Diablo 3 Necromancer Guide - Control the dead

Diablo 3 Necromancer Guide
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Diablo III necromancer guide

Welcome to MMOAuctions Diablo 3 Necromancer Guide. We will be describing some of the fundamental topics of this class so that you can get familiar with what the Necromancers are, how to play them, what builds to use on the freshly made account and which items to look out for. With this knowledge, you will be able to get into low Torment difficulties where you can get some of the Legendary pieces which are needed for endgame builds. It is basically your compendium of pre-endgame knowledge, so whether you are entirely new to the game or a bit more advanced, we are sure that you can find useful information. Without a further introduction, let's get straight to it.

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Table of Contents:

Class Description


The Build

Skills and Runes

Build Elaboration

Passive Abilities

Statistic Priorities


Legendary Items

Paragon Points


Frequently Asked Questions

Class description

diablo 3 necromancer guide class

A God of life and death who seeks the balance between those two in the realm of the dead. For many people, Diablo Necromancers are disgusting heretics who raise corpses to bend them to their will. It is not the truth. Indeed, they give the dead another meaning, but they raise them not to be slaves but to fight for the cause. These wielders of shadow magic know the deepest and darkest secrets about this world. They are not primitive magicians but beings with the intellect that exceeds an understanding of a regular man.

Diablo Necromancers are priests of Rathma who believe in a cycle between life and death. They do not fear any of them but choose to be a part of both. Some believe that Necromancers have lost their minds as they use their life force to empower magic coursing through their veins and bring back to life those who have been long forgotten. If you want to have armies of the damned at your disposal and cast powerful curses draining the life from even the most powerful monsters, then the Necromancer class is for you.


diablo 3 necromancer guide login

Necromancers use summons as living shields to protect them from incoming harm. They also serve them as a weapon sharpened to cut through their opponents' defense lines. To maximize damage as a Diablo Necromancer, you will often look to go forward, offensively casting spells by yourself. Your primary resource in the toolkit is the Essence required to summon powerful Skeletal Mages that are the source of the majority of your damage. These resources act differently than Arcane Power or Wrath as you won't gain it passively. It means that you will have to put some work into getting Essence through casting Bone Spikes and generating to feed your Devour skill. As a true master of death, you will have powerful Frailty curse at your disposal - it will instantly clear the fields of battle from weaker units - and Blood Rush to pass from one place to another quickly.

The Build

diablo 3 necromancer guide skills

The build revolves around, commanding a group of Skeletons into the battle as a leader of the pack. You want to push forward between enemy lines with Blood Rush skill. Your opener is Command Skeletons, which you should have activities for each and every battle that you are challenging. As they are especially useful in taking down single targets, they are your primary way of dealing with rares and elites. Bone Spikes are there at all times to generate Essence and stun your enemies if they get too close. You also have a spender in the form of Skeletal Mage fitting into a summoner-type fantasy of Necromancer. Frailty will be an aura of your choice to instantly get rid of enemies who fall below 15% health, quickly feeding into your Devour, which, in exchange, will raise your essences.

Skills and Runes

diablo 3 necromancer guide build

Bone Spikes with Sudden Impact - To generate corpses for Devour.

Skeletal Mage with Singularity - A powerful summon, your main damage dealer.

Blood Rush with Potency - Allows you to jump between packs and move behind skeletons when you are in danger.

Frailty with Scent of Blood - An instant finisher on low-level targets.

Command Skeletons with Frenzy - Your main single target DPS and a way to mitigate some of the damage.

Devour with Devouring Aura - Your primary essence generator, which takes its power from nearby corpses.

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Build Elaboration

Bone Spikes will be your first active damage-dealing ability. It is used to generate Essence. It is not an easy resource to obtain as it does not regenerate. You also can't raise it with passives and equipment stats. Additionally, we will be choosing Sudden Impact Rune to go with it for Area of Effect stun.

Skeletal Mages are your primary source of the damage and your essence spender. You will be trying to summon them as often as possible, but to do so, you also need to hit multiple Bone Spikes. A Rune of choice in this situation is Singularity. Although it lowers the number of Mages that you will be able to summon, it will significantly bolster your damage output by empowering the ones that you will be able to make.

Blood Rush is your movement and escape ability used to get quickly from one pack to another. In general, you want to spam it to get through the content at a fast pace, but also you have to keep in mind that this is your primary line of defense. When you are in a dangerous situation, you can use it to hide behind skeletons who will soak some of the incoming damage. Potency rune will be your primary choice since it grants additional armor upon Blood Rush activation. It ensures that your escapes will be easier than ever.

Frailty curse finishes off opponents with less than 15% of health. Although this is a great damage boost and a way to quickly clear waves of opponents, it's primary purpose is to put a Scent of Blood mark on your enemies. By doing this, you will increase the damage of your minions by 15%. Since this affects both Skeletal Mages and Skeletons, it is a major DPS increase that comes from just one Rune.

Command Skeletons is your primary Single Target damaging ability. It seems that almost every class in Diablo 3 struggles in 1v1 fights. To solve this problem, you can use Command Skeletons. An army of summons will quickly swarm your opponent, taking it down faster than your other active skills. Frenzy Rune is taken to add some attack speed to your army.

Devour takes the last slot among your active abilities. It consumes nearby corpses to generate essences. It means that the more slaughter you bring to the field, the more damage you will be able to generate through Skeletal Mages. With Devouring Aura, you will be able to generate Essence without even casting this skill.

