard was the best part of playing Tibia. The same goes for Bloodstone! The real fun begins when you’re already on the mainland, with quite a few levels under your belt and some decent gear.

You can jump right into this exciting part of the game with a bought account. Not everyone has as much time for gaming, as they had back in the day. It’s perfectly understandable – people get more responsibilities as life goes on. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay behind other players. Get a strong character, and enjoy the game even more!

Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse is a game with a plodding, vertical progression. You have to kill monsters for a character experience, acquire stronger equipment, level up skills, and develop the non-combat aspects of the game, like gathering and crafting. As you might have already guessed – it all takes quite a lot of time – especially if you want to establish yourself as one of the most prominent players on your server. You can make it a bit easier by buying an account, getting some currency, or paying for a power leveling service.

After you find an interesting offer, read it front to end. First of all, you want to know what exactly is included in the auction. Classes and levels of the characters are some of the most important things, but there’s more. You should always check the equipment and the amount of gold. You can also ask the seller whether the items and currency are featured in the offer. Finally, you have to choose the right server. It’s especially crucial if you want to play with some friends who already have their accounts. Even if that’s not the case, Bloodstone has servers that are located in Brazil and France. You should always choose the one that’s closer to your location – it will decrease latency and make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

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Bloodstone Classes

If you’re planning to buy an account and use the character that’s already there, you want to make sure that the class that you get will suit your style and your needs. There are five playable character classes in Bloodstone.

Knight – it’s the game’s main tank. He has the strongest armors out of all the Bloodstone classes. Moreover, it’s the only character that can use a shield for even more defensive stats. Knights fight with one-handed swords or maces. They have access to multiple control effects, most importantly taunting and provoking enemies to keep the rest of the party safe. Moreover, they have access to a stun, various defensive buffs, self-healing, and occasional damage reflection. Knight is a worthy member of any party because his defensive utility shines the most when he has some allies that are able to deal high amounts of damage. On the other hand, this class can really struggle while farming solo (Knights can still do it - they’re just the slowest class at killing monsters).

Barbarian – a melee fighter that combines a high damage output with a lot of base HP. Barbarians excel when they can both take and deal damage. They can inflict bleeding onto their targets for additional DoT effect. This class can cleanse a lot of conditions and control effects. At the same time, they apply some of those to their targets. A Barbarian has an ability that allows him to deal extra damage when his HP goes low. Moreover, he has access to multiple debuffs, a life steal ability, and some AoE attacks.

Shaman – it’s the utility-focused support class. Shaman is the only Bloodstone character that can be played as an effective healer. She can use the powers of water, earth, and light. They can be used to deal damage, buff allies, and apply various conditions to the enemies. Moreover, Shamans can place totems that buff their teammates inside the area of effect. It’s also the only class that can summon a creature that helps in combat. She can resurrect fallen allies too. Besides all that great utility, Shamans can also deal a respectable amount of damage with their offensive spells. It’s a very mana-hungry class that works much better in a party than solo.    

Archer – one of the ranged pure DPS classes. He has a very consistent damage output, which makes him efficient in long fights or farming sessions. At the same time, Archer is a bit more durable than the spell casting classes, thanks to higher base HP and a massive amount of Evasion. He’s more likely to survive even if enemies get on top of him. Moreover, good Movement Speed allows him to kite the enemies. This class has access to traps and some strong forms of AoE damage (when you get to the higher levels). On the other hand, Archer requires arrows or bolts to farm, so he generates additional costs. He also uses a lot of mana and is a rather weak class in the early game.

Mage – the primary magical damage dealer in Bloodstone. She can cast powerful spells associated with Fire, Air, and Darkness. Her damage relies on abilities, so instead of a steady DPS, she hits in short, but devastating bursts. Mage is a squishy class, but the Mana Shield ability allows her to survive a few extra hits. At the same time, she deals a ton of damage and destroy multiple enemies with AoE spells.

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