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Guild Wars 2 from ArenaNet, part of well-known NCSoft (Lineage II, Aion), was released in 2012 as a sequel of the famous Guild Wars. The plot takes place 250 years after the first part in a world destroyed by dragons. Our hero has to fight his way through countless dangers choosing one of five races and nine professions.

What’s probably the most astonishing about this title, is its open, dynamic changing world with extended plot, unexpected events (like the Gods ascending, natural calamities, political revolutions and landscapes shifting. Variety at the highest level. 

You can buy GW2 gold or items, to provide better equipment for your character. Get the gear required to efficiently run fractals and raids! A great armor set and weapon don't only help you defeat the most powerful enemies, but also make you look better - but this is somethign that can be simply achieved with skins.

NCSoft decided to give every player a gift - now you don't need a paid subscription to play. As of now Guild Wars 2 has been sold in 5 million copies showing the appreciation from the MMO games community.


It is a kind of a navigation tool that provides an access to the economic portion of the game. Also it is an organisation within the game. In Black Lion Trading Company you can:

- buy items (weapons, tools) with gems,

- redeem code (applies to gem card code),

- exchange gems and coins,

- get to the Trading Post,

- purchase gems with real-world money.


Learning the correct usage of GW2 Market tools and Trading Post will help you maximize you profit.

Technically there is no possibility to edit vendors price, but at the TP price is influenced by trade, so it's more like an open market. Clicking 'O' will lead you to the Trading Post. After a transaction you can visit Black Lion Trader to pick up your stuff. Traders are located in each city. There is 5% listing fee and 10% profit fee. You can use 'Sell Instantly' button to automatically sell your item to highest bidding buyer. Most items worth less than a gold coin are best sold instantly. More expensive stuff however may require more attention, as they can give you profit.

All characters start with basic 20 slot Starter Backpack. You might want to invest some time and resources in crafting ability to upgrade your bag into decent Equipment Box. Additional space may become handy in trading.


As in most open markets there is also a possibility of flipping in GW2. Flipping means conducting high number of transactions or trading in bulks. You can always check out the best, current items to flip throughout the Internet, but generally these are the lowest price, common items and materials, which you can upgrade and there is enough supply and demand. Surely flipping the rarest armor in the game will not give a sustainable source of gold.


As a 'supply and demand' rule states, wherever is someone in search of buying items, there will be someone willing to fulfill that need. Every extra person who sells a specific item can cause the prices to get lower, if there's not enough demand. Same rule applies to every MMORPG game, especially for untradeable items. Selling Greatsword or Ascended Armor should not be a problem, but selling your account will require something more than a visit in a Trading Post.

But have no worries! Here is where MMO Auctions come in to save the day. We provide highest level of navigation and middleman services for gamers and traders from around the whole world. Just sign up, login and start collecting coins for your online work. Why us?

Using our tool you can salvage your money from transactions fee. You post your buy/sell offers for free!

Also there is no built-in GW2 player-to-player trade mechanism. You can exchange items via e-mail, but you never have 100% certainty, that you will not get scammed. Same thing involves Trading Post offers. If you see very good buy/sell offer, like from your point of view it's too good to be true... it probably is. A good judgement is the key in these situations.

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Here at MMO Auctions we have tools to guarantee the highest level of safety! We have Scam Killer and feedback system, so pack the bag of GW2 items or gold, and waste no more time - list them for sale, so that people see them. Remember, we have no listing or commission fees like the Trading Post. Also we allow you to determine the satisfying prices of your items or account. This lack of additional cost is much easier to search for good trade. Selling an old account as well as some unnecessary gold or items is a great way to make a bit of extra money. 

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