Lineage 2 Classic Crafting Guide - Create Armors, Weapons and Other Items!

Lineage 2 Crafting Guide
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Lineage 2 classic crafting guide

Crafting in Lineage 2 Classic is a way of making money accessible to the Dwarf class called Warsmith. Crafting is based on using gathered materials and recipes in order to create other mats or equipment. Unlike many other MMORPGs, Lineage 2 doesn’t include a profession system. All L2 characters have access to craft items using the most basic recipes, but they’re not very useful. If you want to produce the most valuable items, you will have to create and level a Warsmith.


Being definitely an old-school MMORPG, Lineage 2 Classic places great emphasis on the complex, player-driven economy. In games like this, the value of economy-focused classes is really high. Gearing up is extremely difficult and you’re going to need all the Adena that you can get.

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crafting recipes

There are many different recipes which can be collected in the Lineage 2 world. Every recipe needs different key mats and resources. There are recipes which have 100% rate for success or the one which offers 60% success chance. A 60% recipes are mostly for A and S-grade gear. In order to master crafting, you will need a good set which will increase your amount of mana and mana regeneration.

Being definitely an old-school MMORPG, Lineage 2 Classic places great emphasis on the complex, player-driven economy. In game like this, value of economy-focused classes is really high. Gearing up is extremely difficult and you’re going to need all the Adena that you can get.

Equipment in Lineage 2 Classic is divided into different level tiers called grades. Just like you need higher level to use those items, you will also need to level up your crafter to be able to create them. There are five types of recipes in Lineage 2:


Recipes for items - recipes which can be dropped or spoiled from mobs. These recipes offer you to create weapons, jewelers, and armors. In order to create the particular item, you will need key mats like Angel Slayer Blade, normal mats like for example Stone of Purity and Durable Metal Plate, the number of crystals and gemstones of a specific grade. Recipes have a percentage rate for successful craft. There are recipes which offer 100% success rate or 60% success rate. In order to craft a particular item, you need recipes and mats in your inventory.

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Material recipes - the most basic kind of recipe. From this kind of recipes, you can craft other mats, necessary to create a piece of gear. Material recipes have a 100% success rate. What is more, you can transform a number of lower materials into one a piece of better material. For example when you combine Leather, Cord, and Coal you get a piece of Crafted Leather.


Recipes for Soulshots and Spiritshots - shots are very important in the Lineage 2 world. Soulshots are used to enhance your weapon with more damage output and if the weapon is the magic type you will get more casting speed. Recipes for soulshots have a 100% success rate.


Recipes for Arrows - there is nothing more to be said. Basic recipes for arrows. There are two types of craftable arrows: A-Grade Arrows ad S-Grade Arrows. The rest you can buy from the local vendor.

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Types of resources needed to start crafting

Key materials (key mats) - a specific kind or materials. Each weapon, armor, and jewelry crafting system need different key mats. For particular part of the gear, you need from 12 to 15 key parts. They are always expensive, even if you sell it to the city vendor. Key mats can be spoiled from monsters or you can collect them dropped when you farm particular instances. Remember that each monster have different keymats in his spoil or drop database.


Recipes - recipes are not only lists of needed materials but also ingredients needed to craft a particular piece of equipment. Recipes can be bought, dropped or spoiled from mobs or obtained from regular minions drops. There are only recipes from B grade up to S94. If you want to learn the recipe you have to read it first.


Material (commonly called mats) - materials are all items needed to craft a particular piece of gear like for example Adamantite Nugget, Cokes, Braided Hemp, etc. You can get them from regular drop when farming or spoil from mobs as scavenger. Also, you can shout on community chat which mats you require and buy them from players. Remember to look at our guide about spoiling in order to find the best places where you can get desired mats.


Crystals - crystals are the next kind of ingredients which are needed to craft items. You can obtain crystals from:


  • crystallizing items - quick and the most effective method. Only dwarves classes can crystallize items in order to get crystals. Remember that grade of crystals is based on the grade of gear you want to crystallize. For example, if you going to crystallize Soul Bow which is A-grade weapon, you will get a certain amount of red crystals A-grade.


  • failed crafting - when you fail for example a grade weapon, you do not get your mats back. Instead of that, you get crystals a grade as a recompense


  • failed enchanting - in the situation when you fail your enchanting process (you can fail your enchanting when your accessories are getting powered higher than 3) the system will give you crystals of the grade of enchanted weapon. The bigger enchanting progress you have made on your accessory, the more crystals you will obtain.


