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Diablo 3 Wizard Guide
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Diablo 3 wizard build and guide

In this Diablo 3 Wizard Guide, you will learn the basics about Wizard class as well as build and item recommendations, which will get you to the endgame content in no time. You won't be required to find specific items and tough to obtain legendaries as it is not a composition for high levels of Torment. With this build, you will be able to easily farm for later choices that you will make regarding your class.

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Table of Contents:

Class Description


The Build

Skills and Runes

Build Elaboration

Passive Abilities

Statistic Priorities


Legendary Items

Paragon Points


Frequently Asked Questions


Class description

diablo 3 wizard guide wanderer

A renegade spellcaster who left his master a long time ago, using his body as a temple for the Magic and veins as a vessel for the immense amounts of Arcane Power. A spellcaster, trickster, and tactical genius who can manipulate all matter to gain an advantage on the field of battle. With powerful spells and finery, they can bring destruction to large areas just to vanish a blink of an eye later. They're masters of elements who can freeze and burn their enemies to either slow them in their tracks or to scorch their bodies. If that wasn't enough, they possess the magic to control the time itself, allowing them to teleport and create powerful illusions. Not an adversary to mess around with.

Wizards use staves, wands, and orbs to bolster their intellect and raise their magical powers. They are unmatched in the spell mastery, which allows them to control the field of battle from afar. They are true incarnations of living artillery — a glass cannons with unmatched destructive powers that can be taken down by one heavy blow. However, to do that, one must first catch them, which is not an easy task as you may think.


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Wizards rely on their powerful magic to move around the field and to dodge all the fights they can. Their elusive skills allow them to strike from afar and teleport when they are in danger. By doing this, they can get out of even the direst of situations without a scratch. During your journey as a Wizard, you will have to put a lot of emphasis on positioning, as this will be the key to being successful. Avoiding attacks on enemies is crucial since this class lacks survivability. 

On top of that, with the provided build, you will have to root in place for as long as you can to maximize your damage output. By choosing the correct spots to start a fight, you will gain an unfair advantage over your enemies. It means that you will be able to destroy them before they can even reach you.

The biggest downside of playing a Wizard comes with a single target fight. Our magician is not durable by any means and won't take two blows of Elite monsters or Rift Guardians. If you come across a situation like this, your best option will be to avoid any damage that comes towards you since one mistake might cause death. If you want to attack with endless waves of spells, wear a light type of armor and feel how blood boils in your enemies then choose a Wizard class.

The Build

diablo 3 wizard guide skills

The build revolves around the usage of a channeled spell called Disintegrate with a Convergence Rune. We will be trying to amplify its damage with Fire Damage gear pieces that are very common early in the game. The Arcane Power usage will be mitigated by other skill choices as well as items that we will equip. Disintegrate is a perfect choice for leveling purposes as it does enormous damage in a very short time. Since monsters early in the game aren't that much challenging, you should focus more on damage dealing purposes of your build than the defensive ones (unless you will be playing on the hardcore difficulty which changes this approach).

Skills and Runes

diablo 3 wizard guide build

Disintegrate with Convergence - Channeling damage skill with low Arcane Power cost

Black Hole with Blazar - Synergizes well with this build drawing enemies into one spot

Familiar with Sparkflint - Damage boost which requires little to no attention

Magic Weapon with Force Weapon - Another damage boost which is easy to use

Energy Armor with Prismatic Armor - A shielding buff which will help you survive

Teleport with Wormhole - A quick and efficient traveling and escape skill

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Build Elaboration

Disintegrate will be your primary damage dealer that you will use to destroy your enemies. It is easy to maintain blast, and it doesn't cost too much Arcane Power to use. For the Rune, we will be taking Convergence. Although it does not improve its damage, it improves its Area of Effect, which will result in quicker clears. It also changes its element into a fire meaning that you can boost it up by finding Fire Damage pieces that you will add to your equipment. Keep in mind that you will need to use this skill for two seconds so it will be able to reach its full potential. It means that positioning will be the key to be efficient. Every step that you make during channeling might result in a waste of time, so pay attention to where you stand.

