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Items in the Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse

In the world of Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse players can get higher stats by either training their combat skills, leveling up, using higher-level abilities or by equipping better items. In this guide, we will be taking a look at specific equipment parts available in this title as well as other items that can be helpful for your character. If you need some advice on what you should equip or which items are worth collecting - look no further everything you need to know about items is in this guide.

Types of equipment available in the game

  • One-handed melee weapons

  • Two-handed melee weapons 

  • Wands and staves

  • Bows

  • Crossbows

  • Magic orbs

  • Quivers

  • Shields

  • Helmets

  • Bracelets

  • Armors

  • Gloves

  • Pants

  • Boots

  • Magic items

    • Amulets

    • Rings

    • Scrolls

    • Mixtures

As mentioned before, equipping better items in terms of your character’s gear can drastically improve your defense, attack, spell damage as well as other statistics. It is always important to look out for upgrades for equipment that you are using as items with higher stats can make you level up faster, earn more gold, get to new locations and allow you to compete with others. 

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Other item types 

  • Trophies

  • Ammunition

  • Bags

  • Food

  • Tools

Trophies were awarded to players who have helped test out features of the game before its release. It is also possible to acquire monster trophies that drop from time to time from enemies. Ammunition is used mainly by Archers who need arrows to deal with the damage. Bags are commonly collected by all players to store items within them. Food can help you regenerate health or mana quickly if you have learned certain spells. Tools can be used to clear paths, open up blocked passages, and collect minerals used for crafting. 

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Quest items

Collecting items for quests might be a little bit frustrating since NPCs tend to send on missions for some items and not for everything at once. From time to time, you will come across quests that require some of the items from a place that is far away, and when you turn them in NPC wants you to go back to that place for something else. To simplify this process, you can collect all items needed for missions beforehand. This way, you will be able to turn everything in at once saves you a lot of trouble. Here is a list of quests and items that you need for them. Even if you are not focusing on questing - keep an eye open for these as you will need them later on. 

The Journey Begins! - Pan, 20x Goblin Nose, 5x Quakan Orbs, 20x Rags

Avoiding Pests in the future - 4x Aleva, 9x Amelia Flower, 15x Temere Bark

Flowers for the Big Day - 12x Arum Lily

Jamdak Special Stew - 5x Arum Lily, 8x Beetle Shell, 10x Craboxer Claw, 2x Maggot Blood, 15x Poisonous Mushrooms

My Bandages are Best - 8x Arum Lily, 12x Goblin Thong, 8x Pot of Slime

Time to Clean the Dirt - 15x Bark of Cockroach

The Prisoner Hungry - 5x Black Beer, 2x Lobster, Doncaster Dungeon Key

Faerie Scroll Quest - 10x Blue Fireflies, 3x Javamute Fang

Love at First Sight - 1x Bright Jewelry, 10x Amalia Flower

Skins for the Castle - 2x Brown Bear Skin

Milking the Danger - 10x Bucket

The Oven hard as a rock - 15x Bulette Shell

Competition Slaughtering Leg - 21x Centipede Paws

The Dress (Pink or Blue) - 30x Cobweb

Whisper: a Swamp beyond the Earth - 5x Cicatriz Beak

Eternal Happiness - 1x Cord, 20x Troll Tooth

Scales of Fashion - 7x Crocodile Scale

Eye Oil - 15x Eyelord Oil

Breaking Rocks in the Path - 5x Gross Copper, 5x Raw Zinc

Who is the Man? - 5x Ham

Proteins - 100x Insect Egg

Diseases in the Herd - 7x Javamute Fang

Feeding the Headlight - 50x Magic Fragment, 1x Lamp

There is no free lunch - 4x Slimy Shell, 5x Tongue of Giant Frog, 10x Venex Leaf

Chain Mail Material - 25x Tough Webbing

Alienated Infiltration - 2x Tough Wood

Adventures of Sands - 20x Tree Bark.

Mining, Forging and altering

In the world of Bloodstone there is an option for players to craft weapons and to alter their statistics by modifying them with the use of ores and metals. Every equipment piece has its own durability which is determined by how much it was used in the past. You can check the damage on your pieces by hovering over them with the mouse. As it erodes over time you will have to maintain it by visiting Blacksmith NPC now and then. Always keep in mind to check how much of items durability you have left as critically damaged equipment pieces become useless in battle.

One of the new systems that distinguish Bloodstone from Tibia is the ability to mine rocks. This is done to supplement the resources needed for forging. Ores found around the world can be very different - some of them are the source of basic upgrades and can be found in caves that are in close proximity to the cities, while most unique ones are hidden in the dangerous lands far away from civilization. 

sellers and friends gold

Said stones will be necessary to craft metal bars used during equipment enhancing process. On top of that rarest weapons and items can be created at blacksmith workshop with the use of minerals. This removes the randomness of the drops and a need for luck during looting. With your own hard work, you can acquire what you need and you will be rewarded for picking up resources during your journey.

Item upgrading can be done only when necessary quests are finished in advance. You can start this mission chain by talking to the Blacksmith NPC. After that said NPC will let you use his forge for upgrading but keep in mind that with every attempt you will be given only a chance for an upgrade. Failing might end up in a loss of resources or even in a loss of the item that you were wishing to upgrade.


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