Lineage 2 Classic Spoil Guide - How To Get The Most Valuable Mats?

Lineage 2 Spoil Guide
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Lineage 2 Classic Spoiler Guide

Lineage 2 Classic is truly an old-school MMORPG. It’s definitely a lot of grind and slow progression, with advanced, player-driven economy. In L2 Classic, Dwarves are entirely focused on money-making. When all the other races can advance into multiple classes that can excel in combat, or offer support their allies, Dwarves only have access to two development paths. One of them is focused on crafting items, the other on collecting additional materials and recipes. Spoiler is the latter.

Funnily enough, they could be viewed as a gathering class in a way. Just instead of picking up herbs or mining ores, they can harvest additional items from the corpses of the killed monsters. Moreover, Lineage 2 doesn’t have a profession system, so you have to level a separate character to get access to spoiling.


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Spoiler Class Progression

To play a spoiler, you’re going to have to create a Dwarf Fighter (that shouldn’t be hard, since there are no Dwarf Mystics – this race only has fighters). Then at level 20 you have to choose the Scavenger as your class. Later progress is linear: at level 40 you advance into Bounty Hunter and at level 76 into Fortune Seeker.


The Basics of Spoiling

As we already mentioned, spoiling allows players to get additional items for killing monsters. Farming in old-school MMORPGs is focused around min-maxing – spending your time as efficiently as possible. Having a spoiler in your party lets you access resources that cannot be unlocked in any other way. That’s what makes a Bounty Hunter a worthy addition to almost every party.


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While this class can’t really role play as a tank (they have decent defensive stats, but lack a taunt ability) and their DPS is not great, they do bring some damage and crowd control. Of course, it’s just some extra value because getting more loot is enough to justify their presence in a party.  


Thanks to your two class-defining abilities (Spoil and Sweeper), you will gather resources from dead monsters which are necessary to craft particular elements of gear. It is very important to remember that each mob have different drop and spoil chance, so you will need knowledge about locations and names of mobs from which you will be able to spoil the most valuable and necessary mats. In order to make your spoilers do their job more spoil efficiently you will need to focus on the following factors:


-   buffs

-   dyes

-   gear

-   recipes info

-   mobs location.

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Spoiling for beginners

a)   Main skills

In order start spoiling I will talk about Bounty Hunter and his main skills which basically allow us to spoil mobs.


Spoil - your main ability responsible for spoiling. By using the ability, you inflict magic effect on mobs which allows you to sweep mats from them. After successful spoil, you will hear a specific sound that will inform you that mob is spoiled. Also, the chat will inform you about that.


Spoil Festival - a skill which is mainly needed used in a party when AoE farming. Thanks to this ability, you will be able to spoil all nearby targets with one click.


Sweeper - an ability which is responsible for picking up items from spoiled mobs. You activate it straight after you kill a particular monster. If the target is highlighted in blue, you can be sure that your spoil was successful.


Hammer Crush - an offensive type of ability which inflicts nice melee damage to the enemies. It will be useful when the targeted mob is on low hp. Remember to try overhitting mobs with such ability to gain additional experience.


Fake Death - a defensive skill which will be important when you agro too many mobs or when your health drops to a critical amount.


 b) Buffs

Bounty hunter is a typical dwarf melee class, so having a prophet on your back is highly appreciated. You can also use Warcryer on box account. In order to easy and efficient spoiling, you will need specific buffs. Bellow, I will show you the best prophet’s buff configuration for Bounty Hunter:

  • might - increased p.attack

  • shield - increases p.attack def

  • magic barrier - increases magical def

  • focus - increased chance for critical strike

  • death whisper - increased critical damage

  • haste - increased attack speed

  • wind walk - increased movement speed

  • berserker spirit - increased all combat stats

  • bless the body - increased health

  • bless the soul - increased mana.


These buffs are for your early lvl and only from Prophet class. You can also invite Bladedancer and Sword singer in order to get additional basic buffs.


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 c) Gear

Gear is the third important factor if you want to spoil efficiently. Bellow, you have a list of the best gear for particular levels.


