GW2 gold farming - how to become at least a bit richer (multi-zone guide)

GW2 gold farming
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You’ve come here in search of ways to farm in-game currency, haven’t you? (Maybe you subscribe to some Youtube channel, who knows). Once you reach the endgame in Guild Wars 2 (level 80 after story), it may appear at first that there is nothing to do. Hella no, lion! You’re just discovering the rich world of fractals, raids ascended gear, legendary weapons, and much, much more to this. Here you will find our suggestions for getting started with farming. Let’s have a read on how to earn money in this popular online game and save some of your time. Let's get into GW2 gold farming.

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1. Daily

Do your daily every day. This is a great way to work out some kind of routine playing and there’s a great choice of possibilities to complete - no matter whether you are a PvP, WvW or PvE person, you will choose what fits you best. There are daily for dungeons, daily for meta events, like getting your daily pretty magic spoon from Tequatl the Dragon. It may be hard, faster but you need to couple it with other options and see what’ll work for you in terms of daily tasks. You’re always 2 gold in plus.


2. Raids

This is a tricky one. Well, you can find plenty of guides online to follow. To be honest, the more you do raids, the better you get. First, get your ascended armor. This takes lots of time, so it’s better if you start right away, today for example. Some materials have a time tab on them, which means that you cannot produce more than 1 or 2 or X of them per day (crafting is hard, start gathering now).


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Now, get used to the fact that it’s not all easy-peasy and “click and run” thing (or “1 2, 1 2” clicking). People will scream on chat. By my experience, I can tell you that I have never met as rich, flipping toxic player community as I met while doing raids. Sure, there are people who want to support you. Remember that everyone had their first time once so why should you feel bad about not being the best thief your squad has ever had. C’mon, give yourself a chance. It may take 100 or 200 tries but you will finally learn how to do it with proper build details.

PS. Remember than raids require you to have Heart of Thorns and a max level character, which is why so many players go for power leveling.


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3. Trading post

Do you know that in 2018 ectoplasm lost more than half of its initial value? So low… Sometimes it’s not wise to hoard your loot - instead, liquidate it by finding a good selling price. Also, we recommend you answer the market needs - sometimes certain materials get better prices. If you are into economics, you may like to observe the market and place your buy orders at the right time to then resell it at a convenient price.


4. Get a lot of karma and then trade it

For instance, you can trade your karma from events for Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes (4,550 karma each). You can find the full drop list >>HERE<< (link to Wiki).


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5. Get more luck

You get luck by salvaging items. The higher your luck is, the better the drop you can expect. If you have never found a precursor so far, rethink your policy of selling things directly to the merchant (yep, this is me a few years ago). Salvaging is sometimes certainly more profitable.

If you have little time, you may like to sign in to your account every day to get your daily rewards that also include luck on certain days and you get cool rewards weekly.

6. Use nodes in your home instance

Maybe you got a node from achievements… and then totally forgot about it. This does happen to everyone. Especially when we are talking about currently rare, old-stuff materials such as watch work sprockets from the 2013 Queen’s Jubilee release.

You can find nodes in your home instance (Tyria maps). They’re permanent.

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7. Other methods

ArenaNet is responsive to players’ attempts at making the most at the lowest cost (bad people! *joke*) so we can’t guarantee how long it’ll take until they will nerf the areas listed below. At the time of writing this article (January 2019) nerf changes to the Domain of Istan have been already announced. Check your LFG for current opportunities.

Domain of Istan farm (Palawadan)

Often paired up with Sandswept Isles runs. Requires the Path of Fire campaign. Good for farming karma (see point 4).


Bounty trains (PoF maps, chest farm)

A popular way to get a lot of EXP, karma, and chests. No-brainer. Basically, all you do is go around with a squad lead by a commander and hit anything that moves. Requires discovered maps (bounty trains often switch maps and you don’t want to run half a map to get to your buddies, do you). Achievements are available.


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Lake Doric (leather farm)

Go to [Red Leaf Retreat Waypoint] in the very top left corner of the Lake Doric map, run to the east part of the map, and meet your commander at Watchtower Cliffs. Watch out for heavy damage from trumpeting centaurs. Stability skills are ago. Main loot: Bloodstone-Warped Hides (current sale price ~8 silver). Salvage them to get some random leather sections. It can give a lot of gold.


The Silverwastes (bag farm)

A pop-up meta event requiring an enormous number of players. You go around and protect/get back three bastions. Don’t forget to take your healing and if you die, respawn at a non-contested waypoint.

A legend says that once upon a time the keys farm was very popular on level-10 characters, but they nerfed it. What news.



Do you get gold in guild events or decorate your great hall? If you have your own ideas or any question, we will certainly appreciate your comments!

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