GW2 Jeweler Guide - Accessories and Gemstones for Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2 Jeweler Guide
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Guild Wars 2 Jeweler Guide

The Guild Wars 2 Jeweler is the crafting discipline responsible for creating accessories. Even though Jewelers technically make equipable items, they’re not qualified as gear crafters. Their level cap is 400, while for the equipment crafting disciplines it’s always extended to 500.

The main products that Jewelers can make are:

- amulets, 

- earrings,

- rings. 

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They also create jewels – the components that determine the stats provided by jewelry. This discipline utilizes materials like metal, glass, and gemstones. The last category is not only used in crafting trinkets but can also serve as item upgrades for the pieces of equipment that have slots for them.


One advantage that Jeweler has over the traditional equipment crafting classes is the fact that every GW2 profession uses accessories and gemstones. At the same time, Jeweler is the only discipline that makes them. Trinkets might not be the most crucial gear pieces in Guild Wars 2, but at least you only need one discipline to rule them all.


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Valuable Jeweler Items

The 400 level cap creates a significant problem for the Jeweler discipline. It only allows players to craft Exotic trinkets. The slightly more powerful Ascended rings, earrings, and amulets can only be accessed through looting (mostly in fractals) or buying from select vendors. It makes Jewelcrafting the only discipline that’s unable to produce the equivalents to Best in Slot items. That being said, the difference in stats between Exotic and Ascended is not massive – it’s about 5%.


While this mismatch is a significant drawback to the Jeweler discipline, there still are some good reasons for leveling it. While the Ascended accessories are only available through loot, they’re not that easy to get. Not only will it take a while to find, but there’s also the fact that you can’t control the bonuses that you get from a dropped item. The 5% more stats will often not be worth it when the power budget is not distributed optimally. While crafting, you can choose exactly the components that you want. It allows you to get the trinket that will complement your build the most. We recommend keeping the Exotic ones until you get Ascended jewelry with the perfect (or at least close to perfect) stats.


Moreover, you can craft gemstones. As we already mentioned, every GW2 professions can place some gemstones in their equipment. Being able to make precisely the ones that you need to empower your build is valuable. Some gemstones can also be used in Mystic Forge as reagents in some of the Legendary recipes. Of course, the same goes for gifts, but every crafting discipline can make some gifts that are further used in Mystic Forge. A Jeweler can produce Gift of Ice, Gift of Music, Shark Statue and Unicorn Statue. 


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Another excellent option for Jeweler is crafting the Exotic recipe trinkets. Most of the recipes can be found in various chests. Some of them are located in the open world, while others are rewards for finishing specific dungeons. They don’t have bigger numbers than other Exotic accessories, but they can work well with specific builds. For example, completing Citadel of Flame can net you a recipe for Eternal Flame – an excellent amulet for builds focused on condition damage.


Jeweler Leveling Guide

Unlike other equipment crafters, Jeweler starts getting access to useful items a little bit sooner. While Exotic trinkets and the Mystic Forge gifts are only available once you hit level 400, the most powerful gemstones are in fact level 350 recipes. We still strongly recommend going all the way to 400 in one go, but the earlier access to valuable components and item upgrades is something nice worth keeping in mind.


Jeweler 1-400

Leveling any crafting discipline in Guild Wars 2 is a little bit of a gold sink. Early game items don’t carry almost any value, but they still require materials to craft them. Luckily, Jewelcrafting materials are relatively cheap, which makes leveling this discipline less painful than many others. Depending on current prices, going to 400 shouldn’t cost you more than 12-13 gold - it's not that much for 400 levels of crafting experience. You might get some reterns, but you should treat them as a bonus. This is an example of a crafting list that should get you straight to the max level 400. Remember to check your bank before buying ingredients. You might have some necessary collectibles stored there and what is a better way to use them, than leveling a brand new crafting discipline? Even if the price is not too high, it's always better to save that gold

Items to buy from NPC Vendor

Recipe: Embellished Ornate Emerald Jewel

Recipe: Embellished Brilliant Coral Jewel


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Materials to collect or obtain from the trading post