- no grade set: (you can wear the gear from the 1st level) -  Wooden Armor Set with Hoplon shield and Iron Hammer weapon

- d-grade set: (you can wear the gear from level 20) - Brigandine Armor Set with shield and Bonebreaker weapon

- c-grade set: (you can wear the gear from level 40) - Full Plate Set with Shield and Yaksa Mace weapon

- b-grade set: (you can wear the gear from level 52) - Blue Wolf Heavy Armor Set with shield and Art of Battle Axe weapon

- a-grade set: (you can wear the gear from level 61) - Tallum Heavy Set with shield and Elysian Axe weapon

- s-grade set: (you can wear the gear from level 76) - Imperial Crusader Heavy Armor Set with shield and Basalt Battlehammer weapon


 d) Dyes

When farming you will need offensive dyes which will increase your damage output. I recommend having the following dyes:


-   +4 str - 4 con

-   +4 dex - 4 con


Since Bounty Hunter has one of the highest amounts of CON so there is no problem if you are going to make this dyes. The completely different situation will take place when you decide to fight with players in pvp, but this will be described in a different guide.


 e) Tips and Tricks

If you have a party member with full support characters (Prophet, Swordsinger, Bladedancer, Warcryer) you can wear polearm and make trains in some locations. It will fasten the spoiling process a lot. Depending on the chronicle, you will have a skill called Sweeper Festival which will help you to pick up mats from spoiled mobs.


Spoil skill does not have 100% land rate. Sometimes you will need to use it twice or even more to spoil a particular monster. If your spoil is not landing a lot, that means you have to change location because monsters level is too high or you are simply not lucky enough. The best monsters for spoiling will have green names when you click on them. Blue monsters miss spoil drop rate a lot, so do not expect that the most valuable mats will drop. The maximum level difference between you and the mob is 5 levels. For example, if you are level 20, you can spoil mobs from level 15 to 25. In higher chronicles, you can enchant this skill for chance, so spoiling will be much easier.


When you kill the spoiled mob and it is highlighted in blue, that means you will probably get desired mats. If you do not get mats, that does not mean the drop rate is bugged. It means that you do not have luck. All mats have particular spoil rate. Depending on the server you are playing, you can have spoil rate x3 or more.


Remember to kill monsters with your hammer crush in order to gain additional experience.


If you want to stop leveling, because you need to spoil a particular mob, you will need to make a quest for Feral Imp which will consume 90% of the experience you get.


f) Recipes and mats info

Before you start spoiling, you should think about your plan. You have to wonder if you want to use your spoil for earning money (selling mats to other players) or to crafting the gear. If you choose the second option you have to familiarize with the recipe and search which mats are required in order to craft a particular piece of equipment. If the first option is better for you, check on the market which mats are the most expensive and simply farm them as much as you can. Do not sell the mats to offline shops. Place your own shop on the market with a good price.


g) Which mats are worth of spoiling? 

Which mats are worth of spoiling? This is the question which is always asked by people. The best possibility is to farm mats which have a high drop rate and can be used to create frames, durable metal plate, etc. Below I will show you mats which you should spoil in order to not waste your time.


The most valuable mats on every server are:


  • Stone of Purity

  • Crafted Leather

  • Varnish

  • Oriharukon Ore

  • Steel

  • Asofe

  • Coal

  • Enria

  • Coarse Bone Powder

  • Synthetic Cokes

  • Varnish of Purity

  • Silver Mold

  • Cokes

  • Mold Glue

  • Mold Hardener

  • Mold Lubricant

  • Durable Metal Plate


If you want to earn a little fortune focus on mats listed above or ask the community for advice. From this mats, you can craft other, powered mats like for example blacksmith’s frame or artisan’s frame. These frames are necessary when crafting higher level equipment.

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h) mobs spoil list and leveling info

0-20 levels

In the early game from 0 to 20 lvl there are not so many mobs to be spoiled. You should focus on fast leveling up. At level 20 you will be able to make first profession quest for scavenger spoiler.


20-30 possible mats to spoil: Suede, Animal Bones, Coal, Cokes


When you reach your first scavenger profession you will be able to start spoiling. The first place you should visit is Ruins of Despair and then jump to Orc Barracks. Below I will show you the recommended places, where you can spoil till you reach lvl 30.



