Guild Wars 2 Scribe Guide - Guild Hall Decorations and More!

GW2 Scribe Guide
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Guild Wars 2 Scribe Guide

Scribe is the most unique, original and probably the least necessary crafting discipline in Guild Wars 2. It’s the only one that requires an expansion even to be accessed. Every player who wants to learn this discipline needs the Heart of Thorns DLC.


Products crafted by Scribes are not necessary to play the game. It’s a class that’s focused on endgame guild content. Most of the products available for this class are Guild Hall decorations. You will get more possibilities when your guild unlocks some Guild Hall buildings (like a tavern, etc.) They can also craft some consumables that can be used in PvE and special schematic guild items that can be used by guild members, specifically in WvW. It's fair to say that you can live your GW2 life without leveling any crafting disciplines - Scribe is the most extreme example of that. 

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Scribe is all about the endgame collectibles, as it provides almost exclusively the prestige associated with having a developed and decorated Guild Hall. Most MMORPGs have some options for cosmetics that require some effort to get. In GW2, a huge part of it is related to Scribe. The only exception to that rule, are the three Scribe-exclusive sigils. Especially the Superior Sigil of Transference might be a great boost for supportive builds as it increases the amount of outgoing healing by 10%. Other than that, you're not going to craft too many useful inventory pieces. 


To unlock this discipline, you have to talk to the Master Scribe Cullen in your Guild Hall. He will only be accessible if your hall has the guild workshop unlocked. Moreover, you’re going to use a particular crafting station called Aetheric Assembly Device. Scribes don’t craft items conventionally. They create schematics, and the assembly device then takes some time to produce the designed item. It works a bit like a 3D printer. 


Scribes crafts are based on a variety of materials. They can utilize and refine and upgrade cloth, leather, wood, and resonating mats, so there's the possibility for processing and upgrading almost all the crafting ingredients. This discipline also uses a lot of unique components, like paper, ink, and scribing kits.

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Scribe Leveling Guide

Just like every other crafting discipline, leveling a Scribe requires a lot of crafting. The difference is that the rest of them need an initial investment to start returning profit later. Scribe is a never-ending gold sink, and the recipes here are significantly more expensive than in the case of the other disciplines. It’s crucial to understand that Scribe is not at all about making money. Don’t level it unless you care much about your Guild Hall and the prestige of your guild.   


Overall, there's over 100 gold required to complete the leveling process. If you still have plenty of other things to spend money on, we recommend taking care of them first. However, if you have plenty of gold and a Guild Hall that needs some embellishment, then go for it!

Arguably, leveling Scribe is not as important as progressing other crafting disciplines. Of course, certain thresholds will provide you access to more Guild decorations (including banners) and consumables, but it’s mostly the matter of personal preference. If you like some of the lower level decorations, you will get them for your Guild Hall anyway. After all, they don’t bring any useful stats. That being said, as usual, the safest and most cost-effective way of leveling a crafting discipline is buying all material components at the same time.     


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Scribe 1-400

This is an exemplary list of items to craft. Follow it in order to get enough experience that'll let you reach level 400 as Scribe. Before hitting the market, make sure to check your bank for any materials that you might already have. Clearing your storage while leveling crafters is always a good idea. In general, the price for leveling this crafting discipline is quite high, making it a bit cheaper definitely wouldn't hurt. 