158x Copper Ingot

196x Gold Ore

180x Mithril Ore

148x Platinum Ore

196x Silver Ore

8x Glob of Ectoplasm

16x Emerald Crystal

27x Pearl

5x Topaz Lump

13x Lapis Lump

35x Coral Tentacle

7x Amber Pebble

5x Topaz Nugget

54x Emerald Shard

10x Ruby Shard

13x Spinel Nugget

18x Azurite Crystal

11x Snowflake


Level 1

34x Copper Hook

34x Copper Setting

Discover Amber Copper Stud with Copper Hook, Copper Setting, and Amber Pebble. Craft 6 more of them.


Level 25

Use Copper Hook, Copper Setting, and Pearl to discover Pearl Copper Stud. Make 26 more.


Level 50

11x Copper Filigree

Discover Adorned Snowflake with Copper Filigree and Snowflake. Craft 10 more.


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Level 75

98x Silver Ingot

18x Silver Hook

18x Silver Setting

Combine Silver Hook, Silver Setting, and Topaz Nugget to discover Topaz Silver Earring. Make four more of those earrings.


Level 100

13x Silver Filigree

Use it alongside Spinel Nugget to discover Intricate Spinel Jewel. Then craft 12 more of them.


Level 125

Discover Spinel Silver Earring by combining Silver Hook, Silver Setting, and Intricate Spinel Jewel. Make 12 more.


Level 150

98x Gold Ingot

18x Gold Hook

18x Gold Setting

Use Gold Hook, Gold Setting, and Topaz Lump to discover Topaz Gold Earring. Produce 4 more of them.


Level 175

13x Gold Filigree

Discover Gilded Lapis Jewel by combining Gold Filigree and Lapis Lump. Make 12 more o these jewels.


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Level 200

Use Gold Hook, Gold Setting, and Gilded Lapis Jewel to discover Lapis Gold Earring. Craft 12 more.


Level 225

74x Platinum Ingot

9x Platinum Hook

9x Platinum Setting

Combine the last two components with an Emerald Shard to discover Emerald Platinum Earring. Then produce eight more of them.


Level 250

19x Platinum Filigree

Discover Ornate Ruby Jewel with Platinum Filigree and Ruby Shard. Make 9 more.


Level 275

 9x Embellished Ornate Emerald Jewel


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Level 300

90x Mithril Ingot

8x Mithril Hook

8x Mithril Setting

Combine Mithril Hook, Mithril Setting, and Emerald Crystal to discover Emerald Mithril Earring. Produce 7 more of those earrings.


Level 325

29x Mithril Filigree

Discover Brilliant Emerald Jewel with Mithril Filigree and Emerald Crystal. Make 7 more.


Level 350

Combine Mithril Filigree and Azurite Crystal to discover Brilliant Azurite Jewel. Produce 12 more of them.


Level 375

Discover Embellished Brilliant Azurite Jewel with Mithril Filigree, a glob of Ectoplasm, and 5x Azurite Crystal. Make 7 more of those crystals.


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Gw2 jeweler guide

At this point, you should be maxed out Jeweler in Guild Wars 2. It gives you access to Master tier recipes that allow for crafting Exotic accessories. Both through the standard process and with the special recipes. Make sure to take a look at all the possible upgrades that you can get with this discipline. Exotic jewelry is only a part of it. You can also empower some of your equipment pieces with proper gemstones.


Finally, you can craft gifts needed to get Legendary items. Of course, you’re going to need much more than a single crafting discipline to get a full Legendary, but Jeweler can help out. Gifts created by this class are components of items like Frostfang, The Minstrel, Kamohoali’I Kotaki, and The Dreamer.

Overall Jeweler is definitely not the most necessary crafting discipline in the game, but it produces items that can be used by every single profession. The Exotic accessories will get outscaled when you get to the true late game, but crafting jewels and of course, the components for Legendary weapons will remain useful for a long time.


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The remaining GW2 crafting disciplines that you can develop on your character are Armorsmith, Artificer, Chef, Huntsman, Leatherworker, Scribe, Tailor, and Weaponsmith

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