Warframe Market

Warframe Market

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Warframe Trading

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Safety on MMOAuctions.com

At the same time, we urge you to take some safety measures while trading online. After all, you're not exactly sure who you're doing business with, and there might be some scammers lurking around. You can always take advantage of our feedback system on our site. Take a look at the user rank of the sellers, if you want to make sure that you're dealing with a high quality, reliable supplier, buy exclusively from people with the MMO Super Seller status. 

If that's not enough, you can use a great feature called Scam Killer. We implemented this tool to make all online trading extra safe and secure. Scam Killer is a database that stores contact information of past scammers. Whenever you're starting a new transaction, type your partner's email address or Skype ID into this tool. Any potential records of past fraudulency inside the database will come up in the report. If that's the case, just walk away from the deal and wait for a more trustworthy seller or buyer to trade with.


Warframe currency

Warframe is a great and complex free-to-play online shooter. There's a lot to learn and explore in the game, which sometimes feels overwhelming to newer players. You will see that things become much more manageable when you're able to afford all the items that you need!

The game features four currencies. Credits are the standard one that's used to buy items from NPCs, but you can't transfer them between accounts. Then, there's Platinum – a tradable premium currency that you can get straight from the game shop or from other players. It can be spent in multiple different ways, providing you access to great items and game mechanics. It's the only Warframe currency that can be freely traded between accounts. The remaining currencies are Ducats and Standing. Their usage is restricted to some specific aspects of the game. Besides, the players can't send them between each other anyway.

The primary way to get Credits is to loot them from monsters or receiving them as rewards for completed missions. You can later spend them on weapons and other equipment. You can also spend them on blueprints and to produce items in the Foundry. The game has got a lot to offer! 

At the same time, Platinum provides significantly more possibilities. You can also use it to buy equipment, weapons, Warframes, mod packs, sentinels, and accelerate the crafting process in the Foundry. Besides, you can spend Platinum to pay as you purchase items from other players through the Warframe Market. Furthermore, you can purchase extra weapon slots and Warframe slots. Finally, if, for some reason, you prefer Credits, you can exchange Platinum for the non-premium currency. You can do it in the market tab. That being said, we don't recommend ever doing that since there are tons of better things to do with your Platinum, and you can always sacrifice a few hours to farm the Credits you need. That being said, there's a possibility of spending your Platinum on a Credit Bundle. Getting a lot of this currency and spending it well is the fastest way to become stronger in Warframe. 


Warframe items

There are multiple rich categories of items to choose from in Warframe. Farming up to get everything that you want would be quite a challenge, especially if you don't know where to start. The itemization system is really complex and there are many factors that count towards creating a perfect build. Let's take a look at some of the most important Warframe items. You can simply browse the offers, or search a specific item per name. There's an unlimited quantity of possible builds to play! Besdies, each new patch or update can introduce some more 

Warframes – the eponymous Warframes are full suits of biomechanical armors worn by the player-controlled characters – Tenno. Each Warframe has a unique design, both in terms of visuals, playstyle, and combat abilities. Every one of them brings an array of active and passive skills that provide players with tons of freedom in the ways that they want to play the game. Currently, there are over 40 different Warframes to choose from. Furthermore, players also have access to some customization tools. The right combination of Warframe and weapons can be quite a view!

Weapons – each Tenno can have up to three weapons equipped at all times: primary, secondary, and melee. The main weapons are divided into four categories: Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Bows, and Rifles. These types can be further divided into subcategories. The majority of secondary weapons are pistols and throwing knives, but there are other types too. Melee weapons have multiple unique types and a particular mechanic that changes your combat style called Stances.

In order to make sure that you're as powerful as possible, you have to do more than just getting powerful base weapons. Weapon mods are a crucial part of itemization in Warframe. You should always try to get weapons with as many mod slots as possible and fill them with powerful alterations that synergize with each other. All types of weapons can be modded, just the number of slots will differ. 

Equipment – it's a broad category of useful non-weapon items. It consists of superchargers, keys, gear, extractors and boosters. Supercharges temporarily improve certain aspects of your character. Keys allow you to enter locations that are otherwise locked. You can use the extractors to collect resources, even if you're offline (to limited capacity). Boosters temporarily increase your gains of various goods, like Credits, Affinity, Resources et cetera. Finally, gear is a mixed bag of everything that doesn't fit in other categories. It contains both consumable and reusable items that can affect various aspects of the game. Ranging from consumables that restore health or ammo, through hacking devices, fishing items to all the other utility items.

Sentinels – small, flying companions that can assist you in combat. Just like weapons and Warframes, they can be modded to change their capabilities. Moreover, sentinels can be programmed for specific purposes. There are nine different sentinels, with multiple available weapons and mods. 

Mods – as we already established, mods are essential in crafting a strong build. There are hundreds of different mods in Warframe. Some of them are easier to find than others. Almost all items of that type are tradable, and they are a considerable part of Warframe's in-game economy. The unique Riven mods are especially valuable. You can buy them on the Warframe Market from other players.

Blueprints – these schematics are necessary to create items in the Foundry. You can get blueprints for Warframes, weapons, sentinels, helmets, and some other stuff. Most of them can be traded between players, so with the right supply of Platinum you can really accelerate the process of getting a great Warframe or weapon.


Warframe – a great online action game

Warframe is a science-fiction action shooter developed and published by Digital Extremes. The game was released in 2013, and it has been steadily building up its position ever since. The title is free to play, but it includes some optional ways of spending money. Most notably, players can buy a premium currency called Platinum. However, it's not necessary to play the game and succeed - it can just accelerate your progress. Moreover, you can actually get Platinum from other players through selling valuable items on the Warframe Market every day.

In the game, you will be playing as Tenno – a member of an ancient race of noble warriors. Each created character is another Tenno awakening from their cryosleep. These characters can use Warframes, powerful bodysuits that provide unique abilities. Players get to travel through the Solar System and visit multiple planets. The game can be overwhelming at the start due to the massive amount of information flooding the player's feed. Some of the systems (like itemization) are very complex, Warframe is also quite heavy on lore and requires the player to learn a few important terms. Fortunately, the community is extremely friendly and helpful – new players can easily find veterans who'll teach them the basics. 

Warframe is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.