  • Ruin Imp Elder - Ruins of Despair on level 21

  • Monster Eye Searcher - Dion Hills on level 22

  • Ant - Ant Nest on level 30


Animal Bones

  • Ratman Scavenger – Ruins of Despair on level 18

  • Ol Mahum Raider – Partisans Hideaway on level 27

  • Lesser Basilisk – Wasteland on level 27



  • Hobgoblin – Dion Hills on level 21

  • Turek Orc Footman – Orc Barracks on level 26

  • Turek Orc Priest – Orc Barracks on level 29 (Orc Barracks is the best place to farm mats from 22 to 30 or even more)



  • Turek Orc Sentinel - Orc Barracks on level 25

  • Turek Orc Supplier - Orc Barracks on level 27

  • Turek Orc Perfect - Orc Barracks on level 30


30-35 level possible mats to spoil: Varnish, Braided Hemp, Healing potions, Coal, Cokes


On these levels, you can farm either on Cruma Marshlands or Break Stronghold. Both spots are rich in mats.


Coal charcoal and cokes

  • Marsh Stakato - Cruma Marshland on level 30

  • Marsh Stakato Worker - Cruma Marshland on level 31



  • Ol Mahum Capitan - Abandoned Camp on level 30

  • Turak Bugbear Warrior - Breka Stronghold on level 33


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35-40 level possible mats to spoil: Coarse Bone Powder, Animal Bone, Silver Nugget


The best place to farm on these levels is Branded Catacombs. You can continue spoil there a lot of useful mats like Coarse Bone Powder, Animal Bones and the most valuable mats called Stone of Purity. The chance is 99% to get at least one of the following mats. At level 35 mobs might be strong, but with buff, support should not be problematic.


Coarse Bone Powder + Stone of Purity

  • Barrow Overlord - Branded Catacombs on level 35

  • Giant Confessor - Branded Catacombs on level 40

  • Lith Shaman - Branded Catacombs on level 40


40-50 level possible mats to spoil: Coarse Bone Powder, Crafted Leather


When you reach level 40 and you become Fortune Seeker you should go to Cruma Tower and start spoiling there.


  • Porta - Cruma Tower at level 40 - Crafted Leather

  • Catherok - Cruma Tower at level 42 - Silver Nugget

  • Mordeo - Cruma Tower at level 42 - Animal Bones

  • Krator - Cruma Tower at level 44 - Crafted Leather

  • Excuro - Cruma Tower at level 41 - Cokes


When you reach at least 47 you should change your location for the area outside the Town of Aden. There you will be able to spoil Mithril Ore, Mold Glue and Enchants Weapon C


  • Vanor Silenos Grunt - Plains of Glory on level 47


50-55 level possible mats to spoil: Stone of Purity, Steel, Greater Healing potions, Charcoal, Crafted Leather


At level 50 you should switch your location for Enchanted Valley - Northern region


  • Satyr - Enchanted Valley - Northern Region - level 53 - Steel

  • Liele Elder - Enchanted Valley - Northern Region - level 55 - Stone of Purity and Greater Healing Potions

  • Filine Elder - Enchanted Valley - Northern Region - level 55 - Crafted Leather

  • Forest Runner - Enchanted Valley - Southern Region - level 55 - Charcoal


55-60 level mats possibility: Oriharukon Ore, Asofe, Vanish, Stone of Purity, Enria, Mold Glue


At level around 57, you have to start spoiling on Frozen Labyrinth. It is literally a mine of Adena. You can spoil the most valuable mats there. Remember to have at least prophet buff in order to survive there. Mobs hit hard, so be sure you have a stack of healing potions.


  • Frost Yeti - Frozen Labyrinth level 61 - Mold Glue

  • Frost Buffalo - Frozen Labyrinth level 61 - Enria

  • Lost Gargoyle Youngling - Frozen Labyrinth level 56 - Oriharukon Ore, Asofe

  • Ursus - Frozen Labyrinth level 62 - Stone of Purity

  • Pronghorn Spirit - Frozen Labyrinth level 57 - Varnish


60-70 level


On these levels, you can start spoiling the most important recipes for A grade equipment. You can either sell it to the players or start crafting your own gear.  I will mention the best areas on which you will spoil A grade recipes and at the same time mats.


One of the best places on level 60 is the Valley of Saints. Almost every mob have something interesting in their spoil list. It is very important to have buffs which increase magic defense in order to survive there. Buffs like a magic barrier from prophet and Song of Warding from Swordsinger are very important. Now I will introduce the list of mobs with their spoil list.



