GW2 World Boss Guide - Slay the Great Beasts!

Guild Wars 2 World Boss Guide
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GW2 World Boss Guide

Killing World Bosses is a vital aspect of PvE in Guild Wars 2. Players can embark into the open world of Tyria to slay these tremendous creatures to earn valuable loot. For many players, accidentally joining a fight against a World Boss is often the first genuinely epic encounter in GW2. Keep reading this guide to learn about all the mechanics surrounding World Bosses and the loot that they can provide.

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GW2 World Bosses

Spawning of world bosses is based on a fixed schedule and GW2 event timer. Somewhere in Tyria, a new World Boss spawns every 15 minutes. In addition to that, 18 hardcore World Bosses can be killed every day, on a specific hour. All these bosses are divided into three categories, based on their level and difficulty. If you need a GW2 boss timer or a full schedule of the bosses, you can easily find them on the Internet.

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Every player can join a fight against a World Boss. You don't have to be in a party with other people. Each boss rewards the players with a chest. However, it's limited to one per day for each character (there's a daily reset when all the characters become viable for the chests again). While you can get overall more valuable loot from endgame dungeons and fractals, some unique items have to be looted from these world bosses.

Low-level World Bosses

Champion Svanir Shaman Chief is a level 10 World Boss that spawns in Wayfarer Foothills. He's the final opponent in the event called The Frozen Maw. The combat starts with three waves of monsters that you'll have to beat before facing the shaman chief. Defeating him will provide a Glorious Chest. Besides the usual rewards, this chest may contain a useful exotic accessory called Eternal Ice.

Fire Elemental (sometimes called Greater Fire Elemental) is a level 15 world boss that appears in Thaumanova Reactor inside of the Metrica Province. It spawns additional enemies called embers, drops meteors, and releases powerful flame waves. You're going to have to avoid a lot of that damage while reaching the boss. Fire Elemental itself is immobile what makes damage over time AoE spells really effective against it. At the same time, it's immune to critical hits. It rewards the victorious players with a Magnificent Chest. Sadly, there are no unique drops from this boss.

Shadow Behemoth is another level 15 World Boss. It spawns in Godslost Swamp inside Queensdale. This monster breaks out from Underworld into Tyria. Slaying the Shadow Behemoth is the final part of a meta event called Secrets in the Swamp. It summons Portals to the Underworld that make it invulnerable. Players have to destroy these portals first to start dealing damage to the boss. Slaying the Shadow Behemoth rewards the players with a Demonic Chest that can contain an exotic staff – Final Rest.

Great Jungle Wurm is one more epic level 15 World Boss. It emerges in Wychmire Swamp that's a part of a larger zone – Caledon Forest. Its arrival also spawns Summoned Husks and Nightmare Hounds. It can consume the husks to regenerate its health. Defeating the Great Jungle Wurm rewards the victorious players with a Swamp Chest. It has a chance to drop two exotic items: a shield called Wall of Thorns and a focus named Wisteria.

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Standard World Bosses

Modniir Ulgoth (also known as Ulgoth the Mighty) is a level 43 centaur king. Players can face him in the Modniir Gorge inside Harathi Hinterlands. He's an elementalist who uses the powers of wind and fire. During the combat, players have to deal with the summoned elementals and Ulgoth's war beasts. Defeating this boss rewards the players with a Magnificent Chest. It can contain two unique exotic items: a staff called Pillar of Ulgoth and an accessory trinket – Ulgoth's Tail.

Admiral Taidha Covington, sometimes referred to as Hydra Queen, is a level 50 pirate World Boss. She can be found on the Laughing Gull Island in the Bloodtide Coast. Beating her is the final instance of the meta event called The Campaign Against Taidha Covington. Upon death, she can drop an Embroidered Coin Purse, which is an exotic loot bag. Additionally, there will be a Glorious Chest that can contain two unique exotic items: a pistol called Old Reliable and a sword named Trusty Rusty. Hydra Queens is one of the few bosses that have the legendary NPC rank, meaning that she's tough to kill, relatively to her level.  

The Shatterer is a level 50 world boss. He's a branded dragon that serves the Crystal Dragon Kralkatorrik. He spawns in the Lowland Burns inside the Blazeridge Steppes. The Shatterer has a lot of AoE attacks and a strong self-healing ability. Beating this boss is the finale of Kralkatorrik's Legacy event. The combat involves plenty of adds in the form of branded creatures. The victorious players are rewarded with a Dragon Chest that can contain two unique exotic trinkets: a ring called Sentinel's Bane and an accessory named Breath of Kralkatorrik.

Megadestroyer is the ultimate level 66 Destroyer boss that can be found in Maelstrom's Bite in the Mount Maelstrom. This confrontation is the final part of an event called The Battle for Mount Maelstrom. The Megadestroyer deals a lot of fire damage, and during the fight, you're going to kill Veteran Destroyer Crabs and Veteran Destroyer Harpies. The players who defeat this boss will obtain an Ancient Treasure. However, there are no unique drops inside of it.