  • Merchant of Mammon - the last possibility to get crystals is Merchant of Mammon. He has two types of crystals: A-Grade and S-Grade. You will need a special currency if you want to buy anything from Mamon. The currency is called Ancient Adena and can be farmed in the Catacombs and Necropolises. In order to get AA, you will need to exchange Soul Stones which are dropped from mobs in Catacombs. Crystals from D-Grade to B-Grade can be bought in the Grocery Store.


Spirit and Soul Ores - an ingredient which is needed for crafting any kind of soulshots.


Gemstones – items needed to create particular gear grades. You can obtain gemstones on Seven Sings from Merchant of Mammon. You will need Ancient Adena in order to buy gemstones.


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Materials, craft possibilities, and tips for Maestro class

Mats are the most important factor when crafting. Every recipe is characterized by different materials.  In general, if you do not have proper mats you won't be able to craft a particular item. There are not only recipes for armors and weapons, but also for materials. One craft can handle 50 crafting entries. I recommend having two crafts. One which will handle material recipes and the second for gear recipes. If you feel that you can't handle two crafts you can just have the most important recipes learned. Your material list can be edited whenever you want. Just go to crafting menu and remove unnecessary recipe. Below, I will introduce mandatory material recipes for your Warsmith:


  • Crafted Leather

  • Coarse Bone Powder

  • Synthetic Cokes

  • Varnish of Purity

  • Cokes

  • Steel Mold

  • Artisian’s Frame

  • Blacksmith's Frame

  • Arcsmith’s Anvil

  • Craftsman Mold

  • Maestro Holder

  • Maestro Mold

  • Maestro Anvil Lock

  • Warsmith’s Holder

  • Warsmith’s Mold


As you can see, there are 14 mandatory mats recipes. The rest crafting slots you can use for weapon and armor recipes.



Materials crafting and crafting stages

There are 9 crafting stages. Crafting stages are based on the levels and power of your craft skill. Now I will show you what you can craft on each stage.


The first stage (possible on level 1)

Item name

Materials needed

Other crafting possibilities


Coal x3

Charcoal x3


Durable Braid

Stem x5



Animal Skin x6



Varnish x5

Iron Ore x5


Coarse Bone Powder

Animal Bones x10



 The second stage

Item name

Materials needed

Other crafting possibilities

Synthetic Cokes

Oriharukon Ore x1

Cokes x3


Varnish Of Purity

Varnish x3

Stone of Purity x1

Coarse Bone Powder x3



Thread x25

Steel x2


Steel Mold

Iron ore x5

Coal x5

Durable Braid x5

Artisian’s Frame

Silver Mold

Silver Nugget x10

Durable Braid x5

Cokes x5

Blacksmith's Frame

High-Grade Suede

Suede x3

Coarse Bone Powder x1


Synthetic Braid

Thread x5

Durable Braid x5



The third stage

On this stage, you basically get the possibility to craft Arrows C grade which can be also bought in the shop and basic D-Grade gear.

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4th stage

Item name

Materials needed

Other crafting possibilities

Crafted Leather

Cord x4

Leather x4

Coal x4


Durable Metal Plate

Metallic Thread x5

Mithril ore x5


Mithril Alloy

Varnish of Purity x1

Steel x2

Mithril Ore x1



Synthetic Cokes x1

Silver Nuggets x12

Oriharukon Ore x4


Metallic Thread

Thread x10

Iron Ore x5


Metal Hardener

Stem x10

Varnish x10

Iron Ore x10


Metallic Fiber

Cord x20

Silver Nugget x15


Blacksmith's Frame

Silver Mold x1

Varnish of Purity x5

Mithril Ore x10


Artisian’s Frame

Steel Mold x1

Varnish of Purity x5

Adamantite Nugget x10



5th stage

(you can also craft basic C-grade equipment like Plated Leather Armor which you can wear on level 40)

Item name

Materials needed

Other crafting possibilities

Reorin’s Mold

Adamantite Nugget x15

Cord x40

Durable Metal Plate x10




6th stage

Item name

Materials needed

Other crafting possibilities

Arcsmith’s Anvil

Mold Lubricant x20

Thons x10

Maestro Anvil Lock x3


Maestro Anvil Lock

Synthetic Cokes x4

Mold Glue x4

Mold Lubricant x4


Craftsman Mold

Artisian’s Frame x2

Mold Hardener x20

Enria x5


Warshmith’s Holder

Maestro Holder x2

Mold Glue x10

Asofe x5


Warshmith’s Mold

Artisian’s Frame x1

Mold Hardener x10

Enria x5


Maestro Holder

Varnish Of Purity x10

Mold Lubricant x10

Mold Hardener x10


Maestro Mold

Blacksmith’s Frame x1

Mold Glue x10

Asofe x5



 7th stage

On this stage, you can craft all kind of Soulshots A-Grade, Top B-Grade and Low A-Grade.