Materials to buy from NPC Vendor

255x Jug of water

56x Lump of Coal

6x Crafter’s Backpack Frame

112x Crystalline Bottle


Materials to collect or obtain from Trading Post

331x Copper Ore

36x Gold Ore

168x Iron Ore

224x Mithril Ore

48x Platinum Ore

84x Silver Ore

280x Green Wood Plank

852x Jute Scrap

626x Green Wood Log

48x Hard Wood Log

90x Soft Wood Log

86x Seasoned Wood Log

44x Cured Thin Leather Square

12x Wool Scrap

12x Cotton Scrap

16x Linen Scrap

285x Pile of Glittering Dust

265x Pile of Shimmering Dust

170x Pile of Radiant Dust

208x Pile of Luminous Dust

252x Pile of Incandescent Dust

1x Full Venom Sac

63x Carrot

63x Potato

63x Head of Lettuce

84x Arrow Cart Blueprints

20x Mordrem Lodestone

219x Resonating Silver

200x Badge of tribute

42x Pouch of Red Pigment

18x Pouch of Yellow Pigment

1x Barbed Thorn

138x Pouch of Brown Pigment

1860x Flax Fiber

69x Pouch of Blue Pigment

18x Box of Banner Supplies

28x Strategic Defense Map of the Mists

520x Lucent Mote

20x Symbol of Enhancement

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Level 1

426x Bolt of Jute

192x Green Wood Plank

146x Green Wood Pulp

138x Copper Ingot

52x Pile of Lucent Crystal

46x Green Wood Dowel

155x Linen Supply Sack

146x Sheet of Coarse Paper

46x Simple Scribing Kit

46x Bag of Glittering Blotting Powder

46x Green Wood Pen

46x Copper Nib

46x Simple Ink Set

21x Bag of Dolyak Chow

11x Copper Reinforcing Plate

11x Bag of Shimmering Energy

6x Simple Scribe’s Tools

6x Simple Scribe’s Backpack


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Level 25

Discover Minor Sigil of Agility by combining Mordrem Lodestone, Simple Scribing Kit, Symbol of Enhancement, and Pile of Lucent Crystal. Then make 11 more.


Level 50

28x Guild Banquet


Level 75

42x Silver Ingot

20x Soft Wood Plank

14x Soft Wood Dowel

6x Bolt of Wool

6x Soft Wood Pulp

14x Basic Scribing Kit

14x Soft Wood Pen

14x Silver Nib

14x Basic Ink Set

14x Bag of Shimmering Blotting Powder

6x Sturdy Scribe’s Tools

6x Sheet of Rough Paper

6x Sturdy Scribe’s Backpack


Level 100

22x Rough Book Cover

10x Box of Banner Supplies

11x Sabotage Depot


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Level 125

Discover Major Sigil of Agility with Mordrem Lodestone, Basic Scribing Kit, Symbol of Enhancement and 5x Pile of Lucent Crystal.


Level 150

56x Steel Ingot

18x Gold Ingot

12x Seasoned Wood Plank

6x Bolt of Cotton

6x Seasoned Wood Pulp

6x Seasoned Wood Dowel

28x Bag of Radiant Energy

28x Steel Reinforcing Plate

6x Practical Scribe’s Tools

6x Sheet of Fine Paper

6x Fine Scribing Kit

6x Bag of Radiant Blotting Powder

6x Seasoned Wood Pen

6x Gold Nib

6x Fine Ink Set

6x Practical Scribe’s Backpack


Level 175

21x Invulnerable Dolyak


Level 200

28x Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints


Level 225

24x Platinum Ingot

16x Hard Wood Plank

8x Bolt of Linen

8x Hard Wood Pulp

8x Hard Wood Dowel

23x Journeyman’s Ink Set

8x Sheet of Smooth Paper

8x Journeyman’s Scribing Kit

8x Hard Wood Pen

8x Platinum Nib

8x Bag of Luminous Blotting Powder

Box of Journeyman Scribing Supplies

Discover Writ of Basic Speed with Sheet of Smooth Paper, Journeyman’s Scribing Kit and Barbed Thorn.

Combine Sheet of Smooth Paper, Journeyman’s Scribing Kit, and Full Venom Sac to discover Writ of Calculated Malice.


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Level 250

28x Centaur Banner


Level 275

6x Intricate Scribe’s Tools

6x Intricate Scribe’s Backpack


Level 300

112x Mithril Ingot

84x Bag of Incandescent Energy

56x Mithril Reinforcing Plate


Level 325

28x Invulnerable Fortifications


Level 350

28x Auto Turrets


Level 375

28x Watchtower

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gw2 scribe guide

The Scribe crafting discipline is designed mostly for completists who enjoy the ambitious tasks of collecting more and more expensive cosmetic items. It definitely gives big and established guilds an additional thing to care about. That being said, beginning players shouldn’t worry about leveling this discipline for quite some time. So if your name is Tanneleer Tivan, you have unlimited resources and a will to collect stuff - you might be one of the people interested in getting a high-level Scribe.


If you’re interested in some other content regarding Guild Wars 2 and other online games, check out the guides and articles posted on our blog!

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