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Bloodstone Items

Buy Bloodstone items and get more powerful today! Find the offers with amazing weapons, armors, and other valuable objects. Currently, the game has no trading restrictions, so you can buy even the rarest and most unique gear pieces!

Buy and Sell Bloodstone Items

Tibia fans finally have a reason to rejoice, as Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse has just received its full release. The game is heavily inspired by this MMORPG cult classic. Bloodstone is truly an old school MMO experience, where vertical progression and acquiring stronger gear is the main driving force of the game.

As we already mentioned, every Bloodstone item can be traded – nothing is off limits! It creates a massive potential for a developed player-driven economy. When everything can be bought with gold, the main currency stays valuable and relevant at all times. It makes farming, crafting, and playing the market lucrative, rewarding the smart and devoted players for their efforts.

Bloodstone Item Types

The characters in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse can equip numerous weapons and armor pieces. A full armor set consists of a helmet, breastplate, leggings, boots, gloves, and bracelets. Besides some very low-level items, the armor elements are assigned to specific classes with Knight armors providing the most defense and Mage robes being the weakest. Knights are also the only class that can use shields.

In terms of weapons, you can get one-handed swords and maces, two-handed axes and spears, the magical weapons like wands, staves, scepters, and orbs, as well as ranged physical bows and crossbows. The two last categories require a quiver of arrows or bolts to be used.

The weapons have multiple different statistics. Besides the damage number, there’s attack speed, critical chance, defense when blocking (only melee), accuracy, and durability. The ranged weapons can have different attack ranges, and the magic weapons have a small mana cost attached even to the basic attacks. Some specific weapons (improved, rare, legendary, etc.) can provide additional bonus stats. The remaining item categories include trophies, ammunition (arrows and bolts), bags, consumables, and gathering tools. Certain items can also serve as quest rewards.

Buy Bloodstone Gear

Search through the posted offers, and you’ll be able to find wonderful Bloodstone equipment that can instantly catapult you ahead of the other players! The most time-efficient power farmers and hardcore MMO veterans are selling their powerful gear, and you can be the one who gets it! The importance of equipment in games like Bloodstone cannot be understated! Getting stronger items can let you slay tougher monsters and farm even faster! Once you get an advantage, holding onto it is much easier!

When you find an interesting offer, read it carefully and make sure that it applies to your server. Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse launched with two Brazilian and one European server, but new ones are on their way! Ping is rarely an issue in a game like this, but if you of your friends already have some semi-developed characters on one of the servers, you might want to make sure that the auction will be of use to you. If you can’t find this information in the product’s description, contact the seller and ask them all the necessary questions. If you encounter any problems related to our website, you can always send a message to our support staff, and we’ll look into it.

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Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse

Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse (also referred to as Bloodstone Online) is a traditional MMORPG that’s inspired by Tibia. The game has been developed and published by a small Brazilian studio called Streamy. The full release took place at the beginning of 2020.

The creators of Bloodstone are long-time Tibia fans who attempted to provide the players with similar gaming experience in a completely new world with different stories and heroes. They made their game engine, with updated visuals (that, of course, retain those pixel-arty aesthetics) and some new mechanics.

Bloodstone Characters

Players can choose from five playable classes: Knight, Archer, Barbarian, Shaman, and Mage. Each of them has a unique set of skills and exclusive weapons as well as armor items. Every class is viable for solo farming, but being classic MMORPG – Bloodstone encourages grouping. Knights are dedicated tanks, Shamans can provide a lot of utility and healing, while squishy Mages and Archers can safely focus on dealing damage, without worrying about getting killed. Playing in a party also allows killing stronger monsters and farm even faster what results in higher amounts of valuable loot.

Besides the PvE combat content, there also are some advanced features that don’t necessarily involve fighting. You can gather materials (most notably mining ores) and later use them in the forge to craft items. Both gathering and crafting have assigned skills that have to be leveled in order to acquire higher-grade materials and produce more advanced items. Besides crafting, forge can also be used to improve already existing items. However, this process has a chance to fail. If this happens, your resources will be wasted.

If you manage to loot or craft and then improve some really valuable items, you can always sell them to other players! As we said, there are no trading restrictions in Bloodstone! So if you need any extra power, buy some of the exceptional items at MMOAuctions!