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GW2 Accounts

Guild Wars 2 offers lots of fascinating and finely crafted content to its players. You can travel through the world of Tyria and take part in dynamic events and influence the persistent living story that keeps the game truly alive. There’s much to experience in Guild Wars 2, but to access it all you either have to grind through the early game and it will take some effort and time. There’s another way though, you can simply buy GW2 account which is already well-developed.


Buying a GW2 account will give you access to the most cherished part of every MMORPG – the late game. It allows you to go for even the most demanding dungeons, fractals and raids. PvP is another part of the endgame. It’s especially true for the epic World versus World confrontations.


Guild Wars 2, a great MMORPG

Developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft, Guild Wars 2 is one of the most popular massive multiplayer online role-playing games. Much more financially successful than its predecessor, it returns to Tyria, 250 years after the events known from the first Guild Wars. At first the game required an initial purchase, but in August 2015 it became free to play and later introducing the expansion packs as a purchasable content. Currently there are two of them, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire.


While retaining a lot of continuity for the world, the developers decided to implement huge systemic changes that truly made Guild Wars 2 a MMORPG. Significantly extending the time it takes to hit the max level, introducing a level cap of 80, that’s much more appropriate for the genre and completely reshaping the whole character development system.


All the possibilities in Guild Wars 2   

At the beginning of your journey, you are obliged to create your character on GW2 Account. You are guided through a 10-step character creation process, where you choose your race, gender, primary profession, physical appearance, initial biography and name. You are able to choose from 5 races and 9 classes.


The available races are the steadfast Humans, the small but brilliant Asura, the savage Charr, the Giant Norn and the nature spirits Sylvari. There are no restrictions in the profession system. Character of any race or gender can be a warrior, guardian, revenant, engineer, ranger, thief, elementalist, mesmer or a necromancer. After a profession is chosen for a character it can’t be changed. The expansion packs introduced elite specializations that allow for developing your character in new directions inside of the professions. Both HoT and PoF offer something new in that regard.


Stand out points of GW2

Guild Wars 2 is a game focused more on cooperation than rivalry. It led to creating one of the friendliest player communities amongst gamers. There’s a lot of toxicity in online games and some of the competitive game play mechanics are a catalyst for that. Let’s be real you will never find a multiplayer game completely free of rude people, but Guild Wars 2 community is definitely worthwhile.


The dynamic events encourage random people to team up, face the danger together and collect the rewards. While killing monsters every player gets rewarded for their contribution, not only the one that secured the last hit. Guild Wars 2 promotes helping others to a degree that’s basically never seen in MMORPGs.


Your character advances in game by obtaining certain amounts of experience required for level ups - maximal level your character can reach is level 80. Almost every activity in-game provides you with experience, for instance participating in events, killing monsters, crafting, completing dungeons etc. When character levels up it unlocks new abilities and higher quality equipment.

Buy Guild Wars 2 accounts

Guild Wars 2 Accounts include five character slots to start with but the amount can be expanded. Looking for well developed GW2 account? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for Guild Wars 2 Account related with or set up your own offer in less than 60 seconds!


Another thing to appreciate in Guild Wars 2 is how stunningly beautiful the game is. It has a distinct visual style, that’s not trying to be hyper realistic, but instead focuses on a coherent, enchanting experience, from character and environment textures to color palette, everything fits perfectly. The same goes for the music and sound effects.


Every location is masterfully crafted. You can see the tropical Maguuma Jungle, travel through the hot deserts of Elona and many more. Game takes an advantage of it and encourages the player to thoroughly inspect all the areas to unlock Vistas and Points of Interest.


Developers introduced a narrative feature called the Living World. Many MMORPGs try to constantly add to their stories and keep the world alive, but it’s very difficult to find anyone who does it as well as ArenaNet with Guild Wars 2.


They not only managed to create a nuanced and riveting world, but they also managed to breathe life into it. The storyline is interesting and some of it elements have a huge impact on certain cities and locations. Arrivals and returns of some important figures can change the political and sometimes geographical landscape of the world. The great example of that would be Palawa Joko.


It’s seriously unique for a MMORPG to have players so invested into the developing storyline and the fate of Tyria. A big part of the player base follows the narrative more or less closely and it’s one of the reasons that keep them so interested in the game. Who said that MMORPGs can’t have good storylines?


Guild Wars 2 combat mechanics are also more interesting that in most old school representative of the genre. It’s not overly complicated, but at the same time there’s a little bit more than just point and click and cycling through all the abilities. There’s blocking and dodging enemy attacks to evade the incoming damage. It’s pretty engaging, but remains relatively simple at the same time, as GW 2 is very friendly to casual players.


Skip through the boring part with a bought account

Trying to develop a strong account from scratch might be a difficult task. Getting to the maximum level takes some time. Getting the optimal gear for your character might be even more of a challenge. Even though Guild Wars 2 is a great game, this might feel mundane and frustrating, especially for people who have lots of other responsibilities and simply can’t play the game as much as they would like to.


Buying a Guild Wars 2 account can notably improve the fun you have while gaming. There are endless possibilities. You can find accounts with different amounts of developed characters. You can also make your choice based on the owned items (maybe even some of the legendary ones) and amount of gold coins or gems. Of course the better accounts will usually be more expensive.


If you purchase an account that has a few different maxed out characters, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of choice. You will have the possibility to embark on dungeons, fractals, raids and to fight in all kinds of PvP with different professions.


One of the worst feelings in MMORPGs is when you put a lot of time and energy into developing a character, only to realize that the profession you chose isn’t the one that you actually want to play. It can easily be avoided with some of the more versatile accounts you can find at MMOAuctions.


When you buy an account at MMOAuctions, you can enjoy all the awesome features of Guild Wars 2 endgame. You have access to all that great PvP (including WvW), every dungeon, fractal or raid, you can basically do whatever you want in the game. Even if you suddenly have more time, or simply decide that you’re interested in playing from level 1, nothing’s lost.


The paid accounts have 5 character slots. You can always devote one of them for your new adventure and get the full experience. If the account you bought already has all the slots filled with strong characters who you don’t want to delete, you can buy a Character Slot Expansion for 800 gems.


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