Black Hole ability will have two applications in your tool kit. The first one, more obvious, would be to use it against large packs of enemies to clump them up. It will make the use of Disintegrate much easier and more efficient. The second use will be to keep Rares and Elites away from you - it'll help I kiting tremendously. As this skill has quite a long 12-second cooldown, use it as a fight opener. By doing this, you won't interrupt your Disintegrate cast, which gives better DPS. Taking a Blazar Rune is your go-to option since you are already stacking Fire Damage gear for your first active ability. With this Rune, you will be able to benefit from said items even more.

Before creating a new character, make sure that you have enough Diablo 3 Gold for the leveling process!

Two passive skill buffs are also present on the active skill slots. They might make the gameplay more dull since you won't have to do too much with them, but they provide a solid damage boost synergizing well with ramping DPS of Disintegrate skill. The first passive is a Familiar, which is the supportive companion that both you and your enemies won't be able to interact with. It deals with damage on its own, and by taking Sparkflint Rune, it will also provide you a damage increase as long as it is by your side. The second passive goes by the name of Magic Weapon. It also grants a 10% damage boost when it's active but will improve to 20% with Force Weapon Rune.

Energy Armor will be your choice when it comes to shielding spells slot, instead of Ice Armor. It has a significant flaw as it decreases maximum Arcane Power by 20. It is compensated by bonuses which it does provide. It gives a massive 35% Armor bonus, which can be furthermore expanded by Prismatic Armor Rune that adds 25% resistance to all elements into the skill benefits.

Teleport is self-explanatory. You will need something to move around at a faster pace than with regular running, and this will be your primary relocation skill. Since there is a lot of ground to cover, Wormhole Rune will double the number of teleport charges that you can perform. It is a great spell that might save your life in an instant when used at the right time and possibly the best escape ability in Diablo III - especially for Wizard.

Passive Abilities

When it comes to passive abilities, your first window will be taken by Unstable Anomaly - the Cheat Death version of the skill for Wizards. Upon receiving fatal damage, you will be healed to 45% of maximum life, and you will emit a shockwave that knocks back and slows enemies in the range. Being as squishy and immobile as the Wizard who's casting the DIsintegrate, you need defensive tools.

As you want to focus mainly on the damage, you will also take a Glass Cannon, which increases your damage by 15% at the cost of both Armor and Resistance reduction of 15%. Just like its name suggests, you offer your defense to improve your DPS. As the early stages of the game are not that difficult and shouldn't pose too much of a threat, it is an excellent choice for leveling Wizards.

Unwavering Will increases armor by 20%, All Resistances by 20% and damage by an additional 10% when you are standing still. It is everything you need to be, packed into one passive ability. Since with this build, you will spend most of the time standing still and charging your Disintegration ray. It synergizes exceptionally well with what you will be doing. Without a doubt, a must take.

Audacity is the last on the passives list. It increases your damage furthermore by an additional 15% against monsters that are nearby. It ensures that everything that managed to survive your initial Ray charging will be torn to pieces before it will be able to hit you.

Statistic priorities

During your journey, you will come across multiple pieces of gear, which will be from time to time, Rare, or even Legendary. With the tips provided below, you will be able to determine which statistics you should look out for on your equipment. It will be up to you to determine if wand X is better than wand Y, but it will be much easier to do when you learn the actual value of every individual attribute on each of the equipment pieces. Choose your weapons and equipment pieces wisely and use priorities below to make the correct choice.

  • Helmet - Intelligence > Crit Chance > Socket > Skill Damage

  • Bracers - Intelligence > Crit Chance > Elemental Damage > Vitality

  • Pants - Intelligence > Sockets > Vitality > Armor

  • Rings - Intelligence > Crit Chance > Crit Damage

  • Shoulders - Intelligence > Vitality > Armor > Resource Cost Reduction

  • Gloves - Intelligence > Crit Chance > Crit Damage

  • Boots - Intelligence > Skill Damage > Vitality > Movement Speed

  • Weapons - Weapon Damage > Intelligence > Sockets > %Damage

  • Chest - Intelligence > Sockets > Vitality > Armor

  • Belt - Intelligence > Vitality > Armor > %Life

  • Amulet - Intelligence > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Elemental Damage

  • Source - Damage Range > Intelligence > Crit Chance > Skill Damage.