  • Wailing of Splendor - a recipe for Soulshots A-Grade

  • Crown of Splendor - a recipe for Blood Tornado(60%) and Bloody Orchid (60%)

  • Victory of Splendor - a recipe for Tallum Blade(60%)

  • Alliance of Splendor - a recipe for Dark Crystal Robe(60%)

  • Pilgrim of Splendor - a recipe for Dark Crystal Gloves(60%) VERY VALUABLE RECIPE



  • Signet of Splendor - Mithril Ore, Adamantite Nugget

  • Pilgrim of Splendor - Oriharukon Ore, Asofe

  • Fang of Splendor - Oriharukon Ore, Asofe

  • Judge of Splendor - Stone of Purity, Mold Hardener

  • Punishment of Splendor - Mithril Ore, Metallic Fiber


Next location is Forest of the Dead. In this spot, you can spoil almost every a grade recipe.


Forest of the Dead

  • Bone Snatcher - a recipe for Tallum Blade

  • Bone Maker - a recipe for Phoenix Earring and Necklace

  • Bone Animator - a recipe for Dark Legion’s Edge

  • Bone Slayer - a recipe for Sword of Miracle

  • Bone Sweeper - also a recipe for Sword of Miracle

  • Bone Grinder - a recipe for Soul of Separator and Enchant Weapon A

  • Vampire Wizard - a recipe for Nightmare Robe and Enchant Weapon A

  • Vampire Magician - a recipe for Majestic Robe and Enchant Armor A

  • Vampire Magister - a recipe for Elysian Axe

  • Vampire Warrior - a recipe for Dark Legion’s Edge

  • Vampire Warlord - a recipe for Soul Separator and Enchant Weapon A

  •  Atrox - a recipe for Majestic Necklace

  •  Trampled Man - a recipe for Tallum Tunic

  •  Sacrificed Man - a recipe for Blessed Spiritshot A

  •  Devil Bat - a recipe for Majestic Necklace

  •  Requiem Lord - a recipe for Majestic Earring

  •  Requiem Behemoth - a recipe for Dark Legion’s Edge


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When you will reach 68 level you should go on Wall of Agros and spoil there. You can spoil not only recipes but also mats, same as on VOS.


Wall of Agros (recipes and mats)


  • Homunculus - a recipe for Sword of Miracles

  • Canyon Bandersnatch - a recipe for Elysian Axe

  • Canyon Bandersnatch Slave - a recipe for Dragon Grinder and Tallum Glaive

  • Canyon Antelope - a recipe for Soul Bow

  • Canyon Antelope Slave - a recipe for Soul Bow

  • Eye of Restrainer - Enchant Armor A

  • Eye of Guide - a recipe for Dragon Slayer

  • Eye of Watchman - Enchant Weapon A and SOP, Mold Hardener

  • Eye of Ruler - a recipe for Soul Separator and EWA


70-80 levels

At this point, you will have many places to spoil. You can spoil in Necropolis, Catacombs or areas like Forge of the Gods, Hot Springs, Varka Silenos Outpost, and Ketra’s Orc Outpost. Below I will present all the main locations where you can spoil some valuable things.


Hot Springs (recipes and mats)



  • Hot Springs Atroxspawn - a recipe for Tallum Glaive and Dragon Grinder



  • Hot Springs Yeti - Enria and Crafted Leather

  • Hot Springs Atrox - Metallic Fiber and Mithril Ore

  • Hot Springs Flava - Durable Metal Plate (DMP is very valuable mats) and Asofe

  • Hot Springs Buffalo - Compound Braid and Metallic Thread

  • Hot Springs Antelope - Metallic Thread and Enchant Armor A

  • Hot Springs Grendel - Enria and Crafted Leather


Varka Silenos Outpost


Here you can spoil key mats for weapons and jewelers S-grade. Remember to take the quest for Varka Alliance which will allow you to pick up some S-grade armor recipes.


  • Varka Silenos Footman Mold Hardener and Metal Hardener

  • Varka Silenos General - Tateossian Necklace, Earring and Ring parts

  • Varka Silenos Great Magus - Enchant Weapon S, and Basalt Battlehammer Head, Forgotten Blade Edge

  • Varka Silenos Great Seer - Enria, Metalic Fiber, Enchant Armor S

  • Varka Silenos Medium - Stone of Purity

  • Varka Silenos Priest - Mold Lubricant and a recipe for Soulshots S-grade

  • Varka Silenos Scout - Mold Hardener and Stone of Purity

  • Varka Silenos Seer - Angel Slayer Blade, Dragon Hunter Axe blade and Saint Spear blade

  • Varka Silenos Shaman - a recipe for Blessed Spiritshots S-grade

  • Varka Silenos Warrior - a recipe for Spiritshots S-grade


Ketra Orc Outpost


Here you can also find key mats for s grade armors and weapons as well as some useful mats.


