Lineage 2 Classic Raid Boss Guide

Lineage 2 Classic Raid Boss Guide
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Lineage 2 Classic Raid Boss Guide

Raid Bosses are the most powerful NPC enemies that you can face in Lineage 2 Classic. Since L2 Classic doesn't feature any instances, they can be encountered in the open world. Of course, the most powerful ones are hidden quite deep in their lairs, but you can still stumble upon other players and parties in these locations. Overall, killing Raid Bosses in Lineage 2 is a bit different than in most other MMORPGs, it also challenges the players in different ways.

Table of contents

Boss Mechanics

Raid Drops


   Enchantment Scrolls

   Special Varnishes

   Full Items

   Epic Accessories



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Raid Boss Mechanics

Raid Bosses have their constant spawning locations. You can easily find them by using the in-game map. On the other hand, the respawn timers are not that regular – players often have to check whether the boss is alive before embarking with the whole party to kill it.

SnF Adena

Some players may even create alts only to keep them in places like this. A full raiding party should be able to safely transport even a low-level character to the area next to a boss. Then, you can just log out from the alt and keep it there. The game won't automatically send you to town unless you die. That's why it's crucial to find a safe place to log out, as a lot of monsters will instantly aggro onto you if you get to close. Finding a spot like this won't always be possible, but it might be worth trying.

The most prestigious Raid Bosses will often be contested hard. Multiple strong clans are going to want to get the valuable loot and gear up their players. It can often result in races to the boss and multiple fights along the way. In classic Lineage 2, you not only have to defeat the boss but also all the other parties trying to accomplish this goal. It creates an interesting dynamic as the mass PvP surrounding Raid Boss fights is one of the most thrilling and action-packed elements of the game.

Fighting Mechanics

Most of the bosses don't have too complicated mechanics what makes the strategy rather simple. The fight revolves mostly about the standard RPG system of tanks (the knight classes) taunting the boss and absorbing the damage from the attacks, healers keeping the tanks alive, and damage dealers dishing out as much DPS as possible. As we mentioned, parties of other players can often be a bigger threat than the bosses themselves. However, you can have some problems if your tank or healer lags or heavily misplays.

Each boss has two DPS check mechanics. First of all, if the fight lasts more than 15 minutes, the powerful enemy will get angry and enter the berserk mode. You can still kill it, but it will have a substantial buff to all the combat stats and, most importantly, deal much more damage. The boss fights themselves might not take hours, but you will need some time to reach the boss with your group.  

The other DPS check is called Limit Barrier. Every time that the boss gets below 90, 60 and 30% of maximum HP, it will receive a shield. The party then has to break that shield in the next 15 seconds. If they fail, the boss will regenerate back to full. A group that's unable to beat the Limit Barrier consistently will have a hard time trying to finish the raid since they can lose all the progress. To beat some of the Raid Bosses, you're going to need massive command channels of over 100 players and it still might be a difficult challenge. 

There's also a rule that stops the high-level players from farming weaker bosses on spawn. Most bosses can only be attacked by characters that are no more than eight levels higher than the boss. If a player breaks that rule, their character gets petrified for a short time.

Killing a Raid Boss can reward the party with Adena, full pieces of equipment, special varnishes, enchantment scrolls for weapons and armor as well as runes. Some of the bosses also have unique items that can only drop from them, but we're going to discuss it later. Overall, killing these bosses provides a lot of experience and some specific drops, but in terms of economic gain, farming the regular monsters will be more valuable (due to Adena and crafting materials drops). However, killing low-level Raid Bosses with a coordinated party might be the optimal way to level up a new character, if you don't care that much about the Adena. It will provide you with a hefty amount of Sealed Runes and of course EXP, though. The bosses have fixed set of items that they can drop, but the final effect is to some extent random. There will be times, when you don't get the item you want even though you killed the right boss. 

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Most Valuable Raid Drops


Runes are one of the few items related to gear progression that can be used for each grade of equipment. It makes them viable for the whole game and not only a certain level range (unlike enchantment scrolls that only work on a specific grade of items). Runes are looted from all the Raid Bosses, but the more powerful, higher-level ones will drop larger amounts of them.

There are only two ways of getting Runes. You can either drop them from Raid Bosses, or buy them from the Olympiad Manager, but you will need Mark of Battle to do that. That makes Raid Bosses the best source of these items. Even people who have played the game for many years can still struggle in the Olympiad. Raiding is much more manageable and consistent. 