You Armor pieces should be upgraded with the best possible Topaz stones that you can find. On Weapon, make sure to put an Emerald. Your Amethyst stones will go to the Helmet, which will add a few points into your shallow health orb. Providing you have good Jewelry pieces with high Crit Chance and a socket on top of that, you might start using Legendary Gems. The best ones will be Wreath of Lightning, Pain Enhancer, and Gem of Efficacious Toxin since those can add a decent amount to your damage done early on. Later in the game, you might want to use more advanced options, which are the Bane of the Trapped, Zei's Stone of Vengeance and Taeguk.

Legendary Items

diablo 3 wizard guide legendaries

While a major part of the gear that you will stumble upon will come in Rare or worse quality, you might find few Legendary pieces as well. They are not always better than Rares, and you should pay attention to what stats they offer as not every single one of them has a value. If you are looking for an upgrade, here are some of the pieces that will synergize the best with the build that you use.

Reaper's Wraps - are an excellent early game choice since all classes tend to struggle hard with resources, and there are no reliable ways of regenerating them. With Reaper's Wraps, you will be able to recover 25% of your resource orb when it runs dry upon collecting Health Globes. You can craft them through the recipe, which drops from Malthael on any difficulty.

Ring of Royal Grandeur - will be your go-to jewelry piece when it comes to Legendaries as it removes one of the items from the amount needed for the set bonus. For example, if Tal Rasha Elements need 6 items combined for a set bonus, you will need only 5 with this ring equipped. It brings your endgame content one step closer, so make sure to use it as soon as you find it.

Pride's Fall - Resource Spenders, including your primary active skills, are kind of tough to deal with early in the game. To help with this task, you might use Pride's Fall, which reduces their cost by 30% when you didn't take damage for the last 5 seconds. Since with this build, you aim to stray away from the head to head combat, you should benefit from this quite often.

Tal Rasha Elements set - With powerful bonuses to the damage done, this set should not be passed by. It is a great combination that you can use as soon as you find some of the pieces for it during the early Torment mode. 

Firebird set - For Wizards who choose to go with Fire oriented builds.

Tasker and Theo - Provides an excellent bonus to your damage as well as a massive boost to pet's power.

Cindercoat - Is a great way to mitigate Arcane Power cost of your spells and synergizes well with many endgames builds.

Aether Walker - It can be instrumental if you find that you often need additional mobility to get out of tough situations. If you are unable to deal with certain enemies or bosses, this might be the item that can help you get through them.

Serpent's Speaker - If you are aiming to go with a build that makes use of Serpents, then this will probably be your go-to choice when it comes to Legendary weapons. A great item which, if you stumble upon, then you might consider switching to a different build.

Devastator - is a craftable mace that can be made in ancient quality. It is a combination of high DPS with a high Fire Damage bonus, which makes it a fantastic choice for this build early on.

Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare - Orbs are easy to obtain as they come at cheap prices. If you come across this one or others that will boost missile build, you might want to respect it.

Triumvirate - By dropping this one, you might consider switching to an Orb build since it is one of the better offhand options for the endgame content.

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Paragon Points

In the Core section of paragon points, make sure to reach a 25% Movement Speed cap as soon as possible and allocate the rest of the points in the Intelligence. On Offence, take Crit Chance and Crit Damage. When it comes to Defence, you should prioritize Armor over Life % and allocated the rest of the points in All Resistance. Last but not least, on Utility, you want to take Area Damage over Resource Cost Reduction, which will be your second choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are the best Legendary gems in Diablo 3?

For Wizard Bane of the Trapped, Zei's Stone of Vengeance and Taeguk will be most likely the best choices.

  • What do paragon levels do in Diablo 3?

They provide you additional stats that can help improve your character after reaching the level cap.

  • What do gems do in Diablo 3?

They add a few core statistics to the equipment with slots (where they can be put).

  • How many classes are in Diablo 3?

There are currently seven classes available in the game.


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