Lineage 2 Classic - New Talisman of Fate Feature!

Lineage 2 Classic - Talisman of Fate
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Lineage 2 Talisman of Fate

A new mechanic has been introduced to Lineage 2 Classic. It’s called Talisman of Fate and it’s yet another opportunity for players to boost their base stats and progress even further into the late game (besides runes and enchanting gear). This feature will be available for everyone to purchase off of a L2 Store. The Talismans can be upgraded, enchanted and on higher ranks they will even provide users with extra active abilites!

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How to get the Talisman of Fate?

VIP Tier 2 players will get a single Talisman of Fate +1 for free, per account. All players will be able to claim a 30 day version of Bracelet of Fate – item that’s required to actually equip Talismans (a bracelet has four slots). You can upgrade it to a permanent version with 4 Enchant Scrolls of Forbidden Fate at Veruti NPC.


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Other items will be available in the L2Store. A single Talisman of Fate Box costs 200 NCoins, a pack with 10 Talismans costs 1700 NCoins and a Forbidden Fate Special Pack is available for 4200 NCoins. Boxes contain Talismans and the dedicated Enchant Scrolls of Fate and Enchant Scrolls of Forbidden Fate.  


Talisman of Fate progression

The Talismans of Fate can be both upgraded and enchanted. Upgrade process requires more Talismans, while enchanting uses Enchant Scroll of Fate and Enchant Scrolls of Forbidden Fate. All the character classes can make a great use of a strong Talisman. 


The Talismans can be upgraded from level 1 to level 5. The mechanics are really simple. You can combine two Talismans of the same level to get the one from the higher tier. The upgrade process of course has a chance to fail, in that case you only get back one of the Talismans. The level 1-3 ones are tradeable, but level 4 and 5 cannot be traded. At rank 4 you also get access to the Fate Purification active skill.

Important note – first upgrade your Talisman to the desired level, then enchant it. Upgrading process consumes the enchantment anyway, so you want to upgrade first, enchant later. They can be upgraded at NPC Veruti.


Talismans can boost many of your important statistics: physical and magical defense and evasion, max amount of HP/CP and MP as well as attack speed, casting speed and movement speed.  


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As we already mentioned, you can use the scrolls available in the L2 Store packs to enchant your Talisman. There are no safe levels for those items, every enchantment attempt can fail, ending up with destroying your Talisman. Unless you’re using the Enchant Scrolls of Forbidden Fate. They prevent you from losing enchants or destroying your item even if the enchantment fails, and they can be used up to +8.


Every successful enchantment increases the stats that your Talisman provides, but there are certain thresholds that give something extra. +3 Talismans unlock a Fate Power passive that has a chance to proc when you’re hitting enemies with attacks or spells. At +7 you gain a passive damage reflection. At +9 you get access to another active ability – Blessing of Fates.


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Talisman of Fate skills

Fate Purification – active ability that cleanses paralysis, petrification, poison and bleed as well as regenerates 15% of your health. It’s unlocked by equipping a Talisman of Fate upgraded to rank 4 or 5. Cast time is 2 seconds, while cooldown is 30 seconds.


Fate Power – passive skill that has a chance to proc on every attack or spell used on enemies. Increases physical and magic attack as well as physical and magic critical damage. Talisman enchanted to +3 gives you access to level 1 of this skill, +10 Talisman provides you with the lvl 7 Fate Power, which is the maximum.


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Blessing of Fates – active skill that restores 100% of user’s HP and CP as well as 50% MP. To access it you will need a Talisman enchanted to +9 or higher. Blessing’s cast time is 3.2 seconds, while the cooldown is at 20 minutes.


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