Runes can be used later to empower weapons with special bonuses. Currently, there are eight types of runes, and each one provides different statistics. It's challenging to get the highest level runes since it can only happen through the combination process, which has a percentage chance of failure. You can learn more about this category of items in our Lineage 2 Classic Runes Guide.

Enchantment Scrolls

Enchantment scrolls are another kind of consumable associated with gear progression. You can use them to increase the base stats of your weapons, armors, and accessories. The scrolls for the most powerful – S-grade items are extremely rare and hard to get. Currently, only the Land Dragon Antharas can drop these items. At the same time, A-grade scrolls can be looted from multiple powerful Raid Bosses.

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Special Varnishes

Special Varnishes are the unique items that allow for upgrading gear to a higher grade. The most valuable ones are the A-grade Special Weapon Varnish and Special Armor Varnish because they can turn the A-grade equipment into the most powerful S-grade items. That being said, the B-grade Special Varnishes can also be useful.

Full items

Raid Bosses have a decent chance of dropping full weapons, accessories, and armor pieces. You won't get S-grade gear, but there's a possibility of obtaining a few A-grade and B-grade items. Sometimes you'll get gear that's entirely ready to be used. In other situations, you'll find sealed items. To use them, you will have to remove the seal first. NPC Blacksmiths can do that for you if you bring them the sealed items, Cloth Pieces, and some Adena.

Other drops

The Raid Bosses can also drop various other useful items. They include unique books and spellbooks, multiple crystals associated with specific mechanics, Cloth Pieces needed to fix the sealed items, talismans, Agathion's Souls, the most powerful dyes, and more.

You can check the percentage chance of getting specific items in drop calculators and other sites. Very few of them have a 100% chance of appearing. However, your party is guaranteed to get some runes at the very least.

epic Accessories

Some of the strongest Raid Bosses in the game can drop special rings, earrings, or necklaces. It is a unique category of gear since there are very few of them. For the most part, the bosses that drop these items are considered the most worth the players' time. The usual jewelry only provides some Magic Defense and MP, while these accessories can give you much more than that. All of these items are categorized as No-grade, which means that even a level 1 character can wear them. This jewelry provides specific bonuses that can be extremely valuable for individual classes.

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Even though you have two slots for rings and earrings, you shouldn't use two identical ones, since the extra statistics don't stack. However, you can use two different raid rings and/or earrings. Most of these items cannot be enchanted. At the same time, the accessories exist in levels 1 to 4. You can get a higher level one by combining 2 of the lower level. It will significantly increase the stats that they provide and sometimes give you additional effects. That being said, this is an extremely endgame thing, and it will take a lot of time to find yourself in a spot where it's a viable option.  

Some of the most notable raid accessories are:

Nebula's Necklace – provides resistance to water, and you can enchant it for extra Magic Attack. It drops from Queen Nebula that can be reached through the Garden of Eva.

Ignis' Necklace – grants fire resistance, and when enchanted, it can increase the wearer's Physical Attack. This item can be looted from King Ignis. You can get to him through Forge of Gods.

Petram's Necklace – increases your earth resistance, and when you enchant it, it will provide Physical Defense. It can be a reward for killing King Petram. You can reach him through Wall of Argos.

Procella's Necklace – reinforces your resistance to wind. Enchanting it will boost your Magic Defense. It drops from King Procella. You can get to him through Land of Winds.

All the four elemental necklaces can be enchanted only with special items called Spirit's Varnishes. You can get them from Attribute Master Svein, but the better version of this item – Radiant Spirit's Varnish drops from these four bosses.

Baium's Ring – provides bonuses to attack speed, accuracy as well as the power of both magical and physical skills. It can drop from Baium in the Tower of Insolence. A boss called Angel Priest of Baium, who can be found in the Giran Territory (southwest from the town itself), also has a tiny chance of dropping this item.

Baium spawns at the top of the Tower of Insolence (his quarters are on the 14th floor). You have to use the Angelic Vortex NPC to enter the raid zone. However, you'll need to get that high first. Every floor is full of monsters, and the higher you get, the stronger they become. Baium has to be killed in a limited time window.   

Antharas' Earring – it significantly increases your attack speed, resistance to control effects, received healing, and it provides a small life steal effect. It's handy for physical damage dealers. This accessory can only drop from the powerful Land Dragon Antharas. He can be found in the Antharas' Nest that can be accessed through Antharas' Lair next to Dragon Valley.

