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GW2 Items

Guild Wars 2 Items refers to any object that can be held in character's inventory and can be carried, wielded, worn, created or purchased. GW2 Items can be bound to character and account or not bound at all. Some items can be stacked up to 250 units per stack in inventory and deposits. Each item has a grade called rarity which indicates the quality of an item. You will find items with rarities such as junk, basic, fine, masterwork, rare, exotic, ascended and legendary. Among types of Guild Wars 2 items, you will find equipment consisting of weapon, armor, trinkets, and outfits. You will also find a variety of gathering tools, bags, upgrade components, containers, consumables, gizmos, craft materials and trophy. There are also store GW2 items that are not stored directly in inventory. Guild Wars 2 Items can be found by looting monster, opening chests, completing quests, purchasing them at trading post etc. Looking for virtual goods from Guild Wars 2? Check MMOAuctions for GW2 Items offers from players worldwide!