Top B-Grade sets

Blue Wolf Robe, Heavy, and Light Armor

Doom Robe, Heavy, and Light Armor

Black Ore Jewelry


Low A-Grade

Dark Crystal Heavy, and Light Armor (Robe is the best armor classified as Top A-Grade for mages)

Tallum Robe, Light Armor (Tallum Heavy Armor is classified as Top A-grade for warriors)


8th stage

On this stage, you can craft Top A-Grade armors and weapons. What is more, this level opens the possibility of crafting S-Grade soulshots.


Top A-Grade armors

Nightmare Robe, Heavy, and Light Armor

Majestic Robe, Heavy, and Light Armor


Top A-Grade Weapons

  • Elysian Axe
  • Tallum Glaive
  • Dragon Grinder
  • Soul Separator
  • Soul Bow
  • Dark Legion’s Edge
  • Sword of Miracles
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Majestic Jewelry


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The last 9th stage allows you to craft S-Grade gear


  • Draconic Leather Armor
  • Major Arcana Rober
  • Imperial Crusader Heavy Armor



  • Arcana Mace
  • Dragon Hunter Axe
  • Angel Slayer
  • Imperial Staff
  • Basalt Battlehammer
  • Forgotten Blade
  • Heaven’s Divider
  • Saint Spear
  • Daemon Splinter
  • Draconic Bow
  • Shining Bow


  • Tateossian Jewelry Set



Money making strategies as Crafting Master

There are many options for making money as Craft. The first one is selling soulshots. It is the best possible way of earning Adena, at the beginning of the game. Every player needs soulshots, especially in the early game. You will have problems to produce enough soulshots for your clients.


The second option is crafting items and mats. You can offer crafting items and mats to other players for a particular amount of Adena. Remember to make a higher price for items and lower for materials. Also, you will need specific equipment in order to craft efficiently. You will need Blue Wolf Robe and Homunculus Sword with Conversion special ability in it. Armor will give you some additional mana and mana regeneration when Conversion will increase your mana by 50%. You can also support your craft with Elven Elder buffs like Clarity and Swordsinger Song of meditation. It will decrease craft mana consumption.


The third option is crystallizing weapons, armors, and jewels and selling crystals. Crystals are needed for crafting soulshots and gear. In the beginning, it is very easy to get a full drop from mobs, so you will have many D-grades to crystallize. By selling crystals you can make a small fortune in the early game.


The last option is to make dedicated quests for a craft class. If you want to get information about this content, check for other guides which you can find on our site.


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Dwarves workshops

In almost every town (mainly Dion, Giran, Aden, and Goddard)  you will be able to notice dwarves with “private creation” inscription above their heads. It does not mean that they are selling or buying goods. It means that they set up some kind of workshop. Every maestro has his own recipes for particular mats, weapons, and armors. If you see the inscription mentioned before, it means that you can craft items from their recipe book for a specified amount of money. I recommend searching for the cheapest craft in town because it helps you to save tons of Adena. Be careful, because there are liars which offer to craft game content for very high prices. These workshops are the perfect alternative for people who do not have a clan or do not have their own craft. Remember that the main idea is to create your own craft with your own set of recipes.


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What is also worth to mention is buying and crafting soulshots. Sometimes, crafting soulshots might be more worth than buying them straight from the player. If you break an item, and you have specific kind of crystals, you can easily make soulshots on your own. You will only pay for soul ores and crafting price.


Town Blacksmith

Every town has its own blacksmith NPC. He offers additional mats crafting tools, and what is the most important, forging dual swords. Because of the fact that some mats are not worth crafting or dropping, this NPC can sell you some of them at low price. What is more, there are some mats which can be forged only by this NPC. The mats which only town blacksmith can create are:

Leolins Mold

  • Warsmith’s Mold
  • Arcsmith’s Anvil
  • Warshmiths Holder.

In order to create these molds, you will need only Adena and required mats. The recipe is not required.


Dual swords Forging

When it comes to craft dual swords, this NPC offers you to forge D, C, B-Grade duals. In order to make dual swords, you will need two the same type of swords and crystals, or dualsword craftstamp, depending on the grade of duals you want to make. What is also important, is the fact that all wordsmiths NPC’s offers the same crafting options, so you do not have waste time in order to switch locations to find the desired one.


Double Crafting

When crafting items there is a small chance to make two items from one set of materials for free. Some people say that the chance is around 2%, the same as for masterwork items, but I would rather do not rely on this information. When you decide to craft items it is much better to have mats and recipes for at least 10 pieces in order to get more profit.


That’s all in this crafting guide. I hope it will at least introduce you the concept of crafting items. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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