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GW2 Items

Find the most powerful, amazing Guild Wars 2 Items at MMOAuctions. Buy whole sets materials for the best Ascended armor sets, Legendary weapons and other amazing GW2 items! You don’t have to spend your precious gaming time on grinding in order to get the best equipment!

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If you’re looking to buy or sell any type of goods related to online gaming, you’re in the right place! Besides Guild Wars 2, there are offers and sections associated with all the most popular MMORPGs, shooters, MOBAs, browser games and much more! Just search for your favorite title and you’ll definitely stumble upon something interesting! When you do, click on the offer, read its description, and type a message to the seller. Together, you can discuss the exact payment and delivery method. You can also become a seller yourself! Just sign up and post your own offers for free, without commission fees!

We want to keep our users as safe as we can – that’s why we introduced Scam Killer as a feature on our website. You can access it through the tab on top of your screen. Using it is really simple, you just have to copy-paste your trading partner’s Skype ID or email address and let the tool search its database for any instances of dishonesty. We recommend doing it at the beginning of each transaction. Moreover, we have a user rank system. All traders can get to a higher rank by selling their products and providing high-quality customer service. It’s something to keep in mind while choosing between multiple auctions!

GW2 Item System

Currently, Guild Wars 2 is all about the endgame. Players can get through the early levels and the main Personal Story campaign relatively quickly. After that, they’ll get access to tons of amazing possibilities and challenges. This is when gear really comes into play. Getting decent Exotic equipment is quite easy. These items should be enough for the vast majority of the endgame content. That being said, raids and some of the most difficult fractals may require you to go the extra mile.

The Ascended and Legendary are the true “Best in Slot” pieces. They’re significantly more difficult to get, partially due to the time-gating mechanisms associated with crafting them in GW2. At the same time, they’re simply more expensive and require a bigger amount of grind for all the valuable materials. Finally, Legendaries consist of very special components called “Gifts” – some of these items are just very expensive crafting products, but a lot of them actually require the player to complete specific achievements within the game.

Since player-to-player trading is very limited in GW2 (players can only send items by mail or trade in the global Trading Post) selling Legendaries is not so easy. The buyer often has to give the seller access to their account. It’s especially important in the case of the Legendaries that require specific Gifts. Whenever you’re getting this type of service, make sure to change your password to something that you don’t mind giving away. You can always change it back after the deal is done. Moreover, we strongly recommend buying exclusively from the most experienced and reliable traders.

Besides the powerful gear, you can also buy multiple different types of items. Starting with the most expensive materials (Glob of Ectoplasm etc.), going through various loot boxes, item skins, special currencies, infusions and more! Just explore the offers and get whatever you need! Get the most incredible Guild Wars 2 Items today!