  • Ketra Orc Battalion Commander – Compound Braid, Metalic Thread

  • Ketra Orc General – Angel Slayer Blade, Saint Spear Blade, Dragon Hunter Axe blade

  • Ketra Orc Grand Seer – Draconic Leather Armor parts, Draconic Leather boots design and gloves fabric

  • Ketra Orc Raider – Elysian Axe head and Mold Glue

  • Ketra Orc Scout – parts for Soul Bow stave and Soul Separator head

  • Ketra Orc Seer – Basalt battlehamer head, Forgotten Blade edge, Imperial Staff head

  • Ketra Orc Warrior – Enria, Metalic Fiber, Sword of Miracles edge

  • Ketra Orc White Captain – Varnish, Silver Nugget, and Majestic Boots key parts

  • Ketra Prophet – Draconic Leather Helmet patterns, Major Arcana gloves fabric, and robe parts

  • Ketra's Head Shaman – Crafted Leather, Enria, Enchant Weapon S-grade


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Forge of the Gods


FOG is mainly the place where you can get the most valuable mats in bigger amounts, enchants for weapon and armor s grade and some key mats for s grade armors and weapons. Here you can find the well-known place called “a pan” where every pro player goes and spends days on farming crafted leather and enchants. In FOG you can also make a quest for s grade weapon recipes.


  • Necromancer of Destruction -  Stone of Purity, Mold Hardener

  • Scarlet Stakato Worker -  Stone of Purity, Mold Hardener

  • Arimanes of Destruction - Enria, Metallic Fiber

  • Mercenary of Destruction – Thons, Metallic Thread, Compound Braid

  • Scarlet Stakato Noble - Compound Braid

  • Magma Golem -  Mold Hardener, Adamantite Nugget, Metal Hardener

  • Magma Drake -  Mold Hardener, Adamantite Nugget, Metal Hardener, Enchant Weapon S

  • Blazing Ifrit -  Thons, Metallic Thread, Enchant Weapon S

  • Elder Lavasaurus -  Crafted Leather, Mold Glue, Enchant armor S

  • Balrog of Destruction  - Enchant Weapon S


Monastery of Silence

MOS is level 80 location where you can not only have good exp, but also very good spoil. Basically, you can spoil key mats for s grade jewels, weapons and armor there. Additionally, there are some spots where you get the most valuable mats for example “the library” where every pro player spends hours on spoiling. The Monastery of Silence has two floors. The first floor can be easily farmed only with good buff support. The second floor is rather party zone, because of aggro mobs. You will need to join the party with healer and very good damage dealers in order to farm inside the second floor of the temple.


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1st floor of Monastery of Silence


  • Solina Brother – Mold Lubricant, Metallic Fiber, Mithril Ore, and Elysian Axe Head

  • Silent Seeker – Asofe, Durable Metal Plate, Thons, and Dragon Grinder edge

  • Monastery Guardian –Basalt Battlehammer Head, Demon Splinter Blade, Imperial Staff Head, Stone of Purity, and Mold                  Hardener

  • Monastic Crusader – Mold Lubricant

  • Monastic Pilgrim – Mold Lubricant and Stone of Purity


2nd floor of Monastery of Silence


  • Judge of Light – Imperial Crusader Breastplate, Gaiters and Gauntlets key parts, and Mold Hardener

  • Guardian of the Holy Land – Arcana Mace head, Draconic Leather Armor, Boots and Gloves key parts

  • Warrior Monk – Tateossian Earring, Necklace and Ring key parts

  • Pilgrim of Light – Saint Spear blade, Imperial Crusader Boots, Helmet and Shield key parts

Beholder of Light – Angel Slayer, Saint Spear, and Dragon Hunter Axe blades, Metallic Fibers

  • Divine Advocate – Angel Slayer blades, Enchant Weapon S, Crafted Leather, Mold Glue

  • Guardian of the Grail – Heavens Divider and Forgotten Blade edges


If you need any feedback or you have questions, feel free to post them in the comment section! I hope you enjoy the guide. Stay tuned for more!

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