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Passive Abilities

Your first choice when it comes to passive abilities will be Extended Servitude. As this build relies on your Skeletal Mages to deal damage for as long as possible, you want to improve their duration. This skill extends it by 25%.

Overwhelming Essence adds 40 Essence to your maximum amount, which will help you raising Skeletal Mages and manage your resources in general. As early game tends to take its toll on Essence, this is an excellent way to make it less painful.

Spreading Malediction adds 1% to your damage pool for every enemy cursed. Since you will be getting everything into your Frailty, this will give a nice boost to DPS.

Fueled by Death will give you a massive boost to movement speed, which stacks by 3% for 5 seconds every time you consume a corpse. It can make you run even 30% faster with a maximum number of stacks.

Statistic priorities

  • Helmet - Intelligence > Socket > Crit Chance > Vitality

  • Bracers - Intelligence > Elemental Damage > Crit Chance > Vitality

  • Pants - Intelligence > Sockets > Vitality > Armor

  • Rings - Sockets > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Intelligence

  • Shoulders - Intelligence > Vitality > % Life > Cooldown Reduction

  • Gloves - Intelligence > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Vitality

  • Boots - Intelligence > Vitality > Armor > Skill Damage > Movement Speed

  • Weapons - Weapon Damage > Intelligence > Sockets > %Damage

  • Chest - Intelligence > Sockets > Vitality > Elite Damage Reduction > % Life

  • Belt - Intelligence > Vitality >% Life > Armor

  • Amulet - Socket > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Elemental Damage > Intelligence

  • Off-hand - Weapon Damage > Intelligence > Crit Chance > Skill Damage > Vitality


Best Topaz stones that you can find should be immediately put into your armor sockets. You also want to get Cooldown Reduction, which comes from Diamonds, so make sure to add them to your helmet. Emerald stones are a necessity when it comes to the weapon. If you want to start putting Legendary gems in your jewelry, then you will have to find pieces with correct stats first. The best ones will have high Crit Chance and a socket. Wreath of Lightning, Pain Enhancer, and Gem of Efficacious Toxin are your choices for available jewelry slots. These are by no means endgame Legendaries, but stones you can use pre-Torment for a good damage boost. Later in the game, you want to find Bane of the Trapper, Enforcer, and Bane of the Stricken. As soon as you lay hands on them, level them up to maximize the potential that they give.

Legendary Items

diablo 3 necromancer guide legendary

Reaper's Wraps - are the perfect choice when it comes to leveling. They can be easily acquired as a drop from Malthael on any difficulty. Their unique ability offers 25~30% additional recovery of resources when Health Globe is picked up from the floor. You can even further increase the effects that come from this Legendary by taking Life from Death passive, which spawns additional Health Globes on corpses of fallen enemies.

Ring of the Royal Grandeur - it is probably the best Legendary piece that you can acquire before finding your first full set. Although it is not a thing that will help you in the leveling process, in early Torment difficulties, it is a blessing. With this ring, you will need 1 less piece to get a bonus from any set equipped. It means that you will get a 6 piece bonus from the set while having 5 pieces and this ring equipped. Looking for the last piece for the set sometimes seems like a single most tedious and annoying thing in the game - this ring is a single item that might save you this effort, so use it instead. You can also equip instead of one of the set parts to make room for another Legendary piece, which will give you an even better bonus.

Pride's Fall - can be an excellent opportunity to save some of the resources since every time you leave a fight for 5 seconds, it will reduce skill costs by 30%. As a Summoner with ranged attacks, you will be trying to avoid incoming damage at all times, which means that you might benefit from this Legendary pieces quite often. Without a doubt useful item which you should look out for as soon as possible.

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Bones of Rathma set - it will be your go-to first set. You want to acquire pieces for it as soon as possible since it synergizes well with summoner builds. Although it works best with the Army of the Dead, you can always switch to this skill after acquiring necessary set pieces.

Jesseth Skullscythe and Jesseth Skullshield set - it is a powerful two-piece set that synergizes well with you Command Skeleton army. With both pieces of this armory, you will be able to deal 400% more damage with your skeletons, which will get rid of any Elites and Rares faster than ever.

Tasker and Theo - it is yet another item on this list that focuses not on your pure strength but on the one that comes from your summons. It increases the attack speed of your pets by up to 50%, which is a lot even for a build that does not revolve around using this stat.

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Paragon Points

In the Core section of paragon points, you want to invest in Movement Speed as soon as possible. After reaching a 25% bonus cap, you can start putting points into other sections. If you feel like you struggle a lot with the amount of Essence that you have, you can raise it a little bit, but in general, your next choice should be Intelligence and Vitality after that. As for the offense, you will gain the best damage boosts from raising Crit Damage and Crit Chance. Cooldown reduction and Attack Speed will be secondary choices in this section. To improve your Defence, choose Armor over Life%. All Resistance and Life Regeneration should be taken after both of them. Last but not least, there is also a Utility where you allocate your points into Area Damage, Resource Cost Reduction, Life on Hit, and Gold Find.


It is the end of our Necromancer guide. If you want to continue reading, we have more articles at your disposal. You can search about Trag Oul Necromancer Builds, Master Inarius Scythe, or each and every other category that you can think of. We also have tons of other guides for different online gaming titles. Make sure to check them out as see what we have prepared for you at our blog page.

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If the Necromancer op in Diablo3?

All classes these days are more or less balanced, so Necromancer is not overpowered by any means.


Is Diablo 3 good for beginners?

With our build and guide, you should have no problem in the game. It is quite easy to learn.

What does Intelligence do for Necromancer?

It increases both damage and resistance.


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