You might need hundreds of characters to kill Antharas. He currently is the strongest Raid Boss in Lineage 2 Classic. In order to reach him, you're going to have to get through the whole Antharas' Lair, all the way to Heart of Warding that will teleport you to the raid zone. The raid leader needs to have a Portal Stone to transport the whole Command Channel to the boss.

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Frintezza's Necklace – it reduces the cooldown of your skills. It also provides resistance to control effects, damage reflection and extra power of magic spells. It's excellent for nukers (DPS mages). The item can be looted from Scarlet van Halisha in the Imperial Tomb.

The boss fight consists of three stages that start at a certain threshold of Scarlet's HP. The mechanics are not too complicated, you have to kill the additional enemies and keep dealing damage to the boss. It's one of the most challenging foes in the game, and it may require over 100 people to beat.

Zaken's Earring – it provides resistance to negative effects and reduces the mana costs of your spells. It also increases your attack speed, HP regeneration, and amount of healing that you receive. It drops from Pirate Captain Zaken on the Devil Isle. During the fight, Zaken teleports to different rooms, and the players have to chase him when adds act as an obstacle.

Orfen's Earring – it increases your attack speed, healing received, and resistance to the crowd, while also decreasing the MP costs. It can drop from the Spore Mistress Orfen in Sea of Spores and has a small chance of being looted from Orfen's Priest Lord Ipsos in Plains of the Lizardmen.

Ring of Core - a tremendous defensive ring that increases attack speed, evasion, resistance to debuffs, and decreases the amount of total damage received. It can be dropped by Core in the Cruma Tower and by Priest of Core Dekar in Cruma Marshlands.  

Queen Ant's Ring – it provides poison resistance, attack speed, accuracy, and all damage that you deal. If you manage to get it to higher level, it will also significantly increase your critical damage. You can get this item for killing the Queen Ant inside the Ant Nest. There's also a minimal chance of getting it from Queen Ant Drone Priest in the Wasteland.

Most of these bosses have very high levels, and the players who are at the level cap or close to it can join the parties to kill them. However, Queen Ant is only level 40, and Orfen is only level 50. That makes these bosses viable targets for lower level players. They can get some of the raid accessories. At the same time, clans that want to farm these items need enough characters on adequate levels. You can create alts, equip them with powerful C-grade and B-grade items, and keep them around the right levels. If you get too much experience, you can either create new characters or use the death penalty to delevel (just remember that you can drop some items when you die).

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L2 Classic Raid bosses

Lineage 2 is a legendary Korean MMORPG developed and published by NCSoft. The game was initially released in 2003. Each major update to the game was called a "chronicle." After all those years of constant evolution, Lineage 2 became an entirely different game. That's why the developers decided to release Lineage 2 Classic. Currently, NCSoft has multiple servers for both versions of the game. No matter which one you're playing - raiding is really profitable and fun! It's the main part of the game's PvE for plenty of people.

L2 Classic Offers

L2 Classic marks a return to gameplay known from the first chronicles. The progression has been significantly slowed down, and the game requires a lot of grinding for experience and gear. Lineage 2 Classic has a lower level cap, and the iconic A-grade and S-grade items are the strongest ones that you can get. The overall experience is hard but also satisfying. If you're looking for an old school MMO that's full of hardcore grinding, just hop on a server and start playing L2 Classic today! Choose a perfect class, join a clan, and get strong enough to go for raids.

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At what level can i start killing Raid Bosses in Lineage 2 Classic?

While the strongest bosses are reserved for the endgame players, the easiest ones have level 21. It means that even players below level 30 can start raiding.


Which L2 Classic Raid Bosses drop the Epic Accessories?

The bosses that drop the unique jewelry are Baium, Antharas, Zaken, Orfen, Core, Queen Ant, Scarlet van Halisha, Nebula, Ignis, Petram, and Procella. 


What's the best Raid Boss party setup?

Even for lower-level bosses, a single party might not be enough. You will need one or preferably two tanks, a healer (Bishop), a Swordsinger and Bladedancer as well as multiple DPS characters (usually nukers and archers are preferred). You might also need at one of the buffers (Prophet, Shillien Elder, or Elven Elder). When you have all these bases covered (tanks, healers, buffs, and damage) as well as the decent gear on the tanks and DPS characters, you can try slaying a boss. 

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