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Inquest Golem Mark II ­is a level 68 World Boss created by the Asuran organization called The Inquest. The boss appears in Whitland Flats inside the Mount Maelstrom zone. It's an upgraded version of the shape-shifting golem called Prototype X. During the fight, players have to be mindful of the electric surges that can kill them quickly. After defeating the golem, the characters will get access to Inquest Resources. They can contain a useful accessory called Symbol of the Inquest.

Claw of Jormag is a level 80 dragon servant of the Ice Elder Dragon Jormag. A face-off against this boss is a part of an event called Breaking the Claw of Jormag. It takes place in Frostwalk Tundra inside of Frostgorge Sound. Players have to defeat the beasts that terrorize nearby camps and settlements. The fight itself is quite complicated, and it utilizes a lot of unique mechanics. Players have to use special bazookas and flamethrowers to pierce through the boss's defenses. Claw of Jormag has a lot of AoE attacks – including one that can fear the characters and make them run away. Abilities that can cleanse crowd control effects are really valuable in this encounter. A victory provides the players with a Frost Chest, which can contain a Jormag's Claw Fragment.  

Hardcore World Bosses

Three-headed Great Jungle Wurm is a distinctive level 55 World Boss that can surface in Jelako Cliffrise on the Bloodtide Coast. The way it works is that each of the heads is a separate World Boss with its own event. They all work in similar ways – players have to remove the Slick Skin passive first using a particular mechanic. Without doing that, the wurms won't take any damage. The three heads are Amber, Cobalt, and Crimson. Depending on the numbers of killed heads, the victors will receive a Bronze, Silver or a Gold chest. They can contain a few unique drops: Amulet of Triple Curiosity, Annelid Rifle Skin, Connie's Lost Wedding Ring, Mini Cobalt Great Jungle Wurm Head, and Pile of Regurgitated Armor.

Tequatl the Sunless is a level 65 undead World Boss. He can be found on the Splintered Coast of the Sparkfly Fen. Tequatl has an army of minions that fight alongside him. Players have to repel the attacks and protect the Vigil Megalaser. Losing the crucial objectives results in a defeat. The whole combat is pretty complex and divided into phases. In order to succeed, players have to bring a lot of ranged DPS, since melees can have a hard time reaching the boss. The victory is rewarded with a Dragon Chest that can provide a lot of unique items. They are Benthic Aquabreather, Benthic Hydrobreather, Benthic Waterbreather, Bone Fragments of Tequatl, Carved Bone Spoon, Fang of Tequatl, Mini Risen Hylek, Mini Tequatl the Sunless, Shard of the Deep, Superior Rune of the Sunless, Tequatl's Hoard and Zhaitan's Reach.   

Karka Queen is a powerful level 80 World Boss that can spawn in one of the two locations: Driftglass Springs and Southsun Shoals. They are relatively close to each other, as they're both parts of the Southsun Cove. The boss itself has a remarkably powerful damage reduction, but it can be removed with Karka Eggs. Players have to protect the nearby settlements and kill the boss before it runs away. A victory is rewarded with a special chest that sadly doesn't provide any unique items. However, it can contain some handy recipes, inscriptions, and insignia.

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GW2 Open World Play

While most hardcore players will probably choose fractals and raids as their favorite types of game content, the open-world provides a lot of possibilities in GW2. Besides unlocking all the achievements, finding every vista and point of interest, you can have a lot of fun simply fighting foes and playing the game. You can actually experiment with your builds and test your ideas. The most challenging endgame content usually requires playing one of the few meta builds that are considered optimal for specific encounters and professions. In the meantime, you can play whatever you want in the open world.

It doesn't mean that all the encounters will be easy. You can stumble upon a real challenge in the open-world content. Besides the official World Bosses that we already listed, some other dangerous foes can also drop some sweet loot.

The risen priests of five gods: Balthazar, Dwayna, Lyssa, Grenth, and Melandru are great examples of that. They can all be found in different areas of Ruins of Orr. Some other examples include Octovine in Auric Basin, Mouth of Mordremoth in Dragon's Stand, Chak Gerent in Tangled Depths, the night bosses in Verdant Brink and much more! They can provide a great trial by fire for some of your experimental builds!  

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Guild Wars 2

If you're looking for an MMORPG that can lock you in with fantastic worldbuilding and a thrilling, ongoing story – Guild Wars 2 might be just the game for you. It can provide you with a significant number of hours spent on adventuring in the beautiful world of Tyria and participating in various events.  

This ArenaNet game continues the storyline of a looming threat posed by the tremendous Elder Dragons. After completing the main campaign, players still have a lot to discover. They can go through the stories introduced by two expansions: Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. Finally, there still is a lot to discover, thanks to the Living World feature. New chapters of this rich narrative get unraveled before our very eyes with each large patch.  

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